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A Walk in the Rain

by Sammy4187

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© Copyright 2008 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission

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My name is Samantha and I’m in my early 30’s, and have long straight blond hair.

I’m single, I’m attractive, slim, a little on the tall side, and I love self-bondage.

I am well to do and I am widely known in the broadcast business.

Now, on with my story.

I had the next three days off and was returning from an errand to the hardware store when I decided to take the long way home just for the fun of it. The weather was great and I was enjoying the ride home. As I drove along I noticed a Salvation Army store was open.

My friend at work had told me about this store and some of the great buys you could find and at the same time help the charity. It’s one of those places that you have to stop in on occasion because things are always changing.

I pulled in, and noticed there were only two other cars in the lot; one of them had its trunk open. For a moment I thought the store might not be open yet. As I walked to the door I could see an older woman moving racks of clothing around. I entered and she greeted me with a smile.

Have you ever had a day where things just come together for you, well this was my day. I walked around looking at the different racks of clothes and used household items. So far I hadn’t seen anything of interest. I looked up and the woman was bringing in another rack of clothing. It looked like women’s coats and jackets.

I started to look at the items on this new rack when my eye spotted a black shiny coat. Having a kinky nature I went straight for it. It was a black vinyl raincoat with a hood. Taking it off the rack it looked in perfect condition. I took my jacket off and tried the raincoat on. It fit me like a glove and I thought it might be fun for my private bondage games. The coat was short; it only came to the middle of my thighs. When I placed my hands into the pockets they had an opening so you could reach into your slacks pockets without opening the coat in the rain.

I folded it over my arm and started to look for more hidden treasures. Two guys came in and the lady started to tell them where to place the new clothing and boxes they were donating to the store.

I went to the pile and noticed shoeboxes, ding, ding the bell went off in my head. You know how women love shoes.

Most of the stuff had little appeal except for the next to the last box. When I opened it, it contained black vinyl boots. They were knee high and had a thick sole at least 3 inches high, and the heel must have been three inches higher, they must have been from the same donation; they matched the coat perfectly. I checked the soles of the shoes and there was no sign of ware. I guess someone bought them and thought it was a good idea at the time and then never had the nerve to wear them.

It suddenly struck me it was getting late and I’d better get moving. I brought my finds to the counter and the lady came over. She started to look for the price tag on the boots but since they had just come in they had none.

She didn’t want to sell them till they were tagged but I made her a fair price and she closed the deal.

I pulled from the lot and headed home. The radio was on and the weather report had just started. I was surprised to hear they were calling for two days of slow steady rain.

I thought to my self “good thing I just bought a raincoat”.

As I drove along, I thought about what self-bondage game I might play tonight since I had a long weekend ahead of me.

Slowly I started to put the pieces together for my most daring self-bondage adventure.

After I had eaten and showered I settled down at the computer and wrote down the details of my adventure to workout the details.

When I woke on Saturday, the rain was coming down in a very steady flow. The weatherman got it right this time I thought to myself.

I quickly got up and picked up the phone to call the local cab company and asked to be picked up at 8am sharp on the corner of my street. I didn’t want the driver to know which house I came out of.

I went to the kitchen and made coffee and cereal, I was kind of hungry when I got up and I always need my coffee to get me going in the morning.

As it turned out I would regret this little decision later.

I showered and did my makeup. I next got my short black wig from the closet and put it on. I really love this wig, it changed my looks to a point where people I know don’t recognize me. I wore it to a Halloween party one year and people I knew didn’t recognize me.

I went to the dresser and found a new pair of black thigh high stockings, the type with the wide lacey tops, don’t you just love those! I love stocking for the way they look and feel. Standing in front of my full-length mirror, I admired the sexy women in the mirror.

I went to the closet and opened my suitcase; this is where I keep all my bondage toys. I have everything a girl who likes self-bondage could want. I went straight for the black velvet bag. It holds my pride and joy, a real chastity belt. Not one of those made of cheap leather; this was custom made for me and was made of metal and really locks onto me. I know, one time I thought I had lost the key and no matter what I did I could not remove it. I was just about to call the fire department in desperation, when I found the key on the floor in the hall. From then on, I always make sure I know where the keys are before I start my games.

