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Geocities Websites Links
These sites that were previously hosted on Geocities are now archived here or by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the links below have been change to reflect this, if you have a problem with accessing the sites try using the wayback machine direct
A Little bit helpless by yourself
The original selfbondage website, now no longer updated but still contains some good ideas etc.
Aurelie's Self Bondage
Aurelie's own self bondage stories, scenarios and techniques.
Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Story based website contain stories and essays by Dungeonmouse and others.
Feline's Fantasies
Feline was awarded "Best Bondage Writer 2005" Site contains many stories about bondage and selfbondage.
LaceLinda's World of Self Bondage fun, a small website with self bondage, Japanese bondage, scarf bondage.
Lillian's Nexus
Lillian's site is dedicated to exploring the intersection of Cross Dressing and Bondage with an emphasis on Self-Bondage.
Autoerotic Fatalities A grim site that relates cases of people who engaged in self-bondage and accidently killed themselves. Recommended reading. Presented as a public service to the bondage community at large by LORELEI
Alice's Sexual Obsession
web archive
Site dedicated to Self-bondage and cross-dressing, has techniques, stories and ideas for dressing.
Diary of Sex Goddess
web archive
Articles on my self-made bondage that cost almost nothing! my diary on playing-with-myself, stories and of course my masturbation process and experience.
Self Bondage Girl
web archive
Personal Selfbondage website where the author can share her ideas and fantasies with you.
SoloBound Stories, techniques and ideas, also contains news items that are very funny to read.
For more links check out here = >
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