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What Have I Done?

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; chair; metal; cuffs; restraints; collar; toys; insert; electro; shock; tease; torment; denial; stuck; cons; X

Her body is sweating profusely as she leans forward looking at the wide bands of steel around her legs, thighs and waist. Jenny had slowly closed each around herself making sure that they were tight enough to make her skin pucker over each band before locking them. The steel now held her legs and waist completely motionless and she sat gasping from the six inch wide band cutting deeply into her narrow waist. Jenny tried to wiggle her ass finding the two large phalluses she had embedded deep into the steel chair she was now locked onto combined with the steel restraints made any movement impossible. She leaned forward because even though she knew she was already committed to remain in the chair until the timer she had spun blindly releases the bonds so firmly locked onto her body she was still unwilling to submit fully to the remaining restraints waiting for her.

As her back began to ache from leaning forward she thought about how she created the chair having to have each part made by a different craftsperson so none of them would know her true intensions. The mechanical parts were simple each using a pin on a cable as the locking mechanism. The cables ran along the chairs rails meeting the motor. Once the timer ran out the spring wound motor would pull the pins free allowing her to open the cuffs around her chest, arms and neck. At that point she could reach the line on the side of the chair hoping the ice her keys were frozen into had melted so she could pull the keys to her waiting hand to free the remaining steel bands holding her captive. Jenny had made the cuffs and collar so as she applied weight to the open cuffs they would snap closed and she would not be able to free herself from them.

The cuffs, collar and chest straps had two openings one allowing them to close and latch automatically while the other would be opened by the pins being pulled. Jenny knew that once she sat back and closed the cold steel around her body she would be unable to stop any of the tortures she had planned for herself for the unknown duration of herself imposed incarceration. The tortures would come from the many tens pads plugged into the large control box she had gotten at an auction from a closed mental facility nearby. She had gotten several “blocks” of items sold very cheaply that once she had gotten them home, having to rent a truck to haul them all, she found a treasure trove of items she could use for her bondage fantasies. Including the timer and motor mechanism, it had taken Jenny awhile to sort all her treasures out and figure out some of their purposes but she had finally figured them all out and often slept in some of the body restraints she now possessed.

The gag she currently had strapped deep into her mouth was a combination of a breathe through medical mouth guard and her favorite head harness. The mouth guard held her teeth wide apart allowing her to breathe through the tube while the harness held the gag firmly in her mouth silencing her utterly. The tens unit was capable of rendering her unconscious if turned up high enough as she had found out quite by accident while bound to her bed one night. She had also found she could program the unit to various levels of intensity, pulsation and duration making it possible for her to be brought to near orgasm by the machine and also be tortured until she screamed in pain. Over the months of experimentation she had never mastered the machine so each experience was new and excited her as she thought about being under its control.

This session would be her first using all the implements she had designed and she knew it could be wonderful and/or excruciating but hoped for both. The timer would only start once she sat back locking herself in fully also turning on the tens unit and starting the program for the vibrators now buried deep into her pussy and ass. The vibrators had been the most difficult to get made since there was no real way not to make them look like what they were for so she had both machined by the same shop. The phalluses were beautiful and intimidating from their sheer size but she had wanted to make it impossible to slip off of them. The first time she had slid herself onto them she knew she had over done the size but had also figured they would do their job perfectly. Jenny slipped the dual vibrating motors into each before capping them off and screwing them into the chair.

Now Jenny sat leaning forwards, the sweat running down the chain hanging from each of the clamps she had placed on her tender nipples. As she watched the drops fall onto her trapped thighs she closed her eyes and flung herself back slamming the wide bands of steel closed around her chest and neck. Before the loud clang had stopped echoing in the tiny room where she sat she dropped her arms into the waiting cuffs closing them around her wrists and above and below her elbows. Jenny gasped through the gag relieved in the knowledge that at least now the end was closer than before then frantically began struggling as she realized she now had no choice.

Jenny’s struggles were desperate but short as she was quickly left gasping for air and sat quietly panting only then realizing a mistake she had made that would make her time in the chair truly torturous. Jenny sat panting, her breasts heaving in between the tight straps locked around them when she felt the chain pulling her nipples down wards from the chain being trapped under the lower strap! The steel around her throat did not allow her to look down but she could feel her nipples screaming with pain as she took each breath. Jenny screamed knowing the clamps she had used pinched tighter as they were pulled on and that until the straps opened each breath she took would bring her pain.

Jenny couldn’t see that the chain had been pulled down and under her large breasts twisting the clamps as it pulled them savagely down. Jenny tried to struggle twisting her bound body finding out she had expertly restrained herself and the straps were set too tight to allow her body to move at all. Jenny continued to struggle even though the pain increased as she gasped harder making her start to weep. Jenny was still struggling to breathe when the vibrations started and slowly made her get more aroused calming her, forcing her to begin to enjoy her situation. After twenty minutes being vibrated gently Jenny was starting to get frustrated as she was held on the edge of an orgasm when suddenly she screamed as loud as she could as her whole body was shocked violently. Jenny knew this was the start program and could only hope it would adjust itself to a much more erotic level but knowing it could continue to torture her.

Since the light in the small room stayed constant Jenny could not tell how long she had been sitting in the increasingly uncomfortable chair. Her body was exhausted from the hours of being abused but during a brief moment when she was only being quietly vibrated she heard her grandfather clock start chiming and was able to count twelve chimes. Jenny hung her head as she thought about it being twelve o’clock, counting the hours she had been restrained. Jenny knew she had entered the room around ten in the morning and was sure she had sat leaning for at least two hours so she figured she had been getting tortured continuously for almost twelve hours. Her heart rate increased as did her gasps knowing the timer only had twelve hour increments meaning if she spun it passed that then she would be held for twenty four hours plus whatever amount of time was left over that.

Jenny screamed again as her body tensed against the restraints as more electricity coursed through her body unaware that she had not turned up the power levels of her vibrators from when she had been testing them thus leaving her to be unable to orgasm for the remaining eighteen hours she would be held captive. Jenny sat panting after the last session with the tens unit desperately trying to figure out why the vibrators had not increased or even changed since she started. As the pain in her nipples continued to make her wince she went through her steps leading up to her sitting in the chair. Reaching the step where she was supposed to reset the vibrators she realized she couldn’t remember doing it, her excitement of using the chair for the first time had made her skip that step.

The electricity flowed through her body again making it pull against all the metal straps holding her to the chair and she screamed in frustration “What have I done!”Jenny would spend her remaining time thoroughly frustrated and on the edge of an orgasm fighting the steel holding her to the chair and the pain in her nipples knowing every time she got close to a climax she would be denied for over thirty hours. During the brief respites from the tens unit as Jenny sat defeated and gasping she was already planning her next session with the chair. Jenny promised herself that she would set the vibrators correctly and daring herself to turn the tens unit up some more and wondering if she would dare to spin the timer again. Jenny also planned to wear either her leather hood blocking both her vision and hearing or at least adding ear plugs so she wouldn’t be able to get an idea of how much time had passed…

“Next time” she thought, as her body tensed, the tens unit having recharged sending electricity through her again.

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