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Vermont Weekend 3 - The Gift

by M

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Vermont Weekend Part 3: Turnabout
by M
Vermont Weekend Part 2: Turnabout by M
[Previously, I had given myself up to my lover Dan as his slave for a weekend at an isolated Vermont farmhouse.  Amongst other things, he took me out into the corral and had me prance around like his pony on the end of a leash.  Back in the barn, he did me from behind then tossed the key to my restraints into a muddy stall in order to make me wallow for my freedom.  I had other ideas.]

 "Well," said Dan, standing shakily,"while you enjoy your little wallow here, I think I'll go gather up the toys. I'll have to start thinking up something new and interesting for my little piggy to do."
With that, he headed off to the other stall.  I watched him walk away, his tight, muscular ass flexing in the low morning sunlight.  I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I didn't want to be his little piggy.  I wanted him to be MY property.  I wanted to order that sexy ass around, maybe even repay him for the reaming he gave me yesterday.  I decided to turn the tables on him.

He went into the stable I had locked myself into earlier.  After some rummaging around, he put the toy box outside the stall door then went back in.  I saw my chance.  Quickly, I stood up while holding my ankle chain so it wouldn't make any noise.  I shuffled as quickly as I could down the short hall, hoping he wouldn't hear me.  If he discovered me doing this, I was sure to be punished (though I guess that might not have been so bad!).  Still, I wanted not only my freedom but I wanted to put Dan in bondage for my pleasure.  I moved as quickly and quietly as I could.

At the stall door, I wasted no time and quickly shoved the door closed.  Dan was at the far end of the stall and looked around to see what had happened.  Before he could do anything, I threw the latch closed.  For good measure, I looked into the toy box and pulled out a padlock which I used to lock the door shut.  Now Dan was my prisoner.  He looked over his situation, then looked at me through the bars.
 "Nice move, Lori.  But you're still going to have to do some wallowing to get the key."

Still gagged, I could only nod, then shrug my shoulders.  I could get my freedom now, he couldn't.  From the toy box I pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs.  I gestured for Dan to put his hands through the bars.  When he did, I snapped the cuffs on his wrists so he couldn't move from the spot.  He grinned and tested the shackles. While he rattled his chains and taunted me from his prison cell, I shuffled back to the muddy stall.  He was right, I would still have to get myself dirty to get that key out.  Oh well, I thought, let's get it over with.  I crawled on hands and knees into the gooey muck and started my search.

As I methodically sifted through the black mud in search of the key that would release me, some ideas came to mind about what to do with Dan when I was free.  He seemed to be enjoying the animal scene as much as I was -- maybe we should continue with it.  Only this time, he was my animal and I his mistress.  I envisioned him as a stud horse, getting more and more aroused to mate with his mare.  I got so hot thinking about this, I lay down in the cool mud and got myself off. It wasn't long after that I found the key and within minutes, I was free of the leather cuffs and the gag.  Sitting in the cool stall, the wet black mud oozing between my asscheeks, I worked my stiff muscles and sore jaw.  Dan was going to pay for this, I thought, but first I've got to clean up.  Then the idea hit me -- maybe Dan watching me clean up would arouse the stud in him!

After checking on my prisoner, I left the barn and went to the house.  I left a trail of muddy footprints as I went to the bathroom and found a bottle of liquid bath soap.  I took that and a towel back to the barn.  Leaving the towel hanging on a peg, I dragged a hose over to the front of Dan's stall.  Gathering a few items from the toy box, I unlocked the stall door and went in.  Dan was still being mouthy, but I could sense an edge to his voice.  He was probably tired of the handcuffs and was unsure of what was going to happen next.  He was no longer in control.

Gently but firmly, I pushed him against the bare wood of the stall.  I locked a pair of ankle shackles on to his muddy bare feet.  When he started to protest, I took the ballgag and brought it to his mouth, pressing it in firmly.  His muffled grunts continued as I strapped the harness around his head, locking it on with padlocks that had previously held me captive and silent.  Now he was the prisoner, waiting helplessly for his fate.  I relished every second of the power I had taken from him.  This was going to be fun.

