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What dreams may come...

by GaggedUtopia

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What Dreams may Come… True Story
Written by: GaggedUtopia

Many years have passed since I dated my wife, but it seems like yesterday.  I often think back to one night in particular.  It was our fourth date and our first time making love.  In the after glow of sex, I held her close to me and asked what her deepest and darkest sexual fantasy was.  With a wry smile, she patted me on the chest and told me that she liked me a lot, and didn’t want to scare me off.

My interest was only peeked further and I persisted to get her to tell the fantasy.  Getting nowhere, we eventually fell asleep.  When I awoke the next morning I saw her sitting with her legs crossed, just staring at me.  It was a little unnerving, as I didn’t know how long she had been up, but she looked like she wanted to tell me something.  It was a look of concern, so I knew something was wrong.  Maybe I had pushed it too far last night?

“Do you really want to know?” Aimee asked me.

“Well, yes… How can I ever make it come true if you don’t tell me?” I snidely remarked, trying to ease the tension.

“I feel so dirty and horrible to even think these thoughts, but if you really want to know, I will tell you.  You sure?” She queried again.

I never understood the need to ask the same question twice, seems to be a trait many women possess, but now was not the time to point that out.  I simple “Yes, I am sure” was all I could muster.

“Back in college my roommate went to a party, I had to study so I stayed home in the dorm.  Around 2am there was a knock on the door, and when I answered it I was in total shock.  My roommate was lying on the ground hogtied with a cloth in her mouth to gag her.  I dragged her inside and freed her from the bonds.  She said she was ok and that she just wanted to sleep.  There were marks all over her body, I only guessed that she was whipped.

The next morning I asked her about it and what else they did.  She told me that they had tied her up raped her.  I told her that we needed to involve the cops and catch the people that did this, but she didn’t want anything to do with that.  I asked her why and she just smiled and said she it’s not as bad as it seems.

I couldn’t fathom at the time why anybody would ‘like’ being raped.  My answers came quick however and found out what the mystery was.  My boyfriend at the time had come over, pretty drunk when I think about it.  It was by no means our first time, but I was in no mood for sex.  I tried to tell him no, but he picked me up and tossed me to the bed.  I sat up and he grabbed both of my hands and forced them behind me.  After pushing me down on my arms and pushing down on me I couldn’t move much but my legs.  What made the horrible event wonderful was for the first time I had an orgasm with him.  I guess it was him forcing me that turned me on. 

Over the years I have developed this fantasy to be kidnapped, bound and raped by a robber.  I just want to be used and tossed aside for somebody to find me like I found my friend that night.  I never noticed at first, but she had a certain glow about her the next morning.  If I didn’t know better, she probably asked them to do that.  Well, that’s pretty much it…  Should I expect you to go running for the hills now?”

I didn’t know if I should try and play it down and joke like it didn’t bother me or tell him my interest in it.  “Fantasies are just that, fantasies.  If you want my honest answer on the subject, it means a lot to me that you can tell me that.  Come over to my place tomorrow night.  I want to show you something, and show you how much I appreciate your honesty.” I told her.

The next day I introduced her to my living fantasy.  I had a closet full of bondage gear, leather, latex and steel.  At first she was taken a little aback but after she started to play with all the items on her own, I could tell she loved it.

“Hmmm… that was 11 years ago” I said to myself.  I wonder if she still has the fantasy.  Maybe it’s time to find out. 

I traveled around the world every few months so planning a trip was not going to be hard, but doing it with our anniversary coming up… that was going to take some work.

“If there was a way out of it you know I would do it in a second hon. Peter fucked up and now I have to fix his mess.  And before you say it, no, I can’t fire him… he’s my bosses nephew.  I would have done it long ago if I could have.”  I pleaded with Aimee, putting on my best show, worthy of an Oscar.

“Why does our life have to take a backseat to his screw ups?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“It’s my job.  You know I love you.” I said.

“Well, you will be back the day after our anniversary, so I guess it won’t be an awful thing to celebrate a day late” she sighed, obviously looking for more sympathy from me.

Later that evening at dinner I went for a bottle of champagne, poured us both a glass and said “Here’s to the best 5 years of my life, and may the best of our past be the worst of our future”.  We enjoyed the rest of the evening, and continued the fun into the bedroom later that night. 

The next day I got ready for my trip, packing up a suitcase and making the calls I would normally make.  The time came to leave and like clockwork she met me at the door for our goodbye kisses.  “I saved the champagne in the fridge for you to finish off, you can have a toast tomorrow to our anniversary, I will do the same where I am” I told her.

