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Willow finds the Key

by Saturn

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© Copyright 2007 - Saturn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; bond; caught; leather; anal; toys; cons/nc; X

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Dawn walked down the hall quietly with a bag over her shoulder. Most of the slayers were out on assignment and the slayers-in-training were in the yard practicing hand to hand combat. More importantly, Buffy was in Rome, Willow was in South America helping with some kind of fire demon and Kennedy was in Russia helping some hybrid vampire hunter named Blade. As she came to the door of Willow's room she looked around to make sure nobody was nearby. Pulling out a key Dawn quickly unlocked the door and slipped inside unnoticed. She briefly inspected her surroundings before setting her large bag on the bed.

Dawn knew that nobody would interrupt her in Willow's room. After all it stayed locked and the only people that had keys were Buffy, Willow & Kennedy. Well...and her, but nobody knew she had copied Buffy's key. Dawn opened the bag and slowly began laying out items.

First to come out was a bright red ball gag with black leather straps. Setting it gently down Dawn reached back into the bag. The ball gag was quickly followed by a black leather corset, a leather hood, and a leather posture collar. Dawn picked up the ball gag and inserted the ball into her mouth. It was almost too big but finally popped in. Lifting her long hair up in the back she pulled the gag's straps tight and buckled it closed. Dawn turned to a mirror and the sight of the bright red gag gave her a shiver of anticipation.

With a bit of effort Dawn turned away from the mirror. Her hands made their way to her pants. Quickly undoing the button and zipper she slid her pants to the floor and stepped out of them. Next went her panties. When her hands made it to the waistband of her panties her right hand slipped inside for a quick caress. When her fingers made contact a muffled moan escaped from around the ball gag. Dawn's thumbs quickly hooked into the waistband and pulled her underwear down and off. The last thing to go was her shirt. As she pulled it over her head and tossed it aside she felt her nipples harden in response to the temperature and her heightened state of arousal.

Turning back to her bag she began pulling out more items. A pair of black patent high heeled sandals were set on the bed followed by a pair of black elbow length opera gloves. Also pulled out were a pair of black stockings, and a collection of leather cuffs and straps. Dawn quickly got everything sorted out and picked up the corset. Pulling it around her torso she slowly began doing up the hooks on the front. As she attached the last hook an electric feeling seemed to travel from her breasts down to her crotch. Running her hands down the sides of the corset, taking in the feel of the supple leather Dawn's hands moved to her back and began tightening the laces of the corset. As she worked them tighter and tighter the feeling of constriction added to her arousal. Quickly tying off the laces Dawn picked up one of the stockings and began carefully sliding it up her leg. With the corset laced tight she had to bend at the waist which brought her butt invitingly into the air. When the stocking reached her thigh she quickly looked behind her to the mirror and after pausing briefly to admire her rear she made sure the seam was straight and quickly attached it to the garter strap on the corset. She smoothly repeated this process with the other leg.

Turning back to the bed Dawn sat down on the edge and put the high heeled sandals on. The straps and buckles that went well past her ankle ensured that they wouldn't accidentally come off. She stood up in the 6 inch heels with practiced ease. She picked up the elbow length gloves and worked them up her arms until they stopped just below her armpit. Dawn turned to the mirror and admired the way the heels and stockings made her legs look. The corset gave her waist a pronounced hourglass shape but more importantly it restricted her. And that feeling of restriction was what it was all about. That loss of control.

Whoever created the corset must have been a bondage enthusiast thought Dawn as she ran her hands from her breasts, down the corset and into the uncovered area between her thighs. Taking her hands from between her thighs by pure force of will she turned away from the mirror. She slowly walked around the bed savoring the feel of her thighs brushing against each other. She sat down on the other side of the bed and picked up a pair of leather cuffs with d-rings on them. She attached these to her arms above the elbow. She wouldn't be able connect them like she wanted to but they helped hold up the the gloves and the feeling of tightness on her arms added to the equation. She then climbed onto the bed and sat down. With her legs stretched out in front of her she resisted the urge to rub her thighs together again. There would be plenty of time for friction when she was done.

Picking up one of the leather straps she ran it around her ankles and pulled it tight. With a deft movement her ankles were pulled tightly together. Her upper legs got the same treatment and were quickly secured. With her legs immobilized Dawn picked up the leather hood. Besides the hole in the neck it only had a few openings. One was positioned where her gagged mouth would be. The other was on the top positioned above the row of laces that would tighten the hood. And the final two were positioned where her nostrils would be. Dawn loosened the laces and very carefully fed her hair through the top hole. Looking around to make sure that everything was in place Dawn lowered the hood over her head. As she got it settled she made sure her hair was in the right place and that the mouth and nose holes were in position. Luckily she had cut her hair a little shorter like Kennedy's otherwise the hair would have been a real problem. Satisfied with her work Dawn began tightening the laces. The hood began pressing onto her skin and what little light she could see was gone. In total darkness with legs pulled together Dawn reached down and felt around for a minute until she felt the posture collar. Bringing the collar around her neck it forced her head into an upright forward position. It also covered up the knot that kept the hood tight too. With a practiced movement Dawn buckled the collar closed.

