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Well Built

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbm; brace; neoprene; bodywrap; cocoon; hood; gag; vibe; stuck; denial; caught; F/m; Sbf; cuffs; sex; climax; arousal; oral; switch; cons; X

Paul sat looking at the heavily boned brace the doctor had placed on his wrist, the multiple metal stays and Velcro straps hooked to the laces made him think the design would be good for a bondage wrap of some sort. During the next few weeks while he was unable to work he had searched the internet and found the materials he thought he would need and ordered them and now sat in front of the rarely used sewing machine slowly stitching the three layers of material together.

The first layer was nylon with a rough outer surface that Velcro would attach to, the next two layers were neoprene, he had decided to use two layers instead of a separate padding layer making it easier to slip the aluminum and metal stays inside. He had made a pattern out of an old sheet while he had waited for the materials and thought he had figured out a good plan to make a complete body wrap that would hold him snuggly inside it without being uncomfortable. His design would allow him to tightly wrap his lower body then lay back inserting his hands and arms in the straps then close the upper part around his torso sealing him inside until he wanted to wiggle out.

Paul had completed the sewing and laid it on the floor to do a test fit, he had added a cover for his feet and shoulders that way he would feel completely mummified, as he lay inside it. It fit him well so he started sewing the Velcro straps onto the ends of the laces and about an hour later he had the brace ready for the stays. He inserted the aluminum rods along the edges in the pockets he had stitched to give strong support to the edges, the flat metal stays he slid in first from the bottom inserting three that ran the whole length of the brace with bends that ran along the bottoms of the foot pocket. The remaining steel plates where inserted from the top completing the bracing and making the brace unbendable length wise but it could still be rolled up for storage.

Paul closed the ends of the bracing slots then lay it down again and slipped inside it, his feet where held firmly, fitting tight in the pocket he had made for them, he closed the bottom half covering himself from his feet to his waist and pulled the straps tight, thinking he might have gone a little overboard on the straps and laces having made it so the brace would be essentially closed like a corset from his feet to his chest by pulling on the Velcro straps attached to a group of the laces making it possible to pull the laces very tight easily compressing his body as tightly as he could pull.

The top half could be closed two ways, one by himself by pulling on the internal straps while he rolled to one side pressing the Velcro together along the edges, the other was the same as the lower half pulling on the laces by the Velcro straps making it much tighter. The straps he could not use by himself having to settle for just being held snuggly by the Velcro on the edges hoping one day he would have someone who would close it for him leaving him trapped inside his warm cocoon for the night. Paul lay in his brace testing its effectiveness struggling slightly inside it until he had aroused himself and decided to change his design slightly and pushed on the brace, and after having to push harder he finally heard the Velcro pulling loose and he opened the top half.

Before opening the lower half he marked where his cock and balls would be then shimmied out of the brace and quickly cut a hole in the front of the brace through sides that wrapped around him and stitched the edges leaving a neat hole for his cock and balls to slip through. Laying the brace on his bed he couldn’t wait to try it out tonight and stood looking at it trying to figure out how to be able to close the straps not wanting to wait until he has someone to share his pastime with to be able to be sealed tightly inside his new brace, he had also shaped the metals stays to better fit his body and while he was doing that he came up with a plan.

Figuring he had to roll to close the Velcro on the edges anyway why not use that motion to pull the straps at the same time, Paul attached some more Velcro straps to his bed cutting them so when he rolled over they would pull the straps attached to the laces tightly over his upper body pressing them onto each other across his chest, figuring all he would have to do to free himself was roll over the other way and pull them loose and he would be able to open the top half.

Eager to try it out Paul quickly stripped grabbing his leather hood and the silicone vibrator, he slipped a condom over his cock then he stretched the vibrator around his cock and balls trapping the condom on his growing cock not wanting to make a mess and replaced the batteries. Paul checked the clock and saw he had about three hours before he had to pick up Lori for dinner, the two of them had been dating for a few months and Paul had been thinking about hinting to her about his pastime to see her reaction but wasn’t sure how to approach it so he had not brought it up yet.

Paul slipped into the brace closing the bottom tightly then working his cock and balls out of the opening making sure they were completely exposed and realizing her could make the hole tighter by pulling the straps tighter sliding one layer under the other making the hole squeeze him much tighter. Paul grunted as he pulled the strap and the hole partially closed around his cock and balls, he could feel it already getting uncomfortable but lay back inserting the attached gag of the hood into his mouth then pulling the leather over his head and lacing it stretching the leather over his head and face. Before closing the upper half he turned on the vibrator and stuck his hands through the straps and closed the upper half over his body while he rolled onto his stomach.

