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Storycodes: Sbf; chastity belt; denial; cons; X

Xi - Chapter 3 - "Damn You"

Poor Battery Bob and his variable speed motor... For several months he had been neglected - collecting dust in a bedside drawer. But that had changed. Burned out batteries lined the bottom of the bedroom wastebasket. For the past three days, much of Xi's free time had become focused on pleasuring herself. ("Masturbation" is such a blunt word...) Unfortunately, no matter the point of application, the angle, nor the proximity or pressure... Battery Bob could not take Xi to that special place. It's not that she didn't want it. (She did!!) It's not that Xi was inexperienced in the art of self-pleasure. (She had the experience!!) She was just unable to find the means to get over the crest of the wave. The wonderfully awful belt that was locked upon her, so perfect in its sense of duty, kept her from achieving success. And the key to that belt was 383.2 kilometers away locked to the foundation of her mountain cottage.
Additional strategies, all tried and true and normally quite successful, were added to her mix of tactics. She experimented with anything she could think of that produced an inkling of arousal. Sexy, see-through lingerie. Black, high-heel shoes with long ties wrapping up her olive calves. A good electronica beat pounding - shaking the bed. Candlelight, rose petals, and an Anna fantasy. An array of other mostly ghostly lovers... Everything made her hot. But everything took her sweating down a road that led nowhere. Even the soft nylon rope that at times anchored her ankles at the corners of the bed (or constricted her waist and isolated her breasts...) now lay where it landed, cast from across the room.
Confounded desire!
On Wednesday evening, as the last rays of the sun lifted from their perch on the highest clouds, Xi took a pull from a cigarette on her back porch and watched blue smoke rise and disperse into the evening sky. Softly she prayed for Anna - wherever she may be, physical or ethereal - to hear her melancholy longing, to come home once again, to stroke her body like a feather and support her like a firm bed.
Why did she have to disappear with no word, no sign? The last time Xi had seen Anna was when she boarded the plane for Rio de Janeiro. Records confirmed that she took her scheduled flight to Manaus two days later... And that was it. Now all Xi had of Anna were her possessions. They were no solace though. They were like weights that she had to drag around. Things that she couldn't throw away. In fact, she hated them. She hated them all except the necklace with a key, the black collar, and the wonderful belt. Anna's belt. Anna's magical, mysterious belt. Her new-old belt with no maker. The belt that now contained and frustrated Xi. The belt that now restricted her access to her own lustful desires. "Damn you! Anna!" Xi blew out her last lung full of acrid, disgusting, tobacco smoke, and smashed the butt into a rainwater-filled plant holder. "Forty-fucking-eight more hours..."
The oranges and reds of the evening sky outside the mountain cottage had never been so vivid. After a week of deprivation, she would soon remove the wonderfully torturous belt and quickly tease herself to climax upon the hard commons room floor. A ray of light shone through the cottage window like a spotlight and landed softly on the polished collar lying at the base of, encircling, and locked to the metal pole. Naked below the waist, she approached the pole. She pulled the collar up to her imprisoned sex and held the disk near the faceplate. The secret slot opened and she slid the disk inside to switch the mode to "unlocked". God! She was on fire. Erotic spasms arced through the interior of her body - her sparse flesh-hair rising from her skin. She pulled the collar's chain to release the disk from the slot and allow her to proceed to her desire...
But the disk did not budge. She looked down at her smoldering, imprisoned crotch, her head feeling faint, her knees beginning to shake. Nothing appeared to be blocking the disk... Nothing seemed to be keeping the disk from sliding free from the belt's slot... But she could not pull it out!
Contrary to logic, the panic washing over her did not extinguish her need. It was more like fuel and her breath flew from within her. She tried to pull away from the pole but the collar's short chain quickly caught and held her sex close - anchored, only centimeters from the pole. The snap of the chain's extension sent a jolt of pleasure to her lips and clit. She felt that pleasure expand like ripples on a lake across the surface of her skin. Her eyes closed and a moan slipped through her open mouth. The feeling passed quickly. She looked down again in resurging horror. She was locked to the pole! What was she going to do? She yanked her waist back from the pole again. As before, a shock wave of pleasure pulsated through her soul.
Panicked, she pulled back again and again - each time, with the same effect. Soon, however, she was no longer thinking of escape, but instead she was fixated on the physical rapture of each bone-jarring jolt. Holding the pole with her right arm she leaned back. Her eyes closed and mouth agape. Her grasp on the pole faltered, her knees went weak, and she slid slowly to the floor. As she descended the locked collar scraped down the metal pole sending out a piercing cry like a hawk's scream and a vibration that caused her stomach muscles to contract involuntarily. Once the burning flesh of her buttocks touched the cool, hard floor, she wrapped her legs around the pole and squeezed - bucking her pelvis all the while. She pulled with such desire and passion that the pole seemed to actually sway back and forth. The overhead light rocked in its fixture - brightening and dimming. White flecks of plaster from the ceiling fell, softly, around her sweat-sheened body. In an outburst of pure desire her shirt was torn from her body - her nipples - unveiled, aroused, and erect. On the far wall, a picture of her family fell from its hook and crashed to the ground. Xi did not care, though she watched - seemingly in slow motion - as the wood frame split upon impact and shards of the glass cover rained across the floor. She arched her back as high off the ground as she could - stretching, flexing - her dark hair pooling on the floor below. With her arms extending behind her, she let forth a gut-wrenching scream. The avalanche fell upon her.
