A scenario by Bill C. Horn
Release mechanism by Bound
Commanded: 28th may 2000
Executed: 9th july 2000

The Scenario (by Bill C. Horn)

Tie your ankles together, using a cinch so that your feet are about 12 cm apart - enough so that you can stand, but aren't really able to walk. Tie another rope above your knees, again, allowing you to stand, but not to walk.
Depending on the amount of pain you want attach the clothespins as follows: Also add 2 - 4 clothespins (no cords) to your labia - you'll feel why later
Tie the cords to a firm point on the wall. You are now held firmly to the wall by the pins.
Using earplugs and anything else you can think of to deaden sound plug your ears. Blindfold and gag yourself, then lock your hands behind you with your handcuffs.

The rope the handcuffs are tied to should be short enough that, when you stand with your hands in position to be cuffed you have to bend forward, raising your wrists in the air, to get your hands in them. Once you cuff yourself, you will be forced to stand, bent forward, arms in the air, until the ice melts, freeing you to stand up, and start shuffling away from the wall to which the clothespins are fastened. You can stand there, anticipating the future pain of the clothespins being pulled off, while enjoying the present pain of the strapaddo and the clamping you have to endure.

Once the cuffs are released so that you can stand, the ropes on your ankles and knees should keep you from walking ­ blindfolded, with your hands cuffed behind you your balance should be precarious at best ­ so you’ll have to lower yourself to the floor and roll or crawl to free yourself ­ and the extra clothespins should make that interesting for you!

