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Vacation Time Fun Part 5

by Tonya

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continued from part 4 Part 5

Okay, story time again. She knew that ever since a talent show in junior high school I’d had a fantasy about being a magician’s assistant. My then boyfriend had a dream that he was going to be this great illusionist, and I was going to be his assistant. He came up with this whole routine for the show and his big finale was tying me up and putting me in this huge crate and chaining it shut. I was supposed to get free crawl out of the fake back on the crate, slip off behind the curtain and appear in the audience and drop my ropes and gag and act all magical and stuff.

Unfortunately, he was nervous as hell when we started the finale. He gagged me, tied my wrists way too tight, then finished tying my ankles, knees and arms and lifted me over the edge of the trunk. I tried to tell him that my fingers were already starting to tingle but he just winked at me and told me that I’d do fine. Of course I never appeared in the audience, and eventually people started to boo. He didn’t know what to do so he just left the stage. I was still in the box and nobody knew about the fake back and it was chained shut as far as they knew. I was in that box for the rest of the talent show, on stage trying to get someone’s attention.

Instead of being scared or getting claustrophobic, I embraced my helplessness and have craved being helpless ever since. That’s why I tie myself up and have to rely on my own abilities to get free. I create a problem, make it as tough as I can and then solve it. It’s how I deal with stress. A trance state as my therapist called it. As long as it’s not dangerous, or poses a danger to those around me she says that as long as it works for me, it’s fine. Now if I tie myself up in a tub that’s filling up with water and have to get free or drown, I have issues. That or I’m a wacko, I believe that’s the technical term. However, creating problems and solving them is just fine. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

“What kind of magic did you have in mind sugar?”

“Oh, I think you know, and besides,” she leaned in to whisper “there’s no such thing as magic anyway.”

“So I guess that means I’ll be stuck then huh?” there was no doubt that she knew just what I wanted.

“We’ll see honey, we’ll see. Now go get dressed, everything is laid out in the bedroom.” She hadn’t quite finished telling me before I turned and skipped off towards the bedroom. I felt a shiver of anticipation as I opened the bedroom door.

Neatly laid out on the bed were a pair of very shimmery nude pantyhose, black back seam fishnet pantyhose, a shiny black leotard, shoulder length black opera gloves and my four inch black patent ankle strap heels. This was only going getting better. I could feel my fingers shaking as I pulled on the hose. The shimmery hose under the fishnets made them almost glow. After I put my shoes on I took a look in the mirror. I needed a little bit of makeup, nothing too heavy, just some eye shadow and maybe some eyeliner. Then I would be ready to go absolutely nowhere.

I walked into the living room and found that Anita was ready to. We were both dressed just alike, all the way down to the gloves and cheap makeup. We had to giggle as we looked each other up and down and noticed that she had the ropes laid out on the couch. Right in the middle of the living room floor there was an object that was kind of hard to miss. It was my father’s trunk. It was six feet long, three feet wide and about two feet tall. It usually sat very unceremoniously at the foot of my parent’s bed. I feel that there was a reason it was in the floor, and I think I knew what that reason was.

“Do you like my surprise?” Anita was grinning ear to ear.

“Nope, don’t like it one bit. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand it.” I couldn’t keep a straight face and began laughing out loud. I walked by her on my way to inspect the ropes and got a swat on my ass for my troubles. “What was that for?”

“Keep it up and you’ll get more.” She scolded.

“I can take anything you’ve got. Give me your best shot.” I said spinning on my heels and holding my wrists out together behind me. Anita grabbed them and forced me back down onto the couch and began wrapping rope around my wrists and cinching it tightly, well out of reach of prying fingers. She finished my chest ropes and pulled my elbows a little closer together, and then she went to work on my legs. She started with my ankles and arches then above and below my knees and upper thighs. She started to give me a crotch-rope and then smiled and pulled it under the cinch on my thighs and looped it over my wrists and pulled it back through and tied it off.