I left Dan to get used to his captivity and went back to the muddy stall.  There I had the most luxurious mudbath of my life.  I rolled and squirmed and wallowed in the cool muck until I was covered from head to toe.  After about a half hour I stood up, ankle deep in mud, and surveyed my body.  Pretty much everything I could see was covered with a cool coat of black goop.  I used handfuls of the stuff to make sure my hair and face were similarly encased.  Now it was time to wash it off. Walking back to Dan's stall, my feet squelching, I watched his eyes widen behind the leather harness. A ribbon of drool fall from the bright red ball on to his hairy chest -- I wondered if he liked the feeling of helplessness as much as I did.  His eyes followed me as I picked up the hose and began washing off the thick mud.  The stuff came off in clumps and streams, darkening the barn floor.  As the mud came off, my pink body was slowly being revealed to my stud and I'm sure the excitement was building in him.

With all the thick mud off, I was still pretty dirty.  I turned off the water and got the bottle of soap.  I then proceeded to soap myself up, giving my stud a sensual show.  I lathered up every part of me I could reach, and in every sexy position I could get myself into.  I bent over with my soapy ass pointed at Dan.  I worked lather over my full pink breasts, just inches from his clutching but restrained hands.  I got on all fours and spread my asscheeks, working a soapy finger into the tight hole he had plundered.  At one point I lay down on the floor and soaped my pussy into a quite satisfying orgasm while Dan grunted in mounting frustration. I looked at him in his stall.  His cock was huge!  I had never seen it so big.  But without his hands, he could do nothing to pleasure himself.  He couldn't even rub against the stall wall for fear of splinters.  No, my stud wasn't going to be doing anything with himself unless I allowed it.
 "You look like you're getting a little hot, boy," I said as sweetly as any horse owner to her prize stallion, "Need a little cooling off?"

He shook his head no and grunted loudly as I went and got the hose.  I played the cold water over him as he stamped and shook helplessly, the steel chains on his shackles tinkling merrily.  Laughing, I turned the hose on myself to wash off the soap.  It was cool and quite refreshing as the temperature in the barn had started to rise with the heat of the day.  I'm not sure Dan felt the same way. I dried off in his sight, making sure to give him lots of views of my pussy, tits, and ass.  I could tell it was having an effect as he was very quiet but his eyes never left me.  I was getting a little hungry now and, not wanting to leave Dan handcuffed to the bars, I got the leather wrist cuffs and locked them on his wrists from inside the stall using another lock to hold them together.  I fitted him with a thick leather collar and, using some chain and two locks, secured him to the ring that once held my own leash.  I removed his ballgag.

 "Ketchup?," I asked.
 "Mustard," he replied huskily through drool-soaked lips.  I wiped the drool off with my towel, letting him get a good whiff of my scent, then replaced the gag.  Inside, I was very proud of him for willing to continue the scene.  I felt I should reward him, though maybe not in a way he would want.  I crouched down and took a handful of the runny wet clay under Dan's mud-caked bare feet.  Using the lump, I wrote "Lori's Pet" on Dan's butt.  He watched over his shoulder as I took possession of him. 
 I took the key to his locks and hid it safely in the tack room. I reminded him that he could not touch me if he wanted to be released -- only I could get to his key. Only then did I remove his handcuffs.  I wasn't sure what he would do, but he only growled behind his gag and stretched his restrained limbs as much as he could. I looked him over.  My captive stud was naked and filthy dirty, his ankles shackled with steel cuffs, his wrists locked together in front of him, his mouth sealed with a red rubber ball strapped and locked to his head.  From the leather collar around his neck, a gleaming silver chain led up to a ring on the wall.  He could move around a little and even lie down in my bed of straw but little else.  I was pleased with his situation -- I hoped he was comfortable.

