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Wendy’s Pizza Adventure

by J Bond

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© Copyright 2002 - J Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; M/f; bond; sex; cons; X

When I grew up in Ohio, I was and still am a very shy girl. This has given me many nights of crying my heart out because I just couldn’t do the things that most people seem to do with ease.   I had a few boyfriends and I’m no virgin. But I always would lose them to other girls that were outgoing and more direct and not so scared to do anything. After I graduated college I moved to Texas and now work for a computer design company. Most of the work I do can be done at my home, so I don’t have to be around many people on a daily basis. I work about 10 hours a day and by late evening I will order out so I don’t have to leave and go sit alone in some fast food place. I love pizza and will order it two to three times a week. For the last two months when the pizza man shows up, his name is Sam, he has tried to make small talk with me and I am starting to talk back with him, I found out that he is 23 and studying to be a Doctor and works part time at the pizza place till school starts up again. He says the hours are hard, but the tips are good and he gets to meet nice people like me. I always give him a 5-dollar tip and he has got to know me a little too. 

He is tall with nice hair and a great smile. Lately I have been day dreaming about him and it has got to the point that it’s driving me crazy with desire but alas, I know I don’t have the nerve to start anything with him. Now I, am 25, and not bad looking either at 5 foot 4 with blond hair and a 36-24-36 figure, I get whistles a lot, but that makes me turn red from being so shy and I never would look back, just keep going. I had met a girl on the computer that I work with and she loves to tell me the story's about all the things her boyfriend and her do and she goes into great detail sometimes. One time she told me about her boyfriend tying her up and making love to her, said it was the absolute best sex she had ever had. That sure got the wheels turning for me. I looked around on my computer and found some interesting sites that offer bdsm; the girls look so scared on some of them but yet so willing too. 

After awhile I began to come up with a plan for myself that would set me free and scare me at the same time.  I ordered a ball gag, some leg cuffs and some wrist cuffs and locks from one of the sites toy stores. I sure would never go in a store and do that, I would have frozen stiff, then turned red and run out of the store.  A week went by and a package came today. I opened it up and there was my stuff. I tried the cuffs on and they felt good, so I put the gag in my mouth past my teeth and strapped it behind my head. It took awhile to adjust to it but in awhile it to felt good, I liked the idea that I could make no real sound from it’s hold, that means I can’t talk and can’t scream or anything to stop what I had planned for tonight. But will I have the nerve to go though with it or will I back out again? 

Yes I had tried other things, like to answer the door with a nightie on; twice before, but to only grab a robe soon as the doorbell rang and see Sam looking at me red as a beet!!!  I knew what I had to do to overcome this and that's make it so I could back out once I started it and this was my plan for tonight. As I sit here thinking about this the shyness is trying to overtake me, but at the same time my body is starting to bubble up like it never has before with anticipation and I am starting to have all kinds of wild fantasies about how its going to be when he finds me helpless. 

Its 9pm, time to go to the garage and set up the things I need to do. I get some nails and a hammer and place the nails about 5 ft apart at the top and bottom and grab some chain I had from a hanging lamp and hook it to the nails so I can have some room to work with later. Now I go back into the house to get the keys that I had frozen in ice that go to the locks that would hold me captive. I had learned this trick on a web site that was into bondage and safety escapes. First I have to get undressed, well for me that means down to my black panties and a loose t -shirt and black high heels, that’s as brave as I have gotten so far. This done I’m already starting to shake a little, can I go though with this or not? I want this to happen so bad I tell myself it’s going to be a great adventure and to settle down. 

Next thing is get the ice and take it to the garage and run the string down to where the keys will fall into my hand after about two hours if nobody shows up. Then I could get free by bending my wrist and unlocking the locks that will hold me. Set and ready now, it’s time to order pizza and set everything into motion, ready or not, I’ll only have 20 minutes to back out or go though with it once I order. “Hello, I’d like to order a small pizza.” I say, “the usual, and if Sam can deliver it, tell him I, am working in the garage,” there I did it! Oh what have I done, can I do this? Well here goes. I step up to the wall that the nails are on, put on the cuffs, first legs then wrist and now the gag and pull it tight from behind my head. There, now no sounds are going to come from me anymore. 

