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Vacation Time Fun Part 2

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2011 - Tonya - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; zipties; pantyhose; gag; hogtie; chain; stuck; cons/reluct; X

continued from part one Part 2

The DVD was going to be used mainly for brainstorming. This was one of the ways that I came up with new ideas for ties. I would figure out how to get tied, and make sure that I was going to be there for a while. Then clear my head and shut out the world as best as I could, and think about nothing about my situation, what I was going to do for K’s tie, and how to make it as challenging for her as I possibly could. I had almost forgotten that I’d brought my DVDs and popped the long one into the player. I purchased a DVD burner for my computer and made several DVDs with it. I mixed in movies that I owned, some that I downloaded, and a few scenes from some old VHS tapes that I’ve had for years. I formatted it so you had the option of setting the scenes on random so that just about anything would play and I wouldn’t have to sit tied and watch the same few hours of scenes over and over. It was over six hours long so I didn’t have to worry about repeats unless I really got stuck.

Since that first tie was tougher than I thought it was going to be I decided to keep this one simple, but terribly effective. I went back to my room and grabbed four pairs of tan pantyhose, two with the crotch cut out. I pulled on the first two pair, and then put the third and fourth pair on over my head. I grabbed my wrist loops and six zipties, a long chain and a short chain, three padlocks all keyed differently, enough rope for my ankles and above my knees, a crotch-rope and my chest loops, a pair of panties, two bandanas and a four inch wide roll of coban. I placed the keys to the padlocks in one of the bags, locked it and put it inside another bag and locked it. I picked up my snips and dropped them in another bag and carried all my things back into the living room. I put one bag in the back bedroom, and the other in the shop.

I walked back into the living room and turned on the DVD player and went to put the keys to the bags on ice, so to speak. Each cube was good for about forty-five minutes of helplessness. I turned the icemaker to crushed ice and filled the stocking with about four inches of crushed ice. I thought since it was crushed ice that it would melt a little faster than the cubes but I really had no idea how long I was going to be tied. I figured on several hours but I couldn’t be sure. I was contemplating taking some of the ice out while I was thinking about my impending misfortune, but it was only about six o’clock and I knew I would be out in plenty of time to get a good night sleep and get to church on time. Even if was tied for as many as six or seven hours, which would still mean that I could be cleaned up and in bed by two, and church didn’t really start until ten. As long as I was up by eight thirty or a quarter till nine I would be there in plenty of time. I went back into the bedroom and set the alarm for eight thirty.

Putting my mind at ease I went into the garage and hung the stocking full of ice in from the eyehook in the corner and gave it a swing and watched my keys go back and forth. I was ready to come up with a master plan for K’s tie. I wondered back into the living room, making sure that I pulled the door to the garage closed. Back in the living room I sat down on the couch and glanced up the television. There was a girl sitting in her living room floor, with her toys spread out around her and she was talking about how much she loved self-bondage. I immediately grabbed the remote and paused the DVD. I changed my mind about my tie and followed her lead, step by step using what I’d gathered from the other room. I placed the panties in the middle of a bandana and rolled it corner to corner. I placed the center with the panties in my mouth and tied the ends behind my head. Then I rolled up the other bandana and placed it on top of the first, pulled tight and tied it the same way. After that I took the slack out of the first one and retied it. I bit down hard and started wrapping the coban around my head, just under my nose and all the way under my chin. I tied my crotch-rope snug, but not too tight.

Next I tied my ankles, not crossed this time and then above my knees. I was following along with the DVD and realized that I hadn’t planned on a hogtie, but if I climbed up on the couch the time spent tied would be easily manageable. I hopped up on the couch and arranged my chest loops and started threading the short chain through my ankle cinch and my crotch-rope. I then padlocked one end of the long chain to my chest loops in the back and threaded it through my crotch-rope and around my ankle cinch and clicked the padlock closed. This is going to be tighter than I’d planned. I cinched my chest loops down tight and reached for my wrist loops. I went through my checklist and slid both wrists into my wrist loops, under my crotch-rope and zipped my cinch down tight. I found the ends of the chain and pulled them around my wrist loops, making sure that they went around my ankle cinch as well, and then clicked the last padlock closed. I tried to fall forward slowly, gracefully even but that almost never happens.