“Ok, I will do that… I guess it will have to do for you not being here” she smirked, her special way of telling me she forgives me but wants to get her digs in.

“Ok, see you in two days” 

Kisses goodbye.

Once I drove off I went right to the hotel that I would be staying at.  It was quite a distance away.  The last thing I need is somebody recognizing my car.  It took me just under an hour to drive there, right smack in the middle of nowhere.

Later in the evening, I called the house to see if she was there and put on a fake voice and asked for myself.  I tried to carry on the conversation as long as I could, pretending to be a co-worker named Jim.  I could tell that she doesn’t want anything to do with talking with me, and better yet, doesn’t recognize the voice I am using.

Everything was in place; I had already made preparations to have fun with her all night tomorrow so all I had to do was wait.  It was exciting for me as well, as I would be able to do things to her that she protested before.  I could barely contain myself when I went to sleep. The next day was going to be very interesting to say the least.

The Next Night

I took a cab back into town and had them drop me off a couple blocks from our house.  Most of the people didn’t have fences, so making my way to our house through the backyards at night was not too difficult.  I was dressed in some black sweatpants and shirt, but was saving the black mask for the house to give the full effect.  Upon arriving at the house I could see that some of the lights were still on, but thankfully they were on the first floor where I could see inside.

My plan was coming together very well now, just like clockwork she was out like a light on the couch.  It seems that the sleeping pills that I crushed and mixed in with the champagne worked out well.  If all continues to go well, it will keep her asleep long enough for me to get in the house and restrain her before she knows what is going on.

I made my way to the back of the house and got one of the spare keys from under a rock.  I entered through the kitchen and put on my mask.  I made sure to shut off the remaining lights as I made my way to the living room where Aimee was.  It’s best to be safe then have a worried neighbor call the police after seeing a strange person in the house.

With handcuffs in hand, I pounced on top of Aimee.  In a blur I spun her onto her stomach on the living room floor.  Click click click… and the deed was done.  While sitting on her legs, I tore off a long piece of duct tape and placed it right over her mouth.  It was perfect timing as she just was waking up and starting to realize that she was in a lot of trouble.  As Aimee started to thrash around and try to fight me off, I continued to apply more strips of tape to her mouth, creating an X over the existing tape and then a few strips under her chin to make it difficult to get her tongue out.

While at the hotel earlier today, I went over the plan several times, and that included trying the tape gag on myself.  I wanted to make sure that it would inhibit her screams, but also be sure that it would hold in place.  I found that with just a single strip I could wet it with my tongue and free in it in a matter of seconds.  If I reinforced it with an X over it, it took me a few minutes.  However with the tape under the jaw as well, it forced my teeth together muffling me even more and preventing my tongue to easily get to the tape.  To up the stakes a little and force myself to give 110% of my efforts in getting it off I put the key to my handcuffs in my mouth first.  After locking the handcuffs behind my back I had to free myself.  In short, the last tape gag I tried on myself took me 3 hours to get out of and had to use the hot water in the shower to melt the glue and letting me open my jaw a little.  I am pretty confident she won’t get out any time soon.

The next step is to make her believe that it is a real robbery, so I take out a black gun and pull the firing hammer back.  Putting on my Oscar worthy fake voice, I whisper to her “Now show me were the good stuff is and maybe you can live.”  With a quick push she started making her way to the stairs.  The plan was still working 100%, she was going for the bedroom where she had her jewelry and I had some collectables.

When we walked in to the bedroom I pulled out a small plastic shopping bag and started to fill it with her jewelry.  Once it was all in the bag, I set it down and looked at Aimee.  At this point she was starting to shiver a little bit, obviously paralyzed with fear.  I debated for a minute if I should go through with this, as I really didn’t want to hurt her in any way, but decided it best not to stop.  Stopping now would only piss her off.

“This can’t be all you have, I have watched this house for a while and watched your husband leave yesterday for a trip I presume.  This is a nice house and you obviously have money, so where is the rest of it.” I said with a threatening tone.  Aimee just stood for a minute breathing heavy through her nose, but after I raised my hand as if to strike her she moved towards the closet.  Jackpot.

I rummaged around in there for a short while before grabbing a rather large suitcase.  This is where we kept our bondage gear, and by the wide-eyed expression on her face, she knew that if “the robber” opened it, her situation would get much worse.  She was right.

“Oh not another one of you fucking freaks” I yelled out loud.  “Why is it when I rob all you preppy rich idiots you are into this stuff?” 

Aimee just had a blank stare, obviously not having an answer.  “I suppose you’re not in a position to answer are you.  Why don’t we see what all the fuss is about then?  Would you like to be my slave?”

