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A Typical Friday Night

by Selftiedgrrl

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I have been reading stories from Grommet’s Selfbound site for half my life and I am loooong overdue to give back. I have gotten so many ideas, inspiration and entertainment from reading the stories over the years here. Thank you all that have contributed or just visited as I am sure without the visitors, this site may not have lasted so long. I will make a special call out to one contributor in particular, with whom I use to correspond with way back. She honoured me in one of her stories, calling me one of her heroes. I am most flattered as she is certainly a friend, a hero and inspiration to me. Can you find which story?

I’m thinking most of the readers here can relate when I tell you my self bondage is constantly evolving, always looking for the ultimate experience and when you get there, you set a goal of an even more ultimate experience – something to make it tighter, make you struggle harder, make you cum harder and longer. I do like to get tied in different positions and situations, but by far, my fav position/situation is a hogtie (aren’t they just the best !?!?). I am always looking for a way to make my hogties more challenging and while I was quite tied up and helpless 10 years ago, I feel my hogties are more so now. I expect they will be even tighter and more challenging and sexier in 10 more years. But this is how I typically spend my Friday nights now (Spring 2017):

After work, I usually stop off at the gym for a quick workout. I have always had a respect for my body and have never taken my health for granted. A few weights and some cardio gets me all sweaty and I leave, in a hurry to get home. After a quick bite, I start my routine. I brush my teeth and go to the potty. This requires that I remove the pair of pantyhose I have stuffed inside myself after lunch. They are damp and aromatic as I have been thinking about being tied for most of the day. I pull them from my vagina and stuff them into my mouth, sealing them in with duct tape. There’s something I love about duct tape… it feels so……… final. I have already removed any makeup and use quality tape, so there is no way the tape moves from where I apply it. The pantyhose fills my mouth and the tape keeps my lips together. It is effective in muffling my mmmpphhs and I am confident my neighbours will never be able to hear me. Then there’s the taste and the smell……mmmmm!!!

My work uniform is a typically a white blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels. It suits me well and I also like that the rest of the women in the office dress pretty much the same. I keep the pantyhose on for my workout (wear them underneath leggings, so I don’t look too much like a dork at the gym). These are a pair I have worn for at least a couple of days. I find nylons don’t really get smelly except the foot part that is inside your shoe. I don’t know why, but the sweaty foot smell on nylons just does it for me. The aroma gives me butterflies and gets me very wet and horny. After I have gagged myself, I take my pantyhose off and make it into a small bundle and place it between my bedroom and another room down the hall. I have a few more pairs saved in a plastic bag that I place further down the hallway. Lastly, I place a knife in the room down the hall. Then I go back to my bedroom.

I move to the bedroom and tear off a couple of small strips of tape, sticking a corner from each onto my bedside table. Depending on my mood, I either put on stockings (thigh hi stay ups are my fav!), pantyhose or a bodystocking. You have probably already guessed, I have a nylon fetish - I love the look and feel of nylon and almost never tied without! I need to tie the dildo in (is there anything more frustrating than having the dildo pop out when you are all tied and helpless?). Tonight, it’s pantyhose – very sheer, perfect fitting, almost invisible, but I can certainly feel them on my skin. I love being able to see my painted toenails through the nylons. I usually wear a demi-bra that gives me the feel of wearing a bra but the nipples are exposed and rub along the carpet during my struggle. Tonight, I want that extra tight feeling, so I wear a pair of high heel dress sandals.

I like the soft white braided nylon rope that I can get at the Home Depot. It’s smooth and isn’t abrasive on my skin, yet has very little stretch so when it’s tight, it stays tight. I do like leather restraints as well (heck, I like anything that will render me helpless!), but for my DiD scenarios, rope seems more appropriate and I’m pretty sure I can tie myself tighter using rope.

I run a rope above and below my breasts, around my shoulders and behind my neck, making a rope shoulder harness. I’ve threaded the rope through a steel ring (inexpensive ring about 2 inches in diameter from Home Depot) behind the neck. I tie it off and it feels snug, but not too tight. Next, I tie my ankles together, doubling the rope, encircling my ankles, feed the rope through the bite and pull, reversing the direction to keep it tight and around the ankles again. Within these encircling ropes is another steel ring which sits between the ankles, on the front side. I tie a long length of rope with a loop on one end to the steel ring and feed the rest between my legs. I cinch these ropes and tie it off, then add a short rope which will become my wristcoil cinchnoose later. I rope my knees together, cinched and snug, but not too tight (to allow my knees to bend fully). Before I tie my thighs, I stand up and insert my vibrating dildo. No need for lube as I am very, very wet. The dildo is large, reaching all the way to my cervix and has a clit stimulator at its base. It has fresh lithium batteries that last all night but I do not turn it on yet… gotta take care of business first. Then I tie and cinch my thighs together.

