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Wet Dream Bondage

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2004 - Margaret B - Used by permission

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Note to Reader:  I don’t write a lot of self-bondage stuff.  First, I think it is dangerous.  Second, it is much more fun to have someone there to torment and humiliate you.  Why not ask someone you trust or love?  Think how humiliated you will feel when they say no.  Think how excited you will feel when they say yes! I'd advise against taking alcohol and drugs together and also tying yourself up and falling asleep.

And now, for our little story.

My name is Mark, but in my “play time” I refer to myself as Margie.  My self-bondage is somewhat different than most and I don’t suggest you try it.  I am sure you have heard similar confessions before as each of us likes to believe his or her perversions are unique.  Mine involves drugs.  I don’t use heavy doses of illegal drugs or any of that sixties crap.  I take an over the counter sleeping pill with a little booze.

This happened the first time by accident, without the sleeping pill.  I secured myself helpless and blindfolded after a hard day’s work and simply fell asleep.  I awoke about two hours later and became slightly panic stricken and very disoriented for a few minutes until I remembered I was bound, blindfolded, and gagged.  The feeling was wild!  I had to calm down and think about where I was and what to do.  I thirsted for more!  I spend a number of play times trying to repeat the same conditions before I decided to take a sleeping pill just a minute before shackling my wrists.  I was concerned about the amount to take and decided that a safe over the counter pill combined with a couple of drinks of alcohol would put me to sleep long enough to disorient me and bring on that panic feeling when I woke up.

I tested the dose with a can of beer and one pill late in the evening ready for bed without any bondage gear in place.  The warning on the package said drinking alcohol with the pill would increase sleepiness and advised against it.  I slept very well for about four hours and then woke up from the drop in blood sugar as well as the pill wearing off.  It was a rather poor idea to test my survival this way and I don’t recommend it.  When you are desperate to experience something you tend to take risks.  The next night I used the same dose with my hands and feet somewhat loosely tied and a pillowcase over my head.  I was a little surprised and disoriented when I woke with a mild panic feeling.  That is exactly what I was looking for!

On the day before my day off, (I work an odd week where my time off changes continually) I would come home, skip supper, take a bath, and prepare.  Now, this is a little embarrassing even though you don’t know me and may very well do the same type of thing.  Strangely, I feel a sort of sexual arousal from the humiliation of telling you this.  During bondage, I dress in female underwear!  I don’t go out in dresses, wigs, and heels trying to fool the public.  I wear pantyhose and a bra during my playtime.  The silky feeling on my legs with the caressing of my cock and the tight fit of the undersized bra makes me feel real sexy.  I’m not queer, honest!  I don’t want to be with a man.  I have used a depilatory to remove the hair from my legs and I shave my pubic area as well as under my arms.  I feel so smooth and sexy, but I would curl up and die if anyone ever knew!

I have done this in various ways each getting more bolder and exciting for nearly a year.  On a weekend trip, I took my medicine, as I like to call it while bound hand and foot on top of a bed in a motel room.  The “do not disturb sign” was not out.  I was wearing black pantyhose, a long line bra, with a gag and a hood.  My heart was pounding with the thought, “what if I don’t wake up before the maid comes in?”  Well, I did wake up and got the key from the chair across the room hours before she came in.  I had the semen washed from my pantyhose and was dressed like a man to the observing world with a clean pair of black hose under my pants and the long line bra under my shirt.  I went out to breakfast with the wet hose hanging in the shower.  The feeling of humiliation when I came back and realized the room had been clean and hose seen but untouched was awesome!

More recently, I have taken to spending the night well secured on the patio of my San Diego home.  In the summer the nights are warm making sleeping in pantyhose and a long line bra out side comfortable.  I have developed a method of bondage that works well both from a safe and sane point while providing a full blown panic and disorientation.  I have fastened with nails a two by four against the wall of my house with a bolt protruding at a slight angle.  I don’t entertain much, but it is easy enough to cover this bolt with a table or the barbeque when friends are invited over.  At night, I lie unseen about twenty feet from a four-foot block wall.