Chains don’t seem to give as much as ropes do and this was definitely tighter than I’d counted on. My ankles were chained to my wrists as well as the ropes around my arms and my chest, and there was no slack to be found. I didn’t have to strain at all to touch my heels with my fingers. I thoroughly enjoyed my self-induced peril and was very happy about the inspiration that I had given myself. I knew I put that DVD together for a reason. Suddenly I felt very at ease, very relaxed and I was feeling nothing but happy thoughts as I dozed off.

My first thoughts when I awoke were that of confusion, then amazement. It was still light outside so I hadn’t been asleep long. Then I realized that I couldn’t feel my fingers and it had been almost dark when I started this tie. I couldn’t see a clock from where I was laying and the one on the VCR was hidden because someone had placed a DVD case in front of it. I decided to slide down off the couch and make my way to the kitchen to find out the time. Moving was almost impossible and when I got to the floor I ached like I’d been tied for days.

I started for the kitchen and after I cleared the chair, my problems were just beginning. I saw the right side of the clock first, twenty after something. Six or seven maybe, there was no way it was already after eight o’clock. I was wrong, very wrong. It was twenty after nine. I had dozed off about seven o’clock the night before and slept a full fourteen hours tied as tightly as I was. No wonder I was hurting. Twenty after nine, I still had forty minutes to get ready and make it to church on time. All I needed to do was get the keys and… I closed the door to the garage. I had to find a way to open that door. My keys were lying on the concrete in between the back bumper of my Escape and the overhead door.

My backup keys, they’re in the bedroom. I frantically started my journey towards the other end of the house. I felt like I’d been beaten, and was feeling the pins and needles of blood flowing back into my hands. I finally made it to the bedroom and shot a glance over at the clock. Nine forty-eight. Sunday school was definitely out of the question, I just wanted to get free so I could make an appearance. My bag was on the bed and I had no idea how I was going to get up there. There was no way I could get up there so I started trying to find a way to make the keys come to me. If I could get a grip on the bedspread then I could drag them off into the floor. That was what I decided to do. I finally found a corner that I could get a hold of and pulled as hard as I could and listened closely for the keys to fall. I eventually heard them hit and started searching again for my release.

The first set of keys I found wouldn’t fit either one of the padlocks that I could reach. The second set proved to be just as useless. The third set however unlocked the padlock on the chain holding my wrists to my ankles. Now just the chain from my ankles to my chest ropes remained. Another half hour seemed to pass while I searched for last set of keys. It turns out that they were under me for most of my search, snagged on the cinch on the left side of my chest loops. After I unlocked the padlock keeping me hogtied I struggled to get to my feet. I hadn’t felt the pins and needles in my legs until I tried to stand. I finally got to my feet and with each hop the pain shot upwards through my body. I got to the garage door and twisted the knob. The gust of cold air that hit me nearly knocked me down. It was freezing in the garage, and things only got better when I saw that the ice holding my keys was still not gone. I couldn’t believe it. They were still hanging right where I left them. There was a lot less ice holding them up than there was last night but this didn’t change the fact that they were still hanging there about seven feet off the ground well out of my completely helpless reach.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get much worse the phone rang. I let the machine get it, hoping that they would think that I was already on my way. As the machine beeped and a woman started talking I looked at the clock in the kitchen, ten fifty-five. I was not going to make it to church today, and had just over an hour before a Sunday school class arrived at my door. I hopped into the garage to get a closer look at the ice and figured out why the ice hadn’t melted. The closer I got to the door the colder it got. I felt a chill in the air yesterday morning but I had no idea that it was going to turn off this cold. This much ice should have been gone hours ago but there was probably still two hours of ice left. I had to figure out some way to get the ice to melt, and quickly.

I hoped my mom hadn’t taken her hair dryer with her. As I hopped back towards the bedroom I passed the thermostat on the way and went back to turn it all the way up. I need heat, and lots of it. Her hairdryer was gone and my only other option was a heat gun that my dad used to strip paint with. I made my way towards the back door, hoping that no one was on a Sunday drive and happened to catch a glimpse of my hopping back and forth. I made it to the shop and found out that I’d locked that door on the way out, so I had to go back into the house and get the shop keys. Before I went back out I decided to listen to the message on the machine to make sure I wasn’t going to get any more surprises. Turns out the ladies were going to pick up some lunch and bring The Passion over to watch after church. Not to worry though, they had a key and would be able to let themselves in and out if I wasn’t able to attend.