This was it thought Dawn as she felt around the bed for the cuffs she had laid there. The cuffs had a 12 inch string attached to the connecting chain which had a key attached. Dawn felt around to make sure the key was still attached and then felt for the keyholes on the cuffs. She didn't want a repeat of <i>that</i> time again. Satisfied that they key holes were facing down she clicked the first cuff around her wrist. Her other wrist went behind her back and she quickly clicked the other cuff closed on it. Laying down on the bed she carefully rolled over which was a lot harder when bound tightly than it looked. Slowly working herself into a position on her stomach got her worked up. The press of her breasts into the bed and the slight movement of her thighs together combined with the feel of all the leather had her breathing heavy. She began trying to press her groin into the bed to to get any kind of pressure that would help her relieve the mounting sexual urgency.


In front of the building Dawn was in a cab slowly came to a halt. The back door opened and Willow stepped out. She was wearing a large pair of sunglasses. As she thanked the driver she walked into the Council building. When she stepped into the entry hall one of the slayers in training looked up from the desk she was stationed at.

“Willow...what are you doing back? I thought you were going to be gone for another week.”

Willow stopped and took off her sunglasses. Her eyes were bloodshot and the area around them was red. “That fire demon was easier to find than we thought. It kind of exploded when we killed it though. And exploding fire demons make quite a bright light. I'm OK now. My vision's coming back but everything's still a little blurry. I'm going to go up to my room. Unless an apocalypse happens I don't want to be disturbed for a week,” Willow said as she began walking to the stairs.

When Willow got to the door of her room she got out her key and opened it. The sight before shocked her. Laying on the bed was a bound, gagged, hooded brunette obviously very close to orgasm. Willow stepped into the room and quietly shut the door making sure to lock it behind her again. She squinted a bit in hopes of making her sight a little bit clearer but with no luck.

Willow smiled as she watched Kennedy move around on the bed. Somebody must have told her that Willow would be back early. When Willow first talked about her love of bondage Kennedy had been a bit taken aback and a little disturbed by it. After Kennedy kept avoiding the subject Willow had just given up. That sly little minx had probably been planning something like this for a while. Willow set her bag down silently and slowly made her way to their walk in closet. Along the way she quickly stripped off all of her clothes until she was nude in the closet. Pulling out a trunk she opened it to reveal her stash of bondage goodies. Willow's anticipation rose as she quickly made her decisions. With her poor eyesight she decided on simple. She pulled out a red corset that laced up in the front. It stopped just below her breasts which left them fully exposed. Eagerness to indulge in some bondagey fun had her nipples at attention and her crotch moist. It had been too long thought Willow as she pulled the laces tight. She quickly followed with her favorite pair of red leather thigh high boots. These zipped up the side which made them easy to put on. As she stood in the 5 inch heels she felt powerful. The added height just made her feel more dominant. All she needed was one more thing to complete her outfit. She rummaged in the trunk mostly by feel until she found what she was looking for. She held a large black strap on dildo. This one was special though, it was double ended. One end went into her vagina and even had an extra bit that would apply pressure to her clit when she was thrusting it into her partner. She easily slid the dildo into her moist slit. Pulling the straps tight she felt the dildo enter her even more. She then ran her hand up and down the black rubber shaft of her phallus. Grabbing a few pieces of small rope Willow strode forth from the closet.

Looking at the squirming woman on the bed Willow saw the leather cuffs above her elbows as well as the key on the string attached to the cuffs. “Look at that...she even left me the key,” whispered Willow as she stared at the lovely helpless woman before her. With an evil smile Willow grabbed the key and yanked it off the string.

The breaking string must have startled Kennedy because she began squirming even more. Either that or she was very close to orgasm and Willow wasn't having that. She quickly leaned forward putting her knee into Kennedy's back. She began threading the rope through the d-rings on the elbow cuffs but Kennedy was squirming too much. Willow grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back. “Stop squirming so much, bitch!” Willow snarled. “It's not like you don't know what I want. We've been over this before.”

The squirming seemed to subside long enough for Willow to thread the rope through the elbow cuffs. Kennedy was 'mmphing' into her gag loudly. The dirty slut was actually getting into it seemed. Willow smiled. She knew Kennedy would like the feeling of bondage if she tried it. Tara had done the same thing for her a long time ago.

Willow quickly pulled the rope tight which cruelly yanked Kennedy's arms back so the elbows were touching. Slayer healing would take care of any minor strains she got.

