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Nipple Clamps

by [email protected]

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Nipple Clamps
by [email protected]

Hi Gromet,  

I just came up with an easy way to lock on your nipple clamps.  People may know about this already, but I haven't read this technique anywhere.  So I thought I'd share the idea so others could have some extra fun while in bondage.  

For me, nipple clamps are only on until I can free my hands and take them off.  This method keeps your poor nipples locked up until you can get to the key.  Fun stuff!  Since nipples vary in size this may not work for everybody.

All you need are your basic clover style nipple clamps and two padlocks.  The size of the padlock is very important, since one too large won't fit properly and one too small won't prevent you from escaping the jaws.  I am using small Master locks that unlock with keys.  Mine have a brass colored body and the silver piece that slides in and out is only 1/2" across.  They may be the smallest size Master makes and are available at any hardware store.  

Normally, when I apply the clover clamps, I can't pull them off by tugging alone.  I have to sqeeze the 'body' of the clamp to open the jaws and then pull them off.  So the basic idea is that, if you can't squeeze the body of the clamp to release the jaws, you're trapped.  Pretty simple.  

So apply the clamp to your favorite pair of nipples as you normally would.  Now look at the clamp while it's clamped on, and you will see 4 voids or spaces in the body of the clamp.  There are two larger spaces near your nipple and two smaller ones farther away, near where the chain normally attaches.  These small spaces are the ones we're going to use.  Take the padlock and thread it through the two small holes.  When the padlock is in the correct place, it will essentially be locked around the center straight piece of metal.  To work properly, the padlock should barely squeeze into place and be almost too wide to fit in.  The outside of the padlock should butt up against the inside of the nipple clamp, preventing you from squeezing the nipple clamp to release the jaws.  Lock the padlock in to place and you're trapped.  No amount of tugging (ouch!) or sqeezing will free your nipples until you remove the padlock.

As an added bonus, the padlocks add some extra weight to tug on your nipples.  

For me, this brings up all kinda of new fun ideas.  Maybe you could leave the padlock key at work one night.  The next morning, you could lock on the nipple clamps and go to work.  I bet those bumpy roads would hurt!  Cover yourself in a heavy coat and get the keys quick!  Or maybe lock them on your hapless slave.  Hide the keys somewhere in the house and sit back and watch the frantic search.  

Have fun!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send an e-mail.

[email protected]

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