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I. The Pool

It was the week of Spring Break and my parents had taken my “sister”, Karen, to visit some potential colleges. Karen was the daughter of people who traveled abroad a lot, and so they’d asked the family to take her in so she could stay with her school and friends. That had been three years earlier, and their visits were infrequent and brief. But all that is another story.

I, being of a sufficiently advanced and supposedly responsible age, was allowed to stay at the house and have a week of solitude, so sorely needed. In particular, my cock was sore from a combination of having to have worn woollen trousers all spring (I was in a military cadet programme) and from the intense and merciless itching caused by my puberty. Now that I had the place to myself for a week, I would go around wearing either my birthday suit or a pair of short shorts. To my great delight, our house had a very clear view of our neighbor’s backyard and swimming pool. That was good for me because the neighbors were a house of three women, a mom and two daughters, and they spent a lot of time being scantily-clad around their pool, very helpful for erection encouragement.

Jessica had been abandoned by her husband in their fourth year of marriage. She was 40 years old with a very firm bust size to match. It was easy to see that she had not let herself “go to pot” because her almost nonexistent bikinis left very little to my imagination. Her 40-28-34 figure would easily be accepted as that of a Playboy model. Her hair was brown and wavy, cut to just reaching shoulder length, and her skin, which was always glimmering with suntan oil, was dark tan, her chest and shoulders freckled. Her legs could have belonged to an Olympic runner. Not only was Jessica a 10 on the MILF scale, but I’d spent many a time at my window jerking off while watching her at her pool. Lucky me, my window had the best view of the pool area.

Her daughters were 18 year old Kelly, and 20 year old Cynthia. Cynthia’s physique resembled Jessica’s, though her bust was smaller at 36 inches, and her hair was a light brown. She and Jessica seemed to have a competition going to see which of them could come to the pool in the more outrageous swimsuits. I have no idea how a winner would be decided! Kelly, however, must have favoured her father’s family, with her ass-length red-brown hair, thin body, fairly light skin, and tits that barely rose above the plain of her torso. Though she often wore a bikini, she was also fond of a seductive brown  V-shaped suit, that covered her crotch and barely covered her breasts. It tied behind her neck, and from the rear she was nude except a small thong around her hips.

Yes, my room had a fantastic view of the neighbor’s pool area and, of course, the seductive neighbors. That’s why all the photos I managed to take of them turned out so well.

II. Tie Down

I am hopelessly and fondly into bondage, which I had learned to branch off into self-bondage a long time ago. The idea of being helpless and used by a woman was my number one desire, but as no women were part of my life then, I had to do myself. Hence, self-bondage.

For Spring Break I would do self-bondage as often as I’d like, so I set out to find a perfect dungeon scenario. The room next to mine was a guest bedroom, and it had recently been stripped of nearly everything as a prelude to major redecoration in the hazy future. All that remained was the single bed and its stout four-poster frame. I had also put my big screen TV in there, because during this miserably hot spring the guest room was the coolest place in our air conditioner deprived house. The spartan atmosphere of the room suited me perfectly. After all, who ever heard of a well-decorated dungeon? As it was now, the room had an appropriate ambiance of seedy.

First thing I did was put a clean, soft cotton bottom sheet on the bed, and I pulled it taut until the surface was completely smooth. Next, I brought in the simple bondage material I would need: karate belts and a special thumb drive for my big screen TV. I positioned the bed so my head would face the TV, so that while I was bound I could also see a six-hour compilation of the most prick-stiffening porn I had collected.

I used the three karate belts as my binds. Making my legs helpless was easy. I sat on the bed and tied the ends of the belt to each ankle, leaving a long span of belt between them. Next, I hopped onto the bed into a kneeling position with my ankles near the foot (interesting pun there), then wriggled backwards until the long length of belt dropped off the foot-side of the mattress. With some careful wriggles, I got the belt pulled between mattress and box spring. Then I lay down on my belly and forcefully yanked my legs, which straddled the thin bed, towards me. The belt was now about 18-inches from the bed’s edge, and holding my legs firmly and inescapably apart.

