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Woodland Games

by Dark Foxxwraith

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© Copyright 2001 - Dark Foxxwraith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; outdoors; caught; MM/m; oral; cons/reluct; X

This story is fiction. And was merely a fantasy of mine wen I was still a teen and had just truly begun to learn about bdsm and the fetishes that would be a part of my life.

It was a typical Saturday morning, No school and not cloud in the sky, To me it looked like a wonderful day. A day to relax and hang with my friends. I grabbed a quick breakfast and called my friends to see what their plans were. Unfortunately all of them had made plans or had something else to do. So I was left little to do, watch TV etc or go out into the woods. To what my friends and me called our home away from home, an old deserted shack, which we used like a clubhouse or simply a place to chill. It was perfect for what I had planned. I planned on a day of self-bondage and masturbation.

I gathered everything I thought I might need for this adventure of mine. A coil of rope, some chain, duct tape, locks, a small metal lock box and a couple pairs of hand cuffs. Put it all into book bag, however that wasn’t all I wanted. I also decided to add some spice to my fun. I slipped into my mother’s room and grabbed a pair of hot pink bikini briefs panties as well as its matching bra. I also placed two pairs of tights into my bag. The tights were mine; I had bought them one day when I found the courage to do it.

I told my Mother I was going over to one of my friend’s house and would be back later. I made my way to the shack. It was 2 miles or so to the woods. And then it would be at least another two to the shack. It was soon far from any prying eyes. I made it to the railroad tracks which led to the woods only another mile or so. The tracks were old and no longer used in fact they only went for about half a mile. I stopped at the beginning of the tracks. I pulled out the small metal lock box and put all the keys to my other locks and handcuffs, As well as my knife. I locked the box with a lock taking it’s key. I placed it at the beginning of the track. I took some duct tape and taped it to rail.

I put the lock box back into my book bag and continued on my way. I traveled through the woods with ease; I stopped at a big oak tree in the middle of the path to the shack. I placed my lock box here at the foot of the tree. I took out some the rope and tied the lock box to the tree. Tying multiple knots so many in fact that I could not untie them. It would take the knife to cut it free. And the only way to get the knife would be walking all the way to railroad tracks beginning. In all once tied it would be a 4-mile trip. 2miles to get the key and box then two miles back to get my clothes. Only then would I be free.

I made it to the shack. I quickly undressed and emptied my book bag of all its contents. I place all of my clothes save my sweat socks into the bag. I walked outside still naked as the day I was born and tossed my book bag onto the flat roof of the shack. I could retrieve it but I would be unable to once tied. With this I walked back into the shack and began to get dress.

First I placed my cock and balls into bondage pulling both between my legs using a variation of a Swiss seat style rappelling rope harness. Next I took out a pair of tights these were black ones, I slid them on pulling them up and over my now mildly aching cock and balls. Next I slipped on the hot pink panties and then the bra. I balled up my sweat socks and placed them in the bra. Then I began the act of truly committing to the game plan I had in store for me. I began with chain I had brought with me. It was only ordinary dog chain but with a few locks it would be a prison for me.

I started at the waist, taking the chain and wrapping it around my waist. I locked it with one of my locks. I took the two remaining ends and trailed them around my legs to my ankles. Locking it in place around each ankle. Still with about 5ft of chain on each side. I ran it back to each wrist and locked it in place. Now with only a foot left dangling from each wrist I locked the dangling ends together to my waist. But that was not the end. I took the left over rope and tied my knees together insuring my walk would be a slow one. Next I took the duct tape and taped my mouth securely shut. All I could do was moan. Next I took the last pair of tights and slipped them over my head. The black tights darken my vision so but not totally. The legs I used to secure them to my head and neck. Almost acting like a leash dangling. The two ends of the tights fell behind my back.

For the final touch to my bondage was the two pairs of handcuffs I had. I used both pairs and cuffed my hands behind my back. Now I was in for fun. I slowly made my way to the door and began my walk to the railroad tracks. Even as I was dying with a painful erection due to my cbt harness which only made me hornier.

