The pouring bottle
A scenario by Slipknot
Commanded: 3th june 2000
Executed: 10th june 2000
The scenario (by Slipknot)
Hi Aurélie
 I have a new scenario for you. Here it is.
You are standing in the hallway facing the bathroom doorway. Your legs are tied at the knees, ankles and toes. A rope is pulled tight around your waist. It dips down in a V shape where the crotch rope is attached before being pulled firmly down through the moist folds of your sex. A coil of ropes circle around your upper body divided by your breasts. Some coils passing over your tits and some held up firmly below them. The coil is held up by a rope shoulder harness that begins behind your neck and passes in front of each shoulder before slipping across your back, back up in front of the shoulders and then tied behind the neck. The loose ends then dropped down on each side of your arms and passed across under the chest-arms coil again then brought around to the front from both sides and used to cinch the upper and lower chest ropes together between your tits. A ballgag is pulled tightly into your mouth and your head is held in a rope head-harness attached to the gag strap. A rope is tied to the strap on each side of the ball, pulled up to a knot between your eyes and then passes over your head and tied to the top of the strap buckle behind your neck. A rope is tied to the top of this rope head-harness and goes straight up to the pipe overhead holding you stiffly upright. Behind you your wrist are fastened with a coil of rope. The cinch rope squeezing the coil tight around your wrist is pulled firmly down to where it passes under the cinch rope at your ankles and then travels back up to where it also cinches the chest-arms coil. The chest-arms coil is cinched so tightly that your arms are pulled together behind you till your elbows nearly touch. The pressure pulling your elbows together makes you press your chest outward almost as though begging the clamps and string to stretch your nipples. The flat clamps are holding tight to your nipples while a string pulls on each. The string stretches out through the bathroom doorway and slips over the top of the shower curtain rod then through a loop at the shower head and on down to the handle of a bucket hanging about a foot above the drain. Hanging from the shower head on a separate cord is a thin plastic container filled with water. It is directly over the bucket. In the bottom of the plastic container is a small nail that has been poked through the plastic. A string is tied to the head of the nail and is pulled up to a metal ring that is hanging on a stocking just above the cubes of ice that are melting in the toe. Attached to the ring is a small but heavy weight. A lifeline is tied to your wrist. It goes to a ring that hangs from another stocking above the wash basin. There is a little more ice in this stocking than in the one supporting the weight. Attached by a string to this ring is a pair of scissors that are lying on the floor. You can't pull the scissors to you until the ring falls from the stocking and that won't happen until after the ice melts and lets the weight fall and pull the nail from the container of water.
 You have been standing in the hallway for a long time. The longer you wait the more you worry about what will happen. Soon after finishing the tie you decide to back out and to try and get free before the weight falls. However the tie is nearly perfect. The cinch rope at your wrist and ankles will not give. It is pulled very tight. It would relax and allow you to free yourself if only you could bend your knees and stoop down a little to get slack in the rope. That can't happen though. The rope tied to the top of the head-harness is pulled tight to the pipe above. You can stand flat on your feet but cannot bend your legs at all without lifting your feet from the floor. You try lifting up on your toes to get slack but then it becomes hard to balance and you teeter. You can't get enough slack to free yourself. You try to reach around to release the clamps but the cinch rope at your wrist keeps them held firmly down. There are no knots within reach of your fingers. You look at the stocking again. The ice is melting and the weight will soon fall. The ring tied to the scissors seems to be moving so much slower. Thoughts drift through your mind as you wait. How much longer? When the weight falls how fast will the water drain into the bucket? Did I put too much water in the container? Will I be able to take the extra weight as the bucket fills? How long after the weight falls will I have to wait to get the scissors? Will the lifeline drop before all the water drains from the container or will I have to bear the entire wait for a long time before I can get free? What have I gotten myself into? Did that Slipknot guy take me too far this time???? Too late to worry about that now. There is no turning back, no escape.