....She was on her back. Her legs felt like they were rising, floating up and over her head. Soon, her torso followed along. And her arms. And her head. Her spirit was free from her body. Free from the belt. Vibrations pulsed through her soul... She was looking down from the ceiling at herself. She was watching herself sleeping peacefully in her bed at home.
"This is a dream."
She tried to move, but couldn't. She was no longer looking down, but instead was laying on her back under a soft sheet. She tried to move again. Finally... She was waking up.
Xi pulled a hand from beneath the sheet and touched her face. Her skin still tingled lightly. It was early Thursday morning. Xi still had a day and a half left before she would be able to go the mountain cottage and remove the belt. Like the dream itself, any sense of sexual relief from her apparent orgasm was fleeting and quickly dissolved into the early morning light. Once again Xi felt frustrated and quite unfulfilled. She grabbed Battery Bob from the drawer and tried with manic desperation to apply him successfully. Shortly, frustration grew into anger. She threw the vibrator across the room where it collided with dirty clothes draped over the hamper and fell loudly onto the hardwood floor. She tore the sheet from her body and pulled herself out of bed.
A run felt good even though afterwards her desire remained intense and dominated her focus. Xi stood before a full-length mirror, as naked as she could become, examining the effects of her fitness efforts...
Soon after Anna disappeared, Xi came to a fork in her life. She realized that she could either drown her sorrows in food and alcohol or she could seek solace through the endorphins provided by vigorous exercise. Xi chose endorphins. She quickly hired the strictest personal trainer she could find and swore off mind altering substances of all types. Enforced activities eventually became habits and as time went by Xi no longer needed a forsaken dominatrix to scream at her to motivate her to exercise. After two years she still did not drink much, and her boot camp lifestyle had mellowed a bit. Still, her arms and legs carried definition. Her stomach was mostly flat. Her average-sized breasts, still perky. Xi was proud of what she saw.
She pulled her fingers through her hair. Even with a few natural curls, Xi's brunette locks fell to the middle of her back. Her sad eyes were big and chestnut brown. Even in winter, her tan skin was a soft olive color. She gently pulled her fingertips up the smooth tight skin of her thigh and across the hard slick finish of the black chastity belt - tactilely, an interesting transition of sensations.
The belt held Xi tightly. It fit her perfectly as though it had been custom made for her to wear. If Anna had purchased the belt for her, then she must have foreseen Xi's curves perfectly. Exercise and age had certainly molded her body since Anna's hands last graced her skin. Maybe it was simply the design of the belt. Even when Xi lay naked on her back on a hard surface, the bar that bisected her buttocks did so so well that the metal did not touch the ground past the swell of her cheeks. The belt curved over her hips and down low on her abdomen in such a way that it still allowed her to endure an intense Pilate's workout without restriction, friction, or blemish. The belt was a marvel. If one ignored the metal finish, Anna's belt could pass for a thong undergarment. At least, that is, until the intimate observer placed a hand upon it and felt the cool, unyielding surface.
On this particular Thursday, Xi had to pack up her laptop and go to the office for work. Rather than mingle as she normally would, she did her best to minimize contact with her co-workers. Her bout of "allergies" that kept her skin slightly flushed and the associated medications that left her distracted and a bit disoriented were the perfect little lie. She bottled herself inside her office to stew in her lust and thank the gods that she didn't have pressing deadlines.
Is it not funny, though, how sometimes the universe conspires to play small jokes upon each and every person? Accordingly, Xi received a call on her cell phone from an old college friend at 5:46 PM Thursday evening. Sage was actually one of Xi's best friends from college. Occasionally they had even flirted with a relationship, though both knew it was mostly just a lark. Since Sage had moved to the other side of the country they rarely saw one another - the last time was shortly after Anna's disappearance. And since then, they had only talked on the phone once or twice. It turns out Sage was able to save her company money by having a weekend-long layover in town. She was dying to spend that time with Xi to catch up, shop a bit, and have some fun.
"Oh great!" Xi exclaimed into the phone. Then she lied, "But, um... there is a chance that I need to travel for work as well... I think I can get out of it. Can I call you back in a couple of minutes?"
After hanging up the phone Xi sat staring out the window as one hand idly descended to her crotch and felt the hardness of the metal belt through her clothes. The ever-present pulling sensation that teased her hidden privates seemed to acquire audibility and grow in decibels to an unendurable level.
"Shit!" Xi really wanted to see Sage. What should she do? Xi could make the all night run to the cottage to release herself tonight... But she'd be exhausted tomorrow. She could drag Sage up to the cottage on Saturday morning and covertly release herself... But since the weather forecast called for rain... And there would be no shops or clubs to go to... "Shit! Shit! Shit!"
Xi clenched her eyes closed and covered her ears with her hands to shut out her pent up frustration. Xi had made it through one week with the belt... She thought that perhaps she could make it through another... After all, long-term deprivation had been her desire.
She picked up the phone and called Sage. "So, what time does your flight arrive tomorrow night?"
 continued in Xi - Chapter 4 - Flash


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