My belt has two locks, one at the waist and one for the extra shield in front.

I placed the belt around my waist; and brought the front shield into place. I just love the sound of the lock snapping close. I don’t know about you but after the lock closes I always try to get the belt off, but of course, I can never get it off. My belt has “ D “ rings on both sides and on the back. I bought several pairs of handcuffs and I cut the center link of one of them. I then used locks to attach one cuff to each side of the belt. I have had, some real fun with this setup, believe me.

Time was getting short; I grabbed the keys for the belt, cuffs and locks and brought them into the back bedroom and placed them in the corner of the room. This is the farthest point in the house if I come in the front door. I wanted to make sure I knew where they were before I started my adventure.

I went back to my bedroom and checked my makeup; on a whim I applied the brightest red lipstick I have, in a heavy fashion.

I put on my new boots and slipped into my new short raincoat. Remember, other than the chastity belt and stockings, I had nothing else on.

I will have nothing with me except a twenty-dollar bill for a cab ride. No keys, no form of identification, nothing. I can’t imagine what would happen if I got caught, the word would spread through this town like wild fire. But you know this is part of the thrill of self-bondage, the chance of getting caught.

It was time to go.

I walked into the back bedroom and checked to make sure the keys were in the far corner of the room. This makes them a little harder to get.

I carefully walked down stairs and went to the kitchen to get my spare house key I keep hidden on the shelf. I checked the backdoor and windows as I went from room to room to make sure they were all locked.

Looking at the clock, I closed my raincoat and pulled up the hood and stepped onto the porch. The neighborhood was quiet; everyone must be sleeping in on the rainy day.

Looking around I bent down and placed the handcuff key between the flowerpot and the dish under it. The pot is kept on the front porch near the steps. As I bent over it struck me I’d better be careful with this short jacket or someone will get a real treat. I then took my house key and placed it in the light fixture on the wall by the door. The fixture is high enough that I will have to reach up to retrieve the key to open the door. If I don’t free my hands from the cuffs I will be stuck on the porch. I checked the front door to make sure it was locked.

As I walked to the corner to meet the cab I was glad there was no one out. I must really stand out.

The cab came in just a minute or two, and the driver hardly gave me a look.

I told him to take me to the park in town. The drive didn’t take to long because no one was out yet. Except a crazy women playing self-bondage games.

The rain was coming down nicely; no one would be out in this unless they had to. I started to think about telling the driver and take me back to where he picked me up. But I started to get that feeling in my stomach, you know the one right before you push the last lock closed.

Suddenly we were there, should I get out or should I just go home while I still could?

I grabbed the twenty and handed it to the driver, I told him to keep the change as I stepped out of the cab. I could hear the rain hitting the coat; and I headed to my starting point, the flagpole in the center of the park.

I turned and watched the cab pull away, had I made a mistake? Have I bitten off more than I could chew? It was all-academic now, the cab was gone and all I could do is stand there in the rain and watch it go.

I turned and headed towards the flagpole, it was a good 100 yards into the park.

The rain started to pick up a little and so did the wind, I thought the storm was going to be a little worse than they had said.

I reached the pole and now it was time to really start my adventure. I took inventory of my situation. I was naked under my coat, I looked like a hooker, I was locked in a chastity belt, the keys were at least two miles away, and I had no money or identification.

So let’s get started!

I reached into the pocket of the raincoat and passed my hand thru the opening to grab the left handcuff. I opened it trying not to attract attention to myself.

I placed my left hand into the left cuff and pushed the cuff closed with my right hand till it was snug.

I started to feel the excitement build in me. I was temped to do myself right there in the park while I had one hand free.

Quickly I did my right hand, leaning on the pole to close the other cuff. I was now truly trapped by my own doing. A sudden rush came over me and I almost came right there. I shook it off and started my walk in the rain.

Walking in these boots was a little tricky because you’re higher up and your mind is not use to it. It suddenly struck me, I better not fall, I don’t know if I could get up with my hands cuffed to my sides with these boots on. I would be so embarrassed if I had to call for help or wait for someone to help me. How could I explain why I could not use my hands?