 Swish-POP!!!!! The weight falls and the nail is pulled out of the container. The water begins to drain slowly into the pail. A small steady stream. You look at the ring for the lifeline. It has a long way to go before it falls. You pull the string but the stocking only stretches and holds tight to the ring. The bottom of the bucket is covered now but there is not a noticeable difference in the tension on your nipples. You think maybe this won't be so bad after all. You stand up straight and try to will yourself to except your fate. Soon the string pulling on your clamps is more taunt. Your nipples can feel the added weight. You look at the bucket and can see the water rising slowly. There is still just a little water in it and so much still in the container. Again the worry returns. The ice that holds the lifeline seems to be dripping slower....could that be? You pull on the string again and the stocking stretches but does not release the ring. You look around hoping to find just one thing you forgot. Just one thing that will help you get free now. Nothing....Maybe you are just getting too good at this you think. You are trapped and can't get free. You can only wait. The only thing that makes you think you are not crazy for being trapped in this bondage is the fire building beneath the crotch rope. You begin to twist and squirm to try and fuel the fire. It is going to be a long wait to be free, might as well make the best of it.
So my little Aurélie, what do you think. Are you up for this one?
Do you need help figuring out any of the bondage? I have it all pictured but you are so talented I think I may be wasting my time trying to tell you how to do this. The only thing is about the wrist and elbow cinch. I would take a rope and slip it across your lower back and bring it up to the chest-arm coil. Then push it between your upper arm and chest on the right side. Take it across and bring it out the same place on the left side and then do the same thing with the other end pushing it in from the left side and out on the right side. Now you will have a cinch rope around the chest-arm coil between your arms and back. Take both ends down between your ankles and then back up and make a chinch loop for your wrist. Once all is in place simply stand up to pull everything tight. If it isn't tight enough bend back down and shorten the connecting cinch rope and stand again. I don't know just how flexible you are but you should be able to force your elbows very close together this way. Once in place you can use a tent rope to tighten the cord to the pipe overhead. You may want to stand on your toes as you pull the tent rope the last time to be sure all slack is gone. I won't ask for it but if you pulled it really tight while on your toes it would force you to remain on your toes for the ordeal but that may well be too much since we don't know how long you will be held in this bondage. Once the overhead rope is tight you will not be able to bend your knees to get slack in the cinch rope again until the lifeline is free. One other thing is be sure not to put a cap on the plastic container. It will not drain even with a hole in the bottom unless it can let air in the top. Here we buy milk in plastic one gallon containers. It has a handle molded into it and would be perfect for this scenario but I don't know what you have available. Are you game for this one?
Design and testing (by Aurélie)
At first I found your scenario too complicated, particularly with this idea of bucket and nail but finally, as I was testing the different parts of it, I found it not that difficult to set up. I don't want to explain again how I made the design as it is really near to what you commanded but I shall only describe what I changed.