I made him turn around and show me the "brand" on his ass -- it was so cute!  His cock was fully erect, red and angry.  I teased it a little with my fingers and he started to move towards me for more.  I stopped touching him and moved out of his reach.  The chain held fast and he groaned, his hands reaching out uselessly.  I went into the tackroom and returned with a short  whip.  I whacked it in my palm a couple of times to make a point and he shied away.
 "I'm going to get some breakfast now," I said, placing the whip on a shelf out of his reach, "and if you're good I'll bring you something too.  Okay, boy?"
 He nodded vigorously, drool flying everywhere.  I left the stall, closing the door and locking it behind me.  I watched him through the bars as he lay down gingerly in the scratchy hay.  He started rubbing his dick and I banged on the door.
 "That's not being good!" I yelled.  He stopped and hung his head guiltily, his hands moving away from his crotch.

In the farm house kitchen, I made myself a nice country breakfast and ate it sitting on the sunny porch.  The warm wooden floorboards felt good under my feet and I almost fell asleep rocking to the sounds of birds and breeze.  But I knew Dan was probably hungry and thirsty so I prepared him a special meal and brought it back to the barn. He had been lying in the stall and struggled to his feet as I opened the door.  He came towards me as far as the chain would let him and waited expectantly.  I placed the bowl of oatmeal on the floor in front of him and went to get a bucket of clean water.  I removed his gag and head harness and pointed him towards his lunch.  He looked at me, then at the food.  He got down on his knees and sniffed the oatmeal.
 "You expect me to eat that?" he asked with just a touch of annoyance.  Remembering how he reacted to my own look of defiance, I felt this could not go unpunished.  I got the whip off the shelf and, despite his earnest protestations of sorrow, I held his head down and gave him three smart whacks on his clay-daubed ass.  The dry clay puffed in the sunlight with each stroke.  The next thing I saw was his face full down in the oatmeal, his tongue lapping away at the tasteless gray gruel.  Apparently he was quite hungry as he finished the bowl between gulps of water from the bucket.  Every time his head came up, he would look at me, then quickly back down when I returned his gaze.  He knew where he stood now. 

I felt he needed some time ungagged so I left it off while I unlocked him from the ring on the wall.  I led him outside and walked him around the ring in the hot sun.  I quite enjoyed the walk in the warm dirt, encouraging my shuffling stallion to keep up.  When he asked if he could go somewhere to pee, I told him right here was as good place as any and just to be helpful, I held his dick for him.  It took some time and encouragement but finally he let go a long stream into the dust.  I'd never seen a man do this up close before -- it was interesting.  Dan, though, had turned a bright shade of crimson at the unwanted attention.  It didn't help when I tried to write my name in the dirt. Finally, sensing we were approaching the end of this scene, I led him back to the barn.  Out in the hallway, I used two chains attached to his wrist cuffs to crosstie him in place.  I took his ankle shackles off, replacing them with my old dirt-caked leather cuffs which I then chained to the walls, keeping his legs nicely spread.  I slapped his well-muscled ass, streaked with sweat and dirt, as I walked past him.
 "You've been a good boy," I said gathering up the hose and liquid soap, "I think you deserve a bath."

Dan's eyes closed and he squirmed around as I wet him down with spray from the hose, then soaped him up.  I worked him over with my soapy, inquisitive hands until he nearly screamed with pleasure.  When I was done with most of him, I took a position standing in front of him with my right hand grasping his stiff, soap-covered cock.  He looked at me with pleading eyes that begged for release.
 "Now let's see how well-trained you are," and held up the measuring cup I had brought in from the kitchen, "I'm going to collect some come from you.  But you have to fill this cup up to a certain mark which I don't think I'm going to tell you.  All I can say is, if you don't fill it up to that mark, you may not like what comes next."
 I leaned up close to his ear.
 "I know you can do it, boy," I whispered, "Do it for me, okay?"
 He nodded slowly.
 "Oh yes," I continued, "and I also want to see your eyes when you come.  I never get to see that because mine are usually closed, but now I want to see them.  So if you close your eyes, the fun stops.  Okay, boy?"