“Was that totally necessary?” I asked, slightly disappointed.

“You’ll need to focus on this one magic girl” she had a look in her eye that I couldn’t quite explain. That sounded very familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

More ropes around my waist pinning my wrists to my backside and it was time for a gag. She took a hankerchief and put it in the center of a bandana and folded it corner to corner. She placed the center of it in my mouth and pulled the corners tight and tied it off. Then she took another hankerchief and folded it and placed it in the gap in between my teeth over the first piece then tied another bandana around it pulling both of them tight, and pulling the corners of my mouth quite tight. Then she wrapped it all with coban and a few wraps of tape to make sure that it all stayed in place. Then she wandered off to the bedroom and came back with a short chain and a padlock.

She helped me to lie down on the floor and wrapped the chain around the cinch under my heels and the ropes holding my wrists to my body. Then she got three ice cubes and dropped them in a stocking and put my key ring with the padlock keys on it as well. She climbed up in a chair and tied the stocking to the pull chain on the ceiling fan. I wasn’t going to be able to get out of that hogtie until that key fell. Then she disappeared again to the bedroom and came back with my wrist loops, several zipties, a bandana, tape, another roll of coban, and another bag of rope. She sat down in front of my and started tying her arches, then ankles and above and below her knees. She gave herself a knotted crotch-rope and finally started explaining.

“I was trying to think of something challenging for you when it finally came to me. When you were tied in that trunk, you accepted your fate. You were caught and no one was going to rescue you until the show was over. If you had to get out, could you have made it, or would you still be stuck? Can you be an escape artist, or are you just a kinky little girl that likes to be tied up? I’ve put the keys to the bags in the trunk of my car, along with all the knives, snips, scissors and all the other sharp objects in the house that I could find. My car keys are in the cabinet above the refrigerator, well out of reach. You’ll have to get free on your own, so you can set me free. At least that’s the plan anyway.”

With that she began stuffing the bandana in her mouth and covering it with strips of tape. First an X over her mouth, then three strips horizontally, followed by two under the chin and to more horizontal strips across the top. She had been watching my videos for ideas, but this was not what I had in mind she was watching them for. She finished her gag off with a roll of coban and made sure to smooth everything down. After that she winked at me and began arranging my chest loops on her chest and cinching them down very tight. Then she reached into the bag and pulled out another short chain and padlock. She knelt on the floor beside me and reached down and picked up my wrist loops and cinch in one hand and the chain and padlock in the other. She reached back and slipped one wrist under her crotch-rope and then the other and slipped both wrists into the loops and pulled the ziptie down snug.

She was still able to reach back down far enough and thread the chain under the ropes around her heels and back up to her wrists. As she lined up the padlock with both ends of the chain I suddenly became aware of what she had done. I had to find a way to get free without cutting the ropes that were holding me. No knives, snips or scissors to be found anywhere and I had another hour to lay here and think about it. The click of the padlock brought me back. She looked over at me, winked again and slowly collapsed to one side. She had finished herself off. There we were dressed the same, tied the same and were both going to meet the same fate unless I was able to get free. A few moments later I was on my way back to the bedroom to see if she’d left anything out that I might be able to use. As I made my way slowly down the hall I found out that she’d closed all the doors to make sure that I didn’t have any bright ideas. Strike one.

As I rounded the corner back into the living room I noticed that Anita really seemed to be enjoying herself. Why did she get a crotch-rope and I didn’t? I felt like a jealous child without a toy. I wondered if I was going to untie her or just leave her like that for a while. That didn’t seem like a bad idea at all considering the games she’d been choosing so far. I looked up at the ice and saw that I had only a few minutes left until the keys fell. I don’t think she realized where she put the trunk, because if the keys fell straight down, which they usually do, they would fall right into the trunk. I could see the marks where she had to drag it into the living room. There was no way that both of us, tied as we were had a chance in hell of moving it out of the way in time. I made my way across the floor again just in time to hear the keys hit the bottom of the trunk. The same instant, our eyes met and for the first time I saw fear in Anita’s eyes. She started shaking her head no, and struggling fiercely against her bonds. I worked my way over to her and tried to calm her down. I was able to drag one of the cushions off the couch and try to use it to sit up and eventually was able to make it up to my knees and crawled over and looked down into the trunk. The keys were against the wall on the side with the lid. If we were able to turn it over the lid would slam shut but hopefully the keys would bounce out first. It was worth a try. I tried to explain to Anita what needed to be done but finally had to just start trying without her help to get her to understand.

