The boat

A self-bondage report
by Aurélie Catena
Mastered by Gub

  This text is the collection of a chat I had on ICQ with a cybermaster and of the report I wrote when I had obeyed his orders.

ICQ chat

[...] (Knowing each other and some direct live bondage)

Discussing possibilities

- You have to imagine some bondage position (don't fear to be too tough... I'm very keen in self bondage). I shall
manage to achieve it. I have a LOT of ropes, a few chains and padlocks and some other gears (home made). You
will command me to fulfil some "mission" before I can free myself. Then I shall obey as well as I can and send you a
report of how I did and how I felt.

- but what kind of commands ? i dont know what you like? i wanna know what i can do to you once your all tied up

- I'm looking forward to be tied ! :-) :-) :-) I'm very keen in self bondage. I probably can achieve all what you can
imagine (if this is not too dangerous). If not, I will try to do my best. So, be imaginative ! I have a ball gag, a
bar-gag, a spreader bar...

- i guess id have to do it for real to fully understand :-(

- I can explain very well ;-)

- i was starting to get hard there for awhile so i guess it arouses me somewhat

- ...and I was hardly tied. When you will have got me totally tied, writhing on the floor, totally nude and drooling
with all my holes... You will know what "aroused" really means ! ;-)

- can i make contact with you while your writhing on the floor?

- Not simultaneously. You can say me to do something when I will be. But when I'm stuck, i'm unreachable. You
have to "program" me...

- so then ill be masturbating while i command you?

- If you want, but I guarantee that it will be better when you will read my report ! ;-)

Self-bondage commands

- ok take the socks out and put the gag ball on untie your feet and lay down on your stomach. Well, i'll type the
whole thing here then you can do it Ok? So i'll just type and you dont have to reply just send me a report when your

- The best would be to send me this by E-mail. And I would send my report by this same way.

- Lay on the floor face down put your feet up to your ass and tie your ankles tightly together. then i want a rope
around your forehead that pulls your head back toward your ass too. tie that one around your feet tightly too.

- How tight?

- So your shoulder blades are touching. you should resemble the bottom of a boat now.

- I'm not so souple, but I shall do my best. You want my chest up, as I understand

- Yes, I see. Very unconfortable.... I like that ! ;-)

- Yes if you like pain tie yourself by the hair to your feet.

- I fear my hairs aren't long enough...

- Ok, now i want your arms tied one behind your back to your ankles the other i want under your belly between
your legs to your ankles

- Difficult to tie my hands separately, but I shall do my best...

- Take your time, make a slipknot and pull as tight as you can

- I know best than slip-knots...

- pull the rope between your legs tighter so i can see it disappear

- The rope between my wrist and my feet ?

- that's the one i can see, its still loose when its tight enough your vaginal lips will surround it.

- That's right.

- So my hand will not be between my legs but on my stomachs ?

- i'd like to put some steel bars under the ropes and twist them tighter if i could. can we fit something else in your

- Yes, but I shall have to put it before ! ;-) Before i'm stuck in your rope net !

- Ok put some clothes pins in your mouth next to the gag ball and on your nipples too.

- Oooch ! You mean on the lips of my mouth ? Woow it will hurt like hell !

- Only until its numb

- Never tried on the lips...

- Ok that's all good luck :-)

- An what shall I have to do while tied up ?

- Whatever makes you hot you have my permission

- I'd prefer to have some mission or task to perform... The rope themselves make me hot. I don't have to do
anything else. Just trashing against them is sufficient...

- i don't know what you could do all tied up you're worthless laying there all bound up

- When do you want I free my self ? What do I have to achieve before to be allowed to untie myself ? So, do you
want me to be tied until I come ? Or do I have to perform some task ?

- Just beg for mercy

- With a gag, it will be hard... But I can me very expressive with my eyes. Am I allowed to add some tricks?

- Feel free

- Thanks ! Bye

My report

I was very wet by now. I gathered all my gear on my bed and took of my last clothes: my soaked panties. I had to think a few seconds to plan the several layers of bondage I had to do... What would be the best way to achieve your commands? What ropes would I choose? Mmmmh, to tie my hand separately would be too dangerous: how would I be able to free myself at the end of the session? I have tied my hands separately only a few times in my life and I got badly stuck in each occasion... No, my hands would share the same tie.