I reached the edge of the park and was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, when I realized I had been walking in the wrong direction. Was that a blond moment or what!

I turned and started home, the right way this time.

Suddenly it hit me I’d be walking through the shopping district for at least three blocks, I might meet someone who knows me!

I kept my cool, which wasn’t that hard with the short coat I was wearing. I could feel the breeze on my legs and butt. I could feel beads of rain running down my legs.

It seemed like the town just didn’t want to get up. I walked along and only one or two people passed and they didn’t give me a glance. The rain was coming down slow and steady.

I stopped and looked in the windows of the stores as I went. I liked the reflection in the window; I looked every bit the mysterious women.

I passed the hardware store I was in the other day and looked in the window; this store was on the edge of the business district. I would be entering the residential area for the rest of my trip home.

As I stood there looking in the window I suddenly had the feeling I was being watched. I could just imagine some drooling red neck standing behind me. Due to the angle of the sun coming up I could not see any reflection in the glass. I was starting to get scared; I was in no position to defend myself. What’s a girl to do!

Suddenly, I felt something cold touch the crack of my ass; I gave out a really good yelp from the unexpected shock. I spun around ready to give him a good kick where it would hurt.

Standing there was a big; wet German Shepherd waging his tail at me.

“Where did you come from?”

I looked up and down the block searching for the dog’s owner. Suddenly he stuck his nose right in my business, if you know what I mean! Good thing I had my belt on, because I would have probably jumped thru the plate glass window.

I let out an even louder squeal; I bent over and tried to push him away, but with my hands cuffed so high on my waist all I could do is start backing away from the dog.

Bad mistake, when I bent over, my coat came up in the back and my ass came in contact with the stores very cold plate glass window!

I literally jumped and the dog thought I was playing with him. He started to jump up and bark. I had to get out of here; he was drawing too much attention.

I started to walk away but he just kept running around me and barking to play with him.

This kept up for about a block when I heard a whistle in the distance. The dog looked in the direction of the whistle and sped off.

I was really glad that was over, I never envisioned anything like that happening to me during my little game. I started my walk again and I noticed that people were starting to stir. The traffic was very light but it had picked up. I could see lights coming on in houses, and people were coming out and picking up their newspapers.

I figured I was about a mile from home.

You know that first little feeling; you have to go to the bathroom!

I picked up the pace heading for home. Why is it when your in a situation where you can't go, it makes it all the worse.

I walked and walked until I got to route 202, I forgot about this. It’s a two-lane road but it’s a major route in the area and is heavily traveled. I had to cross 202 to get home. Of course there was a ton of traffic and I had to wait for the light to change.

I got a couple of horn toots as I crossed the major intersection. I was hurrying across the road when I stumbled. Luckily I recovered, but I could have just imagined what a mess I would have caused tying up a major road because I couldn’t get up by myself. I could just see all the people I know watching channel 10 news with a live coverage from their chopper of the strange incident on 202.

I was starting to get desperate; I really had to go, if you know what I mean!

All I had to do is make the next right and then it would be a straight 3-block trip to my house. I was glad because I was starting to walk funny because I had to go so bad.

As I turned the corner I could have cried! You would not believe what greeted me!

About half way down the block I could see two vans being loaded, there had to be 10 boy scouts and their leaders packing up for a camping trip.

What to do, what to do?

Behind the homes was a wooded area; I guess I could cut thru the woods. I backtracked around the corner and checked out the area. No way, it as was too steep and the vegetation was thick. I could see myself falling down and my bones being discovered in the distant future.

I went back and looked around the corner. The two vans and all the kids were gone.

That was it; I headed down the street as fast as I could. The wind was picking up again and several times the front of my coat blew up and there was not much I could do. Luckily it did fall back into place.

Three, two, one. I made it; I made it home without being arrested!

I walked up my driveway, thinking in this case, it was way too long. I have bushes lining the front of the house to give me privacy and to reduce road noise, not that there is that much. I live on a cul-de-sac.

I was very tired and the fact I really had to go was driving me crazy!

