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A Walk to Remember

by Jayne Does

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© Copyright 2014 - Jayne Does - Used by permission

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Lisa: (L:) I am not sure why I keep doing it. I guess it is because I like being naked outside. And I like the danger and the challenge. And since I already got away with it twice and both times I had mind-fucking orgasms, I figure why stop now? So after the usual careful planning, on this lovely summer afternoon I find myself doing something I truly love - hiking through the remote forest, nude and in inescapable, self-bondage. A little about me - I am 25 and single, 5'4" and rather petite. I have shoulder-length blond hair and light blue eyes. I have an athletic build from my regular distance running, a small round ass, a narrow waist and small B-cup breasts with long, extremely sensitive nipples. I am pretty enough to have regular boyfriends but at this time in my life, I am having more fun playing self-bondage games and hanging out with my friends. Life is too short to be too serious, right? But back to this story.

My long awaited summer vacation day began with a 45 minute drive and an early morning hike on a forested trail for about an hour to my release point to hide my keys. There was only one other car in the parking lot so I didn't think I would be seeing anyone else. It was an easy walk on a beautiful, warm, sunny morning, slightly up hill most of the way with a few steeper up and down sections. I was wearing some very cheap, very short shorts, a tight cut-off t-shirt that just barely covered the bottom of my breasts, sneakers and socks. When I was sure I was alone, which was most of the time on a weekday like this, I pulled the t-shirt up over my tits so I could feel the breeze on my hard nipples - so nice! I can never resist pinching them both and pulling them away from my chest till I lose my grip. Ouch!

To keep the first part of my trip from getting boring I had put my ben-wah balls in my pussy before I got out of the car and held them in place with a knotted crotch rope tied to a waist rope. If you have never tried hiking with these balls in you gotta try it! The gentle vibrations teased me every time I took a step. Needless to say I got soaking wet fast and was super horny the whole time. I finally made it to my release point - a thicket of tall pine trees just off the path with a small rock outcropping in the middle. Here I hid two keys (wrist cuffs and back pack) and a small pack with a bottle of water and an energy bar.

After a brief rest, I headed back down the trail toward my car. I made one brief stop to rest on a rock in the sun overlooking a deep valley with mountains in the distance. And I couldn’t resist slipping off my shorts, shoes and top and lying flat out on the rock in the sun completely naked and stretching like a cat after a nap. When my hand inevitably wandered to my pussy bisected by the rope holding in my ben-wah balls, I definitely wanted to take the rope off and rub my clit right there in the sun. But I snapped back to reality and reminded myself that patience is a virtue and the greater the tease, the better the eventual release. So I reluctantly got dressed and hurried back to my car and my lunch before the real fun began.

Refreshed, I grabbed my backpack full of gear and car keys, locked the car with some of my important keys inside and headed back up the trail a few hundred yards to a secluded spot. ThereI stripped except for my trail shoes and socks and used a scissors to reduce my cheap shorts and t-shirt to a small pile of useless fabric squares. Then I locked my leather ankle cuffs in place and connected them with a 12 inch hobble chain. To add a little excitement I look some red lip stick and wrote “Fuck Me” on my stomach (which took a little practice in a mirror at home to write it backwards)!

Then I locked on my panel gag, added some clover clamps to my nipples with a chain through the D ring on the front of my collar and then locked on the collar. From a D ring on the back of the collar a short chain hung down to where my wrist cuffs were locked. Before I secured my hands I removed the waist and pussy ropes and ben-wah balls and inserted a lubed anal plug and a pussy dildo, both held in place by a leather waist belt and a strap between my legs to a front clasp. I put my extra items and car keys in my back pack and locked and hid it in some nearby brush. When my wrist cuffs clicked closed behind my back my self-bondage was complete. I would need to get to my keys to release my wrists and then I would need to get back to my locked backpack and then my car to keys to unlock my ankle cuffs, gag and collar.