I make sure everything is within reach and I kneel on a pillow at the side of my bed, with my breasts leaning on the bed. At this point, I no longer need to see, so I find the small strips of tape on my bedside table and tape my eyes shut. Then I take a pair of opaque tights and tie them around my head, over my eyes. It’s a total blackout! Not even a sliver of light gets through. And just for that added assurance, I pull a stocking over my head to prevent me from rubbing my blindfold or gag off (as if….).

Doing everything by feel now, I reach down and find the long length of rope that is tied to the steel ring between my ankles. I feed this rope through the ring behind my neck and back down and up again. On the way down again, I feed it through the loop of this rope that is tied to the steel ring at my ankles. When I start pulling on this rope, the steel rings allow the rope to slide smoothly and easily. This lifts my feet off the ground and starts pulling my shoulders back. The loop (which is rope) prevents the rope from sliding back and I can quickly pull myself into a bow, drawing my ankles closer to my neck. When I feel it is where it is as tight as I can handle it for my long struggle, I make a knot, then loop this rope around my thighs and around to my feet, catching it under my heels. I follow this path a couple more times and pull it tight before tying it off. This pulls my heels tight against my butt and it pulls the shoulders back a bit more. Mmmm, legs aren’t moving anywhere.

I reach down and dig between my legs to turn on the vibe. Now it’s a race to get fully tied before I start cumming. I take a thick leather belt that is sized just right and slide it up one arm, then the other, trying not to take too long to squeeze my second arm in. I can’t bring my elbows together, but they are within a few inches. This belt probably feels the most restrictive of my bonds, holding my arms back and I feel very limited movement in my upper body. My wristcoils are on my bed right in front of me. I still have enough movement to bring a hand up and find them. I slip one hand into the coils and let my body slide sideways and land on my side (usually with a thump). It is here that I feel just how tight I have tied myself – legs are tight together and heels firmly cemented to my butt, shoulders pulled back and back arching. Even my gag feels tighter as I lift my head to keep my chin off the floor. I can see absolutely nothing. It is such a wonderful feeling, even as I try to ignore the dildo until I finish the tying.

I work my way over to my tummy and find my cinchnoose. I feed my wristcoils through and work my other hand in. As I have done this hundreds of times throughout the years, this doesn’t take me long. A quick tug and I know my hands are secured. In the hundreds of times I have used this technique, I have never, ever been able to squirm out of it. I have always needed to cut my way free. And my release is in another room, down the hall.

It takes a few seconds for all the ropes to settle in, pulling tight on my shoulder harness and ankles, giving a little between the steel rings. Tonight’s tie is perfect in that my back is still slightly bowed. With a bit of rocking and some effort, I can get my knees to touch the ground. My arms are pulled back and hands held close to my ankles by a cinchnoose. I am totally blind and can only utter muffled grunts. I am feeling so very wonderfully helpless as I let myself fully enjoy my vibe.

I don’t have to wait long as I have been horny all day and had been suppressing the urge to cum when the vibe went in. The huge dong takes control and does its thing. I can no longer control my body. My muscles all tighten, pulling, fighting against the restrictive bonds, but the ropes allow little movement. But with my heels pulled tight against my butt, hands pulled towards my ankles, elbows pulled behind and shoulders pulled back, my hips still find a way to grind, humping the large vibrating cock that invades me so deeply. My breaths are short and forced, breathing only through my nose. Then it hits hard and I scream into my gag. But my gag serves its purpose and anything coming out of my mouth is muffled effectively. The first one is never the hardest one, but it is the one I was waiting for. I try to savour the feeling, letting out a long soft moan. If my gag would allow it, I would be smiling.

As most of you know, a woman’s sex gets very sensitive after she comes. There never seems to be enough time to recover when the vibe takes control of me again, building toward another orgasm. I am unable to stop it. I start trying to move, rock, use my face, my head, my hips, what little movement I can get from my tight hogtie and try to inch (if I move an inch) towards my release. It isn’t long before the next one hits and again, I am sent into La-La land. I try to focus but my brain is like a washing machine mixing in thoughts of how tight my bondage is, how good that last one felt, how helpless I am, and the task at hand – to get to my release.