First of all, there were many new bondage types that I had never tried and that I had to test before really getting into; remember that in self-bondage, your life depends on your care about every detail and thus, never ever try a new bondage without having tested it before.

First I made the head harness as you described it. I found that the knot between the eyes would painfully hurt me if I were to hang - even partially - from this harness. Therefore I opted to discard this knot. The harness was simply composed of the ball-gag and a rope tied to each side of the ball and going over the skull to be tied at the back of the strap. This harness could be easily removed like this but when connected to the ceiling pipe it would not come. I found that partially hanging from this harness was not too uncomfortable and was not strangling me.

Then I tried the elbow-cinch bondage: three coils around my lower chest (just under the rib cage), another rope tied in front of it, passing between my breasts to go behind and around my neck to be tied again in the middle of the coils prevented them from slipping down my body. Then a cinch between my ankles and a large loop of rope tied to it (by a simple lark's knot). In this large loop I made a coil through which I passed the chest-arms coils. I crouched and passed my arms in the coils, the ankle loop being between my arms and my torso, then I stood up. By patiently tuning the length of the ankle loop I was able to stand straight up with my elbows painfully pulled backward.

Now, for the bucket system. After a lot of brainstorming, I found a very easy way to do it: I sliced a two liter plastic Coca-Cola bottle in two pieces (each one had a volume of about one liter, that is one kilogram of water!). I made three holes in them and passed a string through them. I was now able to hang those small containers by their tripod strings. The bottom part of the bottle would be the one connected to my nipples. The bottleneck part would be the potential pain pool as it has a funnel shape; in the caps I put a nail like you told me; I tested how much weight and dropping height was needed to pull it off. The pain pool would be hanged to the shower curtain bar. The container would hang just under it, connected to my nipples by a string passing above the bar. A small string kept the bottleneck against the connecting string in order to direct the flow in the container. I tried it and it worked pretty well. (Picture provided by LuvBight and his slave Dee)

The release system was the trickiest part of this scenario. You wanted me to use scissors to cut the rope but I did not want to do this. First it is always dangerous to handle a blade behind your back; second it is very difficult to cut a rope with scissors with your hands behind your back; third, I didn't want to cut my ropes. Thus I imagined another release mechanism. The solution was to have a padlock keeping me to squat down before I got the key. I did like this: a one meter chain was hooked to my ankle cinch; the upper end of this chain was padlocked to a large bowline knot in a rope passing over the ceiling pipe and going down to my head harness; this way, the padlock was at hip level (and within reach of my hands if they were not cuffed in my back, but the bowline knot was not as it was at neck level. The rope was connected to my head harness by a tent knot whose loop was very large at the beginning, allowing me to squat. I could then easily pull on the free end of the tent knot to close the loop and keep me straight up. I tested it and it worked! I tried putting me on my toes but I found it would be really too difficult to stand on my toes like this.

Just a note about the nipple clamps. There would potentially have a lot of weight (I had filled the upper bottle with half a litre of water (500 g)) hanging from them and I was sure that my usual flat clamps or clothespins would be snapped off. I had thus to use my special clamps... These clamps are very powerful and very painful and it is why I did not mention them in my web site; I use them very rarely and only when I have to be sure that the clamps will not get free. In fact, they are not clamps; they are rings (about 1 cm in diameter) normally used to hook keys. They are basically composed of two touching turns of a spring. There is a lot of pressure between the two turns and the only way to keep them apart is to insert an object between them (I use a dented key). To place them on my nipples, I insert the key between the rings, I turn it 90° forcing the jaws open, I slip my nipple in the space between the rings, I turn back the key and remove it, effectively clamping my nipple. This is VERY painful and the pain never completely fades but it is very secure: these clamps never get free under the pressure, probably my nipple would first be ripped off... And the funny thing is that, without the key (or any other similar tool), I cannot remove the ring.

These rings would be connected by an elastic string that would be tied to the empty water container.

Now, all was ready and all I had to do was to put ice-cubes in the pantyhose.

The report (by Aurélie)
I removed my panties and my T-shirt (the only clothes I was wearing while setting up the scenario) and gathered all the ropes and gear under the pipe, in front of my bathroom. Now it would be the full bondage; I had tested each part separately but now I would be using everything together and without any means to get out immediately. It was a little frightening, as I knew the clamps would be painful. It is always difficult to predict how much time the ice cube would take to melt; moreover, I had never hooked such a heavy weight to my poor nipples...

I sat down, thinking. To do or not to do? All was working and ready but it would be very painful to say the least... I began to caress my nipples, to rub my crotch, imagining the predicament I was going to endure... I felt this damned fire in my sex begin to wake up... Now there was no more way to escape... I had to do it or I would be frustrated for the whole week!

I put three ice-cubes in each pantyhose (the one with the keys was on my wash basin, the one with the weights (a heavy padlock and a heavy snap-hook) was tied to the curtain bar); as the weights were kept up by a larger ring than the keys, I presumed they would fall down before the keys would be freed; how much time before? That was the terrible question.

I sat down again on the threshold of my bathroom and I coiled ropes around my ankles and my big toes. I did not tied my knees as I had no more short ropes left and I thought it would make standing up more difficult.

