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The 12 Straps for Christmas

by Wishful_Husband

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© Copyright 2008 - Wishful_Husband - Used by permission

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My Husband is the most difficult man in the world to shop for. Every time I buy him something he always returns it. I always ask him what would he like for Christmas and his responses is 'just you dear'. This always involves me naked, in a garter belt with stockings on completely available for his pleasure. Last Christmas I hogtied and ball gagged myself (see last year story Santa"s Toy Bag at self bondage) and he took the entire day to unwrap me. I had the most powerful orgasms of my life, holding true its better to give then to receive.

Assuming my husband was expecting a repeat of last year I turned to the internet to do my shopping. After reviewing several bondage shopping sites, I came across a set of 10 buckling straps of various lengths in soft black leather. Then I spotted a black leather crotch harness which buckled around the waist and the strap attached to the front of the waist belt went through the crotch and buckled in the back of the waist belt. It had roller buckles on it which allowed for an extra tight buckling, that should hold all of Santa's toys in place. I placed the order with the guarantee that I would receive them by Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve and we had several couples over for dinner. I had on my very short tight little black dress on. Having a pretty face and a great rack I could not happen but to notice the other husbands eyeing me. My husband was helping me in the kitchen and I was teasing him by bumping my ass into his crotch. I could tell he was getting hornier by the minute. However as usual our company drank too much and stayed too late. After everyone had left I thought my husband was going to attack me because of all the teasing I had done. "Not tonight dear I have too much to clean up and I am too tried. Maybe if you're a good boy Santa might bring you something special". Well you should have seen the smile on his face; he looked like a little boy on the night before Christmas. He then went off to bed like a good little boy.

Finishing off with the clean up I took a very hot bath and rubbed myself down with skin moisturizer. I had everything hidden in the front closet, so I went out into the living room and threw a bunch of logs on the fire. I was completely nude and went to the closet to get my husband's goodie bag out. First I laid out the lamb"s wool rug in front of the fireplace. I can't wait to feel the warmth of the fire while squirming around on that soft rug. Next I put on my Christmas garter belt made of red felt and trimmed in white fur, followed by the expensive nude stockings. I spent some extra time adjusting my garters making sure every thing fitted just right; heaven knows when I will get another chance to do so. I must admit I look great in a garter belt with my long legs and great ass my husband can never resist me in one. Taking the hand cuff key I threaded a ribbon through it while attaching a gift tag (To John from Santa), then tying it around my neck completing it with a bow.

I then wrote a note to my husband, 'Dear John, I know you have been a very good boy but your wife has not been good. I have provided you with 12 buckling straps in the tradition of the 12 days of Christmas. Please make sure you use all 12 of them. You have all day and remember all that teasing that bad girl did to you all year long. Please unwrap your gift very slowly and take full advantage of her. Love Santa'.

I then took three red bows with double stick tape and placed two of them over each nipple and the other one above my neatly trimmed bush. Taking out four straps, I tightly buckled one around my ankles, one above my knees, and another around my thighs. The fourth strap I slipped it through my ankles and buckled it into an open loop about 1 foot in diameter. Grabbing my large 2" red ball gag, I pushed it deep into my mouth while having some trouble getting it past my teeth but it was in there to stay. I still wonder why they need a strap on a ball gag but I still tightly buckled the white strap underneath my hair.

Taking out my white fur cover handcuffs, I wrapped the hand cuff chain once around the open loop strap behind my ankles. Rolling onto my stomach while positioning myself into the middle of soft rug I bent my legs at the knees trying to touch my heels to the back of my thighs. With my hands behind my back I grabbed the hand cuffs and cuffed each of my wrists very tightly. Having fur covered cuffs allows one the ability to put them on extra tight without any possibility of slipping out of them.