So there I was, naked and tied in the woods again. The collar did not allow me to look down very well and the ankle hobble prevented me from walking faster than a shuffle. The nipple chain pulled my nipples up and lifted my breast slightly so that each step caused a gentle tug of pleasure. As I headed up the hill the two dildos shifted slightly inside and felt fantastic. On a beautiful sunny day like today there was really only one thing that could mess up my plans - being discovered. But that was part of the adventure wasn't it? I could always shuffle off the trail and hide in the bushes couldn't I?

Brady: (B:) I had been hiking solo for several days. This meant I had a full pack of gear including clothes, tent, stove, sleeping bag, water, the last of my food and emergency gear. Today I would be getting back to my car to reload on food and water before heading south for another week or so. I am of average height with brown hair and brown eyes. I am slim but I have good muscle tone from backpacking and regular visits to the gym. At 22 I am still figuring out what to do next with my life after college, but for now, spending as much time outside as possible, particularly in the summer, was all I really wanted to do. I currently had an on-again, off-again relationship with a girl who enjoyed crazy sex and we had good times together. But sleeping in a tent in the woods was not her idea of a good time. So I just enjoyed my time alone in the woods and I wondered if I would every find someone who liked the outdoors as much as I did.

I prided myself on hiking quietly. The sounds of the birds and the wind and the animals were hard to hear unless you were careful not to make a lot of noise. I liked to pretend that I was a Native American who could walk through the woods without making a sound and sneak up on his prey before killing it for dinner. So it wasn't unusual for me to be walking softly and listening intently when I came to the top of a hill and cursed under my breath when I stepped on a loose twig with a loud snap. There goes my dinner, I thought.

L: I didn't hear anything unusual until I heard a snapping sound and froze. Could it be an animal? I listened intently but heard nothing else. I looked around franticly and when I looked up to the top of the hill in the distance in front of me, I saw something – another hiker! I desperately looked around for a place to hide. There were thin trees to my left that wouldn't hide me at all so I shuffled to my right into some ferns and undergrowth that might be enough to conceal me if I was lucky. Sliding behind a small bush I managed to fall forward to my knees but the impact of the fall caused me to roll onto my side. I pulled myself into a ball and tried to blend in while I held my breath and listened to my wildly beating heart. Then I heard the footsteps. The other hiker was coming down the trail from the top of the hill. He would pass within about 10 feet of me and I was sure he would hear my heart beating and my strained breathing around the tight gag. I tried to breathe slowly through my nose and prayed he would pass by.

B: After cursing my broken silence and the loss of my imaginary dinner, I paused at the top of the hill for a moment. Much to my surprise I heard some rustling of leaves and saw some movement at the bottom of the hill off to my left of the trail. And I thought for a second I saw a naked girl. "Wow, it really must be wishful thinking for me to conjure a naked girl in the woods" I laughed quietly to myself as I came down the hill. But when I got closer to where I thought I saw something, I noticed the undergrowth had been disturbed recently and it looked like at least one small footprint in the soft earth. So I quietly stepped off the path and followed the markings until I stopped abruptly. "I guess I'm not imaging things after all" I said aloud. There, lying in the grass was a naked girl, and, she was all tied up!

"Are you OK?" I asked as I peered down at her full of concern that I had found someone who had been kidnapped or worse. She nodded her head so I relaxed slightly, took off my pack and leaned it against the tree. I reached down and gently lifted the young lady by the elbow and helped her to a sitting position. She had leaves in her hair and dirt on her cheek and knees but otherwise looked unhurt. My initial look of concern turned to a wry smile as I looked at her tight bondage and the bright red "Fuck Me" written on her stomach. She fidgeted under my gaze and my thoughts began to race as I assessed the situation. "Did you do this to yourself" I asked her?

She nodded slowly and mumbled something through her gag I couldn't understand. I inspected her bonds and found the locks on her collar and wrist cuffs as well as on her ankle chain. And I must admit to being a little disappointed that her gag was locked as well. "Well, I guess it must be my lucky day. A beautiful girl bound and gagged in the woods with me. Pinch me, I must be dreaming." I laughed as she wriggled in obvious embarrassment. "Since you are so effectively gagged, I guess I will have to guess what you are doing here, but that shouldn't be too hard".