Paul grunted as his bulging cock was smashed under his rigid body making him not notice that the straps had indeed pulled across his upper body sealing the sticky Velcro to itself sealing him much tighter inside his brace than he had figured it would. Using his head and toes Paul struggled inside the brace finally able to roll over onto his back relieving the pain in his cock and balls and lay gasping through his nose. Paul felt how much tighter it was and smiled in the hood as he struggled and twisted inside the tight neoprene and begin to sweat as his arousal from his confines and the vibrator began to bring him to a climax.

An hour later Paul was still struggling to cum, he was fighting the brace to try and reach his aching cock but the thick straps his arms and wrists were in kept him from reaching anywhere near it as the hole surrounding his cock kept it fully erect but would not allow him to cum. As the ache from his balls increased Paul struggled harder finding he was truly trapped in his creation with no way to relieve himself, lying back Paul relaxed and caught his breath enjoying the compression of the brace and tried to ignore the pain in his balls.

Paul lay panting for another hour before deciding to release himself and tried to roll over to loosen the straps. As he struggled he found that since he was now on his back he had no leverage to try to roll over. With his feet held firmly his only movement was from his head and all he could do was scoot his shoulders to one side or the other before the straps attached to the bed stopped him. Paul struggled as his desperation grew he fought harder until having to rest and lay panting, his mind running through his options and trying to figure a way out. While Paul struggled sweating profusely inside the tight neoprene his girl friend Lori was waiting for him at the restaurant, after two hours she had gotten mad and after a few drinks she took a cab to Paul’s house and started beating on the door yelling “I know you’re in there your car is still here” as she turned the knob the door opened.

Paul had been stuck in his brace struggling and sweating for over five hours with his erect cock bulging with no relief and had drifted off to sleep when he heard someone gasp waking him. Lori stood in the door to his room looking at his tightly mummified body with his swollen cock sticking straight up, she stared as she figured out what had happened looking at the straps attached to the bed and walked in listening to him grunt as he struggled.

Lori smiled as she watched his cock shake from his struggles in the brace and said “I thought you had let me stew alone because you were being an asshole now I see you were preparing this wonderful present for me”

Paul grunted and continued struggling as Lori stripped her tight leather skirt off and removed her top showing her wonderfully fit body, her firm breasts held tightly under the black lace bra and her pussy and ass split by the matching thong. As she undressed Paul continued to struggle desperately wanting to be free and make himself cum but could not get Lori to understand his discomfort but Lori had different ideas as she found his open bondage gear trunk and began looking through it.

Lori had never really gotten into bondage but she had never had anyone she dated introduce her and the thought of restraining someone and especially being tied down was exciting to her so as she looked through the box she found things she recognized and others she didn’t. Pulling out the large ball gag she studied it and with her head swimming from the alcohol she strapped it around her head pulling it deep into her mouth and buckled it tight. Finding his leather cuffs she buckled them onto her wrists and quickly the ankle cuffs followed being buckled tightly over the thin straps of her high heels, Lori walked around the room feeling the gag and the clips hanging from the cuffs enjoying them and tried to speak finding she could only make mumbled grunts and giggled behind the gag.

Paul had calmed down and lay trying to hear what she was doing his cock still straining from the tightening hole it was trapped in as Lori looked back in the trunk to see what else she could try on. Paul’s leather hood with its open mouth was next and she pulled it over her head, the smell of the leather aroused her further then pulled it off, now fully aroused Lori moved to Paul’s captured body smiling as she climbed up on the bed and slipped her wet pussy down on his swollen cock.

Paul felt her mount him and moaned loudly as Lori pulled her hood onto her head and laced it tight before clipping her wrists to her ankle cuffs. Lori now sat on top of Paul’s captured cock wiggling herself as she fought her bonds and began moaning as she worked herself closer to an orgasm. Paul lay struggling with his feelings, he wanted out but was glad Lori had not ran from the room and felt even better when she mounted him and hoped she would be able to make him cum but he had no idea she had cuffed and gagged herself not knowing the clips were much harder to open once they had been closed and sat struggling to work herself into a frenzy as she rode his cock.

For an hour Lori rode his cock enjoying having her hands held close to her ankles as she continued to grunt and moan fighting the position she had put herself in before her orgasm exploded and she fought her bonds as her body tensed eventually falling over onto Paul’s chest panting through her nose with her hands pulling her ankles up behind her. Paul moaned as Lori fell forward still impaled on his cock and making it more difficult to breathe as her felt her wiggling on his chest and swore he heard her mumbling like she was wearing a gag. Lori lay on Paul letting the afterglow radiate through her feeling his cock still inside her she moaned as she wiggled her hips letting her knees drop beside his body pulling her back into and arch twisting her head backwards and eliciting a deep groan as she relaxed and lay savoring the feeling of him breathing while trapped beneath her.

