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Vicky’s Mistake

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2007 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; sleepsack; mum; Sbf; cuffs; caught; stuck; cons; X

Vicky and I had been together for nine or ten months and we shared an interest in tight, inescapable bondage. As we both enjoyed being bound we had agreed set days as gaoler and prisoner. Vicky had been introduced to bondage by a previous boyfriend and had only ever been the helpless prisoner. I had to teach her how to cinch ropes and tie knots, so we used a lot of leather restraints and handcuffs. I had been practicing self bondage for years and had built up quite a collection of bondage gear and gags. Vicky jealously guarded ‘her’ days, and would not tie me on those days no matter how hard I pleaded. I on the other hand was delighted to truss her up while I took breaks on ‘my’ days. As Vicky worked she needed to keep up with the ‘soaps’ to maintain the office chit chat, so I often chair tied her in front of the TV with a posture collar and headphones to ensure she paid attention. This let me sneak off for short solo sessions without her knowing (or so I thought). 

It was a pleasant summer day and I had got home a couple of hours before Vicky was due home. It was Friday and therefore it was one of Vicky’s bondage evenings, but as she wasn’t due in for another two hours I thought I would indulge in an hours self bondage. Vicky would never know! I got out my ‘Fetters’ sleepsack with the internal zipped sleeves, a two inch ball gag and a tight hood with pinhole eyes. I stripped and put on a pair of leather briefs. I positioned my self next to the bed. Strapped on the ball gag and laced the hood tightly on. I now struggled into the sack, this is a slow process as you have to manoeuvre the zips and get the neck closed with the top of your arms restricted. I then proceeded to close the zips and tighten the straps at ankles, knees, torso, thighs, waist and buttocks.

At this point I am fairly secure and just need to close the internal sleeves with the built in zips. This is done by pulling down on internal strings attached to the zip pulls and takes a minute or so. With this done your arms are held securely at your sides. I flop backwards onto the bed, there I am a helpless mummy, arms held securely inside the internal sleeves and the straps around the sack restrict movement so much I cannot even sit up. I struggled happily for about fifteen minutes before deciding it was time to release myself before Vicky got home. This requires a reversal of the binding process first the strings are pulled in the opposite direction to move the zips back up. But although the strings are moving freely the zips are not! This cannot be happening, the torso, waist and buttock straps are too tight to let me stretch my hands down to the zip pulls, and with my arms in the sleeves I can’t reach anything! I pull the strings back down and find the knots. Someone has untied them from the zip pulls and re tied them so that the knots pull the zips closed but there is nothing to pull the zips open again!

I am trapped by my own hand, mummified and helpless, no matter how hard I struggle I can’t get any slack at all! I just get hot and sweaty. I try to work my way to the edge of the bed, thinking if I can stand up I might reach something to help free myself. I get my legs over the edge of the bed, but the tight straps will not allow me to bend enough to sit up. Then disaster strikes I start to slide off the bed, I can do nothing to stop myself and fall sideways, my head comes to rest against the head board and I stop sliding. Now I am suspended above the floor, my feet against the walk in wardrobe and my left shoulder blade and right shoulder on the bed. I straighten my hips and bend my knees and slide the rest of the way off the bed taking a pillow with me, landing on my butt, knocking the wind out of me, grunting into the gag. I am propped up slightly able to see the bedroom door and the full length mirror on the wardrobe, this shows me a helpless mummy propped up by the side of the bed. Then to make matters worse I hear the front door opening and Vicky coming in, she is not going to be pleased with me being bound on ‘her’ day!

I try to call for help, but all I can manage is a muffled “Hhhpppfff  uummmfff Fffdduuggg!”. Vicky walks into the bedroom and says “I see you found out about the little change I made to your sleeve zips then.” I grunt angrily, but she just giggles, “A gag as well as the hood? You have certainly done a good job on your self, well don’t go away, remember this is ‘my’ day.” With that she turns around and walks into the wardrobe. I slump back on the floor and wait, I am not in a position to do any thing else.

After a boring ten minutes or so Vicky returns with some rope, a pair of hinge cuffs, a posture collar and a harness gag with an 11/2” rubber ball. She looks sensational dressed in a tight red spandex dance leotard, fishnet tights, 41/2” heel ankle strap shoes and with a tight leather waist cincher locked around her waist. I grunt and wriggle hopefully, “No way” says Vicky, sweetly “this is my day and our agreement is you don’t get tied up, and if you don’t get tied up you don’t need to be untied do you? Don’t worry it will be your day tomorrow, and the agreement lets me help you then!” 

I grunt a protest, but I have realised I am not getting out of this bondage without help, so I am resigned to wait and hope she relents.

“From your reactions, I guess you can see quite well despite the hood? So as you aren’t going to be able to bind me, I’ll just have to do it my self, but I’ll let you watch me.”

