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Weekend in Rotterdam

by Dutchgirl

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© Copyright 2003 - Dutchgirl - Used by permission

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Weekend in Rotterdam
by Dutchgirl

Hi, I'm Nena from Holland and I'm 23 years old. I'm a big fan of selfbondage since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I used to tie myself up when my parents went out. I also have a sister who is 2 years younger than me. I was never caught or unable to escape. The story I’m going to tell you happened when I was 18.

My mother is a huge ‘Rolling Stones’ fan and they where playing in Amsterdam. I live in Rotterdam. My father and mother decided to go away for a weekend. They would leave on Friday, hang around, watch Mick Jagger on Saturday evening and they would return late on Sunday. My sister wanted to stay over with a friend Saturday night and my parents thought it was ok. My sister went out Saturday afternoon and she would return Sunday about 10.00 A.M. I had the entire house for me alone for most of the weekend. After I ate Saturday, I would prepare my bondage session. My sister had already left and I went upstairs. I had some sort of drawer under my bed and under some comics was my bondage-stuff. 

I had some rope, a ballgag, handcuffs and I once bought some real nipple-clips. At the store they didn’t check my age. The clamps were the kind that would tighten when you pull the chain. First I put on some black stockings and high heels. After that I put on a tanga and a skirt. I didn’t want to be all naked. Then I attached the clamps to my nipples and put on a blazer but I didn’t close it. Then I tied my ankles together and did the same to my knees. After that I attached some weight to my clamps and connected a string between my ankles and my handcuffs. I put the ballgag in place and strapped it real tight. I got on the floor and put the keys of the cuffs next to me. I watched my alarm clock and it said 7 o’clock P.M. I lifted my legs and reached for the cuffs. I secured them round my wrist and was now in a secure hog-tie. I wiggled around for a few moments and had an orgasm. I moaned in my gag and wiggled around some more. It felt so good.

I lay there in my bonds and looked at my clock again. It was now 8 o‘clock. When I wanted to wiggle a bit more to come again I heard the back door slam. 
‘Hi I’m home!’ my sis yelled upstairs. When she got no reaction she yelled again. Meanwhile I was trying to get the key but I couldn’t flip myself over. My sister ran up the stairs saying: ‘Nena, this is not funny where areā€¦’ She looked at me in amazement. I looked down and was very embarrassed. 
‘Who did this to you?’ she asked while taking my gag off. But then she noticed the keys on the floor. ‘You did this yourself didn’t you?’ 
‘I can explain.’ I said. I spent the next half an hour explaining. My sister swore she wouldn’t set me free if I didn’t explain everything. After I had explained everything, I begged my sister to release me because the nipple clamps were really becoming painful. My sister did something else. She went downstairs without saying a word. I yelled her name but she ignored me. I tried to pull myself free and I fought against my bonds heavily. I almost couldn’t move at all. Then my sister came up and spoke to me: ‘Now listen Nena. If you don’t want mom to find out about this you’ll have to do exactly as I say.’ 

It sounded weird, a 16-year-old commanding a 18-year-old but I didn’t have a choice. Susan (my sister) untied my hogtie and undid my knees. She ordered me to go down the stairs and in to the basement. I told here I couldn’t because my ankles were tied together. But she just said: ‘Think of a way, you’ve put those on yourself.’ I sat down by the stairs and lowered myself every step sitting. When I finally got in the basement Susan took off my skirt and blazer. I said: ‘Hey stop it.’ But Susan slapped my face. ‘I’m the boss here, understand?’ she said. 
‘Yes’ I said, making a fool out of myself. Then she took a knife and cut off my tanga. Before I could say something she stepped on my toe. I opened my mouth to scream but she jammed the gag in before anything could come out. She laid me down on the floor and tied my elbows together real tight. For a 16-year-old she did know her bonds. She tied my wrists together too and took off the handcuffs. She said that if I could get out before she returned she would forget everything. 

I fought my bonds heavily but I couldn’t get free. Susan returned 10 minutes later with a leather belt from my dad, lots of rope from my room, A bucket of clothpins and broomstick. I wanted to ask what she was going to do but only muffles came out. She untied my ankles and then she taped my ankles to each end of the broomstick with duct-tape. I protested heavily but Susan ignored me. She lifted me up to dad’s pool table and untied my wrists. Before I could try to escape, she’d taped them over my head. I lay on my back while my sister re-tied my hands before ripping of the duct-tape. She tied my hands to a hook in the floor and there I was. Naked, on my back, Nipple clamps on, Helpless to stop my sister to do anything with me. As if I could move my legs she tied the broomstick to both posts of the table. When my sister went out of the basement to ‘get something’ I started thinking. How would this end???


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