I reached out and gently touched the underside of her right breast and she shrank back in an attempt to avoid my touch. "Come here sweetheart" I said as I put a finger through the D ring on her collar and pulled her toward me. "You are a beautiful girl" I said. "Do you really want to get fucked?" She vigorously shook her head "no". "We'll see" I said with a smile before I took her by the arm and helped her to stand and then guided her to walk ahead of me farther off the path into the forest.

After 100 feet of stumbling I finally had her out of sight of the trail and I helped her sit down with her back against a large tree. "We will have to improvise for a moment" I said as I took off my belt and used it to encircle her waist and pull it back toward the tree with the buckle in the front. "That should hold you for a few minutes" I said as I set off to retrieve my pack. When I returned a few minutes later she was feebly struggling but had already realized that she wasn't going anywhere soon. Even if she got the belt loose, she couldn't walk fast enough to escape. Instead, she looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Don't worry" I said, "I am not going to hurt you, we are just going to have a little fun. So sit back, relax, and you might even enjoy yourself!"

With that, I pulled out a length of rope and began to secure her more effectively to the tree. I wrapped several coils around the tree and her waist. Then, to keep her arms out of the way I adjusted the d-clamp connecting her wrists to her collar and shortened the chain so her wrist were lifted from near her waist up to the middle of her back. Then I took the remaining rope and, stretching her legs out straight, pulled the knees apart toward small trees until her legs were spread wide at the knees with her ankles apart as far as the hobble chain would allow.

"Now that you are definitely not going anywhere let's see if we can get you to change your mind about getting fucked". I knelt between her legs and gave her a big kiss on her gag. "Let's start with helping you get these things off" I said as I reached down and strummed the chain connecting her nipple clamps. She moaned softly which I took to be a good sign. "Here is something I have always wanted to try, and I bet you have too but were too scared."

I grabbed the chain above each clover clamp and slowly stared to lift up. "I know these little darlings bite down more and more the harder you pull, but I bet, at some point, they will have to pull off, don't you?"

She squealed into her gag as I lifted the chains higher and she strained as hard as she could upwards with her chest to keep the pressure from growing. But I was relentless and inch by inch, I lifted higher and the pressure just kept increasing. And then, I suddenly stopped and released the chain and she sagged back against the tree. "Wasn't that fun?" I said and she moaned while she shook her head slowly. “Now that you are warmed up, are you ready to get these little devils off your cute nipples?” She still shook her head no. "Well, maybe I can take your mind off things a bit" I said and I unbuckled the crotch strap and laid it on the ground, discovering the two dildos it held in place. "My, you are stuffed aren't you" I said. "But I think I will leave both of these in their place. I am sure sitting on them will be a different feeling than walking". Then I licked my thumb and started making small circles around her clit.

L: What have I gotten myself into, I thought. This was definitely not in the plan, but for some reason, the excitement of getting caught, not knowing what was coming next and honestly, not really feeling in danger for my life, doubled my excitement and horniness. I couldn’t help but moan when his fingers touched only the top of my sensitive clit and I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the coming clamp tugging - his fingers felt so good. When I started grinding my hips from side to side to get his thumb in just the right spot he smiled and then began to lift the nipple chains again. This time his pull was slow but steady until my nipples were stretch tight from my arched chest and I was breathing faster and faster as his thumb rubbed my clit faster and faster.

"Now when you are ready, I want you to count backwards slowly from 10 and when you get to zero, I want to you pull down hard with all your weight, yank off these clamps and cum. Do you understand me?" he asked. I opened my eyes and looked at him nodding "yes" and through my ragged breathing I began to count. 10, 9, and 8 I said slowly, pacing my timing to my building orgasm. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. By now I was panting and rubbing my hips and straining as he lifted the clamp chain even higher. 2, "OK, almost there, you know what to do", 1, "Zero"! I screamed and thrust my weight down and in the 6 or so inches I was able to move, both clamps snapped off. And I kept screaming as the pain and pleasure washed over me in waves and I had a massive orgasm just from his thumb on the tip of my clit.