Next, I tied my left wrist with a second belt, and then tied off a long loop. I repeated this with my right wrist, but I made the loop much longer. Reaching between my legs, I carefully straightened my cock so it rested against my belly. Then, arching myself as much as I could to the left, I tossed the large loop on my left wrist up and over the bedpost on my left. As I had planned, my arm would be pulled taut when I finished the binding. Then I wriggled back to the bed’s centre. With my left wrist bound I could not move my body any further to the right, hence the need for that longer loop. I tossed the loop at the right bedpost, which was difficult, but got it on the fourth try.

And there I was, just as I’d wanted. My legs were embarrassingly spread far apart, and my arms pulled so much that I could not move more than a twitch. My cock, which was six inches long when I started this session, had grown to about three feet in length, and my body was covered in perspiration in that 90-degree room. As I said, it was a hot spring.

III. Jerk Off

I began my voluntary ordeal at about 7:30 that evening, and though it was still light outside, it was a subdued light that would soon yield to twilight and night. No sooner than I finished tying myself to the bed, I played around tugging at my bonds, testing that they’d hold, and letting the feeling of helplessness exaggerate the horny feelings within me. I was helpless, and that meant I was vulnerable. In fact, I was sexually vulnerable, and all I could think about was the desire for some hot female to find me like this and rape me. And of course, such thoughts made me stiffer. The XXX fuck-fest showing on my TV was clearly visible to me and every scene guaranteed that losing my erection just would not be possible. While all these sexy thoughts wrangled with my brain, I had begun rubbing my penis against the wonderfully soft bed sheet. I was in bliss!

I’d not had the opportunity to have sex in about two weeks. There had been weekend company, long hours of overtime at work, and a variety of other responsibilities that had taken all my time. By the time I’d fallen into bed, I’d been too tired to even get an erection. Nevertheless, I had thought about sex and had thought about nasty fantasies, and that built up to the pressure I felt that evening. Each stroke of my cock, every time my ass rose and fell, pushing and pulling my prick, my brain was overwhelmed with endorphins. I wanted to stroke all night, hell, all week! I wanted Jessica to barge in and rape me. I wanted Cynthia under me so I could rub her vagina.

Explosion! Wave after wave of contractions forced cum out of me with considerable force and emptying considerable volume! It felt wonderful, and I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop the orgasm, I couldn’t stop my hips pumping. When the cum level started to trickle and I could exhale again, I happened to look at what was on the TV screen and the humping resumed. I couldn’t stop it, even after orgasm, and then I came again! God! That felt so fucking good that I wanted it to last all month. Hey in a few more months the folks will retire to a place about a thousand miles away, I’ll get the house, and I’ll be able to come as often as I like!

When rest was possible, I’d close my eyes, take deep breaths, and just lay, limp and tired, for as long as I could. But I had been very horny, and despite my age (21) there still seemed to be some residual puberty action within me. That meant I was always horny, even when I didn’t try to think about it. It also meant that I could easily have multiple orgasms, so when I finally opened my eyes again, my TV gave me a jolt of Jessica, photographed from my room, looking right down her cleavage, and...

...I was pumping yet again. Seeing Jessica’s photo series made this session a lot more “real”, and my ass pumped faster and harder than before. After those first two orgasms I thought I was spent for the night, but my libido and its minions had other plans. I could hear those psychological partners shouting to my ass: “Up, down, up down”, and “In, out, in DEEPER, out...” My hips had grown tired and wanted to rest, but my cock wasn’t listening, and somehow kept the pumping going until I had climax number three. I squirted and squirted and squirted, getting one hell of a lower abdominal workout until, finally, it was over and I collapsed into the mattress. I slept there, bound, until morning.

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