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by Otto Dix

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by Otto Dix
Yoked By Otto Dix
It started out as a family weekend of berry picking, at the last minute, the rest of the family backed out. My wife complained that there was nothing for the kids to do up there except watch T.V. My parents were away for week visiting my older sister and I promised to go up to their house on Saturday to water the garden and check that everything was alright. It was their 
retirement home, and was locate in a very secluded property that backed onto a forest. I opted to head off by myself and take a bit of a respite from the family. As I left Friday night for the remote village, I tried telling myself that I wasn’t going to do anything stupid this time. I was going to water the garden, pick raspberries, and get a good night’s sleep. Despite my intentions, I grabbed my toolbox and put in the trunk of the car to take with me. In it, I had a couple of chains and bunch of pad locks. I stopped at a grocery store to pick up a couple of food supplies, as my parents would have left no food in the fridge. I passed by the rack of nylons, and couldn’t help myself. I grabbed to pair of black nylons and threw them in the basket. Now I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. It was like I was on autopilot, and I was just along for the ride.

The place was secluded, and the weather was beautiful. My father had cut a path through the dense tall grass behind the house that lead deep into the forest. Saturday morning, I started my chores, but couldn’t stop thinking about that path. By lunch time, I was dripping with sweat and tired from picking berries all morning. I stood in the back yard and let the water from the hose cascade over my body. Refreshed from my dosing, I took a walk down the path to see what sort of potential it had for any adventures.

At an easy pace, the path took 15 minutes to walk all the way to the end. No other paths connected to it. Perfect! I only had a vague idea of what I was going to do. I knew that it was going to involve the path, and outdoor bondage. I hadn’t done any outdoor bondage since I was a teenager, living in Northern Ontario, where there was plenty of opportunity to go venturing 
into the woods. I made my way back to my father’s workshop, and started looking around for stuff I could use. My eyes fell upon an old yoke used to carry water, and an idea immediately came to me.

I looked around for any pair of heavy items I could use for weights. I found two boat anchors, each were about 20lbs. I had a supply of galvanized cable and connectors (the type you crimp shut), and I knew I had everything I needed.

I took the yoke off the wall, and tried it on for size. With my arms extended, my wrists just pasted the holes at each end of the yoke. I added one screw-in eyelet in the middle of the yoke. I would use it to secure the yoke with a loose fitting cable around my neck. This would prevent me from removing the yoke. I prepared three cables. One was short with two loops; it would go around my neck and both loops would be padlocked to the eyelet on the back of the yoke. The other two were about two feet long, and had a loop at each end. One end would be attached to an anchor, run through the hole at an end of the yoke, and then be locked to a wrist restraint. I used two short pieces of chain as wrist restraints. One lock could be used to close the chain around the wrist, and connect the wrist to the cable.

I figured that as I stood up with the yoke, the weights would pull my arms out to the ends of the yoke. The cables were short enough that I practically had to lie down to have a foot’s worth of play. It was enough to unlock the anchors, but not enough to do anything else.

I put the yoke, cables, anchors, and three opened padlocks in a wheelbarrow, and headed off down the path. I also placed a house key on a string and put it in my pocket. I walked down to the end of the path, and placed the anchors about four feet apart and looped a pad lock threw each ring, but left the lock open. I placed the yoke in-between the anchors, and the two 
longer cables beside it I took the shorter cable, and connected both ends to the eyelet with the third padlock, and left it unlocked. Finally, I found a nearby tree with a branch just low enough; I could grab it if I jumped. I lowered the branch, and tied the house key to it. I would need the yoke and weights off before I could get the key.

I returned to the house, took my tool box inside, and waited until it started to get dark. There would be a half moon out that evening, so it wouldn’t be pitch dark out. At around 8 pm, I stripped and put on one pair of black nylons. Over them, I put on a chain waist and crotch harness. It went around my waist, one chain went down the crack of my ass pulling the nylon material deep inside, and then the chain divided into two, and went on either side of my cock and balls and linked back up the chain around my waist. I used small locks to attach it, and it would be irremovable without the keys.

I carefully cut a small hole for my balls to extrude and another for my cock. Using a thin rope, I applied a ball harness that stretched and separated my balls. I took the second pair of nylons, and cut both legs off and put them in my pant’s pocket. I also grabbed a small ball from a chest of toys. I was going to use these as a ball gag and hood later. I put on my pants, shirt and shoes, and stepped outside. I had with me two small chains for wrist restraints, and two small open padlocks.

