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by Techster

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Would you do it here or there?
Would you do it on the stair?

From time to time I like to place myself at my wife's mercy. 
She is NOT a fan of BDSM so when she discovers me nude, helpless, fully restrained by my own hand with appropriate toys for tease or torment (and the keys for my release) laid out before her; she has been known to take full advantage of the situation.

Of course we have a few ground rules: (1) the bondage must be such that I cannot release myself. (2) I must be gagged and blindfolded so that when she punishes me for my "deviant behavior" she will not have to hear my pleas or see any pain on my face. (3) The bondage scene must be creative with an element of risk.

On a week when she was working 2nd shift I laid out the toys on the stairs. (a) Keys for release, (b) a rubber stinging switch, (c) a deep insulated bowl of ice cubes, (d) and lastly my ultimate choice a branding iron with her initials on it. I have long dreamt of having her brand permanently on my buttocks.

I placed my ankles in a locking spreader bar. Waddled up to the stair banister and leaned over exposing my back, genitals and buttocks.

Then I buckled the ball type gag and slid the cloth bag over my head lastly I passed the "point of no return and closed the handcuffs on my wrists.

As I relaxed in my helplessness I tripped the remote of the digital camera.

It seemed like hours before she arrived home. I heard her gasp, "You know I don't like this. It's time to teach you the error of your ways!"

The flat rubber switch stung my buttocks for what seemed like an hour.  Due to the spreader bar and the handcuffs I couldn't struggle.

"Now you won't feel what comes next!” she said as she left.

Her walking out left me time to think, "Oh, God, what have I done to myself!"

The minutes seemed like hours as I awaited her return.

Then I heard her footsteps and suddenly was shocked by a large handful of ice on my testicles, then on my penis. I shivered as I did I felt the hot blast of the branding iron on my buttocks.

I shook and screamed, but I could not make a sound with gag's large ball filling my mouth. I paused and let natures high, namely the endorphins do their job as she once more rained a hail of stinging switches across my buttocks.

"There you are! Now the world knows you are mine." She remarked as she placed and locked a spiked metal training collar around my neck.

"Now I'm going to release your wrists, I want you to place them behind you."

I shook my head in agreement and was released only to have my wrists securely cuffed behind me.

I stood up and she removed my hood and gag. 

"Now will you behave, my favorite livestock? Or do you need a repeat of this lesson?" she jested patting my bare buttocks.

"I promise to be good (until next time)." I muttered.

"I'll bet you have to go to the bathroom?" she said.

"Yes, Please." I agreed.

To my surprise she led me out of the back door and clipped my to the dog's lead.

"Don't wander off, I'll be right back."

I shivered in the cool night air and kept low as I knelt to pee. I was praying no one drove up the road behind out home and saw me.

In about 15 minutes she claimed me and brought me inside.

"We've both had a full day, lets go to bed."
I nodded in agreement.
I was rewarded by being able to taste her sex and then she had me roll over on some pillows so the handcuffs wouldn’t hurt my wrists and mounted me bringing us both to orgasm in a few minutes.

I slept in the spreader bar and handcuffs awaiting whatever adventure the morning might bring.

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