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What I wanted and more...

by WannabeasuB

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© Copyright 2008 - WannabeasuB - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; caught; F/m; oral; toys; cons; X

It's been a while since I asked my wife for a favour. Something that she actually did even though I know that she doen't like it.

And because I know she doesn't like it at all I spend alot of time planing selfbondage and living it out as often as I'm home alone. Not giving as much satisfaction as playing with her would give it goes to take the edge of... (even though not for long)

The planing phase usually involved me surfing the web, gromets and boundanna's were my favorite sites for getting ideas, then there would come the shopping phase, if there was anything we didn't have at home... and then there would come the period of time where I would  fantasize about how it would feel and how it would be done. This is usually the longest period, since I'm not home alone nearly as often as I once were.

And when the time finally came when I would be home alone nothing else mattered. Everything else would be put aside and I would find all things needed for the scenario. Unfortunatelly I have never been able to figure out how to tie myself with a auto release, meaning that I have always been able to free myself, taking kinda the fun out of it. That was untill the day I discovered the chain and padlock..

"So what do you want to do tonight?" she asked sitting in the corner of the sofa zapping through the TV channels...

"I don't know. Maybe work a bit on the computer."

"Okay", she said knowing that it would be one of those evenings spend together apart.

After the program we were watching ended I got up and went to the computer. In all fairness I wanted to get a bit of work done, but shortly after sitting down the browser was opened at gromets and I was searching the selfbondage part of the story section for any story starting with "SBM". And sure thing, not long after I was too horny to think about ANYTHING other than playing. I turned off the computer and went back into the livingroom. My wife was laying comfortable across both sofas watching a movie. I looked briefly at the TV, recognizing the movie as one I had seen before and turned my attention back to my wife.

"Sweety I think I'm gonna go to bed". She looked from the TV to me.

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Sure", I said. "I just figured I'd catch up on my sleeping. It's been a long week of getting up early and going to bed late".

"Okay", she said turning her attention back to the movie. I leaned down to kiss her and she kissed me back still looking at the TV out the corner of her eye. Good I thought to myself, She would be completely occupied by the movie and I could have a little session for myself.

"Will you listen after the little one", I asked, meaning our son. Not that I thought he would be up, but he was still so small that there was no guarantee that he would sleep the night through.

"Sure", she said preoccupied.

"Good night honey".

"Night". I went to the bathroom to get ready for the night, and on the way there passing by my jacket, grabbing my MP3-player without her noticing.

Ready for bed I went to the bedroom but instead of hitting the bed I went to the walk-in closet getting the bag of goodies. I got plugs, gags, collars, chains, padlocks and keys and THE LETTER.

First I wrapped the chain around the bed so it made a X shape on top. I stripped and started getting myself ready. First putting the earphones from my MP3 player, then my latex mask with holes for eyes, mouth and nose. After that adding the posture collar with the ringgag attached, then I took the biggest padlock I had and locked a sissor closed so it could not cut anything without first being opened with the right key. Then I rigged my self release, 2 coke bottles. One I had filled 1/3 with water, to this I tied the key around the small of the bottleneck so it was hanging in about 1 foot of string, then I tied another string around the bottleneck, this went to a trolley straight over where my right hand would be tied up, then it went across the room through another trolley and here I tied the other bottle. This was all full of water and in the bottom I had punctured it 3 times with a small nail. But it wasn't dripping since no air came in the top. The Idea was that right before I would tie myself down with padlocks I would open the bottle just enough to make it start to drip, when enough water had run out of it, the bottle over my hand with the key would be heavier and gently fall into my hand, then I could get the key and unlock the chain holding my right hand. I decided that one day I would have to try this arrangement with a seperate key for all padlocks but today just the one key dropping and the rest laying next to the lock it would open so I was sure I had the right ones.

I looked long and hard at the buttplugs, and don't think me a coward but as I didn't know how long it took to drain enough water for me to be free, I decided not to use the plugs this time. I grabbed the velcro cuffs, blindfold and the padlocks together with their respective keys. Then I got up and placed my ass right on the X, stretching me legs and used the velcro cuffs to secure them. I didn't need a padlock on those since my hands were locked and couldn't free my legs before my arms were free anyway.. right? I was just about to cuff my hands when I remembered to start the drip. My heart skipped a beat at that one.. Almost made a fuckup i smiled. Releasing my legs and getting up and opening a bit for the bottlecap. When I was satisfied with the drip I got back in bed. At this pace I guessed the key would drop in about an hour... max 2, releasing me before my wife's movie was done. I took the letter and placed it so I could reach it

I reattached my legs, pushing play on my MP3-player locking my left arm in place, put on my blindfold. Now I took the letter and laid it on my stomach. Finally I fumbled a bit with the chain around my right hand. Not realising that this was the point of no return before I felt the click of the lock. I couldn't see anything and all I could hear was the rather loud stressless music, that I knew would block all other sounds and letting me drift away shortly.

