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A scenario by Der M
Commanded: 7th may 2000
Achieved: 7th may 2000

The scenario (by Der M)

First I did not see much in the way of "toys" in your list of stuff you have, but it would certainly be nice if you had a vibrating butt plug and a vibrating egg. I want you to be backed up against a door. I want you to wear very high heels with ankle straps so you can't kick the heels off. Tie your ankles so either side of the door frame. ( a rope around door and then close door will work. Same for ropes over top of door and close it with knots in end of rope on other side will hold the rope in position nicely for your hands) Wrists will go in a cinch knot separately. You will be spread eagled to the door. You will be blindfolded. Now the fun part. I don't know how big your breasts are but I would like them bound so they are hard and round. I want tight nipple clamps on each nipple. The clamps are to be attached to string/rope that stretches out in front of you and over the edge of a table or other high secure object. The end of the string is attached to a weight. (a plastic jug witha handle would be ideal as you can adjust the weight by adding water) Similiar to the weighted string for the nipples, you will attach the metal flat clamps, one to each pussy lip. These clamps will be attached together to string that has weight on the end and run over a table. Then take a short (30-40cm) string and tie one end to metal clamps and other end to a clothespin. The clothespin will go on your clit. A wood bite gag in your mouth and a clothespin on your tongue. I also want the spreader bar attached to your knees so they are held way apart.
The weighted jug hanging over the table edge can be held in place by a rope attached to it and temporairly secured to one of your hand cinch knots so that you can let this rope go after you are all tied and the weight will then pull on your nipples and pussy and you will be forced to arch your back way out. You might get some relief from the pull on your nips and lips with a severe arch in your back but that will cause you considerable pain which is good. <eg>
Your mission should you decide to accept it is to count aloud and clearly each number from 1 to 3000 before you can get free. And knowing that the only way to get free will be to yank the pins and clamps off and that will send you into several earth shattering orgasms.
Hope you will try it and let me know how you liked it.

A first answer (by Aurélie)

Thanks for this very imaginative scenario !
 It will be a hard one as I never tried to put clothepins on my clit and lower lips... Uhhh, yes, you're right, I tried but never for that long time !
 I found the idea of pulling the jug with a rope when I'm completely tied very good ! So I will not be able to back before the last moment... Brrrr... Shall I pull this rope ? Brrrr....
 I shall send you my report as soon as I shall have tested your scenario. I shall simultaneously post it on my site too.
 You are right about the toys. I don't have any kind of them becaus I need not them : ropes are my toys. They suffice to rocket me toward the stars...
 Hope you understand.
 Thanks for your interest for a poor lonely self-bondageress ! :-)
 Tightly yours,

The report (by Aurélie)

As I'm now sitting to my computer, I have just finished your scenario. I'm totally nude, the marks of the ropes are imprinted in my flesh at my ankles and wrists, I'm covered in sweat, upper and nether drool, totally exhausted by the exercise, the pain and the pleasure. But first let me tell you how I obeyed to your commands.

I had never tried the trick of the door-pinched ropes and a brief test showed that if my ropes could be passed under door they could by no mean pass over its top. To cope with this first problem I used some flat but solid package line (7 mm width). This one could pass at the top of the door and could not slip, blocked by a eight-knot at the rear. I tied to both extremities of a rope a hanging-slipping-knot just large enough to pass my hand in them. This rope, I tied to the flat line. The lower ankle rope was pinched under the door, as you said. Now the four limb ropes were ready (but not yet tied as I had a lot of things to do).

I put a chair in front of the door, with a weighty pack on it. I took a line and made a loop at each extremity. Through one of them I passed two elastic strings (I found that the elastic don't weaken the pain but make the clamps more difficult to get off without the hands), bearing four clamps (two being very very strong); to the other extremity I passed a snap-hook to which I hooked one of my one meter chain; I hooked several of its buckles to make a small ball of chain. A larger snap-hook was added to add more weight. That must be around 200g. I carefully positioned the chair in order that the weight would be laying on the ground if I arched completely and would be hanging if I stood straight. To the larger snap-hook I tied a thin rope (the pull-down rope) and I put the weight on the seat of the chair.

I put all my clothes off and hen I put the bit-gag but you must understand that it is a big gag 1.5 cm in diameter so I cannot put a clothespin on my tongue while wearing it (I could but I would then be risking to cut my tongue between the bit and my lower teeth...). I put the high-heels on; they are shoes that I bought explicitly for this use one year ago. I don't wear this kind of shoes generally. They are brilliant black, and in size 35, which is two sizes under my own shoe size. There is a buckle-strap and the heel is 9 cm high.

