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Unexpected Turn Of Events

by Bad Boy

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© Copyright 2011 - Bad Boy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; bfold; collar; display; FFM/m; bond; tease; toys; fem; mast; oral; anal; cons; X

I am a grad student in history at a medium sized public university. My girlfriend, Kim, is an art major. We met in line for tickets to an upcoming concert. I live a conservative lifestyle but had learned to love self bondage at a very young age. I have amassed a large collection of items but keep them hidden in a medium sized safe and hide my little secret from her. She often asked me to be the “subject” of her art projects; however the level of difficulty has been increasing as the year progressed. I had been forewarned but the class is now moving towards the human form and that of course requires a nude subject. I am not shy in front of her, but have never wanted to be a published nude and certainly not “graded” by a professor. We have fought over this point a few times and therefore our sex life had come to a screeching halt. Her deadline is approaching for a project and she still does not have a “model”. Her project is to create a nude but not a typical, model on a stool, something to stretch the comfort zone, a bit edgy perhaps.

I had considered a number of ways in which I could “model” but not be me or not identified as me. I have several types of handcuffs, some of which have “emergency releases” with no key required, more of a toy, but not breakable. I had cuffed myself in our apartment a few times in front of her easel but each time I chickened out.

Finally I decided, today would be the day. Our apartment is the upstairs of an old home. It was probably an attic at some point and has two large brick supports in the middle of the space. The area is a very large rectangle; the door opens on one side of the short side, into a small hallway, and a wall with the restroom right behind it. From the doorway you must turn right and walk 10 or so feet to see the rest of the apartment. To the right is the kitchen area and then the space flows back to a large open living room, the bedroom is all the way to the back.

I have put a few eyebolts in the two brick columns, allegedly for her to run a line and dry cloths but I also like to use them in my self bondage. The previous tenants had placed a wooden bench around the base of each column, like the ones you see around trees in the park, a sort of octagon wooden plank. With a few pillows they are actually quite comfortable. In this case they were perfect for “elevating” my display. I gathered my girlfriends drafting bench or kneeling chair, which if you have never seen looks like a letter C, with a flat bottom. You kneel on it and there is a seat but for me it was a display chair nearly perfect for my needs.

I took out the tools I would need, a half mask with blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs, small pad locks, locking collar, a few short lengths of chain and some thin but very strong climbing ropes. I removed the clothing and the line and put the drafting chair on top of the bench towards the back of the living room. My girlfriend would be home after her 2 o’clock class and I wanted to be ready. I took a shower and shaved my entire body; I loved the silky feeling and after drying off, rubbed my entire body with a sweet smelling lotion. I also put a long pink ribbon with all the keys attached on the handle to the refrigerator, I was pretty sure, Kim would want a drink at some point during her painting and she would surely find them tied here. Next I put my cuffs on my ankles and locked them in place. Knelt on the bench, stood a bit and put the chain through the eyebolt.

Next with the ropes tied around the base of the chair, secured each ankle to the side of the chair with some simple knots but ones that would be secure until someone with the use of their hands untied them. I put the wrist cuffs on and reached up behind me and with some difficulty put the chain through the lock and the lock through the hole on the first cuff. I readied the second cuff. I put on the collar, wrapped a chain around the pillar and locked it and my collar in place. I put on my mask with blindfold, the mask slightly muffled noises around me. It did not block out all sound just muffled what you might otherwise hear. I reached up and with the play in the chain and my second hand was able to secure my second wrist.

Now I waited, there was no escape this time, I was cuffed and spread for my “modeling” career and come what may I was not able to escape this time. My body was shaved and naked and elevated up, my arms had lots of play, but could not be lowered, my neck was secured to the pillar and my knees were about 3 feet off the ground and my crotch was close to 5 feet off the ground. I am sure it made for quite a picture, no pun intended.

