The sawhorse
A scenario by Slipknot
Commanded: 28th may 2000
Executed: 28th may 2000

The scenario (by Slipknot)
I have not heard you mention any kind of overhead hook in your place. If you have nothing to fasten to in the ceiling I want you to set up the scene in front of a door that you can toss a rope over. You did mention that you have sawhorses. I want to have you straddle the wooden pony while you wait for the ice to melt. First remove your clothes and then set the sawhorse under a hook or in front of a door. You will put cuffs on your ankles then climb onto your wooden pony with your back toward the door or hook. You will spread your legs and fasten the cuffs to the spreader bar. I want you to have to stand on your toes while sitting on the horse so if you can still stand flat-footed on the floor you must raise the sawhorse someway. You could set its legs on some books to raise it up so you have to stand on your toes. Next you will gag yourself in a new way. Use a belt or collar, open your mouth very wide and strap the belt across your chin and buckle very tight behind your neck. The strap across your chin will force your mouth to stay open even though nothing is in it. Now use clamps on your nipples and lean forward a little and tie the clamps to the end of the horse. Last, fasten your wrist behind you to a rope coming from the top of the door or an overhead hook. Use your tent rope system to raise your arms up behind your back as high as you can. This will force you bend forward pressing your pussy against the rail of the horse and at the same time pull you up and tighten the cord between your nipples and the horse. Also being bent over with your mouth strapped open I am sure there will be more than one puddle beneath you. With your arms pulled high you won't be able to reach any of the other ropes or clamps this time. You might try putting a small piece of hard candy or a breath mint under your tongue just before locking your wrist in place.

