The ball-tie

A scenario by Slipknot
Commanded: 18th may 2000
Executed: 20th may 2000

The scenario (by Slipknot)
Hi Aurelie,
 I saw your post in the newsgroups and checked out your web site. I was quite impressed. I see you have just recently started the site because I was the 242nd person to visit. I will try to describe an interesting tie for you. You seem very able to complete the details so I will leave most of them out.
I had a relationship with a young lady last year online that was very interested in self bondage. I described a tie for her and warned against taking it to extremes because she was alone and might get stuck. Well, she did get stuck and had to call a friend and try to beg for help with a ball gag in her mouth. She spent 5 hours in the tie before her friend showed up. Her friend was shocked to find the girl in such stringent bonds and in such obvious agony. I hope you do better.
You must begin with a tight waist rope to anchor the crotch rope to. The rope between your legs should be doubled and pulled snug on each side of your clit so that it grips your clit for the duration of the tie.
I know you said your breasts are small but they deserve attention just the same. Wrap ropes above and below your breasts and then cinch them between your tits and also on each side.
Now your legs must be tied at the tops of your thighs, above the knees, at the ankles and also tie your big toes together. Tie a cord between your toes and use it to pull them up and then tie the other end to the ropes above your knees so you can not straighten out your feet. That will make it harder to slide across the floor later.
Place a collar snug around your neck with the ring in back. Use the ballgag and pull it extra tight for me. Sit in the middle of the floor and then tie the rope above your knees to the cinch between your breasts pulling your legs up close to your chest. Place tight clamps on your nipples and then blindfold yourself.
Last you will use whatever means you want to fasten your wrist behind your back to the collar around your neck. The only requirement is that your wrist must be forced up as high in the middle of your back as you can. This was where my other friend made her mistake. First of all she used several coils of rope around her neck but did not tie them all together so that they could not pull tighter as she struggled. They got quite tight before she was freed. On top of that she used a cinch loop between her wrist that once it tightened she could not get it to loosen.( I had told her not to do that but she wanted to be stuck I later figured out) She had taped a pair of sissors to the floor in another room that she slithered to but found that with her hands so high behind her back she could not get the sissors into postion to cut the rope between her wrist and neck. I don't want this to happen to you so practice whatever method you will use as best you can to be sure you can eventually free yourself. By the way, I later helped my lady friend to get her girlfriend involved in her bondage adventures. Within a short while they invited another girl to join in their fun and I got to direct and hear of many joint adventures before I lost contact with them.
I assume you will want to use a lock and key to fasten your wrist to your collar so here is a suggestion to make it interesting. Again, you should be in the middle of the room. Just before you fasten your wrist up high behind your back I want you to spin yourself around several times so you don't know which way you are facing anymore. Without stopping the turning motion you will take the key and toss it away from you. Not far but enough that you will have to move a ways to get it. (be sure to cover heat registers and block the openings under chairs and sofa beforehand, you may want to remove some objects) Now spin yourself around many more times so you don't know which direction the key went. Fasten your wrist in place and let the fun begin. You will have to search the room to find the key without being able to see it. You might get lucky and find it quickly or it may take a while. You may not start looking right away though. Perhaps you should have to listen to a full CD first or set a timer to let you know when your wait is over. With the clamps on your nipples I would say 40 minutes is long enough. With some luck you won't have to wait 5 hours like my friend did before you find the key.

[I answered it was OK for me, except the idea to tie something around my neck. Here came the scenarion modification]

Hi again,
 I'm glad you liked my ideas. As for the danger of the rope to your neck - that was why I sugested using a collar instead of rope so it could not tighten but would still pull against your throat. If you prefer not to do it that way though that is fine. Rather than tying your knees to the rope between your breast lets run a rope from your knees over both shoulders and use it to fasten your wrist to. That way if you try to straighten out it will pull strongly on your wrist making them raise higher up your back.
 Also I was thinking that maybe as a backup you should take a second key and freeze it in a bottle of water and place it where you can eventually get to it in case you are never able to locate the key that you toss onto the floor.

Have fun and take care, Slip.

The report (by Aurélie)
Here I am, feeling limp and exhausted, red marks around my wrists and rope-burns around my knees, jaws and shoulders aching... but how it feels goooooooooood! You were right: it is a very difficult bondage, difficult to realise and difficult to get out... I nearly got stuck in! But let's begin by the beginning.

