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Well That Wasn’t Counted On!

by Amanda Kimberly Blair

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© Copyright 2005 - Amanda Kimberly Blair - Used by permission

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It was a normal night for Mark, the staff gone for the weekend, the books balanced, work for yet another week over. He was relieved to know that it was his time. He checked the doors for the second time to make sure they were locked, and went down to the basement. Down in the back was ‘his special place’. He opened the door and went in, already taking off his clothes, he was shaking with anticipation, and he quickly changed. Black panties… garter and stockings… beautiful black leather mini dress… 5-inch stiletto pumps with ankle strap, black wig and just a little make-up. You see Mark was a crossdresser, and very uncomfortable with it, he kept his secret well hidden, his special room was always locked. It took an hour to get ready, but Mark made a better woman than he did a man. He looked at himself in the large mirror on the wall, he loved that he could pull off such a good appearance, but was way too scared to ever go out in public.

The next part of his "night out" was his obsession. Bondage was sort of always a let down for him, not much fun if you have to tie yourself up, but he did what he did to try and satisfy his urges. He pulled the bondage table that he had made for himself out into the middle of the small room, and pulled out his bag of bondage gear. He walked over to the door and closed it, and went back to the table, his imagination went wild with thoughts of a beautiful woman that had taken him prisoner, forcing him to dress the way he was.

He pulled out a set of locking leather ankle cuffs, and two sets of steel handcuffs and a long piece of chain 4 locks a big red ballgag and a leather blindfold. He climbed onto the table facing forwards; he locked the leather cuffs to his ankles and locked them to the each corner of the table. He laid face down first locking the handcuffs to each eyebolt at ether corner at the top of the table; to the right one he added a very long thin chain (about 20 feet or so…. with a handcuff key locked to the other end). He popped the ballgag into his mouth and buckled it in to place.

"Mmmmmmmphfgh…." He moaned from behind the gag… he loved that sound. He put the blindfold on next. Darkness enfolded him. He giggled. In the middle of the table was a thick leather strap at the waist, he buckled it behind him, so that now his ankles were restrained, his waist unmovable. Mark was shaking with excitement. He reached for and locked the left handcuff onto his wrist… he then reached for the right cuff, with some difficulty he locked the last part of his bondage into place… he was stuck. Now was the good part, he struggled and groaned behind the gag, all the while dreaming up thoughts of perversion. Mark was in his happy place.             

A noise from up stairs startled him. He went quiet, he could have sworn he heard something, he shook it off, he often though he heard something, he giggled and happily went back to struggling. 

The click, click, click of high heels was unmistakable and they were coming down the stairs. Panic went through him like a wave and his happy struggles turned into desperation, he started to reel in the chain with his right hand, a race that he already knew he would loose. He heard the door open. He froze with terror.

"Click, click, click" who ever it was, was now in the room with him. Mark started to once again reel in the chain, and a leathered hand grasped his softly. 

"Shhhh baby, don’t panic, I won’t hurt you," a female voice sounded in his ear. Mark shivered. "SNAP!" Mark felt the chain tugged lightly, then it gotten light in his hand. He knew that the key and most of the chain had been removed as the chain had a certain weight to it, and most of that was now gone. The next sound was that of the key chain being tossed some where into the room to his left. Mark panicked…. Struggling with all his might, to no avail, he’d done his work just a little to well. Leather clad fingers ran up his leg, sending shivers though him in waves, he had never felt any thing like that before, he struggled more violently. 

"If you don’t stop, I’ll be forced to punish you!" said the voice, the fingers that were running up his leg, quickly left were it was, "SMACK!", he felt the fiery pain of a leather gloved hand striking his butt, as she struck him. Mark stopped struggling. "Mmmmpgh!" He felt hands running up his back, then stop at the buckle of the blindfold, light forced it’s way into his eyes as he forced himself to focus.

"MMMMMMPGH!" Mark was now looking at Christi, his best employee, but she looked different, well the same really… she was wearing the exact same outfit that he was, except for a pair of long black leather opera gloves. He was stunned, (Christi was known as the store prude, and would never dress like this…ever). She bent down and kissed him on the nose, "Yes sweetie, I know all about you, I have for months now. Do you know how long I’ve been planning this, no I guess you wouldn’t." she smiled and stared into his eye’s, "Trust me, and you’ll be fine, fight me and I’ll make you sorry you ever saw me like this, nod if you understand."

Mark nodded that he understood and his heart was racing. Christi stood and smiled at him with a strange look of satisfaction on her face, "Good." She walked around the table, "Quite the predicament you’ve gotten into Mark, hmmm that name won’t do. I'll choose you another, ok… 

"Amanda, yes that’s it, slave Amanda." She climbed onto the table behind him straddling him, she leaned over and turned his head forcibly to the right, he looked into the mirror on the wall. What he saw made him almost explode. A beautiful woman straddling him bound to the table, it was like a dream come true, but the fear was still there. Mark swallowed hard, as Christi leaned over him and placed her lips to his ear, "Do you want to know how I found out?" she whispered, "I’ll tell you anyway, since you really can’t answer. It was when you went on vacation and left me the keys, silly you left the door key to this room on it."

