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A Walk in the Back Yard

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

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I took the idea for this story from a comic I found online at the following link:


I grew up in the city but ever since I was a five I would spend the summers in the country with my grandparents. They owned and ran a ranch where they raised horses mainly but lots of other livestock. I loved the country, the time I spent there and my grandparents. Even in high school I would spend my summers there and when I graduated I went to college to study as a veterinarian. I was able to intern and earn extra money because the local veterinarian that worked with my grandparents because he knew me and let me work with him. I graduated and joined the vet I interned for as a partner. Unfortunately my grandparent got to the point they could no longer live on the ranch so they signed it all over to me. They had upgraded everything and had a great staff so they had not really worked on the ranch for years.

I fought them about leaving and giving the ranch to me. They told me that of all their kids and grandkids that they figured I would enjoy it more and that I would keep it going. After weeks of discussion they moved out and I moved in. I was glad that there were no hard feelings between the rest of the family over this. They all agreed with my grandparents.

After I spent a week getting settled I was finally able to actually to go outside and look around. The house was surrounded by a ring of trees that separated the house and barn from the rest of the range. Because of the upgrades and expansions to the property MY house (that still sounds strange talking about it like that) is on the outer edge and separated from the rest of the ranch. The land inside the ring of trees is maintained and in good shape. There is a still lot of equipment around that was used for raising, training and breeding of livestock. The barn was still in great shape and so was the rest of the equipment. As I inspected everything I also came up with ideas for my most fun hobby… self-bondage.

The first thing I wanted to try was a livestock exerciser. It's a pole coming out of the ground about 7 feet in height. Another pole came off and it stuck out about 10 feet. There was a thick metal ring coming off the outer part of the pole that leads could be tied to. When turned on, the pole would rotate and pull the livestock around in circles. One of the best parts about the whole set-up was that it was computer controlled and a timer could be set. After setting up my laptop to run the walker and my other toys I was ready.

I waited until nightfall and then got started. I showed and made sure I shaved myself really well. First I put on shiny black thigh high black boots with 5 inch heels. The boots fitted tightly around my legs and felt good. I knew the heels would hurt before I was done but that was part of the fun. After the boots I stuffed a ball gag into my mouth and buckled the attached straps around the back on my head. A shiny black leather hood was next. I pulled my long red hair through a hole in the top, back part of the hood then laced it tightly.

The hood covered my whole head and face except for an opening for my eyes. My gagged mouth was covered as was my nose. There were small holes so I could breathe through my nose without problems. The next item was my corset. Again it was shiny black leather. It covered from my hips up to just below my breasts. Since I had been playing self-bondage games so much and I loved to wear corsets I was able to tighten it up a lot. By the time I was done I had taken 5 inches off my waist. Breathing was kinda tuff but the feeling of being squeezed by the corset was worth it. The last item I put on inside the house was my collar. The shiny black collar was about 4 inches wide so once it was locked on I had difficulty lowering my head but the collar felt really good.

Once I was dressed I went outside for the rest of the adventure. I laid the other items I would wear on a fence post near the walker and went into the barn to set up the computer. I set the walker speed for a slightly slower than normal walking speed. I set the vibrator for a middle intensity but with random increases for a random amount of time. That way I should have 2 orgasms if the computer doesn’t adjust the speed, but possibly more. I set the butt plug shocks for medium length and intensity. The armbinder would zip up 5 minutes after I was locked to the walker and the walker would start 3 minutes after that. It would walk me for one hour.

After the hour I would be automatically disconnect from the walker and the vibration in my pussy would increase. I would then have to walk to the barn and step on a foot pedal then the computer would unzip the armbinder and start the butt plug shocking me at a higher intensity. I would have to then get out of the armbinder and either remove the panties or enter my 16 digit ID code to stop the shocks.

With the computer set-up it was time for the real fun to start. I walked out of the barn to the fence and picked up my panties. They were the only non-leather item I was going to wear. They were a shiny black latex thong type, but what I really liked about them was the built in vibrator for my pussy and butt plug for my ass. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up my legs. Since my pussy was already dripping wet I rubbed the butt plug all over my pussy lips until it was good and lubed up then I shove it into place. That was not an easy task because my corset prevented me from bending but I finally got the plug seated deeply into my ass. The vibrator slid easily into its place inside my pussy. I then pulled the panties the rest of the way up. That added a little bit more pressure pushing the vibrator slightly deep but making it feel that much better.

