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With Some Assistance

by Ropepull

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© Copyright 2007 - Ropepull - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bond; susp; cons; X

Not sure if one would classify this as self bondage, or regular bondage, I'll let you be the judge. True story by the way.

While I've been happily married for over 7 years now, it hasn't been without some disappointments. Mainly my wife does not approve of my love for bondage. Though on occasion she bends enough to help me out. This scenario is one example.

She is studying in our office at her desk while I stand behind her chair with rope in hand. Quietly I wrap it around my hardening penis, below my balls. Two wraps and several knots later it is tied securely. The other end of the rope is routed through a hook in the wall, three feet in front of me and 5 inches above the ground. I loop the rope through the hook and back towards me through a cinch tie a foot from me. Thus when one pulls on the rope end, it goes tighter but will not come loose!

Over the years I've learned the best method to tie ones hands is to cut the ends off a pair of socks, roll them up and use them for wrist placement. Wrapping rope between them tightly will prevent ones hands from coming back out, and not leave any marks on your wrists in the process.

I have another hook in the ceiling directly above me with another rope hanging down at waist height. One end has a double loop with a slip knot to place my hands through. I put the pair of socks on one wrist, slide the socks through the double loop and then slip my other hand in the other side. Pulling down the slip knot tightens, making it impossible to pull free.

The other end of the rope is through another cinch knot after going through the ceiling hook. I pull on it to raise my hands a bit. I ask my wife to pull the loose end of the rope attached to the wall hook and pull in the slack. As she does this I move closer to the wall as the rope tightens and becomes shorter. She keeps pulling until I'm just a foot away from the wall.

At this point my arms are shoulder height behind me and pulled tight. On my knees with nowhere to go. No way am I getting loose from this predicament.

She closes her books and tells me good luck in getting loose, she's going to bed.

She gives me a kiss, turns off the light and heads off.

I'm left alone in the dark unable to stand up, move forward or backwards.

My only escape is to wait until things get soft enough for the rope to slip.

Yeah right!


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