The alcohol making Lori relax further finally drifting off to sleep still cuffed and impaled on Paul’s cock. Paul lay grunting as he tried move inside her still desperately trying to climax, his aching cock and balls still not allowing him to orgasm. Lori woke up shortly and struggled trying to figure out what was going on feeling her pussy still full and her hands hooked to her ankles and moaned behind her gag as she tried to open the clips finding it more difficult than it had been to open them before.

Lori’s struggles were arousing her again and having his dick filling her was making her not care about the cuffs as she kept wiggling and moaning, as she struggled back up to her knees lifting her head back up leaning onto her toes with her hands on her ankles while she pumped Paul’s aching cock, making him moan louder as he felt like he was going to explode, only to be denied again as he listened to Lori moaning as she fucked him, moving more and more until exploding into another orgasm, this time her arms bent throwing her body off his cock and leaving her with one bent leg hanging over the edge of the bed, gasping as she slowly slid sideways pulling her other leg over the edge and realized too late she was falling off the bed and squealed as her knees dropped to the floor and she rolled over onto her back.

Lori lay on the floor and laughed into her gag as she pulled her legs up and struggled with the clips holding her wrists to her ankles for another twenty minutes before finally pushing and turning one correctly releasing her wrist from her ankle, removing the remaining restraints was easy. Lori crawled back onto the bed seeing his cock still erect and mumbled behind the gag something about his stamina before reaching up and grabbing his damp cock.

Lori studied his cock while Paul began moaning again feeling her grasp his cock firmly and she found the control box for the vibrator and quickly took the batteries out of his TV remote and installed them in the control and heard the vibrator come to life and stroked him a few times before mounting him again, turning the vibrator up to high while she sat on top of him pumping him wildly, letting the vibrations send her on another wild ride, as Paul groaned loudly as his cock was shaking and being pumped, making him desperate to cum again.

After another half hour Lori was screaming into her gag as the orgasm exploded again making her thrash and flop onto his chest again as Paul almost began to cry from the frustration and wiggled and squirmed under her. Lori woke up again her jaw aching and rolled off Paul’s swollen cock and dashed to the bathroom, removing the gag flexing and rubbing it while she relieved herself, returning to the bedroom and seeing his cock still bulging at saying, “You will have to wait until tomorrow, I have had enough for tonight”  and laid down next to him in his cocoon, still wearing the ankle and wrist cuffs and lingerie and fell asleep, leaving Paul still caged in his hot and wet prison with his trapped cock and balls aching worse, as he yelled into the gag and hood before giving up and weeping quietly before exhaustion took over and he fell asleep.

Waking the next afternoon Lori jumped up and ran to the bathroom, her head was aching from a severe hangover and as she relieved herself looking at the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles remembering what happened last night and smiled. Returning to the bedroom she saw Paul’s erection and couldn’t believe it climbing back on the bed and carefully removing the condom that was straining to keep his cock inside it and took his cock into her mouth and began stroking and sucking it. Paul woke up feeling her sucking his cock and moaned as the need to cum renewed and began to struggle again.

Lori felt him moving and readjusting herself she noticed his cock and balls being pinched at their base and pulled the Velcro loose letting the two layers slide back opening the hole slightly before securing the strap and started sucking his cock again. Paul’s cock and balls suddenly felt better and he moaned loudly as he felt her sucking his cock again and within a few minutes he exploded into her throat almost making Lori choke on the sheer volume as she continued to suck him dry making him groan and shake under her.

Over the next hour Lori teased Paul eventually riding his renewed hard on until they both climaxed again before slowly releasing the straps and freeing his sweaty body. Once he removed the hood and gag he cleaned himself, while Lori wiped the body brace dry finally sliding in and pulling the lower cover tight and slipping her arms into the straps and closing the upper part of the brace around her. She lay struggling, her feet held straight out since she wasn’t tall enough for them to reach the foot pocket  as Paul returned to see her smiling at him, so he walked over and pulled the straps tight over her chest locking her into the brace tightly.

Lori lay smiling up at Paul and said, “I like this, what are you going to do to me now?”

Paul smiled back and grabbed the hood he had just removed from himself and fed the gag into her mouth as he pulled the hood over her head and laced it tight then said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow” as he dropped the vibrating egg into the hole now over her pussy and turned it on making her giggle, as he walked out of the room to get something to eat and drink and some ice for his aching balls. Lori lay wiggling inside the brace thinking she could really get into this bondage stuff as her arousal began climbing. Paul sat in the kitchen eating wondering how she would feel when he released her tomorrow after  being kept wrapped up tight and hoping if she liked it he had found the woman he dreamed about that would share his passion.

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