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The Weekend

by Mrs. Locks

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© Copyright 2012 - Mrs. Locks - Used by permission

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Author's Note: The following story is 100% true.


I am going to try a full weekend bondage experience in a few days and I'm hoping I can last it out. It's going to be the longest I have ever been in bondage in one consecutive span of time. Here's what I'm planning to do…

For those that don't know, I enjoy tight outfits and especially corsets. So the entire weekend, I'm going to be corseted with a tight fitting unitard over top of it and secured with a padlock. I can go long periods of time in a corset but I've never gone this long before. The entire weekend is ultimately going to be a plan to keep me in the corset. The key for the unitard is going to be 50 miles away. I drove out there today and stashed it in a low branch of an unmarked tree.

What I'll do to keep myself from driving out there is to perform certain bondage activities that will keep me in the house. Saturday night after I get out of work, I'm going to gather up my outfit and go out to my shed. I'm going to get dressed and then put my regular clothing in a gym bag and lock it shut. Because I'm very shy and embarrassed about my self-bondage hobby, I'll make sure to wait until it's late at night before going from the shed into the house.

While in the shed, I'll complete a series of challenges. I give myself time limits and put myself in some difficult bondage positions. If I fail to meet the times I decided on, I'll have punishments later. The punishment for failing any of the challenges is to be chained to my bed all night. I make a bit of a web out of chain on my bed and then attach my ankles, knees, waist, chest, elbows, and wrists to the web and the keys are attached to the web by a standard combination lock. I'll be forced to stay in bed all night because there won't be enough light to see the combination dial. By morning's light, I'll be able to finally release myself from the bed.

Sunday morning, I'll immediately put on a full body cotton catsuit with a full hood and lock a posture collar through the zipper pulls with a padlock. I'll take that key and then toss it out my bedroom window to the ground below. I'll then be stuck inside the house all day because I won't want the neighbors to see me in such a way. By nightfall, I'll be able to retrieve that key and release myself down to my corseted outfit.

By this time (a little over 24 hours), I'll likely be aching from the corset so I'll put on regular clothes over top of this outfit and drive the hour to get the key. When I get the key, I'll unlock that lock, but replace it with another lock. The key to that will be at home. When I arrive home, I'll be able to release myself from everything and be able to relax and eat and do other things for a cool-down and then that leaves all of Monday to have more adventures.

I've left out a lot of details (such as what the "challenges" will be, and things like that) because I'm saving my creativity for later. I'm very likely going to write about my experiences after they happen so stay tuned


I've been absolutely tingling all week in anticipation. Planning everything just right and making sure I don't forget anything. There's nothing worse than getting ready for bondage fun you've planned for and realizing you don't have the right lock, or you forgot to put the keys in the freezer. I made a huge checklist and I'm almost done with everything on it.

Only 21 hours and counting until I begin! I can't wait. Everything is almost completely set into place!


Well. This plan didn't really work out so well. Everything went great until I was chained to my bed.

The day started with me coming home from work and taking care of some small things like dishes and then going to the bedroom to pack my gym bag. In it, I put my outfit I’d be wearing along with a combination lock and a padlock, the key to which would stay inside my house. I turned off all my lights and walked out into my shed with the gym bag hoping nobody saw me.

Inside the shed, I closed the door and put the combination lock through the hasp I installed on the inside so that nobody could “accidentally” see me in my bondage. Nobody goes around entering my shed but I’m a very paranoid person. I then emptied out my gym bag, removed all of my clothing and put them in the bag and locked the zipper shut with the padlock. There would be no cheating and putting on regular clothing.

I began to get dressed. My bondage outfit is typically the same. I put on a compression T-shirt (the sports fabric like those used by UnderArmor) followed by a pair of compression shorts. I use this as a lining for my corset. An underbust corset with stiff metal boning that goes from my hips to just under my breasts. Over this, to hide the laces and smoothen out the lines, I put on a vinyl biketard, which is basically just a catsuit but without sleeves and that only goes to the middle of the thigh. I then put on another corset. This one is a bit more flexible and has shoulder straps. This one goes from just over my breasts to about my waist. This way it’s like wearing a full body corset, but it’s more flexible than if it were one solid piece. I then put on another compression T-shirt and another pair of compression shorts to hold and hide the laces. Finally, I put on my last biketard. These zip up the back so the final stage was to put on my 4” stiff posture collar. Through the buckle of the posture collar, I put the small luggage padlock and then looped in the zipper pull to the biketard and locked it shut.

I was now stuck in the shed wearing this outfit until dark. I couldn’t go outside wearing this outfit during the day because someone might have seen me, and I couldn’t put on my regular clothing because they were locked away in the gym bag.