The main challenge of this scenario was to tie my hands up my back. I had never done this kind of bondage and I had to do a few tests before to proceed with the whole plan. My idea was to make use of what I call a tent knot: it is generally used to tighten a stay when you don't have a pulley or a similar object; you can imagine it like a slip knot ;-) that can slip only one way. It is tightened by pulling at a rope and this rope, once pulled cannot go back. By shortening the loop, you shorten the rope and so you can tighten the stay or, here, pull your wrists up your back. Here I would in fact make two tent knots, one at each end of a rope passing upon each of my shoulders making so impossible to get free by pushing the rope over he shoulder.

When these tests were completed I began the scenario. First, I made me completely nude and sat on my bed, surrounded by all the tools I would need. First, I tied my ankles with a cinch knot. Then my knees, likewise and finally my thighs that were only tied by a few coils of rope, but tight anyway.

Then for the bust bondage I decided to build some kind of rope harness: emptying my lunges, hollowing my belly, I tied two coils of rope around my waist passed both free ends in my back over my shoulder, crossed between my breasts, in the rope-belt, again in then back, over the shoulder, crossed between the breasts and back to be tied to the belt behind my loins. This rope I made very tight in order to compress my torso and feel oppressed. Moreover, the double rope over my shoulder would protect them against the burn when I would slip the tent knots.

Now I cinched my big toes with a thinner rope and coiled it one time around my knee's cinch, pulling up my feet at maximum. As the rope was longer than that, I pulled it down under my ankles cinch, up to my rope-belt in my back, between my thighs and nether lips, under my belt on my belly, back in the love crevice and finally tied to the belt in my back. This way I would not be able to straighten my legs and any try to deploy them more than half bent would press the rope in my pussy. It was far stricter than what you had ordered but I felt horny like hell and the pressure of the ropes on my skin was pushing me up more. When I am in this feeling, I could well submerge my body in a tub full of fresh cement!

It was now time to padlock the cuffs on my wrists; a short chain (10 cm) was dangling to the left one. I put on my biggest ball-gag (5 cm diameter); I had never used this one in a bondage session; I only tested it when I had made it up; I closed the strap to the last hole, pushing the ball between my teeth. I pinched two clamps on my nipples.

Now for the key. I preferred to throw the key in a global direction where there was no furniture that could possibly make it unreachable. Therefore I proceeded as follows: I put off my glasses. I sat on my bed turning my back to the wall against which I intended to throw the key. I threw it over my shoulder not seeing where it fell. Now I placed the blindfold around my head, submerging myself in darkness.

I passed the rope with the two tent knots around the knee's cinch and draped them on both my shoulders, the loop  ends dangling in my back. Now was the fatal instant... The terrible point when I have to discard any hope of easy return. I made a quick pause to be sure I had forgotten nothing... No? So I passed the chain in the two loops and padlocked it to my right cuff; I made the connecting chain as short as I could but I think there was about 5 cm left. My wrists were by now cuffed in the small of my back. I pulled on the two ends of the tent knots, shortening the loops. At the beginning, it was pretty easy but finally I had to pull on each end alternatively with both my hands in order to take off the slack. I found that by crossing my wrists I could get them higher in my back (I kept verifying that I could reach the connecting padlock). When I could get no more slack off the rope, my wrists were high in my back and I was pretty well immobilised.

I know that you wanted me to wait 40 minutes before to look for the key but I disobeyed. I let me fall on the side in order to creep to where I thought the key was. At once I felt that with my legs so strictly tied, it was very difficult to move; but it was possible, and by using the slack in the rope connecting my ankles to my pussy I could progress on my bed. I quickly arrived to its edge and I let me slide down on the carpet (my bed lies directly on the floor). One more time I was sitting and I had to let me fall on the side.

A few movement and my hips had reached the end of the carpet; here it was replaced by a wooden floor on which my sweat covered skin was stucking. Moving was about to be more difficult. I crept a few more centimetres when my left shoulder (the one that was in contact with the floor) get out of the carpet too. Only my head now was on the carpet. I found that it was now far more difficult to move: all my support points were on the wood and my body adhered to the floor like adhesive paper... I stretched my legs to explore the ground below them and try to touch the wall. Ouchhhh! My pussy was compressed by the rope and I had not made contact with the wall.

I was now aware that the search for the key would be a very long task... Far longer than I had expected. I had about two meters of wall to explore in a bondage making each centimetre a difficult and painful adventure... Perhaps if I could see the key it would be faster?  So I began to brush my head against the carpet, trying to pull away my blindfold either up or down. But it was tightly tied and there was no way to get more than a very thin and useless groove at the top of the blindfold.