We were able to get it to rock back and forth a bit and with one final surge the lid slammed shut and it fell over on it’s front. We made it to each end and lifted the lid and heard the keys hit the carpet. Anita made it to them first and unlocked the padlock on my hogtie. I was able to quickly stand up and hop back to the bedroom to check on my extra stash of keys. Once inside the bedroom I found out that she was still one step ahead of me. The sliding doors on the closet were chained shut and locked with a padlock that was no doubt keyed differently than the one that was holding me down. Strike two. I was able to look in the mirror and see what I was dealing with. She had first tied my wrists together, then attached my fake crotch-rope to them and then tied the extra ropes around my waist to keep them from moving around too much. It was also more difficult hopping in heels, especially tied around my feet. You have a little more balance when you can spread your feet apart a bit, even with your ankles tied.

The closest thing I could find in the bedroom to something sharp was a nail file. That was useless so I hopped back into the living room. Anita was still struggling in her self-induced peril on the floor but I hadn’t expected to find her anywhere else. I saw the corner of the kitchen counter and had an idea. If I could push the ropes holding my wrists to my body down far enough to pull my wrists free, with the extra range of motion I might be able to get something done about getting to those other knots. It was worth a shot anyway. I hopped into the kitchen and found the corner of the counter by the oven. I was just able to get the ropes under the edge of the counter and lift up slowly. I could feel the ropes moving but I couldn’t move my wrists up enough to tell a difference. Maybe my fake crotch-rope was the loophole that I was looking for. If I could pull those up closer to my crotch it would create the slack that I needed to get my wrists free.

I reached down as far as I could and was able to hook two fingers on the cinch around my thighs. I pulled back and forth trying to get the ropes to budge and finally they gave way and slid up almost enough. I tried to pull the ropes down again and this time it worked. My wrists were still attached to my crotch-rope but I had much more mobility than I did a few minutes ago. I was hopping back towards the living room when my left foot hit a wet spot on the ceramic tile floor and my feet slid out from under me. I hit the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of me, and I was a bit fuzzy for some time, but I was okay. A few minutes later Anita was next to me trying to untie my wrists. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that sooner. Just because she was stuck in the floor and I had to get us free, she never said that she couldn’t help.

After she untied my wrists I untied my legs and got her car keys and headed off to get the key to her padlock, but when I walked out the door her car wasn’t there. I walked back into the kitchen and she was inching her way towards the cabinet under the sink. I grabbed her before she got there and pulled her in the other direction. In the bottom of the cabinet were all my keys, my snips, most of the sharp knives my mother owns as well as Anita’s release. I snatched them up quickly and ran off to the bedroom with them. As much as she protested, there was nothing she could do. I was in control now.

I pulled off my shoes and unlocked the closet and got out the rest of my things. I decided that the magic show would go on, just with a few changes. I walked back into the kitchen with the key in my hand and knelt down next to her and unlocked the padlock. I pulled the rolling chair from the dining room table into the living room and sat her down in it. Before she knew what was going on I had her ankles chained to the base of the chair. I pulled the cuffs out of the bag and handcuffed her wrists on the outside of her crotch-rope so that I could cut the ziptie and retie things, as I wanted them. I quickly had her wrists retied to the back of the chair and the cuffs were back in the bag, more rope around her legs securing her to the seat and even more to the back of the chair. I reached in the bag and pulled out a blindfold, earplugs, and a hood with a locking collar. I was still gagged, I couldn’t say anything so I just winked at her as I slid the blindfold down over her eyes. After I locked the hood on I attached a long rope to her crotch-rope and rolled her back into the kitchen. I sat down and fired up my laptop and used my foot to kick her chair away from the table and it rolled on into the kitchen. Then I used the rope tied to her crotch-rope to reel her back in. After about the thirtieth time I did this I was sure that she believed in magic.

