Inverted hog-tie
A scenario by Slipknot
Commanded: 1st july 2000
Executed: 10th july 2000

The scenario (by Slipknot)
Okay, if you don't want to hang about a nice comfortable bed to lay on while the ice melts? Well, maybe not too comfy.
Slide your mattress away from the wall and place a sawhorse at each end of it. One at the head and one at the foot. Next position a rope under the mattress so it runs the length of the mattress and hangs out on both ends.(top and bottom) You will need to put a tent knot and loop in the rope at the foot of the mattress.The rope that comes over the head of the mattress needs a small loop in it about 2 feet from the top edge of the mattress. You will need this loop to tie other ropes to later. Kneel on the mattress so that you face the foot of the bed with your knees spread and your feet just to the outside of your thighs so you can sit with your legs bent under you but your butt can still sit right on the mattress. You will tie a rope around one ankle several times and then take the rope over your thighs and then wrap it around the other ankle several times. You can go back and forth over your thighs till the rope is used up. The rope over your thighs doesn't need to be very tight. It is just to hold your ankles in that position later and it will. Tie one end of a short rope to the coil around one ankle, take that rope up to and pass it through the loop at the top of the bed. Bring the rope back down and pull it snug as you tie it to the other ankle. Now your ankles are tied to the top of the bed but not pulled together. Lean forward and pull very hard on the rope in front of you coming from under the foot of the mattress untill it begins to tighten up the rope pulling at your ankles. Lay the tent loop between your spread legs. Strap the ballgag tight between your lips. You will have a pair of clothespins prepared with a string tied between. A longer string will be tied to the middle of the connecting string and a weight will be tied to the other end. A third clothespin with a single string will also have a weight tied to it. You will have three more clothespins ready with no strings attached. Place your cuffs on your wrist. Put the pair of clothespins on your nipples and lay the weight next to you. Now you will pinch the lips of your pussy together and place a clothespin over them to clamp them together. Place the other two clothespins on your pussy lips also and save the space right above the clit for the clothespin with the string and weight attached. You now have four clamps sealing your wet sex closed. Hold on to the string that is tied to the clit clamp and toss the weight over the top of the sawhorse at the foot of the bed and then release the string. Now lean all the way back so you are laying on the bed. Hold the nipple clamp string with one hand while you toss the weight tied to it over the top of the sawhorse at the head of the bed. Release that string so the weight begins to tug at your nipples. Last, slip your wrist behind you and arch your back. Push your hips up and force your hands down as far as you can while you lock them to the tent rope and then pull the tightening cord. Pull the tent loop as tight as you can so you are forced to remain in this inverted hogtie till the ice melts and releases your lifeline.
I hope you find this senario more to your taste.
Play safe,


The report (by Aurélie)
I don't know what I had this last week-end... I was totally in the mood of self-bondage. In fact, I was looking forward to tie myself since the beginning of the week. Probably I had been heated by all the good scenarios I had received. I was really turned on and it seemed to never come to an end. I was just typing the last lines of a report that I felt this urge to do it again... I guess it is not to your perturb you, but who knows what could happen to me would I continue on this way...
Yesterday night ? Monday, about 1 AM ? I felt ready and wet to perform your inverted hog-tie scenario. It was pretty well planned and I had nothing to change. Thus, after the first preparations, I was sitting down on my bed, all the needed stuff spread around me. I was already completely nude. My first move was to put the ball-gag in my mouth; three scenarios this weekend, three different gags used, but nevertheless they were all as uncomfortable; my jaws were still aching a little from the afternoon session with the ring-gag.

Then the ankle ropes: it was difficult to get a good tension. For my right ankle I did a good and strong knot but when I had to tie the left ankle I had not a good position and the knot was not as strong as I like them; but as my hands would out of reach, it was of no consequence. A second rope tied to my ankles by two bowline knots passed through the bowline knot at the head of my bed.

I checked the position of the tent knot loop just between my thighs, as well as the lifeline going to the ice-cube-stocking system in a bucket at the other end of the room. It was time to place the pussy clothespins. Pinching my nether lips with my left hand, I clamped the free clothespins on them, shutting painfully my tender slit. The weighted clothespin I clamped on my clit with a grin of pain. Leaning forward, I dropped the weighted string over the sawhorse and let it slip slowly until it was well tight. Ooooow! My poor clit was all stretched and it was awfully painful. The weight was made of several chains and snap-hooks and was probably about 200 g.
The pain increased when I leaned forward as the weight was lifted. I placed the clothespins on my nipples and dropped the weight over the sawhorse positioned at the head of my bed. The weight was similar to the clit weight and I could see my tender nipples being pulled away from my chest.

I reached my arms under my back, looking for the tent knot loop. I passed the connecting chain of my cuffs through it and locked the padlock. Arching my tortured body, I pulled vigorously on the free end of the tent knot, efficiently stretching my arms between my legs. I pulled and pulled until my elbows were lying on the toes of my feet! This position was in itself very painful, without talking about the clothespins that were biting my most sensitive parts.