Then I felt completely helpless. Far too helpless for my comfort in fact and I began to struggle, pulling on my wrists trying to open the loops of the tent knots; vain attempt, those knots are not made to give way... I tried to move in direction of the wall and I felt it was far more difficult that I had feared. Even if I pulled cruelly on my pussy rope I could not reach the wall with my so tightly tied feet.

I moved a few centimetres until I felt below my head a very familiar odour: the scents of my own pussy juices. Before to tie me, I had thrown on the floor in front of the wall the sockets and panties I had worn all the day long. I thought if would give me some entertainment in my quest for the key. As I had had my panties on when I had reread the scenario, imagined the bondage, tried the tent knots and so it was very soaked with my liquors.

But for now I felt far too miserable to enjoy it. I had understood that the key quest could well be a life long quest! I had to find another way to break free, or, at least, a way to make the quest easier. When you are all tied up, your imagination become very keen, far keener than when you are not tied and you try to prevent all the extra ways to break free (it is probably a selective advantage). And so I found that I could slip the chain between my wrist in the loops in order to completely immobilise my left wrist (my left arm was blocked under my body anyway) but to give to my left hand a greater working radius.

I had figured out that the weak point of my bondage was the knee's cinch: as the tent knots were unreachable (probably somewhere above my shoulders) and pitiless, if I could untie the knee's cinch to which they were fastened, I would be able to unfold my body and to get down my arms (initially, I wanted to pass the rope under my knees but I found it too short to do this and so I decided to use the cinch as a support point; at this time I didn't think it made a great difference). So, pulling on the chain, I managed to reach with my right hand the cinch between my knees. But it was not so easy to untie it as there were three ropes in this place: the tent knots rope, the toe-ankle-pussy rope and, below all these layers, the cinch rope in itself... My fingers explored the bonds; I was able to recognise each rope only by the touch but I found that in order to reach the knot of the cinch, I had to get some slack in the toe rope. Therefore, I pulled on this rope, getting the needed slack. But I quickly realised that I had not pulled on the toe-knee strand but on the knee-ankles-pussy strand. I painfully felt that the working radius of my legs was now reduced by a half!

I felt on my side, disappointed. My heart was pounding loudly. It was a very strenuous task to reach thus far between my knees. I had to contort my body and concentrate my attention to find my way between the ropes and not pulling on my pussy rope that was by now sawing into my so tender flesh.

Finally I found I could pull my blindfold away with my fingers. At once I looked for the key but without my glasses, I was unable to see those so little keys... So the problem was still entire. But by now I could see what my fingers were doing between my knees. And now that I could see, I found several things I could do: I first removed the clamp of my right breast. Then I untied the rope around my thighs. It made not a great difference as I was still deeply immobilised but it was psychologically reassuring. I tried to untie my belt rope but the knot was unreachable.

So I concentrated again on the knees cinch. I tried many times to untie the knot but it was kept compressed under the toe-to-pussy rope and the tent-knots rope; the pressure made the task impossible and I felt helpless one more time. I stormed my brain and I decided to attack another weak point that would free my way to the cinch: the toes binding. I had not tightened too fiercely as I knew it was pretty easy to cut the blood circuitry in them. By pulling on the rope and moving my toes in all direction, I managed to get them out of their cinch. It is easy to say but in fact I had to take several rests before to be able to free them. Once my toes were free, I was able to pull on the rope to make it slip and take it away of the knee bond.

Finally the crucial knot was in view. I managed to untie it - which was pretty easy. What was far more difficult was to untie the cinch in itself as it was stressed by the tent-knots rope and by the pressure between my knees and between my left leg and the floor. It was perhaps the most difficult thing I did in this bondage. I didn't know which strand I had to pull and when I finally figured out, the pull burned my skin. Painfully, very slowly, I managed to free my knees. At once, I was able to stretch my legs and take down my wrists. The other ropes were untied very quickly and the key easily found...

I crept on my couch, laid on my back, closed my eyes and, horny like hell after this so strict self-bondage, I put my fingers to my clitty and... mmmmhh You know what I mean... I travelled to the flashing stars and the roaring waves.... Woooow !

Thanks Mr. Slipknot for this wonderful session. I nearly get stuck as your preview e-slave. It is really a very strict bondage. Don't do it if you are not a long experienced self-bondagee... Would I have not tied the tent-knots rope around the cinch but around the knees I could well be still writhing helplessly in my bedroom, looking miserably for the key...


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