Sleeping bondage
A scenario by Master A
Commanded: 5th june 2000
Executed: 11th june 2000
The scenario (by Master A)
My dear Aurélie,
Here is a new "lifestyle" experience. This time you will pass a night in bondage. You will be nude in your bed, with your wrists cuffed to the headboard. Coil a rope around your waist, between your legs and tie both ends to your big toes. The rope has to be short enough to prevent you straightening your legs but long enough to allow movements. Use the ice-cube release method but it has to take the whole night for the ice to melt.
Master A
The report (by Aurélie)
Everything was ready: I had emptied my ice-cube container in a pantyhose that was tied to the heater in my bedroom (the heater was not functioning), inside a bucket. A lifeline was going from the key to the headboard of my bed. A chain was threaded in the buckle at the head of my bed, waiting the cuffs locked on my wrists to be padlocked to it. I was sitting nude on my bed, it was about 1 AM .... I had coiled a rope around my waist. Another rope (The jumping rope I generally use to tie my toes as it is thinner at the extremities than in the middle) was tied to it on my belly, the two strands passing between my thighs, up my butt, behind the rope-belt and separating to each big toe. Thus my legs were half folded and each time I tried to straighten one of them, it pressed against my pussy...
Everything ready? I put of my glasses, lied down on my bed, arranged the feather-bed on my nude body; the air was warm right now, but it would probably be colder in the morning and I knew it would be difficult to arrange it again once chained... I pushed on the "play" button on my CD player, just to give me one hour of music; I use to hear music when falling asleep. I threaded the cuff connecting chain through the chain already fixed to my headboard. Now for the last click...
Everything was ready? Lifeline? OK! Glasses? OK! Ropes? OK! Click!
And no! There was something that was not ready! I had forgotten to switch of the light... And the switch was out of reach of my fingers. Hell and damnation! Was I condemned to sleep with the light on? There was nothing I could do to free myself except to wait for the ice to melt...
But perhaps I could reach the switch with my mouth? I tried and I succeeded. The light was off but my feather-bed was all packed by now and I was sitting on the bed, completely nude, my legs folded under myself.
I tried and rearranged the feather bed on me. I had to use my teeth, my knees and my feet as my hands were secured at the head of the mattress and thus unusable; as I could not straighten my legs, it was not so easy to do and I pulled several time on the rope brushing against my pussy.
Finally I was there, lying on my side in my bed, ready for this strange night... Lying on my side was the sole comfortable position that my folded legs let to me. I tried to lie on my belly but I had to keep my legs upward as they tended naturally to unfold and to pull at the rope. Lying on the back was not an option either.
With those ropes, those chains around my body, I was very aroused and my mind could not concentrate on the music. It was very strange and very pleasing state, aroused but unable to get more pleasure (I was too free for that). I tried to reach my nipples with my fingers but my hands were chained too high on my bed. The only thing I could do was to pull on the toe rope to press it against my pussy; but I found that it was only making things worse... Therefore I tried to cool down and to sleep.
Generally, I don't use to sleep in the nude and thus, the simple fact to feel the tissue on my barre skin was turning me on, and the ropes around my toes and crotch make things even more sensuous. I was moving and moving in my bed, looking for the sleep. The feather bed had slipped and my chest was now all uncovered to my hips. With my arms tied up, I couldn't protect my breasts. What a picture I was offering. What if a burglar has suddenly entered my home?
I didn't try to arrange again the feather bed as I was far to be feeling cold! So I tried and fell asleep.
I half awakened several times, because of a sudden painful pressure against my pussy, but it was only several hours later that I really woke up. I was wholly uncovered by now and it was a little chilly. The feather bed was all packed at the bottom of the bed. I tried to recover it but my legs were of little help in this task and my mouth couldn't reach it anymore. I tried and pulled on the lifeline but the ice was not giving way. I could hear the birds beginning their songs and a pale light was growing outside but it wasn't enough to let me see how much the ice has melted.
By brushing my feet against each other, I managed to untie my toes. Now, my legs were free and I felt I could sleep more profoundly. I could also grip the feather bed and cover again my body. The rope was touching my pussy though and I had no way to prevent it...
Now that my legs were free, I could find a more comfortable position and fell really asleep. When I woke up again, the sun was high in the sky (about 10 AM). I pulled on the lifeline... it came! In a few minutes I was totally free but I kept the cuffs on me to sleep one half hour more.
It was a fantastic night, very arousing. I had to change the sheets this morning...


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