Inside the shed, I started to get “comfortable” with all the bondage accessories I had placed in the shed for the occasion. I put on my knee-high boots with 5½” heels and moved an office chair to the middle of the floor. I climbed up onto the chair and then kneeled down so my boots were hanging off the back and then sat on my legs. I grabbed a length of rope and looped it underneath the seat of the chair and up over my folded legs. I tied off the rope and then got my belts.

The belts I like to use are made of woven thick elastic bands. It’s elastic but they don’t stretch too much. I looped one belt once over itself and the other belt I looped twice over itself and latched them both closed. While holding the smaller belt, I grabbed the larger and pulled it up my arms so it was up above my elbows. Then I took the smaller belt and squeezed it around my wrists. They both held firm and I moved my arms to go over the back of my chair. I looked over at my small watch and saw that it was about 7:00pm. It would be about 3 hours until nightfall but my challenge was to stay in this position for at least one hour. If I were to release myself early, my punishment would be to chain myself to the bed for the night.

I got to about a half hour and my arms began to ache for release. Nowhere near the pain I’ve felt in the past, but it was just starting to get uncomfortable. By 45 minutes I was starting to lose the feeling in my arms and that’s where the discomfort level really started to take off. By the time I hit 55 minutes I was begging myself to both stay bound to complete my challenge but to release myself to get the blood flowing again. I made it to the hour mark and yanked on the belts until one wrist slipped free from the elastic belts. Then I reached up and blindly grabbed for the belt around my elbows. What felt like an eternity went by but I finally got a thumb hooked around it and pulled it down and it fell to the floor of the shed.

I untied my legs from the chair and stood up to stretch as my legs and arms started to tingle as regular blood flow began. Although I completed my challenge, I decided to treat myself to a reward and issue myself the punishment of chaining myself to the bed anyway.

For the remainder of my time in the shed I decided to cheat a little bit and nap. And what better way to nap than to lay down on my lounge chair and tie myself to it, wrapping myself in rope. To finish the bind, I put my wrists underneath the lounge chair and wrapped the belt for my wrists around them.

I dozed and eventually it was dark enough outside to let myself back into the house. I released myself from the chair by slipping out of the belt, untied myself and undid the combination lock on the door. Even though it was dark out, 10pm is still somewhat early so people could still be outside. I was very paranoid about walking the distance dressed as I was into the house. I stared out the door for about 5 minutes until I was convinced there was nobody around and I walked quickly to my door and hopped inside, locking the door behind me.

It was at this point that I had to do something to keep myself from driving the 50 miles to get my key. So I decide to chain myself to the bed for the night. I think whether or not I failed the challenge inside the shed, I knew I would have done this anyway since I had already set up my bed in a chain web.

I laid down on the bed and locked chains on my ankles and knees to the chains on my bed. Then I looped another pair of chains from the head of the mattress over my shoulders, and then under a chain at my waist and looped it around me and locked it in place. Lastly, I put leather wrist cuffs on and then locked each cuff to the sides of the mattress with small lengths of chain.

I didn't like this at all, and fast. The keys to my release were within reach but attached to a combination lock so I was supposed to only be able to get out when it was light out, but as my safety, I kept my watch nearby that has a small light on it that's enough to barely read the lock. It took about 4 tries to undo the combination lock but I let myself out. So now I'm just floating around the house in the middle of the night in my outfit locked on with the keys 50 miles away.

I still want to try to achieve my goal of going the full time in my corsets but now I'm at a loss of what to do to keep myself occupied so I don’t go and get the key.

It's not really a total failure (yet), but it's definitely not living up to expectations now that I’ve spoiled the night chained to my bed.


Well, I've made it through the night without giving in and driving out to get the key to my release. Most of the day today was spent watching television, catching up on some television shows I hadn’t watched. I have layered 3 more catsuits atop my regular outfit, a full hooded catsuit, another full body catsuit with holes for the eyes and mouth, and another full length boot-cut catsuit with open neck hands and feet that is locked on over top of it at the zipper pull. Under the boot-cut catsuit, I have on my pair of 5½" knee-high boots that I love so much. These are also locked on with a chain that runs around the ankle and between the heel. The keys for this entire outfit have been tossed out my bedroom window to prevent me from getting out of this until going outside when it’s dark.

I surprisingly slept quite well last night (and even a couple naps during today) in the corsets. There's a mild ache but it's nothing worth trying to run out and take it off. My only problem so far has been the occasional faint feeling of needing to urinate. That's something I didn't think about. Going to the bathroom. I've never been locked up for so long without that ability so this will be tough. But with my hooded outfit today, I'm not able to eat or drink anything so it's been successful so far. Who knows I might sweat it all out of me.