I don't know how long I laid there, fantasizing about being caught by some sadistic Mistress waiting for her return to punish me for engaging in playful activities without permission. I felt myself getting hard, but without stimuli I wasn't able to go over the edge.

At first I tried to remember how many songs had played, trying to guess how long I had been laying there but a guestimate of the average song being 4-6 minutes. But as soon as I started fantasising about the Mistress I lost track. Untill the CD started over, 72 minutes on a CD I knew for sure, 1 hour 12 minutes. 4320 seconds I calculated and a bit surprised I smiled to myself. Amazing the calculating you could do in your head when none of your senses distracted you. But 72 minutes meant that if I wasn't completely off the bottle would soon drop into my hands.

By pure luck there was a break in the music just as our son started to make noise and then I heard movement in the room. Shit.. she was watching? I heard steps, but before I could hear if she came back or not the next track started. I instantly got hard again...

Suddenly the music stopped and I could feel the weight shift in the bed, she was in the bed. "I got you call", she said, mentioning the editing I had made in one episode of her favorite show. "And I decided to see what the fuss what about. What is this?" she said  and I felt her remove the letter.

"Dear wife", she read aloud. "If you read this it means that I have been playing by myself and got caught in the act. I know you don't like to take advantage of me like this so as an incentive here are the rules for the game.
1. There is a number of things I would like to try, but I am not sure I will like it so I want you to force it". She paused... Then continued.
2. I must at all times be gagged.. Pump up gag, harness gag, your used underwear, or you sitting on my face...
3. I want to be your bitch for the evening. Therefore you CANNOT stimulate my cock since bitches don't have them, my mouth, nipples and asshole is all you can use to stimulate me...
4. Since I want to be gagged all the time I cannot answer you, instead I will snap my fingers ONE time for YES and TWO times for NO... FOUR times mean I surrender, please untie me... NO OTHER SOUND THAT I MAKE should make you slow down...
5. For each HOUR I'm under your control it represents one WEEK I will do the dishes.
6. For each ORGASM YOU get, it represents one back massage I will give you  (You need to climax in the same bed/room as I'm in but I don't have to be able to see it or even help give it to you.)
7. For each ORGASM I get, it takes away 2 back massages from point nr. 6
8. For each thing on my list that I would like to try that you make come true tonight. It represents one full bodymassage with me wearing only my collar.
9. For each piece of Latex you wear (ex. dildounderwear, top. ect.), it guarantees 3 weeks that I will not ask you to tie me up...  (there might be longer til I ask but it is guaranteed that it will not be sooner)
10. Please take pictures of me being humilliated and teased...
11. Below is added the list of things I Would like to try... I know all is not possible, but now you have options."
She paused for a while... The music was off so I could hear her leave the room, then she closed the door and I was laying there alone in silence. 'Shit' I thought. It had been too much and now I had to wait for the bottle.

I don't know how long time went by but suddenly I could hear the sound of heels on the hardwood floor. The door opened and she came closer, I felt the weight shift in the bed again, then suddenly she whispered very close to my ear.

"Sorry it took so long sweety, I just had to call in sick for you tomorrow. We are going to try ALL on your list and in return here is what I want.

You do the dishes EVERY night for the next 4 months.
If I want ANYTHING from the kiosk at ANY time of the day you will go and get it for me.
Every day you will broom the floors
2 times a week you will wash ALL floors.
and for the next 4 month I have your gurantee that you will not surprise me like this again. Understood?"

I was stunned, did she actually call me in sick??
She didn't have any patience and while I was in shock she moved to position herself on top of my face. I was still gagged but it didn't prevent her from placing her pussy directly on my nose cutting off my air.

"Snap your fingers once if you accept my terms... and you better hurry before I get comfortable", she said.

I snapped my fingers only once.

"Good!" she said with a smile. "Now lets get started on that list". She moved her hand behind my head and unbuckled the gag.

"Start licking my pussy", she commanded, then she changed her mind...

"No wait", she moved a bit, "I believe you wanted to try and lick my ass", she grinned, "Better make it good!"

Oh my GOD, Suddenly I can't remember... Was it a long list?


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