This was bad. Four ladies from my mom’s Sunday school class were bringing lunch and the most profound religious film of the last quarter century and I’m hopping around in nothing but four pairs of sheer pantyhose, which don’t provide much coverage by the way, with my mouth packed full and wrapped up tight, legs tied tightly at the ankle and just above the knee, arms tied to my sides above and below my breasts and cinched tight, and my hands bound and cinched tightly behind me. Not to mention the knotted crotch-rope that went in between my wrists, split my wrist loops and was holding them very tightly against my backside. A feeling of impending doom suddenly overwhelmed me. I had to act fast.

I hopped back out to the shop after retrieving the keys and opened the door. I looked everywhere but the heat gun was nowhere to be found. I searched again quickly and found it. It was hanging on the wall on a pegboard about eye level. A great place for it, unless your hands are tied to your butt. I looked around for another way to melt the ice and found none. I had to get free, I at least had to clean up my things and get out of the house before they arrived. There was no time to bathe and get dressed after I got free, assuming I did get free that is. Stop thinking and think. (That makes less and less sense each time I read it.)

I had to get things cleaned up either way. Even if I weren’t able to get free I would still have to make sure that no evidence of my hobby was visible. I slammed the shop door on the way out and wandered into a very warm house. The garage however hadn’t changed much at all. Still quite chilly and the keys were still hours away. At this point I started to cry. I didn’t know what else to do. I turned the heat down and hopped back to my bedroom, started gathering my things and throwing them in bags. Once I got the bags packed I tossed them in the closet and started trying to straighten the bedspread. That could have been a lot easier, it looked horrible but it would have to do. As a last ditch effort to make it look like I wasn’t there I started trying to type out a message on my laptop, with my nose.

“Sorry girls, I got a call from work and had a car here to pick me up early, early this morning. I had my clothes all laid out for church and I was going to call but Dorothy wasn’t home and I didn’t want to leave a message. Make yourselves at home, there are drinks and snacks in the fridge, but stay away from my cheesecake. Sorry I missed you, Tonya.”

I printed the note as the clock struck twelve. I had no idea where I was going to hide for several hours while they were here. Eventually the keys would fall but if I was in the garage when they did and the girls heard them fall, would they come to check on the noise. My fathers shop was about the only place that I could hide for any period of time, and it was heated so I didn’t have to worry about freezing. Anywhere in the house and I might be found. I dropped the note on the table, grabbed my house keys and hopped out to the shop. I fell into my father’s old recliner as I heard the first car. When the second car arrived I remembered what I forgot to grab. The DVD was still in the player. As long as they didn’t turn it on before they hit the open button I was safe. Hopefully they just bought the VHS version.

I guess I dozed off again in the chair and when I came to it was starting to get dark again. I think this was about where I got started almost twenty-four hours ago. Never did I think that I would be tied this long. I still didn’t have an idea for K, but I did have an unbelievable tale to tell her. I tried to peek out the window but I couldn’t see the driveway, just the house. It looked dark inside, but I wasn’t in a gambling mood so I waited until dark. Just after dark I peeked around the door as I slowly opened it. No cars, looks like the coast is clear. As I closed the door behind me, very bright floodlights came on above my head, so much for the cover of night. I made a beeline for the back door and just as I made it inside the back door, I looked out the bay window of the dining room to see Martha’s car still in the yard. I froze instantly, held my breath and listened. I only thing I could hear was my own heartbeat, and it was loud and fast. I felt like I’d just hopped a marathon, and I was still tied.

Almost twenty-six hours later I hopped into the garage to find my keys lying on the floor where they should have been hours ago. With the keys in my still tingly hands I made my way back out to the shop to get my bag, then back to the bedroom to get the other bags and finally, finally cut myself free. After untying my arms and legs I made my way back through the house to get the rest of my mess cleaned up. It was then that I saw the note they had left for me, right next to mine.

“You really missed a great film and some great fellowship. We’re sorry you got tied up and couldn’t make it. We really should do this again with you here, even if we have to kidnap you ourselves and keep you here long enough to entertain us. If you’re looking for your cheesecake, we moved it, and might have sampled a little bite of it. You couldn’t eat that whole thing by yourself anyway. Martha left her lights on and we didn’t have any jumper cables, we’ll be by to pick up her car in the morning. Keep in touch sugar. Love, us”

Then I remembered the DVD, but the VCR and surround sound were on, and the tuner was switched over to VCR so they must have brought the tape. I turned the television on and turned the surround sound and converter box back to DVD, you’ll never guess what was still running on random repeat all. I am so going to hell.

Adventure #2 in the books. Let me know what you think. [email protected]


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