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Undercover Leashed

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; fpov; collar; straps; electro; clamps; gag; outdoors; public; naked; cons; XX

Janet had finally finished the harness having already made the sleeves of the heavy coat look like they had arms and hands and felt she was ready to try out her latest public bondage torture. Janet loved bondage especially public self bondage and every year when the temperature dropped she was ready with multiple outings planned using her heavy coats as cover. Over the last few years Janet had found or created many different props for her outings with a few of them becoming regulars. Now she was ready to try a different approach, adding a large variable: her very excitable Labrador. The idea had grown from watching him pull at his collar choking himself and the hidden desire that she had always wished she was the one being led around on a short leash with a tight collar. As the idea grew she figured out ways to use her favorite gag, her heavy nipple piercings with her custom leg braces and even the modified bark collar she often wore when she was actually walking him.

The harness she had been working on would run from the leash attached to the dog through the padded sleeve of the coat being locked to the “choke” collar around her neck. The harness not only kept the collar from being removed or slipping, the leather straps would be used to hold her arms tightly to her back until the steel cuffs could be unlocked. The harness was also connected to her piercings in such a way that each time the dog pulled and the collar would tighten it cinched the straps locked to her nipples tighter pulling on them. She had taken steps to make sure she was not strangled or that her nipple rings wouldn’t be pulled out completely but she would still have the variable of the dog lunging or yanking making it much more painful on her. The main strap of the harness would run between her legs splitting her lips and ass also having one of the rope ratchets she loved to use so each time the harness was yanked on it would become tighter with no limits on how tight it could get. The main strap also made sure the dildo and plug not only stayed in place but would be driven in deeper with each pull.

The straps that would hold her arms ran above and below her breasts with a wider strap running directly over her nipples smashing them so the contacts from the shock collars would be pressed tightly to them. The contacts needed to stay just above her nipple rings because if they touched they would conduct the shocks directly to her nipples adding a great amount to the pain they could cause each time her dog barked or from any loud noises near her. The gag she preferred to use had been found on the internet and came in three pieces. There was a large bulb that went deep into her mouth pressing on the back of her throat almost sealing it completely. The bulb would change shape as she bit down harder on it and could be inflated before being installed to make it much larger. The bulb's stem attached to another plate that would fit tightly around her teeth and gums giving her mouth a second seal and making it impossible to remove the bulb without her hands. The gag had two cover plates; one was a formed panel that had a large strap that would run around her head covering and sealing her entire lower face. The second cover was shaped the same with a thinner strap but had been formed to make it look like she wasn’t wearing anything. It had fake lips and chin molded into it and could be covered with makeup to match the wearer's face so most people would have to look close to see her lower face was completely sealed.

Once the gag was all together and strapped on she could only make very muffled grunts and was forced to breathe only through her nose. Janet loved the added difficulty it added, often wearing it out locking the strap just because she liked to wear it. The last items she would be using to add to the difficulty of her challenge were the set of stainless steel leg braces she had found online. These steel braces had wide leather straps that encircled her thighs and lower legs essentially locking the steel braces onto her. The braces had small buttons on the hinges that could lock the braces into whatever position she wanted them to be held in but her favorite feature of them were the settings to limit the distance they could travel. She could set the braces so she could only bend her legs slightly, limiting her stride just like if she had chained her ankles together. She wore the braces all the time now it seemed, locking the straps after setting the limits normally to about half her normal stride and enjoying how they restricted her all day.

As she waited for the weather to get cold enough for the heavy coat she thought about what she would wear under it finding another pair of knee high leather boots she immediately took them to her shoe repair place and had the three inch platform thinned to one inch. Trimming the platforms made it so the seven inch wedge heels would now hold her feet in a severe arch increasing the heel lift from four inches to six. She had decided to wear nothing over the harness leaving her bare body exposed if for some reason the coat was to open. To add to her possibility of exposure she removed all but three of the buttons on the coat but leaving the wide sash, now if she walked too fast or even if the wind blew too hard she might be uncovered. 