As a little fun today, I decided to see how close I can tie my arms behind my back on my own. I tied a long rope to a doorknob and then wrapped a loop around my elbows and pulled away from the door. The loop tightens around my elbows as I pull harder and harder, and then I move my arms around the rope to loop the rope further and further. And then moving my entire body in circles and different directions, I'm able to make a somewhat sturdy harness around my compressed breasts and chest. Then I loop it back around to my arms and wrap my wrists together. When I reach the doorknob, I'm able to remove the rope and attach the last little bit to my wrists in a loop knot. I was only able to stay in this harness and arm binding for 2 minutes at the most. It really pulled at my arms, but it was exciting to feel my arms pressed together tightly from the elbows down to my wrists. After the 2 minutes, I was already losing much of the feeling in both my arms. Luckily getting out of this is easy as I just release the loop knot and let gravity do the work as I turn around in circles again letting the rope fall around me.

I'm contemplating actually going for a Day 3 in the corset. Since it's not aching nearly as much as I had expected, I might just spend the night at home instead of going and getting the key. Then I’ll go out tomorrow night instead. Releasing myself just in time for work the next morning on Tuesday. That will definitely be the longest I've been enclosed. So exciting!

Sunday Night:

I am definitely craving water. While watching TV, any time I’d see someone drink some water, it made me incredibly thirsty. So I managed to go outside a little earlier than expected and got the key to let me out of the outer enclosed catsuits. I'm now back to my normal locked outfit with added long sleeved and legged compression clothes and a boot-cut catsuit. But instead of chugging water, I only had a couple freeze pops.

I'm about to leave now to go get my key because, well, I need out. As of now, it's been 29 hours locked away in these corsets and the posture collar. If anything at all this posture collar has to go. I'm still going to attempt to leave the corsets on though and make it through another night. I like 29 hours, but wouldn't that number sound great if it were higher?

Sunday Late Night:

I live in a fairly rural area so cops wouldn't be a problem, but I must admit that thought of being pulled over, asked to exit the vehicle and getting blank stares definitely occurred to me. Even possibly getting arrested, calling it "indecent exposure" or some other hogwash, and throwing me in a cell all still in my bondage state. Hey, that's one way to force long exposure corseting!

It’s been 32.5 hours since I started my adventure. I'm out. Couldn't stand it anymore.

I got to the small parking lot 50 miles away and got out on foot to go find my key which is about a 10 minute walk down a bike trail. A downfall here was that I placed the key during the day but it was night when I went to retrieve it. The moon was out, but it was at such a steep angle that all the trees blocked most of the help. I had a fairly significant landmark I went by so I figured I'd be okay, but I sure as heck wished I brought a flashlight!

This, honestly, was the funnest part of my entire weekend. Just walking to retrieve the key. I had my tall 5½" boots on which I love walking in, and I love the feeling of being totally exposed outside. I hate the feeling of knowing there's people around who might see me, but love being outdoors in any kind of bondage. The main reason, though, that I'm out of everything right now is that my feet hurt and my sides hurt. "Why?" you might ask? Because not only do I love to walk in these boots, but I love to RUN in them. You might think that’s crazy, but in all honesty, it's easier to run in these boots than it is to walk. With walking, you have to walk normal, heel down, then let the foot fall. With running, your foot is already in a downward position so the boot lands flush (like how track stars start a race, but perpetually in that angle). I ran out of breath and my sides started to ache. The lesson learned is to never run in a corset, especially not the full stride sprint I undertook. Running in boots is ok though, but naturally my feet hurt too.

I got the key but resisted undoing anything. All I'd really be able to do is take off the collar anyway since I can’t just strip in the middle of nowhere and my outer catsuit had a different lock in it. Instead of just taking the key and going home, I unlocked the collar and put the key BACK into the tree branch and replaced the lock on the collar with different one I brought with me. The key to this lock, which matches the lock to my outer catsuit was still safely at home. So I had to drive all the way back home to let myself completely out as the pain in my sides remained and the pain in my toes got worse.

I pulled in my driveway, but to my horror, there were people on my neighbor's porch. They had the outside light off too so I couldn't see if they were watching me, but I thought it'd be weirder to pull into my driveway and stay in the car, so after I pulled in, I just got out quickly and ran for the house. I HATE that feeling of someone seeing me. Hopefully they didn't see anything too unusual. Heels aren't unusual, but 5½" boots are, and with a posture collar with a dangly ring, that makes things really interesting. Once I got inside I removed everything, relieved myself, of which I was in dire need, and sat down to a few slices of watermelon and took a hot bath.

Damn this stuff's good.

~ Mrs. Locks
(I’m married only to bondage)

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