Sawing two cuts in a washer about half way to the inner hole I bent the metal to a ninety-degree angle.  I took this tab and inserted it in the middle link of my handcuff chain.  Bending the metal over with a number of hammer blows to secure the washer to the cuffs.   Now, on nights I wish bondage play, I slip the washer over the bolt and screw down a wing nut locking the cuffs in place.  After drinking the last four ounces of ale (7% alcohol) with the pill chopped up and dissolved in the booze, I attach my wrists to the cuffs over my head and wait to fall asleep.  

This does not always work out as planned.  One June morning turned very cold and I found my feet painfully numb. I spent one night with my hands over my head wide-awake rubbing my feet and legs together without even an hour’s sleep. I thought about quitting and releasing myself until the warm sun on my near naked body forced me to stop least some neighbor see me.  I can, when reoriented, remove the wing nut and crawl eight to ten feet to my left as I search for the key to the cuffs and my return to normality.  In addition, I keep a key on the wall across the yard. 

The better nights are when I fall asleep and wake up disoriented and panicked after between two and four hours of sleep.  I need to remove the wing nut and then crawl to the key, which sometimes takes more than an hour and brings on additional panic. The combination of pill and booze allows for many a wild dream.  This is an added and uncontrolled element to which I look forward.  Being blindfolded increases the excitement and a homemade ball gag keeps me from waking the neighbors.

I recently went and donated sperm at a sperm bank across town.  I did not do this out of some duty to extent the human race or make it possible for unfertile couples to have children.  I did it because it made me feel humiliated!  They were a most professional organization, but the idea of “producing” sperm in a clinic made me horny.   I filled out a short form and was directed by a very attractive woman to a private restroom with a chair and a cup for the specimen.  She was tall about 5 feet 6 inches with bright red hair.  Her breasts were not large by today’s standards, but they were very perky and seemed to defy gravity.  She wore a plaid vest over a white nylon leotard with a short plaid skirt over shiny bright white tights.  I don’t mean pantyhose these were less sheer.  I thought it odd her wearing black three-inch pumps as most women on their feet all day wear walking shoes.  I felt uneasy especially when I handed the cup to her and she smiled, but it was not the feeling of humiliation or embarrassment I was expecting.

A month ago, I purchased from an Internet supplier a device called “the seven gates of hell”.  You may have seen them or even used one.  It is a male chastity device with steel rings designed to prevent erections.  I found it a most painful bondage implement.  Everything I had hoped for! I wore it the night it came for two painful erections or should I say attempts. I doubled over at the first erection with terrible pain.  I managed to force myself to leave the device in place only to find more pain less than an hour later.  I could not help thinking, “be careful what you wish for.”  Even though the pain was more then I thought safe, I was determined to make good use of the device.

After using the device every night, I gradually was able to tolerate the pain all night and finally for a full 24 hours.  During erections the device brings a great deal of fear and agony.  What is more, while the cock is trying to get hard and the balls swell in the process, the device cannot be removed.  Only when my cock is soft can I put it on or take it off.  I finally talked myself into using it during my bondage. I masturbate first which allows me to put the device on without an erection for a few hours.  The pain from the device wakes me after the pill and the booze wear off.
I try to go through the pain of the attempted erection at least three times before releasing myself and often fall back to sleep after the first time.  I know every man finds this different.  Some may not find it painful at all.  The agony that runs through my body from my cold stocking clad toes to my fingertips is horrible.  I shake all over and buck against the patio floor with muffled screams through my gag.  I fear that this activity might bring a passerby to my unsolicited rescue.  The thought of being caught always makes me hard!

