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Wii Fit

by Anonymous

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Storycodes: Solo-M; locks; magnets; chast; electro; collar; computer; force; exercise; climax; cons; X

I have found nobody which shares my passion for self-bondage. Nobody. Maybe a few adventurous souls willing to try something new, but that is to be expected. And I'm kinky too or - as you are probably thinking right now - hard to please. There is just something about the feeling of complete submission which cannot be described, or as it turns out, easily replicated.

However, I am a programmer and problem solver at heart. And so, I set my mind to living out my fantasies. But what exactly do I like? Pain, and lots of it applied to the genetically areas, long-term edging/teasing, and choice.

Sure, you can choose not to perform a bondage activity, but there is a deeper level to be found: pick your poison. Do you want to hurt now or later? How much pain are you willing to endure for a single orgasm? And being a programmer, I knew just how to build choice into my scenario.

I wanted every aspect of my life to be dominated. Here is what I came up with and created over the course of a month:

I bought two electromagnets which can hold my keys out of reach and a shock collar (like the ones used for dog training). I already had an e-stim device from previous experimentation in addition to a chastity device and some locks. With some work, I managed to modify the shock collar and the e-stim box to be controlled by my computer. I also managed to modify the e-stim device to be able to detect the level of conductivity it is measuring - this allows my computer to know if it is really being used on skin or if it is on something else.

I also had a web cam and a Wii Balance Board (generally used with the Wii Fit video game to measure your performance at the exercises and to measure your weight).

I setup my laptop with webcam in the doorway of a small room with a high ceiling and brought all the other stuff inside. The idea was that the webcam would be able to watch me and detect if I leave the room or touch the computer. I mounted the electromagnets to the ceiling and did one last check before moving on.

I locked my chastity device and stuck the key to one of the magnets, out of my reach. I threw the spare key outside of the room. Then I put on the shock collar and locked it, placing that key in the other electromagnet. Finally, I put on some underwear, black sweatpants, and a black t-shirt - very comfortable. I was ready to begin. I went over to the computer and launched the program I wrote and backed away quickly. There was no escape now. I would be stuck here until the computer decided I hard earned my freedom.

I had programmed the computer to give instructions at random intervals for exercises to be performed on the Wii Balance Board and I had programed in my weight so it could detect if I was feigning my punishment.

After two minutes, a robot-like voice sounded from my laptop's speakers telling me to do twenty push-ups. I obliged feeling myself become erect at the mere thought of what was going on. Instinctively, I reached down to touch myself but as my hand hit my chastity device, a sharp tingle started on my neck meaning that I was supposed to be doing push-ups right now and that I was being punished for not starting them. I obliged.

Shortly after I was ordered to do another 20 push-ups. Midway through these, I broke out in a sweat causing my clothes to cling to my skin - a truly magical sensation when being forced to exercise. Over the next hour and a half I was ordered to do a variety of exercises: stepping really fast on the Wii Balance Board, more push-ups, squats (quite a sensation when wearing a chastity device of any kind), one-legged squats, balancing one one leg, etc. Every time I made a mistake or did not perform properly, the shock collar caused a sharp pain in the front of my neck, increasing slightly with each mistake.

Finally, I reached the point where I was regularly making mistakes and the shock collar was causing extreme pain to the point where I couldn't continue with the exercises leading to more punishment. As I was lying on the floor screaming, I heard a key clatter on the floor - that would be the key to the lock on my chastity device. I grabbed it and undid the lock. However, the shock collar was still torturing my neck and I knew it would continue until I was in position for part two of my session. I could have run out of the room right now and cut the lock rather than endure more of this torture, the shock collar couldn't hurt much more than this, right? But that would take some time and I needed it off NOW!

I frantically grabbed the estim box, turned it on and stuck the anal probe deep inside me, as fast as I could. I then attached the other probe to my genitals. Instantly, the shock collar stopped as my computer detected the conductivity of my skin signaling that it could begin the next phase of my torture.

I knelt there with my legs spread bracing myself for the first wave. Then it hit me, a deep throbbing sensation in my ass and on my genitals caused me to moan; the pain increased and I remembered that the webcam would detect sound and increase the pain during this part.

The electricity kept me on the edge of an orgasm but I knew that if I came too soon the sensors would detect the conductivity of the cum rather than my skin causing the shock collar to activate in addition to the e-stim being increased. Twice, I almost did orgasm, only managing to hold them back because a new wave of pain from the e-stim switching to a higher level broke the sensation. After all that time in a chastity belt and more with the e-stim I was more horny than I had ever been in my life, even crying over my inability to control my orgasm. Still, the torture wore on.

But at last, the voice came from my computer "you may cum now." The power of the e-stim jumped up causing me to feel as if I was vibrating. I yowled in pain causing the e-stim to escalate because of the sound. But seconds later I came. Cum rushed out of me and the e-stim faded away as I blacked out. My session was over.

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