My self-bondage adventures

  Here I present the scenarios that were sent to me and the reports I sent back. You will thus understand what kind of thing I'm able to do and what you could get if you sent me commands. Here, the reports are sorted by date (the newest at the top of the list) but in my hit-parade page, I sorted them by how well I liked them. In the newer reports, I don't always describe again something I have already described in an older one. Thus it could happen  a few things seem unclear if you have not read the previous reports... The best way to read them is therefor from the lowest to highest in the list. You will hopefully see that my English gets improving with the time...

  I chose a picture for each report. They are as near to scenario as possible, but never depict exactly what was done (my scenario writers are imaginative people!). If these scenarios inspire you a drawing or if you have a better illustrating picture, please send it to me.

  If these reports make you horny, imagine what it could be if YOU had chosen the scenario, the position, the ropes... You could make me do whatever you want... If you are interested feel free to tie me up!

  If you find some technical words difficult to understand, check my glossary.

  ...and if you find English mistakes, you can punish me for doing them. Ouch!

  There are French reports that you can translate at the Systran site.

  Pour les francophones, il y a également des rapports en français. Et si vous le désirez, vous pourrez obtenir une traduction de mes rapports en anglais sur le site Systran.

English reports

Rapports en français (french reports)

  Lorsque un Maître francophone m'envoie un scénario, j'écris mon rapport dans la même langue (à moins que le Maître n'en décide autrement).

  Vous trouverez une explication en anglais des termes techniques dans le glossaire.

  Puisque vous parlez et lisez le français, jetez donc un coup d'oeil à cette liste de discussion francophone orientée sur le BDSM :
(Please don't subscribe if you do not speak nor understand french)

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