I must have passed out because I remember opening my eyes and wondering where I was. I was not too uncomfortable, resting my back against a tree in the forest with bright patches of light shining here and there on the forest floor and the sounds of birds in the trees. The afterglow of a powerful orgasm has a way of making everything in the world feel right, and that was the way I felt right now. Except that I was alone. Only when I involuntarily flexed my leg muscles and discovered that my legs were tied did I come back to reality! And then I noticed the ache in my nipples as the blood slowly returned to them. It didn't take long for my body to confirm what my mind already knew, that the rest of me was still tied too. "So I guess I do have a reason to be concerned about being alone" I thought. But before I could summon the strength to let my concern grow, he was back.

B: I came back up from the trail and stopped in front of her. "Just checking for surprise visitors. I was pretty sure they could hear you in the next county, even with your gag" I said, smiling. "But the day is young" he said, "and we still haven't figured out if you really want what is written on your body? So, do you want me to fuck you yet" I asked?

L: I couldn't decide how to respond. My mind resisted the idea of being fucked by a total stranger but my body betrayed me and I was so turned on by the entire experience it seemed like the natural course of events. But I still slowly shook my head "no" while pleading with him with my eyes that I really didn't mean it!

"OK, have it your way" he said, "but I will only ask one more time. You just stay right there and let's see if I can be a bit more persuasive".

I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that but I didn't have much choice did I? He untied my legs. Then, with one strong right arm around my waist he lifted me about 6 inches off the ground. Then, with his left arm he pulled my already loosened waist belt between my legs freeing both dildos. But he only removed the pussy dildo. "I think you probably still want this one in your ass" he said despite my moans of protest.

It sure would feel good to have the intruder removed from my ass. And when he lowered me back to the ground and my full weight buried the dildo in my ass again it felt like it doubled in size! But I was quickly distracted by his soft kisses and gentle tongue slowly working circles around my right breast. My nipples ached from the abuse of the clamps but they were still rock hard and as he took his time caressing both of my small breast he avoided my nipples - the things I most wanted to be nibbled back into feeling. But no matter how I arched my back within the confines of my bindings, I couldn't get one into his mouth! Not until he was ready that is.

After what seemed like hours he finally looked at me and laughed at my squirming and then began to slowly lick the tops of each nipple alternately. Very soft, very wet, very little contact. The man was driving me crazy! Just licks, no teeth, no sucking, nothing to drive the electric spark from my tits directly to my hot, wet pussy. But it did make it hotter and wetter, unlike anything I had ever felt. And then suddenly he stopped and looked in my eyes. "OK sweetheart, let's see if you like me licking something else."

And with that he left a trail of saliva from then top of my cleavage, across my flat tummy, down across my shaven mound and ending on the very tip of my engorged clit. The next few minutes or hours passed by in a passion shrouded haze. He licked and nibbled and teased my pussy and clit right to the edge of another orgasm only to stop and return to lightly licking my breasts. After the 3rd time of stopping just as I needed to come I yelled obscenities into my gag and glared at him, or begged him with my eyes, or both. He chuckled at my predicament and gave my nipples a quick pinch and said "Are you ready to get fucked now?" I nodded vigorously and would have replied "hell yes" if not for the gag that still held me speechless.

B: I had to reposition her to have a hope of getting my hard cock inside. I took off my pants, shorts and shirt and noticed the approval in her eyes as she saw my hard body and cock. It is not a monster but it is not small either and I have never had any complaints about how I use it. I untied her knees and let her pull her legs together for a minute while I rummaged through my pack and found a blanket. After freeing her waist from the tree I helped her roll over on to the blanket before positioning her on her knees with her head forward on the blanket. She did not resist or try to get free. Then I unhooked her wrists from her collar chain and tied a rope from her cuffs up to a tree limb above the blanket lifting her arms to a 45 degree angle with the ground in a no too strenuous strappedo.