She defiantly did have a response to that question, and it was a clear no as she shook her head franticly.  I grabbed a piece of rope and tied it around her neck and then around the top of the bedpost.  She only had a bathrobe on, so I undid one cuff and slipped it off, then reapplied the cuff behind her. The post was about a foot taller then she was and had bars at the top of it for hanging curtains down, like a canopy.  When we bought it however, we both had other uses in mind. 

I added a blindfold to her and pretended to look through the contents of the suitcase.  I already knew what I was going to do with her, but I had to pretend I was still a bondage novice.  While planning this whole adventure I made sure to come up with some ideas for tying her up that I normally didn’t use.  I always enjoyed using rope on Aimee, but she always protested because of the rope marks and the way it would dig into the skin if tied tight.

After 10 minutes of sifting through the suitcase, I laid out everything that I was going to be using tonight.  I untied her neck from the post and shoved her face first onto the bed.  Grabbing some rope, I tied her elbows together tightly leaving a nice long piece of slack.  I could already hardly contain myself, Aimee never had let me tie her arms like this, it was a dream come true.  Focusing on the task at hand however, I undid the handcuffs and used a shorter piece of rope to tie them together.  Using the slack from her arms, I looped it around the wrist coils securing them tight.  There was still plenty of slack so I ran it back up to her elbows and looped it up there, I didn’t need the extra slack now, but will later.

“I have never seen these types of gags before, only the kind with one strap.  I am interested to see what it looks like, but we are going to have to get rid of that tape.  How about on the count of three we rip it off?  1….” I tried to say in a stern voice, but actually I was wincing at the pain she was about to feel.  She was moaning into it, trying to get me to stop, but it was no use.  On the count of two I ripped it off.

“Surprised ya didn’t I?” I laughed.  She was obviously stunned from the sudden shock.  I grabbed a hold of her side and started tickle her.  It was not long before she involuntarily opened her mouth trying to catch her breath.  I shoved the gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head.  She tried to get it out, but even without the rest of the straps in place it was fruitless.  I secured the strap over her head next, then the chinstrap.  I knew from previous experience that she can’t even open her mouth at this point, so pushing the ball out was out of the question.  One of the features of this gag is the ability to lock it shut.  I had always wanted to, but she was never keen on the idea.  Probably the same reason she never liked ropes, she always wanted a quick release.  Too late for that now… click click click… I put on three locks to secure the strap behind the neck, over the head and her chin.

Surprisingly Aimee was not putting up much of a fight, but that was either because she liked it or was scared out of her mind.  Hopefully it is not the latter.  In any case, it was time for the legs, so I proceeded to bind her ankles to her thigh.  Doing this on both legs limited her mobility to almost nothing, but still provided me access to her delicious pussy and ass. 

“Now that you are nice and comfortable, I think I should get something for my hard work.  Don’t you?” I sneered.  Aimee just laid there, her only movement was her breathing.  “I take that as a yes.”

It was now time to make use of the bed frame.  I had always wanted to do this, but never got around to asking Aimee.  I flipped her over so she was lying on her bound arms.  Next I looped some rope around the existing rope holding her ankle to her thigh, threading it up to one side of the bed and tying it off.  I repeated the process for the other leg.  It took a little bit of work but the end result was more then I could have hoped for.  In front of me was my wife, bound, blindfolded and gagged with her legs spread wide apart and her ass suspended in the air.  I wished I could keep her like this for weeks instead of just tonight.

I couldn’t resist, I dropped my pants and right away I grabbed some lubricant and lubed up her ass as well as my cock.  We had only had anal sex a few times, but I was not really sure why.  Aimee never really protested, but I could tell she never got much out of it either.  Regardless, I was pumping away at her like it there was no tomorrow.  As an added side effect, whenever I pushed forward into her ass the rope would stretch a bit and pull her back to me.  I was in my own little world, totally oblivious to my surroundings.  If I had to describe it, it was like making love to somebody for the first time and makeup sex together.  What I didn’t notice at first was Aimee was actually moaning as well.  A smile drew across my face, as I knew I achieved my goal.

With a final push, Aimee let out a moan that echoed throughout the house.  I was surprised it was as load as it was considering how strict the gag is.  Maybe it was my wife bound tighter then ever before, maybe it was the position, maybe it was because I didn’t have permission, maybe all of it, but never in my life had I felt anything like that before.  It was like my soul was ripped out and pushed back in me setting off every nerve and neuron in my body a flame with passion.  I slumped back onto the bed, but stood after a few seconds so I wouldn’t risk falling asleep.

