Sudden fall
A scenario by JWunlimited
Commanded: 9th june 2000
Executed: 2nd july 2000
The Scenario (by Jwunlimited)
I like you to feel helpless and condemned to a certain small torture for quite some time. Compare it with being bound for half an hour on the guillotine waiting for the things to come. Only, that nasty device would surely ruin your beauty. The first part will physically be easy, in fact is relatively comfortable. After a while this will change....
You'll put clamps on your nipples. To the clamps a rope is to be connected which will go up all way to the ceiling. There it will pass through a hook, or around a pipe or something. At the other end of the rope some weight will be hanging. Preferably you'll put some elastic piece of rope between the end of the normal rope and the weight. Create a block of ice with two pieces of rope inside it. The upper rope is to connect the block to or near to the ceiling. The lower rope will fall down when the block melts. The block ice you'll mount to the ceiling, at the side of the hook or pipe where the weight is hanging. Of course the lower rope from the block ice will be connected to the weight so the weight will be high up near the ceiling. That is to say... as long as the ice wouldn't be melting. At a certain point it will fall down, you might experience some strain on your nipples :-).
You'll lay down with your legs stretched out and your ankles bound to a wall or something so you cannot change your position. You'll stretch out your hands also and chain them to a wall or something too. You'll wear a collar and you'll be gagged. But no blindfold, I want you to experience the melting of the ice. Make sure you cannot reach your nipples or the rope with your head.
You'll chain your wrists. To get the key you can use the ice with key mechanism you have used before. But of course, make this piece of ice large enough so it will melt after the weight has fallen down. I want you to be completely helpless during the waiting and during the torture itself. So no escape paths at that point. Of course you should however create a lifeline with the usual bottle with ice and key. This will take a considerable amount of time to melt probably, but a girl that gets herself stuck well deserves some additional punishment. Eventually you can freeze a third piece of rope in the middle of the ice block and create a key- mechanism this way. This way you are sure that you get the keys after the weight dropped and you can manage somewhat the period of time it will take.
You'll have to decide about the weight and about the altitude of free fall it will make before the rope will be stretched. Something like half a meter might do. About the weight - I'm a boy - don't have an idea. You will determine yourself. However if you like to test you will not test with clamps on your nipples. To get some idea you can put the clamps on you forearm or on your fingers instead. Of course I like to find in the report the weight you've chosen and the altitude of falling down. Don't be too chicken, I like your body to get covered with sweat during the waiting. The waiting should take at least half an hour. Much more is better. It should be boring and anxious and above all: inescapable. The 'torture' itself does not need to be that long.
If you posses a ventilator you might direct it to the position where the weight will be hanging. You can attach something to the weight so it will catch some wind and will stay moving.
 Wish you success,

Nose torture add-on (by Claire and Aurélie)
Last week I encountered Claire on the Yahoo self-bondage club who gave me a very original idea, which I thought I could add to this scenario in order to add some action during the waiting phase. She is into nose torture and as I had never tried anything like this it was very exciting to me. Here is a copy of her original message on the club; we exchanged then several other messages to clarify things but the principles where well described in the first:

For nasal plugs/irritants I use/have used:

Some of these items will cause you to sneeze immediately. For these items it is advisable to pack dry toilet paper in your nose over/against irritant. Then you can sneeze again and again until your brains are mush and you cry.
Shaving probably really dangerous, it will thoroughly waste your nasal passage for most of a weekend.
Toothpaste is really fiery, and even more fiery if you sneeze some out. Toothpaste will cause your sinuses to drain huge amounts of mucus, enough to fill your mouth or mildly interfere with breathing. A gag is not advisable until you've checked previously.
Tobacco is also powerful, sometimes it will drain down your throat and cause hiccups.
Two fantasies of mine are to 1)use an allergen and 2) use flour and water paste and see if it will harden.
Start slow to make sure you don't have an extreme reaction (allergies and asthma can be bad news - they cause people to die from bee stings), and read the product label to decide if you do or don't want to try something. I don't use and don't recommend inhaling illegal drugs or sniff drugs - the purpose isn't to get high; I do present the use of nasal irritants for sneezing and for feelings of helplessness, some pain, humiliation, and olfactory overload.

In particular, the sentence "you can sneeze again and again until your brains are mush and you cry" made me particularly wet and thus I decided to use pepper for my first try.

