Drawings of Aurélie

The principles

  I got a new idea!  :-)

  Someone sent me drawings of me tied up (to explain details of a scenario) and this image made me realise how much a turn-on it was for me to see this, to know that somebody had somewhat fantasized on me, had imagined nude, bonded and helpless. Really, you can't imagine how it feels! Moreover, the drawings had some ressemblance to me.

  And here came the idea: Try to imagine me, either in one of the scenarios I've described or in any situation (but tied up situations are my favorite), draw me like you imagine me, scan your drawing and send it to me. I shall upload here all the drawings I receive and make comments telling which features are the most ressembling to me. Then you, or other artists will be able to improve the ressemblance and, as we go, we should get a pretty good picture of me.  :-)

  By the way, if the position appeals me, I could well make a scenario from it, and you would get a new report. I know they have been quite rare lately. This could well be a mean to take me again to the task. I'm feeling quite excited by this new project. I'm looking forward to see your chef d'oeuvres. And if you want to add a few words about the drawing or the story you were imagining when drawing it, I would really love to read it.

  Should you not want me to upload your drawing, please tell me. I shall keep the drawing for myself. If you didn't state it otherwise, I would take it as granted that I can upload it here. Also, tell me if you want your name and/or e-mail to be quoted with the drawing.

  Please send your drawings to me

Description of myself

  I'm petite, sportive, small-breasted (sorry guys), shoulder length auburn hair, small glasses on my perk little nose, green eyes. Before you ask, I don't shave my pussy.

  I'm not really muscled but I keep my body in good shape by doing sport regularly. A flat belly, no bad-looking fat on the limbs. I would say I look "firm" (I lack the words to describe this sort of thing.). My hips are a little too wide to my taste but I suppose it helps to give me my round bottom. When my legs are closed together, my thighs don't touch near the crotch, as if it had planned in order to provide full access to my pussy. I have lovely feet with straight toes.

  About my breasts,when I'm on my back, they are hardly larger than male breasts. Areola are larger though and the nipples are longer (when fully erect). They are VERY sensitive! :-) When I am standing, my breasts seem larger; they take a shape like half pears (cut from head to bottom) with the nipples in the thicker parts. When I am on all fours, they dangle under me in a conical shape. It is impossible to tie anything around them, even in the latter position.

  Naturally, my hair is cascading in large waves. Sometimes I make it curly, but now I keep them natural (I don't know the right words here either). There are bangs in front. My hair flows freely on my shoulder but when I'm doing sport, I tie it back.

  About my face: I have a turned-up nose. My eyebrows are not so strong. They are rounded like parentheses and are near to my front bangs. I have large eyes; I'm told they are the first thing one notices about me. (I suppose it is because I have small breasts... ;-)  ) My glasses have a thin oval shape. But I don't wear them when doing self-bondage. I have thin lips, standing up as if I was continuously doing a smack, a small mouth. A round chin, slightly prognathic.

Your drawings, my comments

  This is the most ressembling picture so far. Actually it is quite astonishing and I begin to fear that if I continue this game, people could recognize me in the street!

  So, body here is quite correct. In particular the breasts are well done. The legs and feet are right too. The hair is how it was about a year ago. Now, I bear it longer, just above my nipples. About the face... Well it's difficult to say what is right and what is wrong. I usually do not wear make-up and my lips are not so... pulpous, thiner I think. I have perhaps a rounder head, but that's difficult to say. I'm not an artist!

  This drawing has been made by Marq (e-mail him).

by Soggo   Well, this picture is not physically very ressembling, but Soggo did a good job at understanding my mind and preferences. The bondage style is typically mine. And I really love the expression in the eyes. The breasts have the correct shape. I wear glasses but of course not this shape! I am not so muscular.
By Astroed  Here the body general shape is better. I love the small weight hanging to my nipple. Note the string around the big toes, too; Astroed had obviously studied my description and my preferences. The hair is more similar to mine than in the Soggo's drawing, but mine are curlier and a little longer. I often tie them in a pony tail when playing self-bondage. The face is not really ressembling either.
By Monsieur Charles
  First, Monsieur Charles asked me to precise this is not an artistic drawing but a technical sketch aiming at explaining a bondage harness.

  That's probybly true, but this is also probably why it got me so excited. I could really imagine me very precisely in that situation. This actually got my brain... uuh, not only my brain I fear... churning and although I lacked most of the items needed to perform it, it inspired me a scenario whose report I just added to my list.

   What turned me on in this drawing too was that it had been drawn with me in mind. And, as it appeared, by chance, it had some ressemblance to me. The hair in particular is the most ressembling so far (mine are longer though). And perhaps in the shape of the eyes too. What is definitely false are the high heels as I like to be bare feet.

  I have got another drawing from Charles, as well as a story he wrote just for me, accompanying the drawing.

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