The report (by Aurélie)
It was one of the scenarios I feared and desired the most. Pain would be terrific but it was also very challenging. I added a few modifications to this one. Perhaps I added too much as I was very near to be stuck.
About the anchors and strapado part of the scenario there was nothing little change: I taped a thumbnail in the bottom of each show, where my heel would be placed; they were flat thumbnails, the kind with three little spike; it was just intended to keep me on my toes all the time. Another change was the use of tent knot system for the strapado rope; I would thus be able to lift up my arms as high as I could and it proved to be very efficient...
The second part, the one where I would have to look for the key, lacked something. To make things harder for me, I added around my elbows a very tight leather belt; it would make my arms less useful. The second thing I picked it in the French scenario "Festival des bas" written by Bound: I wrapped three keys in three different balls of journal paper sealed with adhesive tape; only one of these keys was the one that would open the master padlock but I didn't know where it was. Those balls I dispatched in three different rooms of my home.
Everything was ready: I would begin at the threshold of my bathroom; the strapado key was hooked to an ice-cube-stocking mechanism in the washbasin. The clothespins were tied to one hinge of the bathroom door, at waist level. The three balls were in three other rooms, about 4 meters from me.
It was the first occasion for me to test my new gag: I had just transformed a wooden curtain ring into a very efficient ring-gag and I was impatient to try it. I had already put plugs in my ears. I tied my ankles with a wide cinch (about 10 cm), as well as my knees. Then I put on my high heel shoes, buckling their strap over my feet. My cuffs were already on my wrists. I knelt in front of the door and took all the clothespins in my left hands; this way I could not know the length of each string and I would have to wait until the crucial moment to know it. How many clothespins were there? Three? Four? Five?... In fact there were six of them! Two went on my labia, one on my clit (ouch!) two on my nipples... and the last I clamped it on my tongue! It was a new feature allowed by this ring-gag: full access to my mouth and tongue. Pain was intense by now but I was decided to go to the end. I added two more free clothespins, one on each labia, under the first two.
Keeping my balance by taking support on the walls I stood up on my high heels. With the thumbnails under my heels, it was far to be comfortable; but it would be worse in a few moments. I put my blindfold on my eyes and tied a rope several times around my head to keep it in place; as the rope was passing over my plugged ears it generated strong sounds that were deafening me even more.
Now blind and deaf, I pushed up the leather belt up my arms above my elbows; I had to struggle to make it pass the articulation but once in place it would not come down. In my back dangled the loop of the strapado rope. It passed through a large padlock already closed (whose key was waiting in the washbasin). I passed the connecting chain of my cuffs into this padlock and locked it to the left cuff. Now I was in! I seized the free end of the tent knot and pulled, shortening the loop and lifting my wrists in the air. Soon I had to bend down in order to lighten the stress in my shoulders. And there I was: nude, anchored by six clothespins, deaf and blind, on my toes, gagged and strapadoed... A very difficult position, perhaps the most uncomfortable I have ever been in.
And now it was the time of the long wait... I could hardly hear anything as the least movement of my head made the blindfold ropes slip on my ears and generate a lot of noise. My breath and the crunching of my teeth on the gag were the only sounds I could hear. I was feeling that I was drooling but I could not be sure as I could see nothing and as the saliva was probably dripping directly on the ground. My tongue was pulled down by the light weight of the clothespin clamped on it. I tried to get it off but with my jaws largely parted it was impossible. Each time I got the tongue inside my mouth, the clothespin clanked against my teeth the noise was amplified by my deaf state.
I thought that if I could snap off a few clothespins right now, it would be easier than later... Thus, I made a few little steps away of the string anchorage point. But the strapado rope was too short to let me tighten the strings; only the shortest one I could have hope to get off. It was the one clamped on my tongue. I turned my back to the door and made a few more steps. My tongue was hurting like hell as the clothespin had been displaced; my tongue was pulled out and aside of my mouth. It was very painful and it was not very reassuring for the five other anchors... It seemed to me that the slippery tongue anchor would be the easiest! Taking a full breath, I stretched my neck away and the clothespin was unclamped. Hooooooooow painful it was! But by now I could at least put my dry tongue again in my open mouth. It was all that I could do about the clothespins for now and thus I stepped back to my initial position under the pipe.
Maintaining my balance was beginning to be painful. Particularly as I could not fully rest on my heels... I rummaged around to find a better position and I found one: I could support me by leaning against the corner of the door. If I placed the corner right between the cheek of my ass my position was far more stable and comfortable. The clothespins did not hurt me anymore by now. In fact, I hardly was aware of their presence. And thus the wait began to be boring. I pulled on the lifeline but it held well; time of freedom was not yet arrived. Note that, deafened as I was, I could hardly hear the clanging of the key against the washbasin when I tested the line; and the water dripping was completely silenced. I was well kept in my silent and obscure world. And I had to wait and wait...
Then I found that I could still take off some slack from the strapado rope. Leaning against the corner of the door, climbing on my toes, arching up my arms, I could tighten the rope a few more centimetres. And even a few more. Now my arms were really stretched up and my shoulders were hurting. Now the corner of the door was of no use anymore. Now I knew what uncomfortable really meant... But there was no way back: the tent knot was conceived to function only in one direction and it does!
Quickly the position became unbearable. I tried to lean against the wall, to get on my toes, to arch my back, to clutch the strapado rope in my hands... No way! I tried to lean my chest against the front wall, to lean my head and my shoulders, lifting my arms higher in the air... No way! And now I was feeling that my arms and hands were getting short of blood... My elbows were struggling against the belt that coiled them and all my forearms were becoming sleepy; my wrists, which were hanging to their cuffs, added to the effect, making my fingers number and number.