The newspaper was lying on the ground and I attempted to get it but all I accomplished was getting my butt wet as I bent over.

I finally reached the porch and the safety of my home. All I had to do now was get the handcuff key.

I reached for the flowerpot and found I could only reach the top of it. I pushed the pot to the edge of the porch so I could sit down and them I’d be able to reach the pot.

Once the pot and dish were in the best position I walked down the steps and sat down.

This was a very bad idea. When my bare bottom hit the cold, wet cement, I lost it. You guessed it, I let loose right there on the porch!

I was so embarrassed and humiliated, but it really felt good!

I had to do something; I used my boot and tipped the plant over so I could see the key. I knelt down but I couldn’t get the key. There was only one was to do this, I pushed the plate out of the puddle and sat down again. I lay down on my side and pushed the end of the coat out of the way as best I could.

I was reaching for the key when I realized I was really putting on a show for anyone looking. Something I didn’t think of was, with my hands under the coat I could not get the key. Slowly I had to work the edge of the coat up to my waist so my hand could reach the key. I knew there was no one there but I still felt self-conscious. I was lying on my side and reaching for the key on the dish. Another problem was I was lying in the puddle I had made, what a mess.

I felt very rude lying there with my leg’s spread and my coat up around my waist. I just started to imagine what I looked like in my mind’s eye and it just got to me. I could feel it building up in side me. I just reached the key with my fingertip when it fell from my grasp. That was it, everything came together and I came right there on the porch.

The rain hitting my legs brought me back to the real world. I was lying on my back with my coat above my hips; my hands were still cuffed to the sides of my chastity belt.

I could see key lying where it fell and again I moved to pick it up. It had bounced off the plate and was lying on the concrete floor. It would be even harder to get it now. I had to lay on my stomach this time to try and get to reach the key.

I was lying in the mess again and I wanted to get in the house to get cleaned up. Finally I was able to just reach the key with my fingertips.

I got it!

I sat up and started to open one of the cuffs but it was harder than normal with the coat getting in the way all the time.

I got it in the hole and it opened. I shook my hand out of the cuff and opened the other cuff. I could now reach the key in the porch light fixture.

I got the key and opened the door. Suddenly it struck me that I was a real mess and I didn’t want to spread the mess through my house.

I looked around and there was nothing I could use to clean myself up with. Wait, it was raining, I could use the rain to wash most of it off.

I removed my coat and stepped out into the rain. I took the wig off and placed it on the porch. I ran my hands through my hair and over my body allowed the rain to rinse me clean. I cleaned the coat and boots also using the rain. It was really nice standing in the warm rain. I placed my boots and wig on the porch to dry.

I stepped onto the porch and brushed most of the water off me. I tried to get my hair to a point where it would not drip too much as I ran thru the house to get a towel.

The door was still open and the key was still in the lock. I open the door and placed the key on the table by the door and locked it.

I headed straight for the bathroom and got a towel. I dried myself and went to the spare room to get the keys and returned to the bathroom where I removed my belt. I took a long hot bath and really relaxed.

After the bath, I cleaned the belt and put it away. I remembered the clothes on the front porch and headed down to get them. When I opened the door all my clothes were piled near the front door and that’s when I noticed the envelope taped the front door.

I brought the clothes to the laundry and left them there. I wanted to find out what was in the envelope.

I opened it and there was a note that only read, “Read the CD”

I placed the disk in my computer and opened it; there were about 50 files all about 250k each.

I double clicked the first file and suddenly a picture appeared on the screen. It was of me, during my adventure, walking down the street in the rain.

They covered the entire trip from start to finish with me standing in the rain wearing my chastity belt cleaning myself.

I was in shock!

I could see my whole life going down the drain!

I looked at the files again and the last one was an mpeg. I clicked on it and a video started.

There was an attractive woman, obviously in her bedroom and she was a bit out of breath.

“Please don’t be frightened, I just thought you might like a copy of your little adventure”

“My name is Kim and we may have something in common”

“Please call me at 215-555-0280”

Well that was about a year ago and maybe I’ll tell you the rest of the story sometime.


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