The ball-gag was already in place so I begun by tying my ankles. Sitting on my bed, I made a three rolls cinch-knot between them. With a lesser diameter rope, I also cinched my big toes, leaving a long tail of free rope; it was not in your commands but I had my own idea about this... I tied a hanging knot (the one you can see in the western movies) and tied it's tail around the middle part of the ankle cinch. With a shorter rope, I made a pre-made cinch, four rolls of rope that would be passed in the hang-knot. Finally I tied to my ankle cinch a bowline knot with a longer black rope; this would connect my feet to my head.

Now for the hard thing... My hands became trembling... I had never try to tie my ankles to my head. To my wrists, yes, a classic; to my shoulder too... But to my head, never. First I found that to tie the rope around my forehead would not stand in place; it would slip at the first traction. But you want to keep my head backward and I found that I got this effect too by passing the rope behind the strap of my ball-gag. Thus I did: lying on my flank, I curved my body backward as far a I could and passed the black rope in the strap. Then, reaching in my back, I straightened it
more, and more, until I couldn't bend any further; the rope. I tied to the loose end of the bowline knot. The ball gag was pressed back in my mouth; the strap was entering the corners of my lips. Very uncomfortable... Now for the toes: the thinner rope followed the same path and was straightened in order to stretch my feet by their toes; this way I wouldn't be able to move feet at all!

Now the clothespins. My hands were shaking now and with my lips stretched by the gag, it was hard to do but I finally achieved to put three clothespins on my lips: two on the upper and on the lower. It was easier with the nipples as they were so hard and erected by now! But in fact, I was already so turned on and my posture was so uncomfortable that the pain they caused was hardly noticeable... So, for good measure, I place one more on each of my ears, and one in each nostril.

Everything was now ready for the last move. First, I put of my glasses. I had to stand on my belly and cinch my hands in my back to my ankles. This I did! Oooow! In this position, my body wanted badly to lay flat on the bed but was very strictly immobilised. My back was awfully bent backward, my breasts didn't touch the ground anymore despite the fact that I was lightly buried into the mattress. It was perhaps a good thing because if it was not the case, the clamps on my nipples would have been pressed and it would have increased the pain. I found my feet very well
immobilised. So the last thing to do was to tie my hands. I passed the prepared cinch in the hang-knot, dividing the rolls into two parts, like an eight-shape. I managed to insert my wrists in the cinch. Now I was intended to pull hard to close the hang-knot and securely bind my hands together, but I preferred not to close it too hard...

Ooooh, God ! It was one of the most stringent bondage I've done. With my knees and elbows free, I thought I would be able to move a lot... But strangely, with my head involved in the bondage and my body so strictly bent, I found I was very effectively immobilised. And each time I rocked to try to move a little, the clothespins of my nipples gave into the mattress and sent powerful pain waves in my breasts. Why was I so powerless? I had be bent backward so hard before this but I had always be able to move, to creep on the floor, inch by inch... Here I was
feeling completely stuck. Yes, would I have really needed to, I could have made it, but not without great difficulty and pain.

I had hesitated to chain my wrists with padlocks and put the keys at the opposite corner of my home, just to force me to creep to them to be able to break free... How happy I was now not to have done this...

I understood why I was so helpless: with my head stretched backward I had no moving weight left on my body. With a free moving head, you can rock it, change your balance, even use your forehead as a point of support. Now, the only moving part of my body were my elbows that I could flap like ridiculous and useless wings. Even my knees were hardly able to separate: the two sets of cinches on the ankles and the toes were immobilising them together. My only point of support was the area between my lower ribs and my hips, and every move trying to change this was
sending excruciating pain in my body... I was hardly able, by clutching and unclutching my legs to slowly rotate around my belly button. I stopped after only a quarter of a turn, exhausted.

Stuck I was, and quite well. But it felt so good. I was already soaking my mattress with the saliva drooling from my lips; either lips, the one with the clamps and the others... My skin was covered by a thin layer of perspiration. My breath was rapid, my limbs were shaking. Ooooh I knew too well those sensations. I stretched in my bonds, contracting all my muscles, clamped and unclamped my thighs, clutched feet and hands. I didn't felt the pain anymore. There were only ropes encircling my body, embracing me, caressing me... And I came ! I caaaame! I fell
on my side, thrashing more powerfully in my bonds...

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