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Wait till Later

by Bondee

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© Copyright 2013 - Bondee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; chastity; corset; lingerie; tv; denial; stuck; cons; X

Here's my first attempt at writing something down. It's my thing / kink. Not sure if I'll do this kind of writing again, but may be tempted if I receive something in feedback that sparks something in me to continue.

"I have to start with the chastity" I thought, "or there's no way I'll cope with the excitement."

So, out with the metal device that always looks to too small, and on with the curved tube before any throbbing starts to make things too big. It's always a struggle, but when the locking ring is in place and inserted into the hole in the tube, there's always a great sense of peace, calm, and excitement. Check of keys. They are there - good. Click. And things are locked up nice and tight. Secure. Comforting.

Then it's a race for the wardrobe. I take out the stiff corset with attached six suspenders, lacy stockings, and oh so tiny knickers and start by undoing the corset lacings to allow me to get it on. Why I love the next bit so much I just don't know, but my excitement in the locking tube is noticeable with an increased discomfort as I pull the laces tight, working from top and bottom into the middle, squeezing myself into this shrinking corset. Taking a short breath, I take one last pull on the laces and tie them off, making sure to put the ends nice and neat.

Next come the lacy stockings, seamed of course. I pull them on, luxuriating in their sexy feel as they ride up my legs. Note to self, I should shave more frequently, even if it does raise some eyebrows at the gym. Attaching the suspender clips is always fun, and this time is no exception - two snap off when I turn my torso around to attach the rear ones. I revisit the earlier ones at the end and try to do a better job this time around. Next time, it's metal clips on the suspenders, not these plastic things.

Finally, its time for the knickers. I pull them up and realise just how small they are, with the negligible amount of coverage they offer my member in its metal prison. A number of adjustments are made to make things comfortable down there, and across to the mirror to see all is well. Fab.

So, I've managed to get here with no yanking the plank. It makes a change, but now I can think about doing something for a while before the urge takes me to finish the job. My day job does not permit me much time to parade around like this, but it does at least allow me to work at home, so I take the opportunity to dress this way under some slack clothes that wont cause much attention should the neighbours see me. I relish in the thought that they don't know what's going on underneath as I do a few chores around the place, waving to a couple as they pass nearby a large street-facing window.

It's not long after that that I realise I need to pop out to the local shop for a few items. Do I undress, or try to conceal what it hidden below?.... A difficult decision, but one that I know which way it will go. Concealment. Heavy jeans, thick jumpers, and a coat. Sometimes, it's good to have cold wet weather. The shop is only 3 streets away, and a short walk there and back has me a bit breathless due to the corsets restrictions (and possible excitement of being caught), but with needed items in hand - no difficulties, or awkward moments thank goodness.

Now it's time to knuckle down to the day job. There's not that much on right now, which is good as it give me a chance to catch up on a few favourite websites, gromets and lenkabd. Nice. They always leave me in a state of excitement, which today is going to be a big tease in this chastity, but we all know, a good tease like this is good. Then the urge takes me to write of my experience. And here we are. Plans for now include checking out a few stories and images, watching a few vids, all sorts of teases and denial for myself, and see how long I can last before I have to see about where those keys are.


Four stories, lots of pics and a video or two later, as I can finally not stand much more, I decided to unlock myself. I go to retrieve the keys from the house key hooks, but they are not there. I panic and scramble around the house looking for the keys, or something to pick the tiny lock with. Then I come across the note in the wife's writing:

"Honey, I popped in to pick up the keys for the office filing cabinets but you weren't in. I was hoping we might have had a sneaky quicky, as I'm feeling rather horny. Hope you're ready for a session tonight!
Laters. X"

She must have picked up my keys too. Well, it looks like I'm going to have to wait for tonight whether I like it or not, but this teasing is taking it's toll and it's going to be a hard time until she come home, then a hard time explaining myself in order to retrieve the keys she must have taken by mistake. Well, I can always hope she likes the idea of me in this thing..


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