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What Amber Saw...

by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; college; dorm; discovery; voy; Sbf; cuffs; rope; gag; bfold; cons; X

It was a quiet day here in the dorms. Most of the other co-eds took off for the weekend to enjoy the first warm days of spring. There were only three others from her floor still here but even they seemed pre-occupied.

Amber exited the showers and wrapped a towel around herself. It was a simple modesty that she allowed herself. Quite often she and most of the girls would go nude from room to showers, but today anyone could walk in. With her firm breasts and toned body the blonde knew herself to be beautiful.

The towel wrapped blonde stopped in the hall; what was that sound? She listened for anything out of the ordinary. Voices drifted up from the end of the hall where the 'rec' room was, but this was something else. Something softer, closer. It almost sounded like the scream of someone with their mouth covered like in all of those slash movies. Amber shook her head; 'I really need to get out more. That's all it is'; she thought, 'just my imagination'.

Three steps later she heard it again, this time slightly louder. She was standing in front of Dawn's room, the head cheerleader with the really big assets. At least that's what the boy's say about the way she fills out her sweater. Amber stepped closer to the door, pressing her ear against it. She could hear soft movements and mewing sounds from inside. For a second she thought about calling for help, but decided against it. The busty blonde was not exactly a favorite among the girls and besides, she could just be sleeping.

The knob turned noiselessly in her hand. Slowly Amber opened the door a crack, just enough to peek in. The room beyond was as dim as the hallway in which she stood. But she could tell that something was going on in there. Then she heard the muffled cry again, but it did not come from the bed. It sounded like someone was over by the shaded window.

That's where she found Dawn, she was naked and on her knees. But that wasn't the best part; the large breasted blonde haired co-ed was securely bound and gagged. Amber stood in shock in the open doorway as she stared at the bound girl. Dawn twisted slightly in her restraints as if to escape, but Amber could see that escape was out of the question.

Stepping into the room the towel-clad girl closed the door as quietly as she had opened it. She moved closer to gain a better look, moving quietly as only a barefoot person could. Dawn's hands were locked into steel handcuffs suspended over her head. The bound girl knelt on a blanket in total submission. A leather sleep type mask covered her eyes and a ball with a strap run through it was buckled into her mouth.

Several loops of rope wrapped her breasts making her fantastic endowments stand out proud. Amber’s eyes traveled lower to the rope at Dawn's waist. It was tied belt-like and knotted in front. From there another cord went under her crotch, something Amber did not see a need for until she saw the end of the vibrator tied into it. The device was pushed in deep and would not slip out.

Dawn's ankles were crossed and tied. A rope ran from them to the back of her crotch rope, preventing the bound girl from standing. It also seemed to tug gently on the crotch rope every time she moved. 'Oh shit'; Amber thought, 'she looks so wild'.

She also knew she should call for help. 'I mean I can't just stand here and watch, can I?' she wondered. No she had to help, maybe call security. Who ever did this will most likely come back and that could mean trouble if he finds out she was here. Amber knew she really should help her dorm-mate, but the helpless blonde made such an erotic sight that she just couldn't help herself.

'Well.... maybe for a few minutes. I mean who would know? Dawn certainly won’t, in fact nobody knew she was in here with Dawn so helpless'. Amber realized the power she had at that moment. The power to observe undetected, to touch and caress, or to torture and punish. At this moment the captive girl was so totally hers and had no way of even knowing.

Amber knelt silently in front of the bound girl, less than three feet away. She crossed her wrists and ankles and imagined what the helpless girl was feeling. Slowly shifting from knee to knee she felt the towel slip loose and drop to the floor.

Dawn twisted in her bondage trying for some measure of comfort. Amber watched as he twisted and mewed softly through her gag. 'I REALLY should call someone', she thought yet again. But this was so wildly erotic. Kneeling naked right in front of someone who is also naked and helpless. And what’s more the bound and gagged girl was blissfully unaware for her being found.

Arching her back Amber glanced at the ceiling. A hook was there with the rope holding Dawn's hands above her head attached to it. But it was the second thread that caught her attention. She followed it with her eyes. It ended at a small bowl. An ice cube with the end of the string rested in the bottom of the bowl. Just outside the bowl a small key hung. A barreled type key that would fit the lock on Dawn's cuffs.

Then Amber figured it out quickly. The ice would melt and the key would swing down within reach. Dawn would then free herself after an hour or so of captivity. That also meant that there was nobody to return and find her here. Dawn had done this to herself; there was no need to call anyone. The large breasted co-ed was just having a little solo fun.

Well now that was a different story. Amber felt all of the guilt about not freeing Dawn as soon as she came in wash away. Only to be replaced by a new excitement. A fresh relief flowed in to fill the void. As long as Dawn had done this to herself and was not endangering her life than she was not required to intervene.

Amber reached out with one hand, almost but not quite touching a bound breast. She could feel the warmth radiating from the captive girls strained body. Follow the tracks of perspiration as it ran down the nudes’ body. Slowly Amber's hand glided down following the curves of Dawn's torso remaining just a hair's breath from actual contact. That point where you can feel someone's touch before they physically do. Dawn actually reacted as if she had been touched, moaning and writhing.

A sound just outside the door startled Amber, and caused Dawn to tense up. But it was just another girl closing her door across the hall. The bound girl seemed to relax as things quieted down again. That’s when Amber remembered the ice and key. The ice was nearly melted through and the key would fall soon.

Picking up her towel the blonde stepped back to the door. Quietly opening it and stepped out into the deserted hall. As Amber looked back for one last peek, the key dropped. It swung down right into Dawn's hands.

The nude girl watched as Dawn released her hands before closing the door. Running on tiptoe Amber went to her room and closed the door. She moved to her bed thinking about what she had just seen.

What she had seen was the most intense thing she had witnessed in her life. To be tied so helplessly, so out of control, so beautifully. What would it be like if someone saw her all tied-up and naked? Maybe one of the other girls she really hated finding her so helpless. Or one of the boys walking in and seeing her so available. Would he take full advantage of her situation, or would he wimp out and run away.

An hour later a slightly less frustrated Amber entered the cafeteria for dinner. She wore a white tank top, khaki shorts, and leather sandals. She selected her food and turned to the nearly vacant room.

Off to one side sat a group she really did not know, on the other sat Dawn. The girls’ hair was freshly brushed and she wore a pink sleeveless crop with cut-off denim shorts and high platform sandals. As Amber approached she could just make out the pink lines around Dawns wrists and ankles.

Amber quickly made up her mind and went to sit with her. Before she could chicken out Amber had slid into the chair across from Dawn. Looking into her soft blue eyes Amber asked, "Can we talk?"

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