I was getting hot by now... Happily, it was time to make the first knots: around my ankles went the two extremities of the lower rope. I tightened them in order to pull my feet as far apart as possible. I was already beginning to drool; you have to know that my bit-gag makes me drool like a fountain... The spreader is too long to fit between my knees so I had to neglect this part of your scenario.

Now was coming the hard part. I had to be very quick now. I seized one of the strong clamp, pinched my left nipple between my finger in order to make it erect. In fact, it is not a real clamp; it is a kind of double ring; I stretch open the two rings - the jaws - by using a door key (using it as a kind of small lever), put my nipple between them and pull the key. It hurts like hell but it is very strong and it is the only thing that I cannot get free without my hands; in fact, even with my hands free I cannot open the rings: I need the door key to act as a lever... So, ouchhhh! I put the rings on both of my nipples. The two weaker clamps I pinched on my neither lips. Oooooooouch! I didn't dare put a clothespin on my clit at this stage.

The only thing to do now was to put my hand in the hanging knots and tighten them. When tightened, there is no way to loosen them, particularly with hands apart. This I did... And finally the last thing to do was to pull on the pull-down rope to get the weight into action. I arched my body to the maximum as I didn't wanted to take the full pull of the dropping weight... I pulled, I heard the chain fall on the ground, I saw and felt the line tightening, pulling on my nipples and lips! Owwwwwwwww!

As there was a high mirror just on the wall at my right side, I could see my arched figure pulled away by four thin lines connected to my most tender and private parts... Perched on my high heels, it was like if I was on my tip-toes. My small breasts were lightly stretched forward. I tried to arch more to get some slack in the elastic lines... It was very difficult to achieve as my shoes were slipping on the ground; I tried to twist my arms in my back but it only made the position more painful. The weight was on the ground but the elastic were taking their toll on my delicate flesh.

My saliva was now drooling abundantly on my chin and torso but there was nothing I could do against this. Then I remembered my mission: I had to count up to 3000!

1,2,3,4... I was ordered to count loudly, but with a bit-gag, it was not possible, so I did it silently. ...20, 21, 22,... The arched position begun to be difficult to stand... my legs were shaking... Sweat drenched my body by now... 30, 31, 32, ... I could not keep my eyes off my image in the mirror. What a view! My body struggling against the ropes, my muscles working under my skin, my lips and my nipples so painfully stretched, drool covered torso, my arched shaking body... I could see my butt-cheeks contract and uncontract automatically.

40, 41, 42,... I felt the pleasure growing in me... How helpless I was! How offered and how painfully tied! My contorted body was now hurting. I had to stand straight for a moment to rest my sore limbs and back muscles. I made it slowly. I saw the elastic lines becoming longer, longer... ouchhhhh and suddenly they shortened as the weight had left the ground.
I was now backed up against the door, my tender part taking the full weight of the packed chain. I was breathing rapidly, trying to convert the pain into pleasure. I pulled on the ropes, knowing that feeling them stopping my moves will do the trick... I pulled on my arms, tried to get my legs together, to clench my thighs... OOOOOOOOOwwww! What a feeling! My head banged backward against the door. I was on the verge of an orgasm, but I couldn't do anything to get over the edge. I needed more stimulation. I arched forward and backed up quickly, banging against the door. AAAAaaaaaaaaah! Yesssss I did it! My body was shaking violently in my bonds. I felt pleasure waving in my flesh....

And then came the pain again. Now the, pinching in my neither lips was beginning unbearable, as well as that of my nipples. I tried to concentrate, to count up again... 65, 66, 67, 68... But no way. Pain was too great... I had to break free and to remove those damned things off my so tender flesh. But there was no way to pull them off without my hand; just trying to do it was so painful. I had to get completely free.

I had intended to free me simply by pressing on the door handle with my butt. To do this, I had to back up against the door (pulling at my nipples and nether lips). I tried to do it, but with the ropes pinched under the door, it was more difficult than assessed... It needed a lot of unsuccessful attempt to achieve it. I was probably offering a strange spectacle, as I was twisting my body laterally, trying to sit on the handle, contorting my limbs and pulling on the lines clamped on my smallest extremities.

But finally I did it! The door opened, the ropes of my wrists loosened and I fell on my knees. My shaking hands found the key and painfully removed my nipples clamps. Wooooooooooow. It was so exciting and so exhausting!

Thank you Mister Fred for this scenario. I hope you liked my report and are satisfied with my obedience.

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