I then turn around facing the door and my back to the wall, the door is slightly ajar like I wanted, lights on and safety keys ready, I spread my legs apart and bend over to fasten my right leg with the lock and cuff to the chain, done, then the left one, done. This is the harder part, I reach out as far as I can with my left hand and slip the lock through the chain and close it, click, now my nerves are starting to get the best of me and I’m starting to shake as I reach my right hand up to the chain and pull on the chain to make it come closer so I can get the lock through it, I have it in my grip and I put the lock in the loop, for a long moment I freeze, I can’t do it I keep thinking, I can’t do this, but my body is on fire with desire and I must force myself if I am to get what I want so bad, and that is "Sam " . I close my eyes and take a deep breath and, click, I close the lock. 

Now there is no turning back and no way I can stop whatever is going to happen. I am truly a captive of my on doing and there’s no way to escape or hide or anything but be there when he walks in that door. I start to pull on my cuffs to see if I can get free, but they are on good, so I try to scream and all that comes out is mmmmmmm.  I have really done myself up good and now I start to think, what if he doesn’t come, what if someone else does? What if he sees me and calls the police and they come, I will die from embarrassment for sure. My heart is starting to pound so hard I think I will die anyway, right here spreadeagled and stretched out against the wall in my garage half nude, boy what have I done. The wait seems like hours but it has only been about ten minutes.

What will Sam do when he finds me like this? 

Here I am, spreadeagled against the wall, strapped to it so I can’t escape and starting to panic. I never noticed all the little noises you hear out in the garage that you don’t hear inside the house, cars going by, doors slamming shut, everyone of them make me tense up thinking they might come here where I am bound and discover me like this. I start to pull harder on the cuffs to get free but to no use. I am trapped. Did I here a car pull into my driveway that time? I stain to listen, yes that is a car and the motor is still running - it must be Sam. I can hear a knock at the front door and then footsteps coming down the walkway and heading for the garage. He’s almost here and my heart is pounding so hard I almost forget to breath when he yells out,   “Wendy are you in there?” 

Two steps more and he slowly opens the door and looks in and there I am, the surprised look on his face and the staring eyes start to turn me red all over and I can’t look up at him. He walks kind of slowly over to where I am and with a soft voice asks me if I’m okay and who did this to me? All the time he is looking me up and down and then up at the cuffs and down to my spread legs. I cannot answer him because of the gag in my mouth. He ask again if I am ok and I nod my head yes. Sam steps back to look things over and to get the full view of me in my t-shirt and panties and high heels and then he spots the ice and keys. “You did this yourself didn’t you? Well I knew you were shy but I never expected you to give me a chance like this to give your body a real good workout!”

What did he mean by that? What was he going to do with his newfound toy? 

He walked up to me and pulled on the cuffs to see if I was held tight and then he started to run his fingers up and down my arms and onto my breast, I started to pull back but he grabbed both of them in his hands and started to gently squeeze them, this was starting the fires in me and I began to push forward into his hands as he rubbed and kneed them. If I could have gotten free right then I would have raped him then and there, but I wasn’t going anywhere soon. His hands slowly slipped down over my tummy and down to my now very wet womanhood. He slid in two fingers easy and started to run them in and out of me and I was almost ready to climax when he stopped and pulled out of me.

Why did he stop now? 

He stepped back and looked at me, and by now I was bumping to his hands. Sam said with a firm tone and a wicked smile, “I have to go for now and finish my delivery but I’ll be back in 45 minutes, after I stop at my house to get some things I will need for you later.”

With that he stepped up to me and kissed my lips, ball gag and all, he then reached up to the keys and gave them a tug and pulled them down and put them in his pocket, there goes freedom I thought. Then he takes my t-shirt and with one quick pull rip's it right off of me, exposing my breasts to him, but I am watching him so close this time it didn’t bother me for him to see me like this, after all that's what I wanted. He turned to leave but looked back and said you forgot to leave the money out for the pizza so I guess I’ll have to take it out in trade later and winked. 

In my plan I had forgotten about the money.  Sam said he would turn out the lights so I could think about what was to come next and with that he hit the switch and walked out the door. Now I have 45 minutes in the dark to think about what he said and that grin he had on this face and the bulge he had in his pants. I also am not liking these high heels very much, its hard to stand in this position with your legs far apart and in high heels its even worse and its going to be a while till he comes back. Now I’m starting to hear all the outside noises again and my mind is playing tricks on me, everytime a car passes by or a door slams close by, I start to think who is coming and will someone find me like this? 