I was not hog-tied since more than a few minutes when the clothespin clamped on my left nipple was pulled off. I was not very surprised, as they never hold well when I am thrusting my chest out. For a few minutes, whole weight was supported by my right nipple, but finally it was freed too. I had nevertheless far enough pain in store to maintain me fully awake. In fact, the pain in my crotch was so intense that I thought I could not bear it anymore. Arching my body further, I reached as far as I could with my fingers and succeeded in touching the lowest clothespin fixed on my pussy. Quickly I removed it. Stretching my fingers a little further I unclamped the second one. The last one was more difficult to reach, as it was not directed downward, probably because of the string pulling on it. I needed to tilt down my hips to be able to touch it with the very tip of my two longest fingers and it was really difficult to unclamp it. Nevertheless I managed to do it. Ouch! It was really painful as each time I removed on clothespin, my crotch shot a violent wave of pain though my spine. But by now I could wait for the freedom without any external torture...
Exhausted by the arched position I had taken to remove the clamp, I relaxed a little, letting my hips go down a little bit. Ayyyyyyyyyyy! A transfixing pain screamed in my clitoris! Not understanding what was happening, I tried to bend my neck to see what was causing such dolour. And there I saw it, standing proudly on top of my Venus mound, still fiercely gripped to my clit, stretching it cruelly, biting savagely its so tender flesh: the last clothespin, the most dreadful one! I had been confused and I had forgotten that I had clamped three of her sisters on my lips. And now it was painfully remembering its unforgiving presence to my terrified mind. I stretched again my fingers, trying to reach it, I arched back my spine, tilted down my hips, trying and trying and trying harder... In vain! This one, the most crucial one, was completely unreachable to my efforts. I fell down on my back, totally exhausted, sweating like a fountain.

Now that I was flat on the bed, I could better see the frightful spectacle: My poor clitoris was stretched away of my pubis at least two centimetres! I let my head fall back, unable to bear this view longer. I clamped my teeth on the ball-gag and groaned in despair and pain. I twisted my head several times from left to right and from right to left, trying to make me forget the intense dolour in my crotch, but I stopped quickly: the least movement of my body was transmitted to the anchorage point at my clit.
My only hope by now was the lifeline. I pulled on it until I felt it tightening. I glanced leftward to see the stocking still filled with about three ice-cubes. It meant that I had still to wait an eternity before to free myself. But there was nothing I could do against this.
I tried to relax... It was difficult because of the pain that was continuously flowing in my body through my crushed clit. The only thing I could make was groaning and biting my gag.
*  *  *
As the time passed ? very slowly ? the pain in my crotch eased and was replaced by another one. My legs were folded on my sides in a greater than 180° angle. It put a great strain on my knees. My feet were also forced to be lined up with my lower legs in a classical ballet position and this was beginning to be quite uncomfortable to say the least. Third, this position was cutting the circulation in my lower legs and feet and I could feel the sensitivity fade in my toes.

I tried to change my position a little bit but I quickly renounced: each time I moved, I had to lift my hips up; this allowed the weight suspended to my clit to slip down; therefore, when my hips were taking their initial lower position, the weight had to slip up again but the string was not passing through a well greased pulley but on the wood of the sawhorse and this pulled painfully on my already fully stretched clitoris.

The pain in my legs grew as the time passed. It became as hard as the one in my clit was at the beginning of the scenario; perhaps even harder if it was possible. Still I was groaning, pulling frantically and desperately on my lifeline, in vain as it seemed the ice had stopped melting. By now, my feet had no feeling anymore. I rubbed them with my elbows but it was of no avail. My thighs and my knees were aching as hell.
It was getting unbearable, I had to escape it. My position prevented me from unfolding by strength the D-rings in my cuffs: my arms were securely maintained together between my thighs and under my back. I tried to pull hard on the lifeline, hoping that the stocking would be ripped but it was of no avail and did not dared to continue, fearing that it could rip the lifeline!

Then I remembered the poor knot I had made on my left ankle. It was the only flaw in this perfect bondage. Perhaps, If tried very hard, I could reach it? This I tried. And I found that if I stretched down my right arm as far as I could, it gave enough slack into the connecting chain of my cuffs to allow my left hand to rummage around my left ankle. Doing so, I was receiving severe orders from my clit to cease any movement, but now the pain in my legs was far more terrible than the one in my crotch; therefore, I continued.

I touched the flawed knot and succeeded in untying it with two fingers but then I had still to unfold the five coils of rope around my ankle. This task seemed impossible as the coils were profoundly pressed in the mattress. My plight was still fully active...

Suddenly, I felt a terrible pain in my clit: loosened by my struggles, the clothespin had just been taken away by the weight. After a few terrible seconds, the pain faded. It seemed to have cut a restraint from my body. I don't know the string was really restraining my body or if it was more of a mental bond, but after that I felt freer. I succeeded in pulling my legs from under my body and could lie on my bed with my legs still folded but towering above my torso. It was a very strange sensation to have the sole of my feet resting on the mattress but not be able to feel it... I tried to unfold my legs but it launched such a high pain in my knees that I stopped at once.
But now the coils around my ankles were completely unlocked. My arms were still restrained but at least I knew I had a hope of success. And by now the pain in my thighs was slowly decreasing. With patience I could uncoil both ropes from my left ankle. This allowed me to creep down my bed to loosen the tension in my arms. I was finally sitting almost free. I could not get the key but by now it was only a question of time and in this position, I could easily wait.
Even when I got the key and my wrist were free, I had to wait for about ten minutes (my bondage had been about one hour long) until I could use my legs again, and still I had to walk with the knees slightly bent...

It was a terrible bondage, far more painful than any of the other I did. Before I got into it, it sounded quite inoffensive... but the conjunction of the clit and the leg torture was horrible...
Nevertheless, once I had recovered the use of my body, I gratified myself with a well-earned orgasm!


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