Janet watched the news seeing the temperature should be cold enough to enact her self torture session tomorrow and excitedly prepared her outfit. The cuffs she used were made from wide bands of thick stainless steel each having a cylindrical lock making them pick proof with two short chains attaching them together. The cuffs were her favorites being snug on her wrists and escape proof having been tested many times. She would have to push open the gate to her back yard that she would leave unlatched then wiggle her hands under the coat to grab the keys lying on the table. Once her hands were free she would be able to reach the door knob and get into her house for the remaining keys to her restraints.

Janet could hardly sleep, thinking about her hardest challenge yet had made her very horny and each time she relaxed she caught her hands going to her pussy so to keep herself from ruining her session she gagged herself before cuffing her wrists behind her back checking the timer before wiggling under the covers. She had always thought it strange she could actually sleep better with her arms locked behind her back than with them free but soon she was asleep and slept until the alarm went off.

Janet jumped up, removing the cuffs and gag, cleaning out herself so there would be no accidents while she was bound and began dressing herself. The large dildo and plug were first and she carefully inserted each moaning as they were slid inside her. She strapped the braces on her legs adding two short leather straps between the upper braces then pulled all the straps tight locking each, smiling at how her skin puckered around each strap. The short straps would keep her thighs crushed together further limiting her stride making it more difficult to keep up with the dog.

She laced the boots tightly, closing and locking the strap around the tops of the boots then setting the braces to twenty percent making it impossible for her to bend her legs more than that. The body harness was next and she pulled all the straps tight especially around her waist and across her chest sinking the leather into her skin and breasts aligning the shocking pins and setting them to almost their maximum. Before locking the straps Janet pulled the collar snug around her neck locking the dangling straps to her nipples then pulled all the remaining straps tight sinking the center strap into her pussy and ass making moan again as the plug was pushed further into her. 

With her body and legs locked in leather and steel she stood on the balls of her feet, admiring herself in the mirror before inserting the bulb. She had inflated the bulb a little more before pushing it to the back of her throat and quickly seating the first plate, snapping them together and biting down hard to set her teeth in the grooves. As soon as her teeth were set she pressed the cover over her face feeling it latch then pulled the strap tight sealing her mouth. The final cover stayed painted so she touched up the makeup and admired her face in the mirror. Janet was now essentially bound and gagged and pulled the heavy coat onto her shoulders buttoning it up and tied the sash tightly around her waist. She took the long leash and fed it through the sleeve and out passed the glove before going to find the dog. The last steps would need to be done quickly since once the dog was attached he would get excited and start barking and yanking on his leash until he was outside. Before showing him the leash Janet locked one of the cuffs around her wrist slipping her arm into the straps behind her back. She pulled the heavy hood up pulling the drawstring down until only a small opening was left then wrapped and tied a thick scarf around her neck covering even more of her face.

Walking up quickly to the napping dog she attached the leash locking the leash to his collar, walking quickly to the door as the dog followed behind her, just starting to get excited as she opened it and walked outside. She had been training him by using voice commands so when she was gagged he tended to act up more, as he realized she was not telling him to stop.

Janet propped the gate open, stuffing her arm into the straps behind her. Reaching her cuffed wrist, she closed the wide cuff around her free wrist sealing her fate just as the dog barked once, right next to her, sending twin bolts of electricity though her breasts. Janet was almost dropped to her knees by the shocks, stunned by the power but could do nothing about it as the dog had already taken off towards the small park a few blocks away, spinning her around and drawing the collar tight around her throat, yanking her nipples fiercely. Janet was still moaning about her breasts shuffling quickly trying to catch up to the dog so the collar would loosen and her nipples would stop screaming with pain.

