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The Vibrating Chair

by Gstyle

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© Copyright 2011 - Gstyle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; zipties; corset; lingerie; chair; toys; nipple; gag; torment; true; cons; X

So I finally got to do the chair tie scenario I came with a while ago… let’s just say, wow…

Well, I’ll start from the beginning as that is the best way to tell a story, no?

I started by lying everything out that I would need and followed that by inserting my vibrating butt plug… I wanted to wear it during the session and figured I may as well wear it from the very start. Next, I put on a pair of black silk panties followed by my black fishnet stockings. My black leather corset of course came next, laced super tight as posture was a big deal to me for this tie. I also decided to wear a black demi-cup bra as well, of course it matched my panties. I usually don’t wear a bra during my sessions, but I needed to make sure things really stayed at attention today…

I then finished up by putting on one of my pink mini-skirts… it didn’t feel like it quite matched, but I really wanted to wear it anyway… of course, I finished with my 6” stiletto thigh high boots… I considered not wearing them, but as always, they just seemed so appropriate!

Moving to the chair that would soon become my tormenter for the next couple of hours, I double checked that I had everything and also made sure that I had securely attached the vibrator to the top of the chair… the one meant to torment my poor poor nipples… checked the timer, set to 5 minute intervals… then my release, I used an ice in stocking key drop method. I also made sure to put in a few extra cubes, to compensate for getting ready; ultimately I was in for a good 2 hours of torment.

I switched on the vibrator, still about 45 minutes until the first interval starts, plenty of time to get myself tied up!

First, a spreader bar that I tied with a rope harness to the middle of my back. Then I tied a nice tight crotch rope making sure to thread down the middle of my butt plug and up into my tender bits. I pulled the slack through the front and left it untied for the moment… more to come on that… added a little something to this tie… Next, I tied my knees with another spreader bar running across the backside of the chair preventing me from pulling my legs back. Ankles were next which I tied with rope to my ass and had myself basically straddling the chair in a frog-tie.

After I finished tying my legs, I took a long piece of rope and tied both ends of the spreader bar attached to the middle of my back securely to the chair, forcing me to sit more upright and further reducing my ability to lean back.

Taking the still untied slack from my crotch rope, I threaded it through a handle at the top of the chair and tied it off to a little extra torment… I’ll explain this further down…

The nipple clamps came next, oh how that first bite hurts so good. The chain was already taut as I had previously measured out the distance from my chest to the mounted vibrator and attached the nipple clamps to the head of the magic wand accordingly… if you can’t picture what I’ve done, imagine a diamond shape with the vibrator as one point, my nipples as the two side points, and the center of my chest opposite the vibrator point. And just because I’m a little sadistic at times, I added a small padlock to each side of the chain… later I would come to regret/love that I did that…

I quickly moved to finish before I started to regret any of my decisions. Putting on my black elbow length satin opera gloves, followed by my locked leather wrist cuffs, I then put on my posture collar which was also tied securely to the chair keeping me from pulling my head only so far back. My blindfold and ear plugs came next and then my gag… I decided to go with my bit ball gag this time as I felt like drooling and this one produces plenty of that from me.

At this point, I can’t even begin to tell you how turned on I was, not to mention with the added torment of the backdoor intruder that has been lightly buzzing away the whole time…

Not wasting any time I tied my elbows together using a rope and zip-tie method, grabbed the chain and padlock I had been sitting on, looped the chain through the rings on my leather wrist cuffs, and leaned back as far as I could reaching my hands as far down towards the floor as possible and CLICK!

I locked the padlock to the farthest chain link I could reach, effectively forcing me to lean back as far as possible, pushing my chest forward and lightly arching my back downwards.

This is where it gets interesting…

Remember how I tied my crotch rope off to that “little extra” something?

Well I decided out of the blue to add a 15lb dumbbell weight to my crotch rope… I figured it might be fun having an added tormenter pulling at my tenderness… Waiting on a stool in front of my chair, I had attached a rope to the underside of the chair connected to the weight… all I had to do was pull it off the stool using my, now, bound hands and presto, extra torture!

Using the same thought process that brings me to push the lock closed every time; I took a deep breath, took up the slack on the rope with my fingers and slowly pulled the weight off the stool…

Oh crap…

The sudden shock on my crotch took my breath away. Not to mention, something I hadn’t thought of happened which at the time I regret, now sitting here writing this, I love… but anyway, the weight forced me to push my crotch forward in an attempt to alleviate the strain… of course it didn’t, but it still forced me to do that. What I hadn’t thought of was that if my crotch goes forward, I lean back, my nipple clamps then get pulled as tight as they can go given the spreader bar keeping my back upright.

I knew when I started that the only way I could give my poor nipples a rest was going to be to lean forward to give the chain some slack… unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that due to the weighted rope and my now pulled forward ass and crotch (mind you the ass plug was now buried deep inside of me) as well as how my hands were tied to the base of the chair, I was being forced to push my crotch up and forward and lean my head and chest back! As a result, I could only lean forward a little bit and sit up that way for short periods of time before my muscles became too tired and I had to lean back again… I could only give my nipples a rest for maybe 30 seconds at a time!

Of course, as fate would have it, the moment I finished having all of these realizations… CLICK! On goes the vibrator…

On a fortunate note, it just so happened that how I had mounted the vibrator and where the crotch rope was threaded created a fortuitous event as they touched… enough so that my crotch rope started to vibrate… good thing too because my nipples were getting punished… the vibrations on them were so strong, plus the added weight of the locks I had added bouncing around. Everything combined, the ass plug, the crotch rope, the super-vibrating nipple clamps, put me into a world of ecstasy… for the next hour and a half.

And through that hour and a half, every 5 minutes CLICK on or CLICK off would go the vibrator. I was sweating and drooling profusely as I was getting incredibly tired from leaning forward to relieve my nipples, oh god my poor aching tormented nipples… and, of course, the ridiculous amount of sexual frustration being forced upon me. I am thankful that I am athletic and put my time in at the gym… if anyone ever needs an abdominal workout… this tie is for you!

My nipples of course never reduced to a dull ache as a result of the vibrator and lock weights… every 5 minutes and it was like I had just put them on! What seems to be an eternity goes by, but finally the keys drop and not a moment too soon as I had started to cry, but in a good relieving kind of way… I think, it’s all a blur to me… naturally as I was just about to unlock my hands, yep, you guessed it, CLICK! On came the vibrator and I couldn’t focus with everything buzzing away again; eventually, it stopped and as quickly as I could I unlocked my wrists, grabbed the long scissors off the table next to me and cut my elbows free. My next move of course was to switch off the vibrator to stop any unexpected “CLICK’s” and untied the weight on my crotch.

Quickly I untied everything else and then began rubbing my now aching and extremely sensitive nipples, which of course reminded me of my arousal… my panties and pantyhose now soaked from the vibrating crotch rope. I moved to sit with my knees on the chair; pushing my crotch on to the vibrator… I re-applied the clover clamps despite everything (told you I’m a little twisted), put the chain connecting the clamps in my mouth pulling my nipples towards the ceiling, turned the vibrator ON switch on high… and CLICK!

Well, I’ll let you guess what happened next…


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