I left the keys to the chain waist harness inside the house, and closed the door, locking it behind me. I placed the keys for the all the other locks in the center of the back yard, and started down the path.

When I got to the end, it was still very light outside. I didn’t waste any time getting started. I removed my clothes and shoes and placed them by the side of the path. I put on my wrist restraints, and locked them to one end of the longer cables. I retrieved the two nylon legs from my pants, and put the ball down the middle of one of them, and tied a knot on either side. I put the ball in my mouth, and tied it tightly with several knots at the back of my head. The ball sunk deep in my mouth, and kept my jaw fully extended. I then placed the other nylon leg over my head. I could still see well enough to finish the bondage.

I placed the yoke on the back of my shoulders, and ran the short cable around my neck, and locked it in place. I would need either a good pair of wire cutters or the key to get the yoke off. I then laid prostate with the yoke between the anchors. One at a time, I ran the cable through the hole at the end of the yoke, and brought the free end to the anchor, and placed the loop in the lock and swung the lock shut without locking them. I then found myself with both hand on each lock, prepared to lock both of them and seal myself to self-imposed slavery. I took a deep breath and snapped the locks shut.

I brought my knees forward, and as I raised my shoulders, my wrists were brought out to the sides as I had envisioned. I had enough slack to get into a crouched position and still have the anchors resting on the ground. Slowly, I lifted myself up and stood upright; surveying the situation.

I was outdoors, wearing black nylons that were locked on, and my balls were all tied up and swelling. I had on a ball gag and a nylon hood that made screaming impossible and cut down my vision significantly. I was carrying 40lbs of extra weight on a yoke that could not be removed, and the only way to gain some relief from the weights was to either get on my knees, or lie 
down in the grassy path. I was so turned on, my cock stuck out like a flag pole in front of me. As a couple of mosquitoes started to feast on all that bare flesh, I suddenly realized the full extent of the torture I inflicted upon myself. With my hands fixed at either end of the yoke, I had to endure the picking of the ravenous beasts. It wasn’t long before a couple set their sights on my blood engorged cock.

I started down the path, with nothing to protect my feet but one pair of nylons. The feeling of vulnerability was exquisite. I was so nervous. It was still quite light out, and I had to time my arrival to the house carefully. Cars and trucks drove by the house irregularly, but had a clear view of the area between the woods and where I had placed my release keys. It would have to be dark enough to avoid being seen, but the longer I waited, the greater the chance of being discovered by a hiking neighbor. I 
was also being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and the darker it got, the harder it would be for me to find the keys.

The walk to the start of the path took longer with the weights and yoke. By the time I made it to the edge of the forest, I didn’t have to worry about it being too light. Now I had to worry about it being to dark. The sun had fully set, and the moon was out, but I hadn’t counted on clouds moving in. With the nylon hood, I could barely see a thing. I made my way out to the center of the yard where I placed the keys, and desperately tried to see them. I started a search pattern with my feet, sweeping one foot from side to side, while I held up the full weight of the anchors with the other. The wind was picking up, and the air cooled. It felt like rain was coming. I truly felt like a prisoner, unable to escape my bondage. I was beginning to despair when my foot struck the jumble of keys. I dropped to my knees, and then laid prostrate and groped for the keys with my right hand. Within 
minutes, I had the yoke off and proceeded to remove my hood. I tried to take off the ball gag, but the knots would not come undone, so I turned my attention to my swollen balls and carefully undid the rope harness.

Relieved to be rid of the yoke and ball harness, I still had to make my way up the path to retrieve my clothes, and key to the house before taking off the chain waist and crotch harness. I was going to have to do it with the ball gag on since I was going to need scissors to get them off. The jog back up the path and back was as erotic as the yoked experience. Here I was, forced to wander the woods in the dark, wearing noting but nylons and chains, in order to get the key to get back into the house. I was so turned on by the time I got the key, that before dressing and going back, I lied down in the dark forest and masturbated. The combination of being outdoors, the nylons, the chains, and ball gag, all added to the experience. When I was done, I felt so weak, I could barely stand up. I had to make my way back to the house without putting on my clothes since I had made a bit of a mess on myself. I grabbed my clothes and shoes with my clean hand, and made my way back to the house, and a well deserved shower.

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August, 2002


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