I wake up in a full-blown panic with the agony of an erection screaming through my gag.  I know even when I get the wing nut free that I cannot remove the device forcing me to endure the pain.  The event ends with me completely exhausted, scared to death, and trembling as I fall back to sleep.  The most I have ever been able to handle in one night is five erections.  My cock is sore for two to three days after.  It is the most fun I have ever had and only the pain in my swollen cock keeps me from doing it every night!

When I made my donation at the sperm bank, I carried my device in and wore it out.  I fantasized about squeezing the woman in white’s boobs and eating her pussy while my cock got hard and finally fired off a large amount of semen.  I put the device on with the intent to wear it until the next morning.  I found this very hard to do as the erections on that Friday afternoon brought considerable pain and often at embarrassing moments. I had taken an early and long lunch to go to the sperm bank and left work about six.  Only once before had I tried to wear the device at work all day, but had to remove it after only three hours.  I was very excited about wearing the device for so long a time and I was thinking about the woman in white, which brought on a number of very strong and painful erection attempts.

When I got to my car I striped off naked.  This was the last weekend in October and the nights would soon be too cold to spend outside nearly nude.  I was determined to force myself to a memorable playtime.  I dressed in pantyhose after removing the cotton crotch, put on my high heels, and my matching black front hook long line bra.  I drank two straight shots of 80 proof whiskey and began chewing on two of the pills.  I tightened the wing nut with the cuffs in place, sat down with my back rubbing against the stucco wall, put the gag in my mouth, and the blindfold over my eyes.  I locked the shackles of the cuffs to my wrists using the key to secure the double locking element of each cuff, and finally tossed the key to my left.  I was secure, helpless, and about to fall asleep.

Just as I was about to dose off in a drunken stupor, my cock decided to have another agonizing erection.  I shook and bucked as the worst pain of the day ran unchecked through my body.  I vaguely remember lifting myself up to the wing nut and trying to release myself. I believe it was this first erection attempt that forced me into sleep and what I hope was only a dream.

The next thing I knew I was lying on a hard stainless steel table with a tube running into my nose and an IV in my arm.  I thought, “I must have gone too far and I am in hospital.”  I tried to move, but found myself strapped down tight to the table.  I looked down toward my feet and saw my naked and fully exposed body with a catheter tube in my very sore penis draped over the end of the table.  The lights were too bright burning into my eyes. Everything I knew was gone, my gag, the blindfold, and the cuffs.  I looked straight up expecting to see the light of a hospital ceiling, but found a mirror.  It was the horrible sight of a naked man with tubes running in and out of his body.  My own terrified face stared back at me from the mirror!

The tube in my nose was feeding some murky white fluid through one of my nostrils with oxygen from a different tube forcing its way through the other.  I could not talk or move my jaw.  There was some kind of steel device inside my mouth locking my jaw open.  I glanced around the room as best I could to see the mirror above tables on both sides of me.  Each table had a naked man with the same type of tubes running out of his body.  Each man had the same device forcing his mouth open and was strapped in exactly the same immobile position that I was.  The man to my right was black and the man to my left was Latino.

A woman dressed in a white nylon walked over to the table to my right and began to molest the black man’s penis.  She was the red headed woman from the sperm bank! I could clearly see her shapely body and those black pumps in the mirror.  She was no longer wearing her modest plaid cover-ups. As she stroked the black man’s cock he began to move as much as possible in his bonds and gave out low moans.  I watched them switching back and forth between his rather large penis slowly becoming erect and the red head’s sexy legs and ass.  

I began to feel my penis reacting to the sight I was viewing and for a moment the fear of an agonizing erection came over me.  I quickly realized that my “seven gates of hell” was gone and that the pain of erection was gone as well.  I was wrong!  The tube, a rather large tube, in my penis caused just a little discomfort at first, but soon grew to a different yet worse agony than the device.  The pain was from the inside and I felt sure that it was not the first time.