The time is passing by very slowly and my legs are starting to hurt a little. What did he mean take it out in trade? I was willing to do anything he wanted, but what did he have planned and what did he have to get at his house?

The dark plays strange tricks on you but the more I thought about what he said the more I became inflamed in my moist lips and my nipples became more erect and I drifted into a vibrant feeling from head to toe. I had never felt anything like this before and it was working me up to a fever pitch and I can’t touch myself at all. Its hard to describe the feeling but I can’t move or get free but I never felt more free than at this moment, the warm waves are riding all over my body and I can only enjoy them and let them happen as my body responds to the feeling that has overtaken it. This must be what my girlfriend was trying to tell me. I sure hope Sam comes back soon because I am burning up with lust and I want him in me and holding me tight when I explode.

Were is he? It seems so long now. 

What seems like hours has only been about 1 hour then I hear a car pull up in my driveway, finally he’s back and I am about ready to explode with pure lust, I want him to let me down and take me into his arms and make mad love to me. I’m ready for anything he wants of me, which is good because at this point I don’t really have a choice anyway. Sam walks in the door and turns the light on and looks at me, smiles and says, "I see you haven’t gone anywhere!” Like I could. In his hands he has a red rug and something with a long handle and some kind of strings attached to it, the other thing I see is a camera. This is not what I expected, he surely won’t take pictures of me like this, not like this I tried to yell at him but that came out “mamma!” 

He came over to me and looked at me and said, “As promised your beautiful body is mine to play with tonight.” Sam said this has been his best fantasy for years but had never met a girl that he thought he could ask to do this with till tonight. He said he always dreamed of having a girl tied and stretched out that he could run his hands over and probe her most intimate parts and that is why he brought the camera so he could have something to look back on later and the red rug was to give some contrast to the floor and my lush firm body. But the whip was for me and me alone, this would increase your orgasm to new highs. I really don’t like the sound of that at all and start to pull hard on my wrist cuffs to try and get free but Sam puts his hands on my breast and starts to play with my nipples, his hands are so soft against my body. 

It didn’t take him long to take my mind off of the whip and he continues on down to the hot spot in my body and rubs the outer lips and sees they are soaking wet already, then without warning he steps back and brings the whip down right across my hard nipples, “wow that hurt!” I thought and began to pull back away from his hands, then he hit again and I reeled back again. He wasn’t hitting me hard but I didn’t expect it and the feeling was both pain and pleasure as the sting let up. He then laid the rug out in front of me and started to take pictures, all the while telling me how beautiful I am and this was worth all the money he had given the other drivers so that he could deliver my pizza himself, so he could get to see me and to talk to me. 

I can’t believe my ears; he paid money to see me. Well I gave him something to see alright and he was enjoying this to the fullest and I am really pushing hard into his hands and he is playing with me till I finally explode into the hardest orgasm I have ever had in my life and the tremors keep running on and on till I can’t take any more and fall forward, lucky my arms keep me from falling and Sam grabs me and holds me tight till the waves of pure pleasure start to trail off. He says, “I think you have had a good beginning on being my slave girl tonight!” So he takes the keys and unlocks the locks and cuffs from my wrist and then the leg cuffs come off. 

Oh how good it feels to let my arms down and to take the pressure off the high heels, then Sam takes me into his arms and brings me to the floor and is on me like a flash, he takes my panties off and runs his tongue around my nipples and down to my already wet lips and begins to prob. In and out and I think I will die then and there with his constant licks. He has the doctor’s tender touch all right but this is like no other guy I ever have been with, he is hell bent to give me pleasure and that's fine with me.

Just as I think that I can take no more he unfastens the gag and takes it off so I can breathe better and pulls his shorts down to give me a glimpse of his manhood and before I could respond to the sight he was in me, going deeper and deeper and it felt great. We started thrusting into each other and we both came together in one big bang!

This will be a night neither of us will forget for a long time. I lost count how many times that night we came together. Sam and I see each other two or three times a week now and we have tried new things together and I am his willing slave, which I love. I have seen some of the pictures he takes and I look great in my bondage and I am no longer shy when it comes to him. 



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