I was there for a long time, and was beginning to wonder if I had timed everything wrong when I heard the sounds of someone climbing the flight and a half of wooden stairs to the front door. I could hear Kim talking on her phone as she entered, she was complaining that no one had come up with an idea for this project and she…. I felt the cold from the outside rush in, and I became instantly excited, knowing what Kim would see in the next few seconds… her voice trailed off for a few seconds, then I heard her say, but she really would like to do this project in charcoal, but had left them at the studio, could she borrow yours. I did not know who she was talking to, but I think she just asked them to come over. Surely she would be able to get the charcoal from them at the door and I would still be “hidden from view”.

I heard Kim put down her bags and continue her conversation, unknown to the person on the other end of the telephone she was also, examining her new “model”. Some lights were turned on, I knew from the heat on my skin, that Kim had turned some of her large photography lamps and had moved them in close. Some soft music was turned on, I don’t know exactly what she was doing but she was rummaging in boxes and moving various items around, she made quite a bit of noise but was working with a definite purpose.

I never paid much attention to how long it takes to create a picture, but I soon realized even in my desire to be bound, this was going to be much longer than I had imagined. The was a knock at the door, a cool breeze brushed over me and I could hear Kim talking but in muffled tones to whoever was at the door. Soon there was a brief intake of breath and some giggling, lots of giggling. There was more talking but again in hushed tones. After a while, something touched my lips, after a bit, I realized it was a straw, I took some cool drinks of what I assume was a wine cooler, or sangria, I know I was parched and drank quite a long sip.

After another fairly long stretch, one of the girls suggested they order a pizza. I heard a discussion and what I think was the order being placed. After a short period, I heard the knock and very cold air rushed past me and continued to cool my otherwise hot skin. I strained to hear the conversation, and my eyes went wide under the mask, when Kim said loudly, my hands are covered in charcoal, can you please put the pizzas on the table, the money is also right there. From the door, I was not in view of the person delivering the pizza but when at the kitchen table this person would have a straight shot at my naked and bound form. I was even more shocked when I heard, in a loud Man’s voice; "Well you girls do know how to party. I wish my night was going to be this enjoyable". There was a brief discussion and the cool breeze stopped.

All was dark and quiet. Soon, I could smell the pizza and realized how hungry I was.. something touched my face, it was pizza, I extended my neck but it was just out of reach, the teasing continued, I opened my mouth and reached with my tongue, occasionally I would get some of the oil from the pizza, but just missed getting anything to eat. I could hear giggling and knew that this was not at all what I had planned for the evening. After a time, it seemed if I put my tongue out, I could get a bit of cheese or pepperoni, a small bite of crust etc. If I extended my teeth to take a bite, there was nothing for me. I opened my mouth wide and put out my tongue; I felt a finger holding my mouth open. I waited, soon a large bite was put in and the giggling grew louder.

This continued, the more I waited the more I was provided and my tongue was soon tired. The feeding stopped and I assume Kim continued her project. After another long while, I heard a voice close to my ear, it was Kim. She told me she always wondered what I kept in the safe and tonight she wanted the combination. I did not want all my secrets on display, but she was insistent. She then told me the entire night has been video recorded and that she had taken quite a few pictures as well. If I did not give her the combination, one of the girls would begin printing pictures and posting them on campus. I whispered the combination.

Kim came back a short time later and there was a long and prolonged discussion, giggling and outright laughter. Soon I could feel my right wrist being unlocked; it was lowered to behind my back and relocked. My neck was also released but the chain was soon connected to a belt around my waist and my head was held straight. My legs were then un-cuffed. I was helped up and my legs were a bit cramped. Someone lifted up on one of my legs and I could feel something very silky being pulled on first one then the other leg, I was now wearing some form of stockings. I was led around for a bit and then sat down on the floor. My ankles were cuffed together and a chain run up to each side of the belt.

I felt someone rubbing my face and then it became much softer, and soon, something was softly touching my lips, unsure at first, but then I realized, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, the works. I was being changed but no one said a word. Soon though something touched my lips, it was sweet. Someone had put ice cream... no I think whipped cream on their finger, their hand, up their arm I think, and now on a nipple? I was being offered desert. I was treated to this again and again, sometimes licking, sometimes taking a nipple into my mouth that was all I needed to get excited. I was lifted to my feet and soon my cock was taken into someone’s mouth, it was heaven, I could not use my hands but I was pulsing in and out of the warm mouth and letting out a low murmur and as I grew more and more ready, everything stopped.