I sent K another email chronicling my adventures and finally thought it might be time to untie my very good friend and see what other bright ideas she had in mind. I finally took off my own gag and then unlocked the collar and pulled the hood off of her sweat soaked head. Taking off the blindfold revealed a piercing glare that made me have second thoughts about setting her free. I started unwrapping her gag, but she was talking well before I had it off. When I could understand her this is what I heard.

“I can’t believe you did that to me! I was scared to death that you were really hurt. I don’t see how you breath in that thing it was all I could do to… ouch! Don’t touch that” I was trying to get some extra slack so I tugged on her crotch-rope just a little. Apparently it did its job and someone was a little sensitive. “Sorry sugar, just trying to get you out so you can get cleaned up. You’re a mess.” Her hair was sweaty and stuck to her forehead, her leotard was soaked, and there were lines on her face from the tape and coban. As much fun as she’d had I was still the one that got to take a bath first. I untied her from the chair and went to the freezer to get some ice and the snips. I hung them in the guest bedroom and went back into the dining room and started to retie a few ropes.

“What are you doing? It’s not time for another tie yet.”

“It is for you, I’m going to take a bath and relax. When you get out you can use the shower in the guest room.”

“What do you mean when I get out?” Anita was confused.

“The snips are hanging above the bed and when they fall you can cut yourself free.”

“You mean you’re going to leave me like this?” She pleaded.

“Actually, no. I do need to change a few things.” And with that I grabbed some more rope, tape and the coban that I’d just removed.

“I need to make sure that I can relax and not be bothered, and if I don’t tie you to something and gag you again I’ll know you’ll be at the door pounding your head against it just so I can’t enjoy my bath.” With that I grabbed her crotch-rope and started leading her back to the guest room. She was hopping and whining the whole way.

“Please Tonya, I’ll be good. I won’t bother you. I’ll be quiet, you won’t even know that I’m here.” She was desperate now.

“I know honey, I know.” Was the only response she got. Despite all her whining, she was smiling when I sat her down on the edge of the bed.

I reached for the bandana to stuff back in her mouth and when I looked back at her, she wasn’t smiling anymore. Her mouth was wide-open waiting for me to stuff it. I wrapped the coban around her head and laid her down. I turned the ceiling fan on high and tied her ankles to the right corner at the head of the bed and her chest ropes to the left corner at the foot. Then I went and grabbed more rope and tied her wrists to the right corner at the foot of the bed and her crotch-rope the left corner at the head of the bed. The snips were hanging from the ceiling fan and dripping icy cold water right onto her hip. There was a guideline from the snips down to the tennis ball right by her hands. I turned off the light and closed the door on my way out.

In about an hour the snips would fall and she would be able to cut herself free. In the meantime I needed to start my bath water. I wondered back into the bedroom and stripped off my leotard, fishnets and hose. When my bath was ready I turned on the jets and slipped into the water. I could just barely hear the bed creaking and bumping the wall in the guest room and it brought a smile to my face. “I’ve created a monster” I found myself saying out loud.

“I still can’t believe you did that to me! What were you thinking?” Anita was almost free. She had hopped into the master bathroom to continue her mock frustration about being tied since early this evening. Every time she tried to start untying her crotch-rope she stopped and made a most content face.

“You’re doing a great job hopping in those heels. Just like an old pro. Hell, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you’d done it before.” I just smiled and she hopped off to the guest room for a shower and a nice long nap.

Adventure #5 in the books. Let me know what you think. [email protected]


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