“MMPHHH!” Kennedy let out a an even louder cry as her elbows were pulled tight.


Dawn tried to struggle but with her elbows pulled so tight she knew there was no escape. She was trying to think clearly and plan an escape but it was hard. With her elbows pulled together her breasts were forced out even more. The rub of her nipples on the bed under her wasn't helping either. This was the tightest bondage she had been in and she couldn't help revel in it at the same time she was trying to figure out what was happening.

Her attacker quickly flipped her over onto her back. Without sight and without use of her arms she simply lay there. Dawn felt the bed move a little bit. She felt someone put their legs on either side of her and straddle her crotch. The pressure on her crotch distracted her enough that she jerked when she felt a wet tongue on her right nipple which had poked free of the corset top. She couldn't help but let out a long low moan as the tongue expertly made it's way around her nipple. A hand slowly traced a path along her other breast until it found her other nipple and freed it from the corset as well. By this time both nipples were rock hard and she was pressing her crotch up as hard as she could. If she was going to killed by some big bad then fuck it...this was they way to go!

The tongue stopped ministering to her right breast. Dawn whimpered which quickly turned to a gasp behind her gag as the tongue began working on her other breast. After about 15 minutes of this Dawn was ready to melt. When the tongue onslaught stopped and the weight of her captor moved away Dawn began bucking in the hope of finding her captor again. Dawn felt her captor's grip as she flipped her onto her stomach again. Dawn wasted no time and began grinding her hips into the bed again. Her nipples were rubbing across the cotton sheets of the bed as well with every thrust of her hips. Dawn seemed so close to orgasm when she felt the straps holding her ankles together being loosened and removed. Her captor then lifted her up by the legs which pushed her face and sensitive breasts into the bed even more. The belt above her knees was loosened and removed too. Before Dawn could even consider doing anything something was attached to her ankles which held them apart.

It's a spreader bar thought Dawn with a shock. Who carried one of those around? With a quick pull her legs were hanging off the bed and her heeled feet were touching the ground. This left her bent over the side of the bed. Dawn's ponytail was grabbed again. This time not as tight. As she lay there Dawn felt something hard being pressed against her anal passage. It was slowly being worked in a little at a time. Thank God it seemed to be lubricated thought Dawn. It went in a little more each time until Dawn's rear relaxed enough to let it all the way in. Dawn felt the press of her captor and realized that she was having anal sex. She had a cock in her ass and it wasn't that bad. In fact she was rather enjoying the feeling. Bent over the bed and being dominated and anally screwed by some strange man. She needed therapy.

Thoughts of therapy were soon forgotten as the her attacker began moving in and out of her butt with an ever increasing tempo. Every thrust rubbed her nipples against the sheet again and again. She was practically dripping now. The whole time the hand never left her ponytail. With a little more forceful thrust Dawn was pulled up to a standing position by her hair. The thrusting never stopped while she was yanked back. When she got to a standing position Dawn received another shock. She felt two soft firm breasts being pressed into her back. The thrusting continued and the hand left her hair. They quickly reached around and began cupping and caressing her sensitive breasts. Dawn couldn't help herself as she moaned into the gag loudly while trying to simultaneously push her breasts into the hands and pressing her rear in conjunction with the thrusts of whatever was being forced into her rear. At this point she really didn't care.

One of the hands dropped away from her breasts. Dawn thought she could hear a faint noise above her moans but was too far gone to pay attention. The buzzing sound came closer and Dawn almost collapsed when she felt a vibrator easily slide into her wet vagina. With renewed vigor Dawn was thrusting for all she was worth to impale herself on what she supposed was the dildo in her butt. She could hear the labored breathing of her captor and realized she must be close to orgasm as well. With loud grunts Dawn renewed her effort and was rewarded with an increase in the speed and strength of the thrusts of the dildo. The vibrator buzzed away and with a hand still busy on her breasts Dawn heard a strangled cry from her captor.

“Oh Goddess!”

This was followed by a loud shriek of delight which was quickly followed by Dawn's muffled cry as orgasm hit her too. It was like a tidal wave of pleasure that collapsed both of them on the bed. Dawn lay there, impaled by another woman and she didn't care. There was a woman on her back and she was completely immobile and she didn't care. She had just experienced the most amazing orgasm of her life.


Willow lay there, exhausted from orgasm and the frenzied activity that had preceded it. She leaned over near Kennedy's ear and said, “I love you sweety. And didn't I tell that you'd enjoy bondage Kennedy?”

When Willow said the name Kennedy the body under her seemed to jump as if from a shock. Willow stood up and began slowly sliding the strap on out of Kennedy's rear end when the door to the room suddenly opened and Kennedy walked in. She looked at Willow in anger and said, “What the fuck is going on here? Who the hell is that?”




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