The report (by Aurélie)
After a testing phase to calculate the best string lengths I laid down on my bed and tied myself up. I was completely nude, as you have already figured out, and my legs were wide spread, each ankle being bound to a corner of my bed (this is a 140-cm wide bed) by a few coils of rope. On the side was a small plate containing a few balls of saliva soaked toilet paper that I had rolled in red pepper; each ball was about 5 mm diameter, which is probably too large, as I figured out later. On my nipples were clamped two clothespins and my cuffs were already locked on my wrists.

I stuffed the pepper balls in my nostrils, trying to breathe through my mouth (Claire told me that pepper would take effect very quickly), packed some dry toilet paper after them to prevent them to be expelled by sneezes and quickly chained my cuffs to the head of the bed with the master padlock.

Now I was lying on the bed, face up, in a Y shape, clothespins pointing to the sky. To the clamps was tied a short elastic string; to the middle of it was tied a standard string that was very long; it was going out of my bed room by the door, passing over the heater pipe near the ceiling and connected to a heavy weight made of packed chains (about 500 g). This weight wasn't pulling at my nipples to as it was, for now, suspended by pantyhose tied to the pipe and filled with ice cubes; the chains were connected to a large (and heavy) snap-hook hooked above the ice-cube ball. Above this hook was snapped another smaller hook to which the key of the master padlock was connected, as well as the lifeline, which was going to my left wrist. As the key hook was smaller than the weight hook I was sure that the weight would fall before I would be able to free myself. On the floor, under this contraption was a bucket to collect the dripping water and prevent it to soil the floor of my bedroom.

I violently sniffed pepper balls up my nose. Instantly I felt my nostrils begin to burn and my eyes filled with water. I sneezed a few times but the pepper could not get out. My nose was really burning and seemed to have doubled in volume. But after a few minutes, I was not sneezing anymore. My nose was filled with mucus and I guess it was preventing the pepper really acting. In fact, I wasn't able to breathe through my nose. The pepper was nevertheless burning my nasal passage and it was very uncomfortable; enough to make me forget my pinched nipples. The irritation was moreover acting on my eyes, which were crying, water flowing down my face; my head-board lamp shining its light in my eyes was increasing the effect of blinding me.
But it did not have the violent sneezing effect I had expected and soon it was becoming boring. Here I realised I had made an error in my set-up: the chain connecting my cuffs was long enough to let me touch my face with my fingers and thus I was able to get the pepper balls out of my nose. The irritation was still here but my nose felt far more comfortable. The better proof of it being that now my nipples were beginning to ache.

I had kept my glasses on so I could see the ice melting. I could see the ice-cube ball dangling at the top of the door, three meters away. It seemed to be enormous; I would be here for a long time... I could hear the water dripping every four or five seconds... so slowly. By pulling on the lifeline, I was able to make the pantyhose oscillating and spinning but I didn't think it could accelerate the melting process.

Twenty minutes had passed since the moment I had closed the master padlock and I was not able to detect any diminution in the size of the ice ball... You know, ten ice cubes do not melt as rapidly as ten times one ice cube. There is a mass effect, the inner cubes do not melt all at once, only the outer ones melt. That causes the process to be slower than expected; how much slower? It's difficult to assess and I never did any experiments about it. As the air was very warm yesterday I had thought I had to put more ice cube to compensate... bad move...

As it seemed I was in for a long time, I tried to relax and sleep a little (it was 3 o'clock AM) but the clothespins were preventing me from even relaxing enough to get comfy. I had never tried to sleep with clamps and I guarantee it's impossible; at least while you are not completely tired. After some time it seems that the clamps do not cause pain anymore... But it is a fake: either the brain becomes accustomed to the pain sensation and blocks it out, or it transforms it into a little pleasure; but when the brain begins to relax, the pain is not silenced anymore and it wakes you up with full power.

I was therefore bound to wait for my fate and then for my deliverance. With my legs so far apart I wasn't able to brush my thighs and therefore it was difficult to get sexual stimulation. I pulled on the chain connecting my wrists, trying to touch my breasts with my finger, but it was teasingly too short. My only rescue was my imagination... I begun to think about the other scenarios I had left to perform, how I would set them up. I tried to mentally write this report... But with pain in your nipples, it is difficult to concentrate... Then I let fantasy flow through my mind: I mentally projected myself out of my body to see me bound like that, spread on my bed, clothespins standing up on my chest, slightly sweating in the warm night. Then I was again in my body, I began to pull on my ankle ropes, trying to loosen them, trying to get my thighs to touch each other. But I knew I had made unmoveable knots and I got no more slack during the process.

