Up and Down
A scenario by Monsieur Charles
Commanded: 17th of July 2003
Executed: 18th of July 2003

  Usually I begin by the scenario but here the scenario and the report are too different. I kept the base (in my view) idea of the scenario: I have to be standing to get free, but I cannot stay straight too long because it is uncomfortable. Here is the picture by Monsieur Charles which got me in such a turned-on mood:

  I begun by removing all my clothes, as always. With the ambient heat, it was really not a problem. Then I was ready to set the stage. First I tied hang knot at the end of a long rope. This hang knot I secured to a support in mid air by means of a bowline knot. I had then two long strands of rope dangling from these two knots. With them I made an huge amount of simple knots, running around the bowline in order to hide it.

  Then I prepared a coil by rolling a loop of rope around both my feet. This coil I kept aside for the moment. It was going to be for my wrists.

  Once that was done I prepared another rope with two slip-knot which I passed around my big toes. They were separated by about 30 cm of rope. In the middle of this rope I tied two pieces of string at the other end of which are connected two clothespins. These clothespins are strengthened with a wide elastic band rolled around their jaws. With this system, once the clamps are closed on my nipples I cannot go free without a lot of pain. Actually, I've never found the courage to break free from them. It has happened a few times one of them slipped away because I fumbled or something, but I deliberately try to escape them, I just cannot. That's too painful.
  I made a few adjustments in the length of the strings and the toe-connecting ropes and then everything was ready. First, I kneeled and snapped each clothespin on one nipple. Those clothespins are nice because they are not too painful, as long as I do not pull on them. Then I stand up, or rather, in got onto my feet, folded in two at the waist, with my knees half flexed. This was as much as the nipple string was going to let me straighten. I passed my left wrist into the coil, passed it through the hanging hang knot in my back and passed my right wrist in the second half of the knot. Everything ready? OK, I pulled on the hang knot which closed the coil without hope of escape. The only way toward freedom was now to untie the bowline knot hidden under a complicated bunch of tight knots.

  At first it was easy, because I could just kneel and untie the dangling knots by elevating my arms behind me. I almost thought I had made a mistake when measuring the string length and hang knot height. But once the first ten or so simple knots were untied, I felt that the bunch of remaining one were too high. I had to stand up to get access to them. This I did. Actually it was rather easy, but the position was a little bit strange. Imagine a naked girl doubled over, the legs half flexed, her nipples connected to her toes by an arc of string which, time to time straightened making her gasp in pain, her arms high in the air with here fingers fumbling around a Gordian knot.

  To untie the knots was not so easy now, not only because of the strange position, but also because it was more difficult to find "the next knot in the line" and, once it was found, there was a longer and longer strand of rope to run through it. However, I'm quite accustomed to untie knots i can't see and the problem was not really difficult. I managed to untie one or two knots when I felt my legs begin to tremble. I had to rest them. I knelt, letting my arms be pulled above once again. I tried to reach the Gordian knot but to no avail. I could just touch it with the tip of my fingers.

  I stood up again and continued my task. But I first had to find the "next knot in the line" again, and then to untie it. That's when I felt that my legs were not completely rested. They were already shaking! Quick, I unfastened the first knot and fumbled to find the next one. I hooked one finger in it and fell to my knees, taking the knot with me. There I was able to untie it. I thought I had found the trick: stand up, find the knot, hook it, and untie it while kneeling. It worked some time, but my legs were becoming more and more tired. I tried to stand up, to put my feet as close together as possible, risking to loose balance, to double over as much as possible and to straighten my legs completely. I was almost able to straighten them, but not completely, and therefore I was getting nothing from this gymnastic, apart from tiring my legs some more.

  They were shaking really bad now, and I couldn't even stand long enough to find the next knot. I fell to my knees and, this time, I laid my feet completely flat. So far I had sit on my toes and knee caps. And I completely let my bottom sit on my feet. But to do this, I had to let me hang from my arms, straining them painfully upward, like in a strapado. This position was not comfortable at all, but I felt it was doing some good to my thigh muscles. However, my arm muscles became tired.

  I stood up again and continued my task. Untying one knot was becoming longer and longer as the length of the free rope was increasing. I managed to untie a few knots before having to rest. I kept doing this, time and again falling to a complete strapado-like resting position. My body was literally drenched in sweat, both from the heat and the excitation. Because I was really turned on as I have rarely been in self bondage. I could really feel the rope on my wrists, and the dangling ropes caressing my body, and the strong stimulation on my sensitive nipples. I was very wet, both outside and inside. Should I have been able to touch my button I'm sure I would have sky-rocketed immediately. By chance my hands were securely tied and I would have to get much more stimulation before earning the right to touch myself.

  Finally, after several rest-activity cycles, I got to the last impeding knot. There was only the bowline knot left. And this one was more difficult to understand. My fingers fumbled a lot without finding the right strand to pull at. I took a small rest and stood up to work again. More fumbling, and as my legs began to abandon me, I just hooked and strand randomly. And here came the magic of the bowline. All the books say this knot is easy to untie even after a lot of strain - which this one had - and that's true. I found that just pulling at one strand loosened the knot enough to let me drop to the floor with it. Once there, it was easy to untie while kneeling, and then to open the hank knot and let wrists out of the coil. My first care was to free my poor nipples, and then I fell on my back on the floor and let break free all the explosive pleasure that had been building up in my tortured body.

  Waow! That really was a good one!

  Thanks Monsieur Charles.


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