I waited.

I was lowered to the ground and someone straddled my chest, I could feel my cock again taken into someone’s mouth, and as I waited, something again touched my face, I stretched my neck but could not reach the crotch in front of me. I extended my tongue and licked a bit of whipped cream, but could not reach her crotch for a true sixty-nine. I continued to lick but it seemed there was no end to the whipped cream and no way of licking much more then the very small bit of skin, I occasionally contacted. I was still in heaven.

After a while of this, I was ready to cum, but the sucking again stopped. I was released and lifted to my hands and knees. I could then feel a hand on my back and Kim’s voice. She had gone through my box of goodies and had no idea what a “bad boy” I was. She then reminded me of something I had told her many times in our sexual experimentation… I would not ask you to do anything I was not willing to do myself… What did she have in mind, and then it hit me literally, right in the mouth. Kim leaned forward and said, "Ok little slut, open your mouth!" She had found my strap on dildo, and she was right, I had asked her to suck my dick before. She first put some whipped cream on the end and teased me with it, making me stick my tongue out and flick the end of it with my tongue. Someone moved behind me and was massaging my cock and balls just so. Kim leaned forward and said, "Remember dear no teeth".

I opened up and licked and sucked like she wanted, between the person massaging my manhood and sucking this dildo, I was feeling like a complete slut, but I was not ready for the lubrication on my anus. Soon I was being fingered and given a hand job, while licking and sucking a dildo. This continued, one finger became two, two became three, and then everything stopped. Kim leaned forward and told me how hot this made her and to continue sucking her “cock”. I raised my head and was given some more whipped cream teasing, I can only imagine what it looked like me practically begging with my tongue and mouth to suck on a dildo while someone fingered my ass and played with my cock..

The hands on my cock stopped and then grabbed my hips, Kim grabbed my head close to her cock, and then it happened, my ass stretched wide and Kim was inside my ass. I had many times asked her for anal sex and I guess she was just making sure that I did what she did. It felt great, I started to buck and ride Kim from behind, when it suddenly hit me. I only have one strap on dildo, so if I was giving Kim’s "cock" a blow job, how was Kim’s "cock" also in my ass. Kim has a strap on too? I did not have much time to ponder this as the feelings in my ass, mouth and cock were incredible. I was sucking and bucking, my mouth had never been used like this before and I understand the jaw muscles that can only take so much, but even in my pain and bliss, I was not prepared for what happened next. My mouth tasted an all familiar flavor, it had always been my own cum before, but that unmistakable flavor filled my entire mouth, I could only swallow about half of the quantity and the rest slowly oozed out between someone’s cock and my lips. A few moments later my mouth was clear, something hit my face, and again. And the giggling erupted.

I was not done though, Kim was behind me and she was not finished with me, she was fucking my ass and reached down, grasped my cock and began to pump. I began to buck in earnest and soon shot a huge load that had been building for hours. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close. We relaxed there for a few moments while the others milled around the room. Kim lead me back to the bedroom and laid me down, took off my cuffs and collar, but left the mask and blindfold in place and went to help the others.

In the morning, I went out to get some coffee, lying on the kitchen table was a wrapped package, inside was a CD, that said play me. I was in shock as I watched the scene unfold. Even though I had been the main attraction, I had not realized the Pizza Boy was one of the men from the art class, three girls plus Kim had all been there and all now had their project “model”. I also realized that most of the time I had been licking boobs and a dildo had actually been the Man from the class, holding pieces of pizza on the end of his cock for me to lick and snatch at. I looked like the most desperate and cheap hooker ever begging to lick his cock, he had been the one to give me the blow job, and I was bucking like a wild beast for him to do more.

But the part that gave me chills to my very core was the end of the CD…



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