Finally my extra tight hogtie was complete there was no turning back now. I squirmed around on the rug enjoying the warmth of the fire while getting myself all worked up. Why did I use such a large ball gag and make this hogtie so tight. I also got a little carried away with these new straps buckling them way too tight. My hogtie was so tight I rolled on my side hoping I could loosen it but there was no chance of that. On my side I was able to take a good look at my tightly bound body, my beautiful garter belt; the red bows attached to my privates what a Christmas gift, a great wrapping job.

Part II

It was Christmas morning I was tightly ball gagged and hogtied with only a Christmas garter belt with stockings on. When was my husband going to get up? I was not able to sleep very well because I had tied myself up way too tight, however I was hornier then hell and even with my legs strapped so tightly together my pussy was soaking wet. Suddenly my husband appeared, "Thank you Santa you always know what I want".

Picking up Santa's note he quickly read it and then grabbing the bag of goodies he dumped them out. Looking through the items he checked out the buckling straps, took a long look at the crotch harness and did a check to see if the vibrating dildo and anal plug were working. "I see Santa has them already with batteries and there remote controlled."


"What did you say dear? I think its time we got started".

My husband left the room and came back with a pair of my highest heeled shoes. What did he have in mind now? He then rolled me on my stomach and took one of the straps and tightly buckled my elbows together, they were almost touching. Taking the key off my neck he unlocked the hand cuffs allowing my legs to flop to the floor, what a relief to be out of that hog tie. Maybe he was going to untie me, not a chance; taking a strap he tightly buckled my wrists together behind my back. He then unbuckled all the straps on my legs and slips my high heels onto my feet. Helping me on to my feet.

"I guess I am going to have to figure out how to use all these straps".

Taking three of the longest ones he buckled one around my chest above my breasts and another around my chest below my breasts and the final one around my waist above my belly button. The three straps tightly buckled behind my back and held my arms tightly against my body allowing no movement at all. My husband spun me around admiring his handy work, he then ran his hands all over my body obliviously noticing how wet I was.

"Bad girl, we certainly must do something about this but you look so great in your garter belt, stockings and heels, but that ball gag really completes the look".

All I could do is glare at him, he was in complete control.

"Now its time to play with some of your toys".

Picking up the crotch harness he tightly buckled it around my waist. He then made me lean forward slightly bending at the waist causing my ass to stick out. Before I knew it he had rammed the anal plug with lube on it up my tight ass. He chuckled when he noticed I had jumped when he did it.

"Does that feel good?"

Thinking to myself I realized its going to take some time for that. My pussy was so wet there was no need for lube on the dildo so he quickly shoved it deep into my pussy. Standing behind me, he made me spread my legs. He then grabbed the crotch strap hanging from the front pulling it between my legs and buckling it to the back of the waist belt.

"That must hold everything in place nicely, let me make sure everything is tight enough".

All I could do was let out a deep moan and for good measure he tightens each of the two buckles on the harness another notch tighter.

"It's time now to have a little fun".

He then flipped me over his shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. What a nice husband he going to do me on the bed. Fat chance, he made me kneel at the end of our bed, buckling a strap tightly above my knees, then making me cross my ankles and strapping them together. Turning me so my side was touching the end of the bed, my neck was next to the horizontal bed end rail. Before I realized what was happening he strapped my neck to the bed rail. I was totally helpless on my knees, crotched strapped, hands and arms tightly bound behind my back and now with my neck strapped I could not even move my head. I could not move at all I was totally helpless on my knees.

"Honey I think its time to take out your ball gag".

He quickly unbuckled it and had some trouble pulling it out. I immediately began to complain about how uncomfortable my position was, but before I could say anything else my husband rammed his very hard cock deep into my mouth. Unable to move my head all I could do was use my mouth and suck, no bobbing up and down here. I never swallow but in my helpless position I had no choice. Then all of sudden I felt the vibrators go off inside of me, causing me to let out a loud moan.

"Honey nothing turns me on more then you moaning with my cock in your mouth. You better keep sucking or I will turn your toys off".


