The ball-tie 2

A scenario by Slipknot
Commanded: 18th may 2000
1st execution: 20th may 2000
2nd execution: 28th may 2000

A second try (by Aurélie)
This report will describe my second attempt to deal with a scenario sent by Slipknot. You will find its description in the report named the ball-tie as well as my first try; as I shall make several references to this previous attempt I recommend you to read it before this one.

When he sent me his scenario, Slipknot warned be that it was a dangerous one. Not dangerous for my life but dangerous for my fame: I risked to get completely stuck. At this time I was very proud of my self-escape ability but I have now to admit he was right. This bondage scheme is a very tricky one... but it is also what makes its charm!

During my first try, I was nearly stuck: I had a very poor idea where to find the key and I was so well tied that I could barely move. Gladly, I had made a mistake in my bondage and thus I could find a way to break free. I think now (after my second attempt) that without this mistake I would have a very hard time to find the key if I had ever found them.

I was so able to break free but I kept a non-achievement feeling and this so tricky bondage was appealing to the most pervert area of my brain. It is a frequent thing with me: when I set up a bondage and I can finally find a way to get out by an other mean than the normal or most expected, I have to correct the mistake or improve the bondage, even if that same mistake allowed me to get free.

Thus, yesterday evening (in fact it was early this morning), I decided to come again with this scenario. I don't want here to describe one more time the bondage sequence as it was very near to the first one. I shall only tell you which were the differences:

The first difference was in the legs bondage: I didn't connect them to my crotch (by the way, this was not stipulated in the scenario...), but I put more strength in pulling on my toes-rope, effectively immobilising my feet up.

The second difference was for the arm rope, the one that keep my wrist on up my back. This time I passed it behind both my knees and there was therefore no mean to free my arms without the key (you remember that last time I was able to untie an important knot between my knees). I also found that if I sat on my butt and leaned my torso completely against my thighs I could put more pressure on the tent-knots strands; I had also shortened the connecting chain between my wrists (only 2 or 3 cm). My arms were therefore better immobilised (but I found that I could anyway reach to my nipples...).

The third difference was the absence of clothespins. They were useless as I could easily remove them.

This bondage was thus more secure but less immobilising than the first. As I was able to move my lower legs, I hoped that I could better explore the floor with them and better creep.

But there was another modification: this time I didn't throw the key behind my back but I carefully deposited it on the floor about 2 meters from my initial position, in my room. I put a second key in my hall, about 5 meters from me. I didn't know which key would open the master padlock as I had chosen it randomly. I would have to creep to the nearest key and if it was not the right one, I would have to creep back to the other one, which would mean a 6-7 meters journey... But at least I knew exactly were the keys were (though, when the blindfold was put on, this knowledge became very relative). On the floor between my initial position and the keys I dispatched two wore panties and two socks.

And now I was on my bed, securely tied with no hope to get free without the key. But as I knew where it was, I felt more secure. As I was still sitting on my butt, my first move was to fall on my side knowing there would be no way for me to regain this upward position. With my free moving lower legs (I call them free, but in fact they were pretty tightly tied together at the toes, ankles, knees and thighs, toes pulled up, and it was not so easy to move them, but at least they were not tied to my crotch; the freedom was thus only relative), I managed to slip upon my bed and down to the carpet (remember my bed is directly on the floor).

There I began exploration of the wooden floor with my tied feet. I was probably looking like some dumb and blind insect probing the ground with its antennae. It was exactly what I was doing but my legs were far lesser sensible: with all those ropes around them submerging my nerves with unusual sensations, feeling the touch of a so tiny key (if it touched a non rope-wrapped skin area) was not an easy task. In fact, I didn't feel the key but my exploration showed that I had somehow spinned during my slip and I was not positioned as I thought I was. The keys were probably farther.

