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Walking in the Woods Shackled and Naked

by Sprinttri

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It was another nice afternoon and I had some time to enjoy some time in the woods. I loaded up my small backpack with my wrist and ankle shackles and headed out from my house. Living close to some amazing woods and trails affords me the opportunity to walk out my door and within a five minutes walk I am on a trail.

The first section of trail goes behind some houses so I must remain clothed as to not get caught. After about 10 more minutes of walking I turned onto a seldom used path that I use occasionally for my naked adventures. I’ve never seen anyone on this trail and it is about a mile long coming out on another heavily used trail near a farm.

After a quick look around I entered the trail and stopped about a hundred feet in. I looked around again and took off my shorts and long sleeved t-shirt. It felt so good to be naked again. There was a slight breeze, it was sunny, and about 58 degrees F. A perfect setting for a naked walk.

I had planned to shackle myself right there but I decided to wait. Seeing I was still fairly close to the main trail I just came off of and there were a lot of trees down that I had to navigate before proceeding I decided to walk down a slight hill first. It took a bit to navigate the downed trees but I was satisfied I could proceed from here.

Since my last adventure I had purchased some more substantial wrist and ankle cuffs. My previous ones were hand made with some felt and very weak Velcro. They served their purpose of stepping into being shackled without the total commitment of being unable to quickly get out of them. The new ones were purpose made for restraints and were very secure. I am still not ready to step up to leather locking cuffs.

Stopping at the base of the small hill I looked at the trail ahead. The next section had become very overgrown with small pine trees. This would add to the challenge of passing through naked and shackled. I secured my new ankle shackles to each ankle tightly. The shackles are joined with about 14 inches of chain. This makes getting over obstacles such as downed trees quite a challenge.

Recalling that I had also brought my nipple clamps I stopped to take those out of my pack. I placed the little bastards on each nipple and gave a slight groan of pleasurable pain when they bit in. The clamps are joined by a piece of string, as the chain that came with them was really cheap.

I then leaned down and secured my wrist cuffs behind my back. The cuffs are joined together with a short length of chain and then secured to the ankle chain with a length of chain that allows me to just stand upright with my arms straight cuffed behind me. For a moment I debated on whether to cuff my hands in front of me, but I opted to raise the challenge and stay with them behind me. Other stories I have read here have related the increase in difficulty and challenges posed by cuffing your hands behind you. Why make things too easy?

Now to add to the potential risk I left my small backpack with my clothes in the little clearing I was in before heading further down the trail. Should anyone come along and find my pack right out in the open what would they do? Would they take it or would they leave it alone? If they took it, then I would have a tough embarrassing and potential legal issues walk back home through a few streets of my neighborhood.

I pushed on through the first section of pine trees. The long needles tickled and assaulted all of my exposed flesh. A soft caress mixed in with the harsh scratches from some dead branches announced that this was not going to be an easy walk. The most painful was a few branches hitting my balls and offering no yielding. This is what I wanted, a new challenge.

My nipples were suddenly on fire as a few branches rudely caught the string that joined the nipple clamps. I cursed a bit but then enjoyed the feeling as some of the sensations worked directly to stimulate my hardening cock. MMMM what a mixed feeling having my nipples tormented as I walked on.

I was presented with many challenges along the way. Several trees had come down recently and I had to figure out the best way to navigate them while shackled. Some I had to go under, some over, and some around. The ones I had to go over were the most challenging. With everything exposed I had to be careful not to rub or catch my cock or balls or the string that ran between my nipple clamps. Painfully I have to say I was not quite successful escaping nature’s challenges.

This trail seemed a lot longer then I had remembered it. Although in the past I had not walked or run while totally naked and shackled. After over a half hour of navigating overgrown pine trees, downed trees, and dead branches I found I was at the end of this trail. Now I had some choices. I could turn around and return the way I came. I could walk down the heavier used trail for a bit and then find my way off trail back to the trail I came in on. I could also take a huge chance and walk to the heavier used trail either shackled or unshackled but still naked.

I opted to return the way I came. There could possibly be high school cross- country runners using this trail as it serves as one of their practice trails. Also there could just be people out for a walk. I didn’t want to take the risk of getting caught.

So I fought my way back up the trail for another half hour returning to where I had left my small backpack to find it undisturbed. I stopped to take in the joys of my latest adventure. It was a beautiful day that I had gotten to experience for over an hour totally naked and shackled. I had faced some minor obstacles along the way that challenged my forward progress and caused several moments of discomfort. This is exactly what I needed today and I felt so grateful I was able to experience it.

I removed my shackles and placed them in my backpack. Reluctantly I put on my shorts and long sleeved t-shirt. Heading the very short distance back to the main trail I thought I heard some people and dogs coming down the trail. As I stepped onto the main trail I didn’t see anyone. I turned towards home and started walking and I heard them again. Reaching another trail intersection I could see a few people heading away from me down another main trail with a couple of dogs.

What a difference a few minutes can make. If I had come to my clothes a few minutes earlier they may have seen me naked and exposed. From where I had placed my pack they probably would not have seen my backpack due to the slight hill separating the two trails but they probably would have seen me.

Luck was on my side again this time. Another successful naked and lightly bound adventure in the woods.

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