“You look like you could use something to cool you down, let me see if I can find something.” I said breathlessly, while trying to sound like it.  Pulling up my pants, I then untied her from the bed frame so she was not suspended.  I took the ropes that were still connected to her legs and looped them around the wrist ropes, then down the middle so I could tie them off.  Feeling a little devious, I pulled her body to the end of the bed.  I spread her legs out allowing me to pull her closer and closer to the end.  When I couldn’t move her any closer I tied off the rope to the railing leaving her very exposed and her back slightly arched. 

I suspect the reality of the situation was starting to set in because she was starting to fight me more and more now.  Jerking around on the bed in a futile attempt to free herself, Aimee never looked more sexy to me.

Aimee was in for a special treat.  Before I left for my trip, I froze up some mini-dildos.  Actually, they were just Popsicle molds, but serve the purpose very well.  A small rounded tip progressively becoming larger and only about 7 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide at the base.  I had tried a smaller one on myself a week before to ensure that it wouldn’t hurt her.  It didn’t take long to find out that it was very uncomfortable, but not painful.  I had 4 of these little sticks; it should be fun watching her reaction.

When I walked into the room she was more active then ever.  With a sharp slap on her ass I whispered “I’m baaaaack, miss me?”  Her motion slowed, probably realizing that escaping while I was in the room was impossible.  I used some more lubricant on her asshole, just because I was a nice robber.  Next I dislodged one of the ice cubes and held it in my hand so start the melting.  If I didn’t do that it could stick to her skin and be stuck there for a while.  It would also ruin the surprise.

Once it started to melt I pressed the tip against her ass.  It was quite apparent that she noticed it because she started to thrash around, almost knocking the cube out of my hand.  I pushed it further and further in until it disappeared inside her.  I was sure she could take another one, so in went another.  At this point she was thrashing around on the bed quite a bit.  It was a good thing she was tied down or else she might have hurt herself.  After one more cube I figured that was enough and grabbed a small butt plug, lubed it and stuck it in.  The plug was like a ball, it was not meant to fill her up, but rather to keep anything from escaping.  When the ice melts, the water will feel like an enema. 

I looked over at the clock and it was already 4am.  I figured I had another hour or so before my alter ego should be arriving home, however I still had a little more planned before my escape.  Aimee was still trashing and moaning into the gag, the ice cubes must be working.  From what I remember it was about 5 minutes before the dull pain in my ass went away, so I figured out she had a good 20 or 30 minutes.  I untied her from the end of the bed and removed the excess rope on her legs and set it aside.  I then reached into the closet and took out a 2x4 piece of wood that I had stashed in there.  I carefully laid it across the top of the bed.

Sliding a piece of rope through the top of her gag, I stood her on her knees and tied the rope to the board, suspending her in the middle of the bed.  With her suspended I could see her trying to reach her ass, trying to get the ice out.  Even though I doubted she would reach the plug in her ass, the stricter the better. 

I pulled out the steel chastity belt, I never really asked her to wear it much or for very long because it prevented my fun too.  In this case, it was a bit different; it was to add to her torment.  Not being totally heartless I also grabbed her favorite vibrator and pushed it in.  Because of the dim light I didn’t notice how wet she was, but it was clear she was enjoying this, at least in some ways. 

A low moan escaped her gagged lips as I turned it on.  Her squirming around increased a bit more as well, only to further excite me.  I knew I needed to get that belt on or I would end up having my way with her again instead of my last surprise for her.  I wrapped the belt of it around her first then pulling the strap between her legs and locking it all shut in the back with another lock.  I used the other piece of rope from before and tied it to the rings in the back of the belt.  I ran the rope up her back running it over the ropes holding her arms and over the board above her.  Pulling it tight I threaded it back down through the rings in the front of the belt.  Before tying them off however, I pulled hard on the rope while using my other hand to push her up.  After some work, Aimee was completely suspended in the air by the belt.  I tied off the rope, and also re-tightened the rope attached to her gag.

The final touch on the whole setup was using a small, thin rope.  I wrapped it around the ropes attaching her to her board above her.  The purpose for this was to allow her to spin instead of the ropes keeping her in a semi fixed position.  This will allowed her to sway more as well.  Time for fun.

I gave her a quick spin and a push causing her to spin and sway all around.  I picked up the cat-o-nine-tails from the floor and took aim. 

Swing 1 landed right on her breasts.  I think the scare hurt her more when she jumped then the actual hit itself. 

Swing 2 hit on her inner right thigh.  She let out a small yelp on this one.

Swing 3 hit square on her ass, leaving a nice red mark.