I began to move in the estimated right direction. Moving was not an easy task: first, my left hip was already on the wooden floor and so tended to stick to it. Second, as I was on my side, my naked body was making contact with the ground on all its length, generating a lot of friction. To move you need three support points that you can displace alternatively by pressing on two of them while shifting the third; here I had three support points: one was my head, another were my tied feet and the third was my whole body between my left shoulder and my left knee; this third support point was difficult to shift as it was mainly a dead weight with high friction... Moreover, each time I moved, I tended to rotate as well and I had constantly to check my location and heading by probing around me. And doing all of this was not only difficult but it was also tiring and I had to take a rest after every move.

Finally I heard a metallic sound on the floor! My legs had touched the key! But I couldn't feel were it was and with my ears partly covered by ma blindfold, I was unable to locate it either. But each time I moved my legs I could hear the sound and you cannot imagine how it was reassuring. I tried to move my legs in a way that would put the key nearest to my fingers but it seemed to stick to my skin. I had to move further. By now, my whole body was on the wooden floor but as I was sweating profusely, my skin got more slippery and I could move. The area between my thighs and my breasts was completely drenched.

I moved further. But here something happened: the key went under my left thigh and I could never manage to dislodge it. It seemed to be stuck up my skin and as my mobility was drastically weak, there was no way to make it drop. I didn't know where the key exactly was; I couldn't feel neither hear it anymore, but logically I knew it had to be under my thigh... It is at this time that I understood that would I have ignored where the key was, I would never be able to find it. Blindfolded, restricted in my moves and with a fooled touch sense, finding a tiny key on a large area was nearly impossible; and if you are not sure that the key is really reachable (it could have slipped in some crack), you will quickly think you are lost.

Hopefully, I could imagine where the key was and I decided to make my way back to the carpet. There I would brush my thigh against the border and the key would be dislodged. Moreover, it would give me a good idea of where to find it as it would be along the carpet fringe. Thus I did and I finally attained the carpet.

But here I had to face another obstacle; when you are so severely tied, the smallest detail can become a mountain. Here, it was not a mountain but at least a small hill: you remember I had dispatched my panties on the floor. One of them get stuck under my hip and the key was stuck in it. I didn't understand it immediately. I was exploring the carpet's fringe with my fingers; this is a difficult task when your wrists are chained high up you back and I could only explore a few square centimetres before to have to move further. And I couldn't find the key! I was beginning to think I had never found it and that it was still lying on the floor two meters away...
As the key was stuck in my panties, it didn't make any noise by now, how frenetically I thrashed on the floor and it is why I thought the key was not here. Finally, my fingers found the panties, I searched them and found the key! Yes! I had found it! But still had I to put them in the padlock and to check if it was the right key. The journey to the second key seemed now very hard would I have to do it.

But I was so exhausted by now that I had to take some rest. I profited of this time to caress a little bit my right breast and to play with my nipple, the only part of my body that was reachable to my probing fingers. My breast was completely drenched with sweat. This rest excited me heavily but I found that with my thighs tied against each other and legs so strictly bonded I could not manage to get a much-wanted orgasm. Generally I can have it only by pulling on my ropes but my legs have to be able to move somewhat... If I was to get full pleasure, I had to put this key in the padlock.

Easier to think than to do: the padlock was on my right wrist and so I had to handle the key with my left hand (I'm right handed). My hand was slippery with sweat, the key was very tiny, the padlock would not stay immobile... Moreover, my left arm was pressed against my body since the beginning and it was becoming a little dumb. I had to try several times and between each attempt I had to take some rest (and to caress my breast to keep my motivation). And suddenly (yes, it happens suddenly: you try blindly to put the key in an invisible tiny hole, not really knowing how you are doing, and suddenly the key enter...) the key entered the hole! How glad I was, you can't imagine! Would it work now? Was it the right key? Yes! It was!

My right hand was free, but my left was still blocked under me. I rolled and could free it too. Then I untied my blindfold and quickly managed to free my legs too. My toes were very sore by now as the rope had partly blocked the blood flow in them. My legs were hardly free that, without putting off my cuffs, torso bondage and ball-gag, I leaned backward and caressed my nipples and my pussy, pushing me above the edge and letting pleasure flow unhindered in my shaking body.

I had done it!


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