On this page I have sorted all the sessions I performed by rank of "how well I enjoyed myself while doing them". This ranking is totally subjective. The goal of this page is to give you, future scenario-writers, a better idea of what makes me climb the wall and what I find boring. I hope you will find this useful...
  1. Up and Down (inspired from M. Charles) (19th July 2003)
  2. The Ball-Tie 2 (by Slipknot) (28th may 2000)
  3. The Ball-Tie (by Slipknot) (21th may 2000)
  4. La Bouteille de Damoclès (par Robertson) (25 juillet 2000)
  5. Bathtub bondage (by Spellbound) (8th july 2000)
  6. Anchored! (by Bill C.Horn) (9th july 2000)
  7. The sawhorse (by Slipknot) (2th june 2000)
  8. The Boat (by Gub (Goob) ) (30th april 2000)
  9. The sleeping bondage (by Master A) (12th june 2000)
  10. TV bondage (by Master A) (27th may 2000)
  11. The Sudden Fall (by JWunlimited) (2nd july 2000)
  12. The pouring bottle (by Slipknot) (10th june 2000)
  13. Back to the door (by Der M) (8th may 2000)
  14. De la Coupe aux Lèvres (par Robertson) (7 juillet 2000)
  15. Ligotage Icare (par André) (13 mai 2000)
  16. Inverted hog-tie (by Slipknot) (10th july 2000)

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