With that she pirouetted artistically and picked up her first rope. This she tied tightly around her waist, and then passed it between her legs creating an ultra tight crotch rope. She now sat down and proceeded to tie her ankles together, cinching them tightly, passing the rope around the instep of her shoes, then round the heels, welding her feet together. Next she bound her legs above the knees, once again cinching them tight. I watched in fascination, she had learnt her knots well. Next she picked up the harness gag and said, “Don’t you wish you were doing all this for me?” and after a brief smile and a wink, proceeded to secure the ball gag tightly in place.

Next came the posture collar, strapped securely around her neck and padlocked on, now she couldn’t speak and could not turn her head. Next she rolled on to her stomach facing me, picked up a final thin rope, winked at me and proceeded to tie one end to the ring on the top of her harness gag. She managed to thread the other end between her ankles back over the shoe tie and back up to the harness ring, somehow managing to tie it off with enough tension to raise her knees and shoulders off the floor. From the look in her eyes even she was as amazed, as was I, that she lay there with just her hips, belly and breasts in contact with the floor, but she loves a tight tie.

Now she picked up the key to the hingecuffs which had a long piece of string attached, she tied the end of this to her left wrist and put the key on the floor by her side. Finally she picked up the hinge cuffs, locked one cuff on her left wrist and activated the double lock with a bent paper clip. I looked on in horror and started to thrash and shout no into my gag, she had locked it on with the keyhole facing her elbows not her hand! Vicky just ignored me and proceeded to put her hands behind her back and lock the final cuff around her right wrist. She was now inescapably hogtied, by her own hand, although she did not realise it yet.

Vicky’s mistake had landed us deep in the proverbial, I flopped back and considered our predicament. Vicky was hogtied and cuffed and would need someone to unlock the cuffs for her. I was encased in a sleep sack and hood unable to reach her key. Vicky meanwhile was struggling wildly, and discovering she had trussed herself so well she could hardly move at all, she could rock a little side to side but could not move forward, backward or sideways. After a few minutes she decided this position was far too strenuous to be comfortable and decided to try and free her self. She got the key into her hand with no problem but it slowly became clear to her she had made a serious mistake. First her eyes got a puzzled look and then they opened wide with fear and she started to scream, “Hppfh! Ummmmm Phhtucgg, Phhummfffwmmm pfffff hpppph! ummm fftuggg, Hpppffh!” as it dawned on her there was no way to get the cuffs unlocked by herself. After a few minutes frantic struggling and screaming, she stopped, sagged in her bonds and grunted “Wefffff guggeffff phie! Ufff phuggged ooph! Wefffff guggeffff phie! Wefffff guggeffff phie!”.

Initially I had thought we were going to die as well, when she locked on the cuffs. But I had now had some time to think, Vicky could still use her hands, if I could work my way towards her and somehow she could reach the straps and zips on the sleepsack, she could free me. How to get the message across to Vicky? I would cross that bridge later, first I needed to find out if I could move towards her. I started by trying to roll on to my side. I bent my  legs as much as I could and rolled to my right, a little more momentum than I anticipated, and I rolled on to my stomach. Now I am worried, I can’t see Vicky and I am not sure if I can move on my belly. I struggle and manage to flip over on to my back. I now start to inch my way toward Vicky. She realizes I am moving towards her slowly and mews encouragement.

It is a slow journey but I struggle along side her, now the next problem, can Vicky reach the buckles? The hingecuffs severely restrict Vicky’s movement, she can only move her hands about six inches either side of her spine, with only about an inch clearance from her body. Somehow I need to manoeuvre my sleepsack encased body next to her with the buckles close enough to her hand to reach, all with out being able to see what’s going on! Failure is not an option, so I wriggle until I can feel her body alongside mine, she grunts encouragingly and then mews “phhtooppff,  Uffffff  gggooooppppffff  ipff.”, I can feel tugging at the waist strap and it starts to loosen.

“Nnnxxxxppppfffff  fffddrrrrrpppp”, I grunt, and wriggle along her body so she can reach, I feel her fingers scrabbling along my sleepsack encased body feeling for the next buckle.

“Gooopppfff iiggghhh!” she mews, and I feel tugging on the buttock strap, now I can work my hands down to the zip pull and start to move it up,“Okkkgggppffayyy!”, I grunt. I hear Vicky mewing in relief, but there is quite a way to go yet. I manage to work the left zip about halfway up the sleeve which gives me enough freedom to reach over and unzip the right sleeve halfway. I am still encased in the sack, with my torso and legs tightly strapped. I feel for the front zip, manage to open it enough for me to get an arm out and loosen the torso strap. five minutes later I am out of the sack and unlacing the hood.

“Hhhoooffffwwaayyyggg” mews Vicky as I remove my gag and get a pair of snips from the ‘toy’ box, I cut her head to ankle cord, and her head and feet flop apart as she gives a heartfelt “Arrrrgggghhhh!”. I snip the connecting cord and take hold of the handcuff key, but as I reach toward the hingecuffs Vicky rolls away from me grunting “Nnnppppfffhh, iggggs mppfffhhh ddaaaaggghhh”, the girl is incorrigible………!



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