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What a Ride!!!!

by Techie and techster

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© Copyright 2009 - Techie and techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; stocks; chast; discovered; nipple; bdsm; subspace; XX

Yes, we are the older folks who are still playing games but unlike many of our long time married friends who've been married 30 + years and their relationship is boring basically they're just roomates our marriage of 40+ years is active, alive and still playing .


I know I earned it, but I had never realized that my discipline would be that wild a ride!!

It all started about 5:30 PM when Techie called and asked me to put the stew we were having on the stove on very-low.

I told her that I would do that but after I walked the pups I was going to try out a piece of dungeon gear and find out if it was truly escape proof, so I would be upstairs in the bedroom.

She warned me,” If it is a bondage thing wait until I get home! You know the rules! Wait until I tell you I’m on my way home.”

I agreed, but didn’t mean it. The idea of being spread-eagled and ready for her tease and torment sounded like a fun thing to do.

I walked our pups and went up stairs to set everything up.

On the chair by the door I set out instruments of my tease and torment.

A pair of dice (in BDSM games the dice are rolled 2 times. A The first time says how long in minutes the prisoner stays on bondage
(the least time is 11 minutes, the worst is 66 minutes) B. The second times is number of switches or tickles, whichever suits the circumstances. Next item a soft switch. A foam rubber gag that completely fills the mouth making sure your prisoner is quiet. The cloth hood.

I hadn’t noticed that my belt was hanging on the back side of the bedroom door. I set the wrist stretcher and put on my wrist cuffs. Then I set the folding stocks on my ankles. I committed and stepped up on my tip toes and hooked the wrist cuffs, then I spread my ankles and was bound tight - very tight.

The time was 5:15 PM when I locked myself up. I could see the clock

At 6:20 Pm I heard the phone ring and ring- the I heard her say, “You better be downstairs when I come home or else!”

When she arrived home I heard her charge up the stairs.

She was angry when she said, “OK, lover- you know the rules! When you play self bondage games and cannot escape you become my prisoner to do with as I wish. It is my wish that you never repeat this experiment and I will give you a good reason why! You’re going to get it! But first let me roll the dice.”

She rolled the dice on the top of the bed so I could see it. The first roll for time was 44 minutes the second roll for discipline was 65!!

“I don’t want a lot of noise and I really don’t want to see your face!” she told me as she shoved the gag in my mouth and buckled it. Then she slid the hood over my head.

“Oh, goody, look what I found!” she said as I heard her pull the belt off the door.

Then she gave me 5 very strong slaps across my upper back and left the room.

In about 3 minutes she came back and began twisting and rubbing my nipples. I could feel my nipples getting sensitive when she clipped a clothespin on each nipple.

As she did she remarked, “I really want you to remember this so you never do it again!!”

“I hope you are ready I gave you 5 swats, ready for another 60? I found that neat slapper with a handle that you built for the ebay sale- its testing time!!”

What torture!! I was stretched, totally helpless, my butt and back were being lashed and my nipples were being pinched.

She would switch me for 5 blows and then stop. This made the switches even sting more.

After the third switching session suddenly it started to hurt less, almost a warm feeling. I felt like I was felt like I was floating.

I stopped struggling and just stood there and took it. It almost felt good.

When she finished she teased me and played with my balls as I was starting to get as hard as I can in the chastity tube, she gave me about 5 more good spanks on the ass. Then she removed the clips on my nipples- they hurt a bit when they were on- but when they were released that really hurt. She left me alone to enjoy the feeling as she removed her clothes.

She rubbed lotion on my sore back and butt and lifted the center of the foot stocks so I could escape. I felt like a weeping kid as my body stung from the beating.

She helped me remove the ankle clamps as I removed the wrist cuffs. She then advised me, “There is still one more penalty to go, but first you need some warmth.” She held me in her arms as I cooled down and kissed her and licked her nipples.

She rolled one die. It stopped at 6.

She told me, “Put on you cock! After this aggravation I need a tranquilizer!”

This meant that I would attach a “Her Delight” penis to the outside of the tube of the “Curve” male chastity device that I was locked into. I would go through the motions of having sex with her.

She would get as many orgasms as she wanted, and I had to endure the motions and sounds she made during her orgasms while I was humiliated and frustrated because I was not getting any orgasms.

I lubed her and the cock then I slide it in her and began stroking away. With an ass and back that felt like they were on fire I gave her the 6 orgasms she earned with the roll of the dice..

I promised her that I would not test any more of my dungeon gear with out someone present.

= 0 =

This was a new experience for me.

I learned that when one is stretched out, totally helpless, gagged, and hooded (blindfolded) it makes you feel everything more. You can’t wiggle to change position you are focused on what is being done to you.

It was a mix of pleasure and pain that I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. When I am her draft horse I am “encouraged” when I have a heavy pull with a riding crop. That stings, but nothing like that heavy slapper!

We do change who plays the horse and who is the master I have had her pull a heavy wagon. I have used a riding crop on her. The crop has a sharp sting and you would be amazed how much energy and power you can find when you are harnessed up and inspired!

As I said I did break the rules we had agreed to and I did deserve the treatment but I had no idea it that my first experience with the mental state called “subspace” would be that heavy!


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