I tried hard and vainly to take off the belt. I tried to hook my finger on the rope to lighten my wrists but it was not doing anything good, or at least I could not stand the position sufficiently long to detect any positive effect. I could only hope that the key would be freed before my hands being totally paralysed. Every few moment I pulled on the lifeline and tested if I could still feel the padlock trying to estimate if I had still enough strength to unlock it (would I have had the key). The posture was really painful but it felt good too to be like this on the edge... I felt saliva and sweat flowing down my body. What a spectacle I was offering!
Suddenly I felt my feeling change in my fingers: the lifeline seemed now as if it was very hairy. I could hardly move my fingers... A tug on the line told me that the key was still well hooked; for how much time? It was totally impossible to estimate. I was now fearing I had gone too far. I had to break free now!
But I'm not so stupid: I would not have put me in such a situation had I not known I kept an escape way; it acts as a safe-word for the self-bondagees: I have ever thought I would be able to break my cuffs if I needed too and in the present case if was particularly easy as all that I had to do was to put all my weight on my wrists. Would it work? Yes! It worked: the D-ring in my left cuff was completely uncoiled any my left arms got free; a few more contortions and the belt got off too. The right cuff was still locked to the strapado rope but by now it was not anymore a strapado rope; it was as if I was in the bus, my right hand clutched on a ceiling bar. By now, the situation was far more comfortable. Blood was circulating again in my arms, generating a light pain. But I had to wait a long time before to regain full power in my arms; in fact, as I'm writing this reports two hours later, my arms keep feeling a little numb...I guess I made the good choice...
But I had still to wait for the key. I could have untied the rope, I could have unclamped the clothespins, but I was still very turned on and I wanted to finish the scenario. Waiting for the freedom was far much easier by now, even if not really comfortable. While awaiting, I thought of a way to lock my cuffs again and I found there was a mean to do it.
Finally the key was freed and I could open the large padlock that was keeping my right writs in the air. I threw the key and the lifeline away in the bathtub and I passed the open padlock through the hole in the left cuff where was before the now ripped of D-ring. The padlock I locked then on the connecting chain, in my back (I had put the belt over my elbows one more time). The scenario was recuperated and I could now continue for the second part.
But first I had to snap off the clothespins. With tiny steps (the largest I could manage with the cinch between my ankles) I backed from the door hinge. Moving my feet was painful as at each step the thumbnails seemed to attack a new part of my heels.
Which would be the first clothespin to get off? I kept stepping backward until I felt a light pull in my left labia. Ouch! I was becoming with the harder one! I backed once more, more carefully by now, feeling the pain being revived in my poor stretched lip. I stopped at the point where I felt the labia would not stretch anymore... Now the pain would begin: the clothespin would be pulled slowly, crushing the sensible skin under its cruel way, and then blood would rush again in the squashed vessels and launch overwhelming pain in my brain... Here I lacked courage... reaching with my fingers I could easily unclamp manually the terrifying clothespin. And it was horribly painful anyway! My sore labia had been clamped for a very long time and the pain was very high.
I continued to step back and, very soon, I felt my right lip being pulled... I unclamped it manually too. Backward again... Now it was to my right nipple to be pulled. I tried, I tried hard... I felt the clothespin begin to move and the pain it caused was so strong that I immediately removed both nipple clothespins manually... There was now only one clamp left: the one on my clitoris. This one too I tried to pull of without the hands... but I failed too... Sorry, I'm too coward for this... Perhaps I would try it again but after a smaller clamping time... Here it was too much for my poor sore little mind. I feel so sorry...
I had one mission to fulfil by now and I had the intent to do it right. It was far too difficult to progress while standing; moreover, in this position, it would have been very difficult to find the paper ball. My feet were sore by now and their feeling was very reduced. I had thus to sit down. But it is easier to say than to do when your legs are tied at the ankles and the knees, you are perched on ten centimetres heels, your arms are stretched in your back and you cannot see anything.
Again, the corner of the wall went to my rescue: leaning against it, using my inter-cheeks space as a rail, I began to squat down. There was a painful passage when my tired legs began to tremble violently, tapping rapidly my high heels into the floor, pushing my own heels against the thumbnails... But finally I managed to be on my knees. To sit completely down, I leaned my shoulder against the wall and I let me fall down this way. Now I was firmly on my butt. It was probably impossible to me to stand up again but it was not important. Now I could go wandering, using my butt and my... my heels (huh...) to make my way across the rooms.
My efforts had make me closer to my bedroom, thus I decided to begin by this one. I found that, by using the back of my heels, I could creep on the floor without touching the thumbnails too much. This way, I could creep quite rapidly. Finding the ball was another trick: I remembered in which part of the room it was, but not exactly and when you are blind and deaf, the space tends to have a non-Euclidean geometry. But by careful leg scanning of the floor I got the ball. Now I had to open it.
The adhesive tape rolled around the paper proved to be very efficient as I could not even rip it. I had to destroy completely the paper with my nails until if found the key. Bound wanted me to do this while wearing several stockings on my arms and hands; I guess it would have been  almost impossible to open the ball.
Now one last question: was this key the right one? Gladly it was relatively easy to use padlock. When my wrists are bound more strictly, the simple action of putting the key in the hole is a Round Table Quest and thus, if you don't know if your manipulating the right key... But here it was easy and for the first time in this scenario I was lucky: It was the right key! I had found it at my first attempt!
Finally, completely drenched with sweat and saliva, exhausted, trembling with all my limbs, pain filled, I was able to lie down on my bed and finger me and rub me and pinch me, remembering this long and hard and horny-making bondage!


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