The report (by Aurélie)
I was so excited by this new scenario that I had to try it as early as possible. And I have to admit that it was a great success.
First the set-up: my sawhorses were too small for the purpose of Slipknot and I had to lift them up a little. After a few mails exchange with him I found finally that if I put one of my horses on the other, they had then the right height (or so I thought). Those horses I placed in my hall, in front of the door of my bathroom, just below a heater pipe that was running near the ceiling. I didn't dare to suspend my whole weight on it but it was very useful to keep me upright and I had used several times in the past. To this pipe I tied a rope by a bowline-knot and to the dangling end I tied a tent-knot; this knot was hovering about one meter above the horse.
I took an ice-cube and put it in a pantyhose. The pantyhose was tied in my bathroom such a way that the ice would drip directly in my washbasin. Behind the ice-cube, threaded on the pantyhose, was a ring, to the ring was hooked the master key as well as a long string that would be my life-line.
I passed a cuff around each of my wrists and ankles (I forgot to say that I was already naked; I'm always naked when I'm setting up my scenarios, it helps to get me into the mood). I tied a leather belt around my chin. Yes, it was working: I could not close my mouth and it was pretty largely open! It was a new way for me and I found it very exciting. No doubt I would be soon drooling like a fountain!
I snap-hooked one end of my spreader-bar to my left ankle and I straddled with the right leg the horse. Then I could snap the right hook. It wasn't easy to do it as I had to double my body till my ankle; some kind of fitness exercise! Now the clamps. I had prepared my flat-clamps be cause it is easier to hook something to them and they bite as well as the clothespins; between them was connected a string to which a big padlock was dangling; it would give some entertainment to my nipples...
All was ready before the last move: I placed around my right wrist a slipping loop made into my life-line, I passed the connecting chain dangling to my left cuff in the loop of the tent-knot. I had to lift my arms in my back to achieve this. I clicked the master padlock, hooking the connecting chain to my right cuff. Pulling on the rope, I shortened the tent knot and lifted my wrist high up in the air, forcing me to lean forward.
As I leaned forward I remarked two things: first, I had wrongly estimated the height of the horse; in fact, I had made the test without the putting really the bar, just spreading my legs at its ends, but by now, I was able to close my legs a little bit, using the slack in my ankles cuffs and the length of the two snap-hooks. So I was able now to stand flat on my feet. The second thing was a little scaring: leaning forward was pushing my chin in my throat an my breath was made difficult; more and more difficult, and my breath became a hiss... The spectre of the self inflicted death passed in my mind...
But just at this moment I heard the key falling in the washbasin. The ice-cube had melt during the set-up! In a few moment I had freed myself... But how frustrating! I wanted to continue with this scenario so I put one big book under each leg of the saw-horse and I replaced the belt around my chin by a rope so I could tune more precisely the tightness of the bond: enough to keep my mouth open but not too much to keep my breathing easy.
This time, it was more difficult to hook the spreader bar between my legs but I managed to do it. Wonderful! I found that I had to stand on the ball of my feet, unable to put down my heels. Clamps put on, life-line around my wrists, all was ready... I clicked the master padlock and pulled on the rope as hard as I could, as far as I could, pulling my wrists way up. I had to lean forward to lessen the pain in my shoulder and doing this, a globe of saliva get out of my largely open lips, dripping on the horse. My torso was nearly horizontal and I was now sure that any candy or would have inevitably fallen out, but in fact I was drooling a lot without anything.
Immediately I tried to pull on the life-line but this time it didn't come: I was pretty well trapped in my self-inflicted torment. For how long? I couldn't assess it but I was sure it would be too long for me and I was glad it would be so (I'm not sure you can understand me here, but keep reading though...).
At first, the pain was mainly caused by my so highly contorted arms. They were putting pressure on my shoulders and I could not escape it totally by folding me forward. In fact, by bending this way I was getting farther from the pipe and so I was putting more strain on my back. The bent position in itself was difficult to bear and my loins began quickly to ache. There was no mean to find a comfortable position and I was constantly oscillating between the bent posture and a fast straight one. The other pain I was feeling by this time was the weighted clamps on my nipples but it was not very important by comparison to the shoulder ache. For this whole session it happened that the clamps were my least problem and I really felt them only afterward, when I finally could remove them...
The shoulder ache was soon rejoined by another one. My legs began to shake as I was forced to stand the forepart of my feet; I was not really on my toes, but I strictly could not lay ma heels on the ground (in fact, I could, but I shall speak about it further in this report). With my legs so far apart, it was difficult to keep the position without fatigue, particularly with my bent attitude. Caring about my equilibrium was keeping my full attention and I was frequently pulling on my arms to regain it. I found that, if I "climbed" on my toes ? by arching my feet ? I was using other muscles in my thighs and so my shakings stopped... not for a long time as those new muscles couldn't bear my weight very well, but at least when I dropped of my toes, my thighs and calves were a little bit rested and I could stand still for a few spare minutes. This cycle get quicker and quicker as time passed and my muscles were never fully refreshed by the rest they had. Soon I was pulling on my arms to lift a little my weight from my sore feet and legs... The shaking of my legs was in itself pretty painful and I did all that I could to escape it.
And I kept drooling and drooling on the horse, a line of saliva being continuously leaking from my lower lip to the rail. How humiliated I was feeling. Having to stand legs spread, bowed, drooling like a fountain, sweating, aroused and unable to control my body... My mind was flying in the world of dreams... I was in the Middle Age, exposed to the populace, all my openings gaping, fully offered and dripping wet, women pinching my nipples...
Soon the arched-feed trick didn't work anymore and my legs kept shaking. Now I understood fully what Slipknot had in mind. Until then, I was lightly supported by the rail. Now, I was considering sitting fully on its wedge, only to give some rest to my legs, only to allow my heels to touch down. Thus did I, sitting my crotch on the rail. At first, I only felt bad pain in my arms as they were more strongly pulled up but it was so pleasing to rest my feet and my trembling legs that I could easily bear it. Quickly however, a new pain grew in my crotch as my weight was largely supported by my tender nether lips. This was rapidly so much hurting that I quickly stood on the balls of my feet again.
And this dance continued: the first steps included some rapid up and down arching of the feet and leg shaking, to be finally concluded by a short sitting and jumping up; all of this being added complex torso and arms moves.
From my position, I was able to look at the clock. Time passed so slowly... Every moment, I pulled on my life-line, trying vainly to guess how the ice-cube was doing. The ice seemed to melt so slowly. After 20 minutes of this torment, I had no easy position anymore. I was continuously moving from one to another, standing, sitting, pulling on my arms and drooling and drooling. I was very excited too but I could not find no way to give me an orgasm; I was unable to close my thighs, to brush them one against the other, pull at their bonds... Looking for a manner to pull my mind away from the relentless pains I was enduring, I tried to twist my torso, making the weight hanged to my nipples to dangle from left to right, making it knocking against the rail. But it was from no avail: it was no sufficiently hurting. All that I succeeded to do was to hook my saliva-line to the weight, curving in it in an elegant parabola. I now badly wanted the key. My fingers clutched the life-line and were pulling constantly at it.  How I wanted to be free... just to be able to play with my wanton clit!
Suddenly the ice-cube passed through the ring! Quickly, my legs shaking like hell, I pulled on the life-line and grasped the key. With my arms stretched up to the ceiling it was not so comfortable to open the padlock but as my cuffs were efficiently kept in place ? and the padlock with them ? by the strain, it was easy to put the key in the hole and to turn it. To remove the padlocks needed me to lift a little to give some slack to the connecting chain...
And finally I was free. I quickly removed all the items with my trembling fingers. But when I could eventually lay down on my bed, my fingers were shaking a new dance on my crotch...


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