This time he shook his head 'no' but I took no notice as I began the slow, soapy stroking of his thick, hard penis.  While my left hand held the clear plastic measuring cup, my right hand began slowly pumping his cock while I kept my eyes glued to his.  The soapy lube I'm sure made the motion almost unbearably pleasurable for him -- a fact he confirmed by closing his eyes about a minute into the massage.  I immediately stopped and took my hand away -- he moaned and squirmed in a frustrated frenzy but only after he kept his eyes open for a minute did I return to  pleasuring his cock.

We went on like this for quite a while, until finally I decided to take pity on him and increased the speed of my strokes.  His body went rigid and seconds later, he began shooting jets of hot, thick come into the measuring cup.  I kept up the milking motion with my hand, squeezing out every last drop of his seed until he breathlessly croaked out "Please..." and I stopped.  I took my hand off and wiped it off on his chest, then after a moment for him to gather his wits, I rinsed him off with the hose.
 As I dried him off with a thick, rough towel I purred in his ear how good he was, what a fine stallion, and a few other things to relax him as he hung limply from his chains.  A drop of semen fell from his now-limp cock.  I left him there for a second to get a few more items from the toy box.  Returning, I crept up behind him and quickly slipped a bondage hood over his head.  He was momentarily startled but held still as I laced the eyeless leather restraint in place.  The integral  gag pushed past his protesting lips and filled his mouth with a humiliating rubber cock -- one that I had tasted many a time while under his control.
 "Sorry, boy, but you didn't fill the cup quite enough -- another ml or two and you might be free now.  So I guess we've got one more little event for you today."

I finished lacing up the hood and slipped an exam glove on my right hand, snapping it on up near his ear.  He knew exactly what it was and began struggling uselessly against his bonds.  Muffled grunts escaped the penis gag
 "So it's like this, Tiger," I began, "when you took my ass yesterday, you got one up on me.  So I'm afraid to make us even again, I'm going to have to take your ass right back.  I know you've never done this before and we'll go nice and slow but I also know a big, strong stud like you can take a lot more than a little girl like me.  So I want you to think about relaxing back there while I grease up Big Joe just for you."

Big Joe was a novelty dildo that Dan had gotten for me years ago.  It was very large and Dan had jokingly threatened to use it on me from time to time.  I had no intention of using Big Joe but Dan didn't know that nor did I tell him otherwise -- why spoil the moment?  Dan's body stiffened but I couldn't tell if it was fear or just anticipation. I lubed up my gloved fingers and, spreading his red-striped buttocks apart with my other hand, I proceeded to penetrate Dan's back passage gently but resolutely.  After some initial resistance, I could feel his internal ring give in to my insistent finger and I lovingly caressed his insides with fingerfuls of lubricant, slowly working the opening bigger and looser.  When I felt he was ready, I heavily lubricated the butt plug that had inhabited my ass just yesterday.  I pressed it's glistening tip against Dan's butthole.
 "Okay, Tiger," I whispered to his leather-covered ear, "let's see if my stud can take it up the ass like his woman can."

With that, I began working the rubber phallus into Dan's ass.  My finger and the lubricant had done their job well for the intruder slipped in with little difficulty.  I'm sure Dan was surprised to find it not nearly as big as he had expected so I felt I should make up for that by working it in and out of him slowly but relentlessly. I moved up behind Dan, pressed tight against his back.  My stiff nipples scratched against his hard back, my pussy pressing against the back of the butt plug.  Dan hadn't brought a strap-on which I would have loved to be using on him now, so I had to simulate the feel by using my hips to drive the butt plug in while Dan's internal muscles forced it back out.
 "It's quite a feeling isn't it?" I teased Dan, driving the plug home again and again,"I know I love it when you put that big bad cock of yours up my butt.  Do you like it too, Tiger?"
 He only moaned as I drove it home yet again.