I continue like this, struggling hard but stopping every few minutes as another wave overcomes me. The vibe inside me feels so good when I rock or try to inch along like a caterpillar with my body, gyrating my hips trying to move, but feels torturous as well. The blindfold and gag are still securely in place so I don’t know where I am or if I am heading in the right direction. I learned very early in my self bondage career that is it very easy to lose your direction when hogtied and blindfolded (especially the back arching kind). With all my efforts to inch, twist, rock, and crawl, I might not even be heading the right way! But eventually, I will run into the wall, a piece of furniture or out the doorway (yes, the door is secured so it cannot close). I might be able to figure out where I am, or I might have to bump into one or two more things, but eventually I figure out where I am and know which direction to head.

The struggling doesn’t get any easier, but I’m a kidnapped damsel, trying hard to find a way out of my captivity. I have to get free or end up being sold into slavery! I have no concept of time and don’t know how long I’ve been at it. All I know is that I have to keep going, keep looking for a way to get free before my captors return. I know I should not be enjoying this but I am so turned on!

I eventually come upon a bundled pair of pantyhose. They are directly in my path, where I left them and I know I am heading in the right direction. I come up to them face first and can smell them before feeling them with my nose. The smell gives me butterflies and my hips respond by grinding. The butterflies feel more like bats flying around in my tummy and another orgasm starts to build. My tongue runs side to side feeling the texture of the pantyhose in my mouth and the smell takes me away to a place where I am licking and sucking on another woman’s nylon feet! Maybe a former girlfriend or one of the girls in the office… it doesn’t matter. I am imagining I am forcing my tongue into the nylon webbing between each of her toes and another orgasm crashes in on me. These ones are particularly intense and it is hard to catch my breath. With my face is still buried in the pantyhose, I can feel the tingling in my tummy again. I’ve lost count or how many orgasms I had, partly because there are so many, partly because they often run into each other – when does one stop and another one start?) And my brain is mush – who would be able to count? When I suck all of the aroma out of the nylons it’s time to move on. I now know exactly where I am and renew my efforts to get to my release. Along the way, I come across two more bundles of pantyhose, each one resulting the same way.

After the third nylon bundle, I know I am just a couple of feet outside the room with my release. The ropes still hold me tight; still gagged, still blindfolded,, the dildo still pushing up against the top of my vagina and my clit still subject to constant stimulation; I have about as much control over my body as when I started (almost none). I am exhausted but keep on working towards my goal. This little captured princess needs to struggle her way to her release, even when the vibe still ripping orgasms out of me. I continue to squirm, rock, gyrate, struggle and pull hard against the unyielding ropes. Several times I just feel like giving up, but the ropes don’t come off by themselves. By now, the rest breaks are very frequent. When I can, I muster enough energy to inch closer to the room where my release is.

I don’t know how, but when I do struggle my way into the room, I know it. I know that I placed the knife right in the middle of the room, about 6 feet from each wall and slightly more than 6 feet from the doorway. I am feeling clumsy at this point and couldn’t keep a straight line even if I could see, so even when I know where the knife is, it still takes a while to find. This is understandable as I am still every bit as much hogtied, blindfolded and distracted by my toy. The room isn’t large and if I am off track I will bump into a piece of furniture from which I can redirect myself.

Eventually a body part will come in contact with the knife. When I do, I need to maneuver my hands to the knife. I like to credit my fitness, my flexibility and that I’ve been self tying for over two decades for having hands that do not go numb after being tied so tightly for so long. It’s a small knife, very sharp with a plastic sheath over the blade. After getting my hands in position, I pick up the knife with one hand and wait until I am between orgasms before pulling the sheath off. I cut the cinchnoose between my wristcoils and my ankles. After that, I can throw the knife away and work my hands out of the wristcoils. It takes a while and still some effort, but I am able to work the belt around my elbows off. This is such a relief and I can breathe easier. Before I untie my legs, I reach down and manipulate the dildo, giving me one more orgasm before turning off the vibe. I undo the all of the ropes holding my legs bent and after straightening my legs, lie there for a while to recuperate.

When I have built up enough energy, I will crawl back to my bedroom and flop into bed. Legs are still tied, chest harness still there, still blindfolded and gagged, dildo still inside me. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep, though, having such an exhausting ordeal. I am quite comfortable sleeping while tied. I just wake up horny. But that is another story.

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