As the black cock reached a very hard full erection the woman stopped masturbating him for a moment and walking to the end of his table changed the tube to his penis from the collection bag to a vacuum machine with a sterile glass jar on the side.  She pressed a button that turned on the machine and sucked the semen from the man’s body.  This must have been very painful from the reaction that his body gave during the process. After a about a minute, she turned the machine off and changed the tubes back.  She removed the sterile glass jar, capped it, and replaced it with another.  Then she removed the steel gag from the donor.

“Hell! That hurts!  Let me out of here!”

She slapped the man hard across the mouth twisting the feeding tube in his nose bringing a great deal of pain.  

“Shut up!  You’re a big boy!  You are only going through this one or two more times.  Then you will be terminated.”

Terminated!  What does that mean?  Was she going to kill him? Would she inject a poison in his IV tube and end his life.  Then a sicker thought came to mind.  Would they castrate him? She lifted up his hip a few inches, rubbed his butt with an alcohol swab, and gave him an injection.  At this point he began to beg and plead.  It was a few minutes before he quieted down and fell off to sleep or at least I hope it was just sleep.

“You awake already, are you?  Would you like to try the procedure without the whitehead gag in place?  Remember the rules! You must be civil and no screaming.”

She removed the steel from my mouth.  My jaw was sore and I opened and closed a number of times trying to get my mouth to work correctly.  Her hand gently caressed my cock bringing a pleasant reaction until the catheter took hold and changed the pleasure to pain.  At first, the erection was only uncomfortable, but as it grew the pain from the tube in my prick grew as well.  I started to tremble and tears began rolling down my cheeks.

“Please.  That hurts.  Please Miss, don’t do it any more.”

“I find it hard to believe you cannot remember any of this.  The injection you get does have a similar drug to the “date rape” drugs men use on their victims, but something as brutal as forced masturbation while catheterized must leave some impression.  You don’t remember anything?”

“I don’t know how I got here or what is going on!”

“Wow!  Nothing!  You do know this is the sperm bank and your donating sperm?”

“I recognize you and I thought this might be the bank, but”

“This is your sixth donation so far.  We take one every two hours.  The fluid going into your stomach through your nose increases you production of viable sperm.  Normally, you would be sterile, temporarily that is.  The drugs in the fluid increase the sperm production at least for a while.”

My cock began to throb in her hand giving us both the sign that ejaculation was near.  She gently pulled the tube a couple of inches out of my bladder, which would allow the machine to extract my semen.  The pain was awful! She stepped to the end of my table and moved the tube to the machine with a glass jar just above my head.  She pressed the button and my semen was sucked from my loins in agony!  It was all I could do not to scream.  I thought if I make to much noise, she would put the gag back in place and I would lose my ability to ask questions even perhaps negotiate.

“That’s a good boy.  The last time you screamed so loud I had to put back in the gag.”

“How long have I been here and how long will I stay?”  I asked as politely as the pain in my cock would permit. 

“You will stay as long as you’re productive.  Then, you will be terminated.  I told you the same thing last time.  I cannot believe you don’t remember anything.”

With that she rolled me up on my side, swabbed my butt, and gave my very sore bottom an injection.

It was late in the afternoon when I woke up.  The sun was hot.  My whole body ached, but my cock was painfully sore.  I reached up to the wing nut and found it loose.  I removed the nut and the washer, then my blindfold.  My arms were stiff and my legs could barely move.  I removed the gag and then began to pay attention to my very sore cock.  I looked for the key to the cuffs, but never did find it.  I was forced to crawl across the yard to the safety key on the wall.  This is very risky from a social point as I could be caught.  I ducked several times as cars and people went by.  After I reached the extra key and uncuffed my wrists, I took a deep breath and ran into the house.  

This was a strange yet erotic and sexy dream.  I looked at the clock, it was 3 PM.  I had slept all that time.  After slowly and carefully pissing, I realized I was in my stocking feet.  I walked back to the patio and saw my high heels hanging from the two by four.  The key was in the toe of the left shoe!
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