Janet was gasping as the collar was pulled tighter fighting the steel braces and leather straps limiting her steps to mere inches as the dog pulled harder on his leash. Janet did not think she could keep up any more as she gasped for air and stopped pulling back hard on the leash sinking the collar around her throat and yanking more on her nipples. The adjustments she had made had not been while the collar was yanked on and it was pulling tighter around her neck and stretching her nipples further than she had wanted. When she stopped the dog returned to her side jumping and barking, making her start getting multiple shocks to her sore breasts forcing her to bend forward screaming into the gag. The dog kept running around her barking as Janet struggled to keep from falling over and straightened up feeling the collar loosen, feeling the strap between her legs rub her bare pussy roughly and could feel it was already much tighter.

Janet wanted to go back to the house but couldn’t think straight with the dog wrapping the leash around her and barking, giving her more shocks, so she began to spin around while stepping as fast as she could towards the park. The dog was happy and ran off again but this time she was running in her high heels, so he wasn’t able to yank the leash as hard. She was able to slowly ease him to a walking speed. The cold air was blowing up her coat making her bare legs get cold as she struggled to keep up then felt the coat open around her legs looking around to see if anybody was around that could see her steel and leather encaged legs. Seeing no one she ignored the coat and kept shuffling behind the dog. The first trip round the park was uneventful and the dog had calmed slightly letting Janet stop running and was able to catch her breath and start enjoying her bondage wishing she hadn’t made the main strap able to get so tight and was thinking about the fix for it when the dog took off to the right after something he had seen.

Janet was spun sideways and pulled into the grass struggling to stay on her feet as she shuffled behind the dog who quickly turned and ran back to her barking again. Janet was shocked several more times before she managed to get the dog back to the sidewalk and continued her walk. Normally it took three trips around before the dog wanted to go home so Janet shuffled to keep up as he slowed trying to pay attention to things around them so she wouldn’t be caught off guard again. Janet was starting to enjoy her bondage even the feeling of the extremely tight strap running through her pussy and ass was starting to arouse her as she shuffled along forgetting about her coat. Just as the cold air made her remember it two people rounded a corner making the dog lunge forwards tightening her collar and yanking her nipples hard again. Janet knew she had to stop or the dog would jump on them so she stopped and felt the collar tighten again cutting into her neck while it pulled her nipples up further and this time she could feel the main strap tighten in between her legs. The dog was barking and jumping at the end of the leash yanking everything tighter again then turned towards Janet and ran back barking causing her to get more shocks.

Janet was gasping for air, feeling her blood pumping in her ears and her nipples being stretched while she was getting shocked, unable to do anything but stand and moan into the gag as the couple walked by her. Janet could swear she heard one of them say something about her clothes realizing her coat was still open and her leather harness and steel legs braces were able to be seen. Janet fought the coat trying to get it back over her legs suddenly feeling cold air on her damp pussy and struggled more to cover herself while her hands flailed uselessly behind her back. Janet was shocked again as the dog barked and took off again, almost yanking her to the ground and tightening the collar and pulling on her nipples again. Janet screamed into the gag as she shuffled as fast as she could to catch up panting and gasping as the collar slowly strangled her. The dog slowed and the two went back to the sidewalk as Janet twisted and flexed her neck muscles but could not get the collar to loosen again. Janet started leading the dog towards home having to pull hard on him again to get him going the right way and was now choking on the collar and felt like the main strap was sawing her in half.

Janet was concentrating on her breathing no longer caring about the coat or even the dog as she shuffled as fast as she could wanting to get to her house before she passed out. Half way home the dog ran back to her and began barking again the severe shocks making Janet gasp harder as she screamed making her stop and try to fight the straps and steel standing on the sidewalk twisting and flexing until the coat was twisted around her exposing her whole lower half while her hands fought the steel cuffs twisting the coat up higher. Janet got control of herself even though the dog was still barking and yanking on the leash and resumed her long walk to her back gate. The dog reached the gate first using his head he pushed the gate open and ran through pulling her quickly to it only to have the gate slam closed right before she ran into it. Janet was shocked as she pulled back, unable to see that the arm to the coat was caught in the gate and started twisting and pulling until she felt the coat get pulled off her shoulders.