As I shuffled along. I realized that with no shoes on or protection from tree limbs and thorns that would be on my path I would indeed feel some pain. It had maybe been 30 minutes and I was not even halfway to the lock box tree. At this rate it would take me almost 2hrs just to get back to the lock box. I thought, that’s when it happen. My walk got a lot tougher as a sudden summer thunderstorm hit. Caught in a downpour, my path quickly became muddy and slippery. I tired to quicken my pace. Which only worsen my situation as I slid up and landed face first into the mud. It took me a few minutes not only to recover from the fall but also to regain an upright posture. During my struggle to get up I became covered in the mud. As I regained mobility I was now no longer quite as happy about my self-bondage game.

I was now mud covered and wet, let alone the fact that my garments were not mine but my mothers. I wanted my freedom. I did my best to go fast. The storm ended and the sun came back hotter than ever drying my mud covered body. I had about a mile to go now having passed the lock box tree. I was almost home free. When I remembered that to get to the railroad tracks I would have to go through the briar patch. As I enter it tears of pain came down my face I was scratched all over.

I was relived when done. But knew I’d have to go back through it. So I had no joy for getting passed it. I shuffled down the railroad tracks to where it began. I was almost ready to cum at the thought of getting the first key to my freedom. I retrieved the key and began my walk back. That’s when it happen, I heard voices. It was the voices of my friends. I turned to see two of them standing behind me, On their bikes. It was Pj and Eric. They stared at me with wide-eyed wonder, as they looked me over up and down. Here I was bound, gagged, muddy and in women’s lingerie.

They both ask me what was going on. All I could do was moan into my gag. That’s when Eric noticed it. Through my tight covered face. Eric got off his bike and walked over to me. He undid the tights knot and removed them from my head. He then asked if I had done this to myself. I shamefully shook my head yes. Pj laughed saying he knew I was sissy freak when I actually went through with that bet one time to dress up as girl after losing a bike race. Eric pulled out his knife and cut my knee ropes off. He asked where the keys were to the rest of my locks. As he open my hand took the one I had for the lock box from me. I motioned toward the woods. Eric then walked away from me. He whispered to Pj and Pj smiled at whatever Eric was saying.

Eric then proclaimed that he and Pj would take to get the rest of the keys and my clothes. And that they would keep this between us. But the price for their silence would be great. Eric said would I pay their price. Without even knowing what it was. I agreed. And we began to walk back to the woods. Through the thorn bushes and back to the big oak. Eric Picked up the lock box with a slice of his knife cutting it free from the tree. I expected freedom but got only a harsh voice telling to continue to the shack.

Back at the shack is when I found out the price for my freedom and their silence. As Eric came behind me and forced me my knees. He took some duct tape and covered my nose. I was terrifed as my air was taken from me. That’s when Eric removed my mouth gag. Without a chance to even catch my breath I was presented with Erics cock in my face. This was the price; I would give Eric and Pj their first Blowjobs of their lives as well as my first.

First I sucked off Eric, then Pj. After tasting and swallowing semen for the first time I also got something else for the first time. As PJ let loose a golden stream down my throat I received my first golden shower. Afterwards Eric undid all the locks but left one pair of handcuffs on me. He then went and got my clothes but instead of giving them to me or the key to the cuffs. He told me that I would have to walk back to the train tracks to get them. With that Eric punched me in the gut and left with Pj laughing. Saying that from now on I would blow them whenever they wanted or else.

I cried all the way to train tracks. I was confused about what happened and because I enjoyed so much the loss of power and the humiliation at my friends hands. I found the book bag with the last key. I hurriedly tried to free myself. As I was still in some now rather painful cbt. That’s when I found out something. I couldn’t get the key into cuffs. Mud was caked in the lock. I was stuck. With no escape. I felt my knees go weak as my mud, and piss covered body fell to the ground. I was crying and laughing. I had no choice now, but to go home this way. A dirty, piss covered, sissy teenager who couldn’t wait to get home and get his cock free so that he could cum and dream about what would his next game be like.


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