Before I knew it a wave orgasm took over my body and then my husband exploded deep into my mouth. I was so out of control I sucked my husband clean and dry.

"Honey that was the best blow job you ever gave me".

Still moaning with orgasm my husband said I was making to much noise so he jammed that big ball gag back into my mouth and tightly buckled it. I still cannot decide what is worst a ball gag or a throbbing cock in my mouth. At least with a ball gag you don't have to shallow and when the orgasms get to intense you can bite down on the ball gag.

Part III

"Honey you must be getting cold I think its time to go back into the living room and warm up in front of the fire".

He then removed the strap from my neck and unbuckled my knees and ankles. What a relief to be out of that helpless position. He then helped me to my feet and told me to walk out to the living room. It's not that easy walking in high heels; with your arms tightly bound against you body, not to mention an extra tight crotch harness I had on with both my holes plugged with vibrating toys. My husband certainly seemed to be enjoying my predicament while he walked behind me.

When we entered the living room he told me to lie down on my rug.

"Now its time to follow Santa's wishes and make sure I have 12 straps on my Christmas present".


I was very curious how he was going to do this. My husband then pushes me down so that I was lying on my stomach. He then bent my leg at the knee and pushed on it until the back of my heel was touching my thigh, taking two straps he tightly buckled my leg together. One strap was just above my ankle and went around my upper thigh and the other one was above my knee and went around my lower thigh. He then did the same to the other leg; this had to be the tightest frog tie I ever have been in. Helping me up onto my knees, "Honey can you help me count?"


"Lets see we have two on each leg that's four, another two on that extra tight crotch harness that makes six. Three more straps around your chest which nicely hold your arms in place make nine. One more tightly binding you wrists behind your back and another one was pulling your elbows together which causes your beautiful breast to stick out, that makes eleven. Finally we have the last one my favorite the large ball gag strapped into your mouth, which makes twelve. I know Santa must be proud of me, you look so great I which I could keep you like this forever".


My husband just stood there admiring me, he had the biggest smile on his face. On my knees I looked down at myself and have to admit all of Santa's straps made me a very irresistible package. When was my husband going to take advantage of my great rack?

"Honey you know I have to pace myself, I think I will turn your toys up another notch".

Before I knew it those powerful vibrators were causing me to lose control I was quivering in orgasm. Next I felt my husband pushing on my back, causing me to bend forward at the waist forcing my face into the rug. My legs were now wide open with my ass sticking up available for his taking. He quickly unbuckled the crotch strap from the back of the waist belt and pulled out the vibrating dildo from my soaking wet pussy. Kneeling behind me he slowly slides his rock hard cock deep into my pussy. He was taking it slow with long and gentle strokes causing my frustration to build to new heights. I was trying to push back for some relief but my movement was very restricted by the frog tie. I could feel my husband trying to hold back, but all of sudden he grabbed the straps on the back of my garter belt and started pulling while pumping me has hard as he could. He was thrusting and grinding my pussy so hard it caused me to explode into multiple orgasms. My husband exploded inside of me while pulling on my garters causing me even more orgasms. Good thing I had a ball gag on to help muffle my intense moaning and I also had something to bite down on.

My husband pulls out of me and then took out my anal plug. "Honey I'll be right back I am going to put some fresh batteries in your toys don't go anywhere."

Very funny.

But before I knew it he was back quickly reinserting my vibrating anal plug and shoving my dildo back into my pussy. Finishing it off he tightly buckled the crotch strap on my harness.

"Hhoney that should keep everything in place. I am going to give you a break, I'll turn the vibrators on low for now, why don't you try to get a little rest. It's time I took a little rest myself; we have a long night ahead of us. I'll plan on doing a lot of pumping and honey you'll be doing a lot of sucking and moaning".


"Twelve straps makes for a very sexy and helpless package, thank you Santa for an unforgettable Christmas gift"


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