Since she still had the butt plug in I decided to remove it and giver the choice. Slowly I removed the intruder until it popped out leaving her butt hole enlarged and inviting. "So would you rather get fucked in the pussy or the ass?" I asked, as if she really had a choice! Her moaned response was unintelligible through her gag. "Well, I'll just surprise you" I whispered in her ear. I moved in front of her so she could see me roll the latex condom onto my cock before taking my position behind her and rubbing against the entrance to her drenched slit. "Let's try this one first" I said. Despite her position leaning forward she still did her best to push back against my cock to force me inside, but I didn't make it easy for her! No matter how she pushed I still managed to keep just the head of my cock in her pussy until she was twisting, moaning and breathing heavy. Finally I relented and I slowly inched my way inside until I was completely buried where I remained motionless.

L: When he finally slowly slid all the way in my dripping cunt my moaning was as long and slow as his stroke, ending in a gasping, grasping squeeze on that cock that I never wanted to leave me. My arms strained to hold me to the sky above but the rest of me was impaled on the earth, on a hard cock the filled me completely. And then he started to stroke in and out, slowly at first but becoming quicker. Since my clit was so sensitive I could easily feel it being pulled back and forth each time he came in and out. And as his pace increased, I felt another orgasm building - something that had never happened to me just from just being fucked. Usually I required some direct stimulation of my clit but somehow this time it didn't matter.

All the vibrations, all the sensation all the fantasies being fulfilled all came together to raise my arousal to new heights and I knew I couldn't stop from cumming even if I wanted to. Faster, harder he thrust as he grasped my waist and fucked me like a wild animal in a forest, which we kinda were! And before I knew it I was cumming and screaming into my gag again and that voice in my head kept saying "OMFG" over and over and over until all that was left of me was a semi-conscious body suspended on my arms getting pounded by a hard cock. Brady must have sensed my orgasm as he slowed and then stopped his rhythm.

And then, even though I thought I couldn't feel anything more because of the radiating sensations through my body, I felt something new - a sensation I had never felt before. Through my orgasmic haze I could feel him rubbing the head of his cock on my tender ass hole, which was still enlarged from the butt plug. And while I knew his head would fit easily through the opening, I tensed my muscles in fear, not knowing how this would feel. Despite my enjoyment of my anal intruder and even a vibrating anal plug, I had never been fucked in the ass, and I wasn't sure I would like it. Fortunately, I was fully stretched and his cock was only slightly bigger than my butt plug. But the new sensations dragged me back to reality and I once again was pulled into a place of new and mostly pleasurable sensations.

With plenty of lube still present from my plug Brady's hard cock inched its way into my ass. My breathing became more rapid as I was completely filled but I was still anxious. My concerns vanished as he began to slowly thrust in and out. It felt different, something I could probably get used to and enjoy, but I still wasn't sure. And I think he must have suspected my feelings based on my response. So he moved one hand to my breasts and one hand to my clit and slowly massaged both areas while he stroked. And while I still wasn't sure how I felt, gentle fingers in all the right places worked their magic and my passion started to build again. As my body betrayed my wonton arousal I slowly built toward my 3rd climax in the last hour. And so, with the birds chirping overhead and my arms still pulled up to the sky, I began to rock back onto his cock and hands and build and build to another massive orgasm. And when I came, it was a body shaking total release punctuated by my wild moans, thrashing and sobs of pleasure.

He stopped fucking me and slowly lowered my arms and the rest of me on to my side on the blanket with the blue sky and green leaves and dappled sunshine surrounding me. I closed my eyes and would have passed out in the sleep of the dead had Brady not touched my cheek and said, "Just one more present before you nod off." I half-opened by eyes and saw that he was kneeling over me stoking his hard cock with the condom removed. Faster and faster and I closed my eyes just before he groaned in passion and squirted his enormous load of hot, sticky cum all over my face, chest and hair. "Just a little something to remember me by" he said. I remember thinking, "Why do guys get off on cumming on girls faces" as the warm spunk trickled down my cheek. But the hot load added to my captured state and somehow it felt right. Then I really did pass out.