Janet stopped struggling as she realized she was now uncovered and felt the cold air all over her body and tried to turn around to see if anybody was nearby. The dog had returned to the gate jumping on it barking so now she was being shocked again and the collar was stretched between the gate and the fence. Janet was starting to panic as she struggled to get her head out of the hood so she could see the gate and find the latch. After several minutes Janet was about to give up, the shocks and being choked was becoming too much for her when suddenly she could see and looked down to see the coat hanging from the leash.

Immediately she was getting cold but thankful the dog had stopped barking. Janet was still held firmly to the gate by the trapped leash but located the latch and stretched her shoulder up to it lifting it, feeling the gate spring open and her body falling forwards. The braces kept her from being able to move her feet fast enough to keep from falling so she prepared herself for the impact, twisting slightly letting her shoulder take the impact of the fall. Hitting the ground hard she rolled to one side looking back seeing the gate slam shut behind her.

Janet lay struggling to breathe as she fought her restraints when suddenly she was being shocked again and curled up as the dog stood over her barking and licking her skin. The fall had shifted the prongs of the shock collars and she was now feeling the shocks being sent straight to her nipples and it was hurting her badly. The dog finally stopped barking and lay next to the quivering woman and the two lay together for several minutes before Janet began struggling to her feet. She looked at the dog that was lying quietly and started walking towards the door, stopping by the table to get her keys when the dog took off running again, yanking her away from the table and forcing her to run about halfway across her back yard. Janet finally got the dog stopped and turned towards the house gasping for air reaching the table and grabbing her key and fighting the dog's pull while she opened the door. As soon as the door opened the dog ran by her into the house jerking her around and dragging her inside.

Janet’s hands were frantically fighting the cuffs as she felt her head getting light, trying to see where her keys were lying, as the dog started barking, making her scream again as she was mercilessly shocked. Janet spotted her keys and fought the running and barking dog to reach them falling to the floor as she fought the cuffs. As the dog ran to her struggling body knocking her over again she felt the orgasm explode inside her leaving her thrashing on the floor as she gasped for air.

Janet calmed down when the orgasm faded, pulling her hands from the leather straps. She quickly unlocked herself from the leash and pulled the collar open panting hard through her nose. Janet lay gasping for several minutes, wishing she could open the lock on the main strap and loosen its grip, imagining the relief as the pressure between her legs was eased.

She was still lying on the floor a half an hour later, gasping through her nose, relishing the wonderful feelings she had just experienced, already planning her next changes to her outfit as she waited for the timer to release the keys to her remaining restraints. Janet climbed to her feet and shuffled to her bedroom getting a few more shocks along the way from the dog getting excited again making her nipples throb. Janet lay back on her bed stretching out thinking about the vibrator in her night stand then took her hands and fed them back into the loops of leather and locked the open cuff closed again.

It would be a few hours until she was able to free herself completely. She drifted to sleep, being awakened twice by the dog barking her nipples getting shocked, thankful the batteries were running low and the shocks were almost pleasurable. The second time she awoke she rolled over struggling to find the key to the cuffs on the bed then unlocking her hands. She found the timer had released her keys and quickly loosened the main strap of the harness. Janet eased the inert dildo from her aching pussy quickly inserting a large vibrator and pulled the strap tight again reaching back and locking her wrists together again, having to fight her restraints to reach the remote. She began hitting buttons until she was flailing madly on her bed gasping for air as the massive orgasm built inside her.

Janet twisted and rolled around for twenty minutes before her pussy exploded making her body tense as the waves of her climax slammed through her body. An hour later she was lying in a steaming tub of water relaxing still wearing the gag, deciding she would keep it on until tomorrow resetting the timer for her keys to it and the cuffs that she had locked together in front and their mates now locked around her ankles. She purred as she stroked her sore pussy and tits thinking the small burn marks on each side of her nipple rings were worth it. She lay thinking about using an actual dog choke collar next weekend chuckling to herself what a pain slut she really was and trying to figure a way she could hook the shockers directly to her nipples and moaned as another climax started to peak.


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