Marks head fell to the table, what an idiot was the thought that raced to the front of his mind. Christi kissed his ear, and giggled.

"Ever since then I’ve been planning this long weekend for you, I never could figure out why you never made a pass at me, every other boss I ever had always did. But you never did, that turned me on."

She climbed off him and got around to the top of the table, taking his face into her hands, she looked into his eyes "I need to know. Are you gay? It’s ok if you are?" 

Mark shook his head no. Christi’s face brightened. "Well well well, aren’t I the lucky Domme tonight." She beamed at him.

She lifted a foot up to his face, "Here's the deal, kiss my heel and I’ll let you go after I’m finished with you, don’t kiss my heel and your mine forever."

Marks eyes went wide, and he tried in vain to kiss her heel, but it was a fruitless ordeal the gag prevented it, and she knew it.

Christi giggled with mock glee, "Oh you sweet dear, you’ve decided to be my slave. Good girl"

Mark eyes went even wider at the good girl comment, and despite his fears he was getting very aroused. 

She backed up away from him, and reached behind her and unzipped the dress, letting it fall to the floor. She was gorgeous, he’d always thought she was pretty, but this was more than he ever thought to see.

She smiled at him with a grin that would melt any mans heart, let alone a man tied up. "You’ll be happy to know, that I find most men boring as hell, and have always like the more interesting side of dominating a man to do my bidding, and you will do my bidding. This weekend is 4 days long, and you're mine." 

She walked towards him, reaching for a bag he’d not seen as of yet. She reached in and pulled out a leather harness. Mark knew what it was from his bondage mags… she was strapping on a dildo harness. Mark struggled weakly, as he watched mesmerized.

Christi stood there in front of him, turned sideways so he could see her with the evil looking cock shaped dildo pointing out from her, she grinned evilly.

Mark swallowed hard again, he'd experimented with butt plugs, but this was different, he was scared, excited and transfixed all in the same moment. He whimpered behind the gag. 

Christi smiled at him as she made a show of walking around the table. There was something else in her hands that he couldn't make out, but soon found out what it was as the collar went around his neck. He heard the lock snap in place. He shook with fear, and anticipation. The sound of some kind of wrapper and a few giggles later and she was lowering herself onto him, she hiked up his dress so his bottom was showing. He struggled weakly, he knew he could not resist. The dildo pressed up against his panties, she moved them aside as well. He forced himself to relax, knowing it would hurt more if he fought. It slid in slowly and he flinched. 

"Shhhhh.... It’ll be ok." she whispered. 

Deeper it went, and he shivered, she slowly started to rock back and forth going a little deeper with each thrust, his breathing got harder, and so did hers. Just then he realized he was rock hard, and his cock was rubbing up against the table and a fold of the hem of the leather dress. It was getting hot; he struggled as she started to go at him a little faster.... She was groaning now, as if she was getting off on this whole set up, Mark was groaning too he realized.... Shivers were going through him, and then it happened. Her last thrust hit his prostate gland. His whole body spasms and jerked as he exploded onto his panties and leaking out onto his dress and table.

Christi giggled, as Mark went limp under her "You just came didn't you." Mark just nodded weakly. She kissed him on the ear and held him.” Oh you little darling you will be easy to control, we'll be married before the years out, you just wait and see. You'll be my little sissy slut till the end of your days." Marks head was swimming, and he passed out.
Mark awoke tied to a chair, he was shocked at that, and wondered how he got there. Then it all came back as Christi walked up to him and sat on his lap. She kissed him on the mouth deep and passionately. He was shocked, stunned, excited and scared all at the same time, but he responded to the kiss in kind (as well as he could, being tied up and all). She held his face in her hands and smiled at him, Mark opened his mouth to say something and a ballgag was popped in so quick he blinked with shock, he didn't see it coming. He struggled to test the ropes now holding him, wrists tied together behind his back ankles and knees were also tied together and tied to the rug under the chair.

He stopped struggling as he noticed as she was just watching him struggle, she seemed to be beaming, and a big wicked smile on her face, a look of deep satisfaction. Just then a cell phone somewhere in the room began to ring, she kissed the ball of the gag and jumped up to go answer it.  "Hello..." a small pause, she glanced over to her victim and grinned, "SWEETY, did you get It." she walked slowly back towards Mark, " I'll meet you at the back door. Be there in a minute" she hung up, bent down to him and kissed his nose. 

"I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." she laughed " always wanted to say that to you." she walked out of the small room down the hall and up the stairs. 

Mark was just stunned, what was she up to, was she going to hurt him, blackmail him, maybe he fell asleep on the table and this was all some kind of dream. He struggled with all his might, and all he got was very tired and a little rope burn. Someone was coming down the stairs, no wait two people and what sounded like a dolly. That thump-thump-thump was a sound he had heard over and over again over the years down here while working, as new stock was delivered and brought down to the other areas of the basement. 