The armbinder and auto-zipper were next. The armbinder was a shiny black leather mono-glove. I positioned the straps so they went over my breasts, crossed the other strap, went over the shoulder and connected to the top of the armbinder. I had done this before so I knew how tight to make the straps to make it tuff to get out of even once the zipper was released. Next I connected the auto zipper to the D ring on the back on my collar and the other end to the zipper of the opened armbinder. The auto zipper, when activated would pull the zipper of the armbinder up until the armbinder was fully zipped. It would hold the zipper until the computer gave the command to release it or 6 hours had gone by. Then it would release the zipper and with some struggling the zipper would open and I would be able to get out of the armbinder.

Looking around and listening one last time, I heard nothing unusual so I knew it was time to finish this. I took as deep a breath as I could then I connected the lead from the walker to the D ring on the front of the collar. I reached behind my back and worked my arms into the armbinder. Palm to palm my arms slid all the way down to the bottom of the soft leather mono-glove. I didn’t have to wait long before the auto-zipper started its thing. As the zipper raised my arms they were forced closer together. The soft leather was able to slide over my skin which helped me keep up with the device. My forearms and elbows were squeezed until they touched firmly together. By the time the zipper was all the way up I could not separate my arms at all.

I had done it! I was outside wearing shiny black, my breasts wear hanging out, my arms were in an armbinder behind my back, I was gagged, hooked to a livestock walking machine and both holes in my crotch were stuffed. After what seemed like forever the walker started to move. The center pole rotated the pole sticking out from it. My collar was attached to that part. I started walking right away because if my lead gets pulled tightly against the pole the computer will tell the butt plug to shock my ass. After a few steps the vibrator in my pussy started to work its magic. The intensity was set so it would slowly, frustrating slowly, work me up to an orgasm. After a couple circles I decided to test the butt plug so I slowed down and let the lead get pulled tightly. When the lead pulled me forward my ass got hit by a shock. The shock was more intense than I expected and it hurt. I jumped a little, yelped into the gag and sped up.

A few minutes after the shock the vibrator intensity greatly increased. In addition to the increase in intensity it started to wiggle inside me. The intensity didn’t lessen before I had my first orgasm. The orgasm rolled over me and the pleasure was awesome. The orgasm subsided and I had manage to keep walking fast enough to not get shocked however the vibrator kept up the high intensity. I walked 4 or 5 or circles and was right on the verge on another orgasm when the intensity of the vibrations were reduced. I groaned in frustration as I started to cool off a little.

I relaxed and got into a zone as my next orgasm continued to build. I looked around and realized that the moon had risen and it was one of those beautiful bright ones. I spent several more revolutions before the vibrator brought me to my second orgasm. This one was not as intense as the first but it even more pleasurable because of its duration. This one seemed to go on and on; and it receded just before it started to get overpowering. I recovered just in time to speed up my walk because my walker lead was just about pulled tightly.

After several more revolutions I wanted to stop. My feet were getting sore and I was getting tired. I knew I had no choice but to continue. I did thank myself for not setting the timer for 90 minutes like I first had considered. I thought I heard something in the barn however there was nothing I could do to check it out. I also forgot to pay attention because the vibrator increased its intensity again. This time it was stronger than the last and in less than 3 circles I was cumming again. This orgasm was the most intense yet. I felt my whole body twitch and wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. Just when I thought I was done for my ass got shocked by the butt plug. The pain and the vibrations started my orgasm over again. I was all but dragged by the walker when I was able to think straight again. I receive 2 more shocks from my butt plug before I caught up to the walker and the shocks stopped. That last round had really worked me over. I REALLY wanted off the walker and out of the bondage but my time was not up.

I spent 5 more circles before I saw Charlie, the range manager, come walking out of the barn. He watched me for a few minutes then he said, “Hello Anna. You look like you have been working hard. I will take you off the walker but you have to follow me. I have something I want to show you. Nod if you agree or shake your head and I will let you finish up here and talk to you later.”

I nodded then he reached up and unhooked my lead from the walker. He then gentle pulled the lead and guided me around the side of the bar heading towards the working part of the ranch. I pulled some because I could see that there were still people in the small not used barn we were heading to. I yelped into my gag as my ass was shocked by my butt plug.

“I took the remote for your plug,” Charlie said. He however stopped and looked at me. “I heard some strange noises coming from your place so I walked over to check it out. When I saw what you were doing I went into the barn and after looking at your computer I knew what happened. I have been trying to figure out a way to bring up a business proposal to you and finding you like this made it easy and the timing is perfect.” He then pulled on my lead and we started walking. I was almost to the building when the vibrator pushed me over the edge and I cam again. The orgasm was not long but it was enough to get breathing heavily.