Swing 4 connected on her breasts again, only this time she let out a scream.

Swing 5 was on the soles of her feet; she only jumped a bit for that one.

Swing 6 hit on her other thigh, another yelp.

Swing 7 was another hit across her breasts; I love the way she jumps.

Swing 8 landed on her ass again, might ass well make it really red.

Swing 9 smacked across her stomach causing her to yell out really loud, leaving a red mark.  Unfortunately it was a miss, I had aimed for her thighs again.

Swing 10 was the final swing and I took careful aim on this one.  I waited for her to let her guard down, she did and while she was struggling against the bonds she opened her legs up for a moment.  I hit right across her thigh and pussy.  The belt must not have absorbed much of the blow because she jumped and screamed.

The 10 swings were for our anniversary, one swing for each year.  I enjoyed every one of them, mostly because when I use the whip on her it’s very light.  I do that because she asks and I don’t want to do anything that would make her not trust me. 

Thinking fast, to savor the moment forever, I grabbed my digital camera.  I started to take pictures at all angles.  Thankfully it was quiet and the air conditioner in the window masked most of the sound.  I was also thankful for the amount of pictures I could take with it, after about 20 minutes I had taken over 100 pictures.  I made sure to give her a bunch of spins and pushes to get some nice shots.  The alternate agenda however was so I could check Aimee’s limbs and make sure the ropes were not causing any damage.  My practiced hand did well, they were a little cold but still had circulation.

Aimee started to moan into the gag, my guess was that the ice had melted and she is feeling the effects of an enema.  At least the vibrator is keeping her entertained as well.  Knowing that she should be fine for at least an hour, I decided to make my escape.  I rummaged around, making a lot of noise stuffing some stuff into the bag. 

“I hope you don’t miss me to much, but I have to go” I whispered I her ear.  As a going away present, I attached some nipple clamps to her erect buds.  They were the vibrating kind, so hopefully she will have an orgasm or two while I am gone. 

I slipped out the back door over to the garage.  I had left my luggage hidden in there and changed into my normal clothes.  After I walked over to a nearby diner for some breakfast and kill some time.  I watched some TV while I was eating, taking note of the time.  After a little over an hour passed I decided it was time to return home. 

“Hon?  Are you awake?  I took a redeye so I could get home this morning instead of tonight.  Hon?” I yelled out into the house.  I could hear her moaning into the bedroom, so she could hear me.  I continued to call out a few more times, slowly making my way to the bedroom. 

“What the heck happened in here?”  I asked, but Aimee just moaned in her gag.  As I got closer, I gasped.  “What happened to you?  Who did this?” I asked.  Aimee just continued to moan into the gag, thrashing around more.  I let her down from the beam and undid her arms then massaged them from a bit, I could tell she was pretty sore.  After a few minutes, she turned over and pointed to the belt, trying to tell me something. 

“It’s locked, do you know where the key is?”

Aimee shook her head.

“Stay her hon and rest up, let me look”

I pretended to search around for a bit and found them in the dresser drawer.  When I walked over to her she had untied her legs and turned around so I could unlock her.  No sooner did I unlock the belt she got up and ran for the bathroom.  I waited on the bed for her return.  After she was done, she came back into the bedroom and laid next to me.

“I should find the key to your gag.”  I started to stand up, but she held on to me, keeping me next to her.  After a while of lying there next to her, I fell asleep.

When I awoke an hour later, she was gone.  I called our for her and she walked into the bedroom, only she was dressed up in some of her sexiest lingerie, wearing a steel collar and her hands cuffed high on her back attached to the back of the collar.  There was a note attached to the front of her held by a string around her neck.  When she came closer I read it.  It said, “I expect you to have your way with me properly, if you don’t, I might have to call the police on your little stunt.”

I grabbed her and tossed her on the bed next to me.  I took the keys to the gag out of my pocket and unlocked the gag.  It popped out of her mouth and she stretched it for a minute.

“You wouldn’t really call the cops on me darling?” I smirked.

“The thought never crossed my mind” she said smiling back.

“How did you know it was me?”

“I didn’t really, not until you feel asleep and I went looking for the key to my gag.  When I couldn’t find it, I thought I would find a way to cut it off.  That’s when I found your luggage in the garage and put it all together.”

“So, you’re not upset?”

“I was for a few minutes, but quickly remembered that I was feeling guilty about enjoying some of it.  I happy to know it was you, and thank you for giving me my fantasy.  It was better then I could have hoped for.”

“I’m glad to hear it, Happy Anniversary”

“You too dear, next year it’s your turn”

“You bet” I smirked.

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