B: Lisa was incredibly gorgeous lying there, even covered with my cum. I could tell by her breathing that she would be out for a while so after getting dressed and packing up my stuff I decided to repackage her with a few surprises as she finished her trip. I carefully inserted both her pussy and butt dildos and refastened the crotch belt. Then I reattached her nipple clamps but this time instead of running the chain through her collar D-ring I let the chain hang down. Then I took a dead branch and broke off a small, thick length and tied a piece of rope around it and then tied it to her nipple chain and laid it on the ground next to her. Finally I tied her elbows close together with a shoe lace tie, pulling the long loose ends over her shoulder and down to her waist belt where I tucked them in loosely. Once her wrist were free she should be able to work at least one hand around to one of the ropes and free her elbows with just a tug. And with that, I kissed her on the forehead and left her, asleep on my blanket.

L: When I awoke it was mid-afternoon and my muscles would not work. I had never been so totally spent in my life. After lying there listening to my breathing and the sounds of the forest I replayed the events of the last hour and sighed in deep contentment - not many people get to have a fantasy and have it safely fulfilled to perfection. As I tried to move my predicament slowly returned to me and I suspected I still had work to do. I was right. While part of me hoped that my bonds would be loose so I could finish my walk in comfort, I remembered the keys that held me bound still needed to be retrieved - he could not have released me even if he wanted to.

And as I struggled to my knees and raised my chest I yelped as my new bondage became apparent. The log tied to my nipple clamps fell just past my waist and squeezed each sore nip harder than anything I ever did to myself. It was so intense I immediately fell back to my side to drop the log to the ground and recover. When I did kneel again I did so slowly to allow the pressure to build little by little until it became bearable - but just barely. And only after I stopped focusing on the burning in my chest did I realize that my elbows were pinned together - something I have never been able to do to myself. And I panicked slightly wondering how I would ever get loose till I felt the rope over my shoulders and prayed that it was some kind of quick release knot. So I finally stood and balanced on my shaky legs.

"Damn him", I thought. I was in enough trouble trying to finish my walk after the pounding I just got and the thoroughly draining cum-fest. Not to mention the now intrusive presence of my dildos which before had stirred my juices, but now were not anywhere near as comfortable as they rubbed on my sore channels. After reorienting myself, I began my difficult shuffle through the undergrowth to the path. With the ankle chain, the swaying log attached to my nipples and my arms held more motionless than before, it took some getting used to, but I finally managed to head up the trail to my turnaround point. I knew that if I met anyone else on the trail I would not have the strength to hide. Instead, whoever it was would find a cum-covered, filthy slut who had no interest in anyone or anything else except to keep moving to the end of her journey. Mercifully, as the afternoon wore on I didn't meet anyone, although several times I had a feeling I was being watched or maybe watched over.

The rest of the trip was a blur, a fog, a haze of weariness and near exhaustion. I made it to my pack and was able to release my wrists. After that I was able to pull one of the rope ends and release my elbows. Then I was able to sit and prepare for the pain and relief to come. I wasted no time in inserting a straw through the small hole in my gag and drinking deeply from my water bottle. Then I unbuckled my crotch belt and slowly withdrew my two intruders. What a relief!

Last were my sore nipples. I knew removing the clamps would bring an intense surge of pain so I gritted my teeth and released a clamp with a gagged scream I made no attempt to stifle. When both clamps were gone I slid to the ground massaging my poor nipples back to life and recovering all my sense. I used a bit of my water to clean the worst of the dried cum off my body, but the stuff in my hair had dried into a tangle mat. My walk back to my pack was still in the nude but after packing my gear in my small bag and eating my energy bar I had enough energy to even enjoy the walk, though dusk was deepening.

By the time I got my to first bag, got it unlocked, found my car keys and got back to my car it was almost completely dark. As I was putting on my spare clothes - a very small string bikini with a thong bottom and no top, I notice a paper under the windshield. It had a note. "I hope you had an adventure - beyond your wildest imagination. If you would like to meet to plan future adventures, leave your phone number and address in a plastic bag behind the tree I tied you too sometime in the next 2 weeks. If not, I understand. B."

As I drove home I was already making plans to come back next weekend to leave a note!

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