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While she was Jogging

by DMW

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© Copyright 2012 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; naked; cartrunk; chast; cuffs; hogtie; stuck; F/m; gag; denial; cons; X

My girlfriend had started yet another fad diet and exercise program, part of which meant she'd go jogging every evening in the local woods. It was within walking distance but for some reason, she drove there. One evening, having barely seen her in what felt like a month, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have what I hoped would be fun for me, a surprise for her and an experience for us both.

Once I'd seen her drive off, I took off my work suit and, after putting on my CB6000s chastity device, put on a pair of tracksuit trousers and an old white t-shirt. Throwing the items I intended to restrain myself with in a backpack, I picked up the spare car key and headed to the woods.

The walk there was uneventful, only the weight of the CB6000s pulling down on my cock and balls were a reminder of what I was about to do.

I got to the woods and saw my girlfriend’s car which I unlocked. Opening the boot, I unclipped one of the rear seats so it would fold forward, pulled out the metal hand and ankle cuffs from my backpack and placed them in the boot. The keys to all these things were in the front pouch of the backpack where my girlfriend could easily get to them to let me out.

Looking round to make sure no-one was watching, I stripped naked, threw my clothes in the backpack and jumped into the boot, using the interior handle to close it behind me. Once the boot closed, the interior light went out, leaving me in darkness but I was able to find the key to lock the car before putting it in the backpack. I then pushed the seat I'd loosened forward, placed my backpack on the seat where it would be easily seen and heard the seat click itself shut in a satisfying but scarily loud click. Even if I didn't lock myself into the chains, I couldn't get out of the car without the boot being opened.

Of course, not locking myself in was never going to be an option at this point so, with my cock really starting to strain in its plastic cage I put the ankle cuffs on first then, looping the chains around each other I put the handcuffs on behind my back, leaving me effectively hogtied.

It was just a few minutes later that the car was unlocked and the door opened but, instead of coming round to open the boot or getting in and driving away, I heard what sounded like a bag being opened and noises like the change of clothes.

Only then did it hit me. Charlotte's gig. Charlotte, or Charlie to her friends had recently started to sing lead vocals in a rock band. That band was playing a gig tonight at a local pub with a reputation, one frequented by bikers and undesirables in a rough part of the city and my girlfriend had told me she was going for moral support.

And I'd just locked myself in the boot of a car, naked and chastised.

I didn't know what to do. My girlfriend had to have seen my bag on the seat. In the moment, I just froze and didn't even think to kick the back of the seat to get her attention. She probably wouldn't have heard me anyway; the in car radio already on full volume.

Feeling the car stop and hearing the radio silence, I was aware of a familiar sounding music and singing. And voices. A lot of voices. I've no idea how many people came to see the gig but inside that small space, I sounded like hundreds.

My girlfriend got out of the car and locked it behind. Now I kept still through fear. If someone saw the car moving and they investigated. The resulting shame and humiliation didn't bear thinking about but despite all this, my cock was still swelled in its plastic prison.

The evening wore on. How long I was there I've no idea. I do know my arms and legs were very achy from the cramped space and lack of movement and wherever my girlfriend had parked it was obviously close to the pub because it sounded like I could almost touch the people as they spoke outside. None I recognised until there was one than was very well known to me.

"Hold on, I just need to get something out of the boot." That came from my girlfriend along with the thumping of the central locking. Instinctively, I tried to shuffle back but I had nowhere to go. I heard the boot click open and feared the worst.

It only opened maybe six inches. A right hand came in around my legs, felt around, grabbed hold of the CB6000s and left. A left hand came in, felt my head and started pushing what turned out to be a black thong into my mouth. It was wet and had a taste I knew well. My girlfriend had cum in her thong, taken it off and gagged me with it before closing the boot and locking the car.

She's known I was there all along but had come to Charlie's gig anyway, leaving me sweating over my potential discovery. Not only that but she was now most likely wandering around in not very much and no thong. I thought my cock was going to break the chastity device.

Another thought occurred. If she was doing things like going commando then she was probably drunk. And if she was drunk, she wouldn't drive home.

I spat the thong out, filling the boot with her smell. Two thoughts kept occurring: how long could I be as aroused as I was without going mad?

And how long would I be there waiting for her to come and get the car?

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