But as I was trying, I had to move the hips in different ways and this made some sexual effect. Yes it was it: I could wave my hips as if I were being fucked. Yesss! I was here all bound and offered and someone was lying down between my legs and was fucking me, pinching my nipples, telling me how helpless I was... This gave me a lot of stimulation. It was far from sufficient to give me an orgasm but I didn't feet the bite of the clamps anymore. It was making the time pass faster too...

* * *

Fifty minutes had passed since the beginning of the scenario... By now I could see that the ice ball was very diminished, and I didn't understand how the hook could still be kept up. At the beginning of the session, I was looking forward to be delivered... By now I feared receiving the full weight on my nipples. They were so sore by now. I had to concentrate every second to bear the pain and I knew that when they will be freed, the pain would skyrocket for a short moment. But I had to bear this pain if I wanted to get free. In fact, it was not even an alternative: the ice would melt no matter what I willed. Perhaps could I hasten my fate by pulling on the lifeline and make the weight fall down when I decided to? It was giving me back some liberty about my life and it was kind of reassuring... But no matter how frantically I pulled on the lifeline and made the weighting chains clicking, the hook didn't come off... Finally I abandoned this idea and stayed still, the eyes fixed on the ice ball...

I had tested the weight and the length of the free-fall with the clothespins clamped on the fringe of my armpits. The weight would fall down for about two meters before to begining to pull on the elastic string and on the clamps. The sudden stop was enough to pull them off and it was what I wanted, as I feared to take the full weight on my sore nipples. I knew the sudden pain would be very strong but it would pass quickly and it would be better like this than if I had to unclamp them by myself. The surprise is better than the dreadful anticipation.

Fifty-five minutes... How in hell is this snap-hook still in the air? It seems on the very verge of the last ice cube. Fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty... suddenly I saw the weight falling down. The pipe not being a very goof pulley, the fall is not so fast as a free fall and you see the weight accelerating down, you can see it taking up the slack of the string; the fall duration is probably less than a half second but it seems to be far more than that. You know that it is by now too late to do anything: your nipples will be violently tortured and you cannot escape it by now...

Ouchhhhh! I saw the elastic strings become longer and longer, pulling hard at my poor nipples. My small breasts, which were lying flat on my chest until now, were suddenly stretched in a cone shape; my nipples were elongated... but the clothespins did not come off! Probably the nipples give a better grip to the bite of the clamp than the pectoral muscles at the armpits... And now I had to bear that taunt string pulling and my already sore nipples until the key break free too. I pulled on the lifeline but it held good and there was no sign of fast release...

I tried to wriggle, to work my pectoral muscles, to turn my chest as far as I could (that was not very much, I have to say), trying desperately to make the grip slip. But the clothespins held well. Probably they had firmed their bite during the long wait; blood had been trapped at the tip of my nipples and now they were solidly anchored on my skin. Pain was now far higher than before and now the least movement (like taking a full breath) was causing more pain. The weight was hanging teasingly near the bucket... 20 cm more and the pain would be gone... 20 cm only... But I was totally helpless to change my plight.

It was not that I had not tried: I was fighting my cuffs, trying to get my wrists free, trying to reach my nipples, but my fingers were stopped a few centimetres from them and as the clothespins were tilted forward, it was totally impossible to get them off. I tried to pull on the lifeline, as it was a little entangled in the nipple string... but in only caused more pain in my breasts... Finally I accepted my plight and lay still, trying to convert pain into pleasure, looking at my poor stretched breasts.

Five minutes after the fall of the weight, the right clothespin was pulled off (the door was not right in front of me but a little on the left, thus putting more pressure on my right nipple). I felt a high shot of pain in my right nipple, as blood flowed hungrily in my pressured tissues. My left nipple was not at rest, as it was enduring the full weight by now! It was unbearable: I wriggled madly and I succeeded in getting the left clamp off too. Ooooh! For the first time for 65 minutes my nipples were free again... It was not a great thing at first as they were still very aching and sensitive but at least there was not anymore this dreadful pull.

Now, as the pain calmed down, I just had to wait for the freeing of the key. The liberation came five minutes later. I hastily unlocked my wrists and used my newly free hands to caress my crotch frantically, without even untying my ankles. I didn't dare to touch my sensitive nipples but I was so hot and wet by now that I did not need much stimulation to break the glass parting me from orgasm.


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