I stripped off the glove and reached around to check Dan's cock and, sure enough, it was rock hard again.  I didn't know if he was ready to come a third time today but I thought I'd give him the chance.  I squeezed a bunch of KY into my hand, then reached around and began jerking him off again.  After a minute or two of thrusts with the butt plug and lubricated stroking with my hand, Dan came again.  It was a much smaller load than the last two but, from his quivering legs and back, I could tell he came.  I moved back from him and watched as the plug squeezed out between his cheeks and fell obscenely to the floor.  A groan came from under the hood and he hung there, my twitching prisoner of love. 

I released Dan soon after and we spent a lot of time kissing and hugging on that dirty barn floor.  I suggested we enjoy another mutual mudbath, this time to cool off Dan's sore ass.  After that we cleaned ourselves up and napped the rest of the afternoon away.  That night would be our last at the farm and we would return home early the next morning.  But Dan had one more game he wanted to play. It was evening and Dan had all our toys laid out on the kitchen table for cleaning.  I walked by and idly commented that we hadn't used all the toys he brought.  Dan thought for a moment, then his eyes lit up.  He made sure all the locks were open, then took the key for them and stepped outside.  Seconds later her was back in.

 "What did you do?" I asked.
 "I threw the key into the woods somewhere," he replied, grinning.
 "Why did you do that?"
 "So we could have a little card game.  Since we both got to be animals today, loser has to ride home in the back of the truck, prisoner of the winner."
 "The back of the truck?" I asked, "that's too exposed."
 Dan's grin got bigger.
 "No it isn't.  The reason I didn't take my car here is because it wouldn't start this morning.  I had to borrow Jerry's truck."  Jerry was a good friend of Dan's, a dog breeder.
"Jerry was moving a big cage to his kennel but let me take the truck anyway.  Come and look."

We went out to the truck and Dan took off the big blue tarp -- underneath was a steel mesh cage, three feet on a side, with an aluminum tray for a floor.
 "See, whoever loses the game rides in the cage in back with the tarpaulin over it.  Nobody will see you until we get home.  The spare key is at home so the loser will have to stay bound for the entire 2 hour trip."  Dan was getting excited about the idea but I wasn't sure yet.
 "I don't know, Dan.  Two hours of constant bondage?  That's a lot..."
 "What's the matter, sissypants?  Afraid you can't take it like a man can?"  Well, that did it.  We ended up staying up until 3:00 am playing gin rummy.  It was a tough game for both of us, with each of us being on the brink of losing before fighting our way back.  Finally, though, somebody had to lose.  I was never very lucky at cards.

So that's how I ended up naked and locked in the steel cage in back of Jerry's truck.  My bondage mittened hands are chained to one end of the cage, my leather cuffed ankles chained to the other.  My head is enclosed by the bondage hood, it's fat rubber cock filling my mouth.  Though it tasted of rubber and spit, I could still taste Dan's come for he used my mouth one last time just before sealing it shut. He had also locked the chastity belt around my waist and through my legs, but not before filling my pussy and ass with  radio-controlled vibrating intruders and guess who had the remote controls?  Whenever he got the notion, my privates would come alive with a buzzing, throbbing sensation that would bring me from 0 to orgasm in 15 seconds.  I stopped counting the number of times I came as we bounced along the dirt roads leading home.

But the final touch had been the nipple clamps.  They were attached to the top of the cage by short gold chains and were quite securely clamped to my stiff nipples.  With every bounce of the car, they were pulled one way, then the other until I couldn't tell what was going to happen next.  They would drive me crazy until the next time the vibrators started up, then I would forget about them until the vibrations ended.  Then I'd feel my tits being pulled again.  I prayed I wouldn't lose my mind before we got home. 
 I've got to learn how to play cards.


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