Charlie was looking at me when I recovered, “God you are a beautiful woman.”

He then started walking into the barn. I had only been inside the building a few times and it had been years ago. The inside looked like any other horse stabling barn except for the fact that it was designed to stable ponies, specifically human pony girls. The stalls were smaller, the feeders were in different positions, all the tack looked different but the biggest give away was the pony girl being led out of a stall by Rick, another employee.

The pony girl was wearing a harness that wrapped around her neck, waist, above and below her breast. There was a strap that connected all the straps running down in between her breasts, through her crotch and up her back connecting to the collar part of the harness. Her legs were encased in a black boot that went to her thighs. The feet ended in hooves and force her to stand with only her toes supporting her weight. Not quite ballet boot but more like 7 inch heels. Her arms were in an armbinder like mine but her forearms were not touching like mine. Her head had a harness wrapped around it, the harness had blinders so she could only see straight ahead and a bit gag. Attached to the harness were leads on either side. I could tell the harness would work just like on horses and control her by her head.

Just as Rick looked up at me I jumped as the vibrator in my pussy turned up the intensity to its max. I groaned slightly and Charlie just snickered. I was led over to Rick and his pony then Charlie said, “Rick look who I found playing all by herself. She was secured to the walker in front of her barn.”

Rick circled me twice and then said, “Anna, I must say the clothes you wear when you work here do not do you justice.”

Right as he said that the vibrator forced me to cum again. This time I just collapsed as the powerful orgasm took all my strength. The pleasure was intense and steady. I struggled to make it stop but restrained like I was there was nothing I could do but writhe in ecstasy. When the orgasm finally subsided I realized I was leaning against Charlie who had caught me. The vibrators intensity had gone back to the normal setting so I was able to find my footing again.

“She has a vibrator inside her that is constantly on but occasionally the intensity increases,” Charlie said answering Rick’s unspoken question. “I figured since I had her as a ‘captive audience’ I would being up our proposal.”

“Good idea. Well good luck Charlie and it was VERY nice seeing you Anne,” Rick said. He then led the pony girl out.

Charlie gave me tour of the building and then took me outside the back of the barn. There was a complete setup for training, exercising and caring for pony girls. He explained that my grandfather told him he could use this part of the ranch like he wanted as a bonus for doing a good job. What Charlie wanted to do was buy the land right past the current property line, enlarge the pony girl operation and make it public but discrete. He pointed out that there was enough natural cover so that the normal ranch operation would not be affected and even not know about the pony girl ranch.

Just as he finished his tour I was force to cum again. This one was not very intense but it stopped me in my track and almost sent me to the floor. “It looks like you are about done for,” Charlie said. “I will take you back.” True to his word he led me back to my walker but to my horror he hooked my lead back to the walker. He went into the barn only to return a few minutes later. “There you go. I put a CD next to the computer that has all the information about the project I told you about. I also resumed the timer so you only have about 10 minutes before you are released,” he then walked away leaving me to my fate.

I was relieved when, after several circles, the lead was released from the walker. My relief was short lived however when the vibrator inside me started to vibrate at its max setting. Since I was already close I was sent rocketing to another massive orgasm. This one sent me to the ground in a mass of orgasmic flesh. After a long time the orgasm stopped but I felt another one fast approaching. I forced myself to my feet and made it inside the barn only to collapse within literally inches of the foot pedal. This time when one orgasm stopped another on started before I could recover.

I don’t know how much time I spend laying there cumming my brains out but the orgasms were quickly turning painful and were losing their fun so I forced myself to roll over and press the foot pedal. The vibrator finally stopped and I took my first steady breath. My second breath was interrupt as my ass was shocked by the plug. The intensity and surprise of the shock caused me to yelp into my gag and flinch. The next shock was just as intense and hurt just as bad. Again I yelled and struggled mindlessly. The third shock brought me to my senses. I noticed the auto-zipper had unwound so I started to work the zipper.

After 8 more shocks my ass felt like it was on fire but I managed to get my arms free from the armbinder. I immediately removed my panties and collapsed on the floor. I knew I fell asleep because I woke up covered in a blanket and Charlie was sitting in a chair sleeping.

He woke up when I start to move. He got up, helped me to the chair and sat me down. As I removed the collar and started to unlace the hood he told me he had stuck around to make sure I was ok. When I got the hood off and the gag out I thanked him.

He helped me up and walked me to my house, handed me the CD he mentioned and walked way. He stopped after a few steps looked over his shoulder and said, “I meant what I said. You really are a beautiful woman.” Then he walked away leaving exhausted and with a lot to think about.

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