Christi walked in and another woman pushing a dolly with a very large trunk on it, the other woman was tall, very tall to poor Mark who was only a short man of 5'4”, she was 6’ if an inch. Marks eyes were transfixed on the woman, he didn't know her and if he was scared before, he was terrified now. "So this is her, she's so cute, you'll have to let me borrow him once and awhile."

Christi laughed, "We'll see, now help me get him in " she was unstrapping the trunk from the dolly, when it hit him. The trunk was for him.

Mark started to struggle, but stopped, as the rope burns started to throb. He winced and let out a whimpering sound. Christi was opening the trunk when she heard him and walked over.

"Tsk tsk tsk, that won't do. Carol pass the monoglove will you.... He’s given himself ropeburn; he must have tried to get away. I thought I told you; you wouldn't be hurt if you did as you were told. I don't remember you being told to give yourself rope burns!" She slapped him soundly across the face. *SLAP*

Mark just gasped and his eyes went wide. "Do you under stand." Mark nodded agreement. "Good." she walked behind him and untied his hands. Marks wrist was sore and he went to bring them around to rub them when they were grabbed and restrained by strong hands. He looked back over his shoulder to see Carol holding his wrists. Christi was unzipping a monoglove, and slid it up over his wrists and up his arms, pulling them together slightly, and then she wound the straps up and over his shoulders and buckled then in place, then she did up the long zipper, his arms were forced even closer together and his chest seemed to trust out.

"There, no more rope burns" Christi said as she finished up with what sounded like a lock. She reached around and untied all the ropes holding him to the chair; she checked the ropes at his ankles and knee's. "Help me with him will you Carol" Carol helped pick him up off the chair and balance him up right, with each on ether arm the lifted him up and carried him over to the trunk.

"He's so light " Carol remarked.

Christi smiled at her "I told you, this will be a piece of cake." 

Mark looked into the trunk and noticed a small stool; they bent him over and placed his butt down on it, swinging his legs in. There were several straps here and there and they busied themselves to strapping in the bound captive, Mark just sat in shock. He was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do, there was nothing he could do. She had taken complete control of him, body and soul. He looked weakly at her as she smiled at him as the door of the trunk closed and he was lost in darkness. "Mmmmmmph! " Mark mumbled into the gag.

He heard the straps that held the trunk onto the dolly ...and then the trunk tipped, he fell forward and was stopped by several of the straps that they had placed on him, he was wondering about that, now he knew, so he wouldn't flail around inside. He became very calm after that though, the sensation of moving, and then the slow bump, bump, bump of the stairs, then more movement. More tipping, a thump. He was looking straight down into the darkness, held by some kind of harness, and he swung there in the trunk, suspended inside. He felt, though he didn't hear, the vibrations of 2 car doors close. His heart was racing, and he started to panic. Pulling this way and that, it just made him swing a little more. Not too far though, other straps seemed to hold him away from the walls of the trunk as well. He tried to kick the bottom (or where the bottom was when they stuffed him in was, to no avail, it was like floating he thought. 

What seemed like hours passed by, it was only 25 minutes or so, but Mark had no way of knowing that. He felt the trunk being lifted and set up right again. He noted he could still not touch the bottom of the trunk, and for that matter didn't feel the stool the they had sat him on, the straps seemed to hold him at the mid point of the trunk. Slight tipping and a few more bumps and Mark knew he was moving. It uprighted again and he heard the straps being loosened. 

The trunk opened to a large room, Victorian in style and taste. Christi slid the stool back under his butt; he had not noticed that before she closed the box last time, she had taken it with her. He was suffering from shock; he shook his head to get the cobwebs out. They were unbuckling the straps and swinging his legs out. Christi untied his ankles and Carol undid his knee's. Both lifted him out onto his now very wobbly legs. They walked him over to the couch and sat him down.

Christi looked into his eye's " Scream just once, and the gag goes back in, understand?" 

Mark nodded agreement, and she unbuckled the ballgag. His mouth closed almost without his consent, how long had he been wearing it? He thought. With a weak voice Mark spoke for the first time "May I say something?"

Carol gasped, and Christi Eye's flashed with what looked like anger, "What did you say?" 

Mark responded without even thinking "Mistress permission to speak?" he couldn't believe he had just said that and no sooner then he said the words, he realized that he had just surrendered. Mark swallowed hard.

She on the other hand beamed with pride, as she climbed onto his lap, "You surprised me, I thought I would have to teach that to you. Was sort of looking forward to it even. But this is wonderful. Speak slave Amanda."

Mark was shaking  "Um...Mistress, what are you going to do to me?" 

"Scarred aren’t you." Mark nodded. "Don't be." She kissed him passionately, running one hand all over him, the other holding his head so that she could control the kiss. Mark melted and kissed her back. She tipped him over and straddled him all the while kissing him. 



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