I put the chest-arms coils and their neck rope in place and tied the ankle loop. I padlocked my wrists in my cuffs. I hooked the chain connected to my head-harness to the ankle coils.

Now, the most difficult: placing the clamps. The difficulty is not placing them but preventing me from removing them once in place... Ouch! It is biting very hard! And the second one is always more difficult to place than the first, as my finger are then shaking. With the time, the pain eases but at the beginning I have to be very brave to bear it.

I was now squatting on the floor. I tied the container string to the elastic between the nipple rings. As the container was empty and very light, I did not feel the pull. I placed the gag and head harness in place, I passed my elbows through the chest-arms coils as I had tested it, and I looped the lifeline around my left wrist; this lifeline was connected to the keys.

I stood up. To do this completely, I had to thrust my chest forward in order to bring my elbows closer together; this pulled on the skin of my torso and shot a new wave of pain in my poor nipples. I had to pause to manage this pain and regain some self-control. Once done, I pulled on the tent knot, removing all the slack. I stood up on my toes and pulled once more in order to be sure to be completely straightened. I could now stand flat on my feet but I could not lower my head anymore; lateral movements were quite reduced too. I hesitated to pull myself onto my toes... but in spite of my horniness I succeeded in refraining this dreadful temptation. With my tied toes, it was difficult enough to stand straight up and my legs were already shaking (mainly because of the nipple pain). A quick check... Everything was in place and ready, keys were connected to my wrist (in fact, if it had not been the case, I would have been already stuck...) I locked my hands behind me, with the padlock, connecting my cuffs in my back. Now I was in the predicament...

At the beginning, I found difficult to keep my balance. My feet were effectively glued together by the ropes binding my ankles and toes; with my arms so unusually positioned, I was every moment rocking away from verticality, only retained by my head harness. But with time I learned to stand still. Every time I rocked backward, the nipple string pulled on my nipples (due to the friction of the string on the curtain bar) so I was highly interested in staying as still as possible.

My nude body was now covered in sweat, particularly between my legs which were working very hard to keep me straight; their inner face was drenched (perhaps was it not entirely caused by sweat though). I pulled lightly on the lifeline in order to be aware of when the keys would get free.

To put the head harness in place I had had to remove my glasses, and I was unable to see how the ice was melting. I could only wait. Would the keys be freed before the weights? I hoped so by now. My excitation was cooling down and I really feared to get one pound of water to my sore nipples. They were my sole source of pain and the main subject of my attention. I was now regretting to have done this but I was not able to break free. I pulled on my lifeline, hoping to free the keys earlier and perhaps to escape to the nipple torture.

How much time did I pass like this? It was difficult to estimate. I had forgotten to look at the clock before to tie myself up and now there was no clock to look at. Probably about 15 minutes of painful wait. In order to make the time pass faster, I began to imagine how how I would appear to someone else. How did I look tied like this, nude, straightened, and unable to move anything except my fingers and my eyelids. And I felt the pleasure growing in me again. I even managed to twist my chest to pull at my nipples to get more stimulation! Yes, I was very horny again and now I hoped the weight would soon fall down to test the one pound pull at my nipples.

Standing like this, with my head kept upright, I was not drooling a lot... Just a few bubbles at the corners of my mouth, but I had plenty other subjects of attention.

Suddenly there was a big crash! The weight had just fallen down and the water was now pouring out of the pain pool into the container. It was not a great flow, smaller than when I am peeing. It made a dreadful sound...

A few seconds after that, I heard the keys falling in the wash basin. I was now so excited that I decided to wait a moment. I could hear the container filling up and the flow getting smaller as the water pressure decreased in the pain pool. But I could not feel a real difference in the pull. The weight was increasing so gradually that I could not really feel the change.

Half of the water was now down and I decided it was time to break free. I pulled on the lifeline and got the keys. But my hands were pretty numb by now as my arms were so strictly tied at the elbows. It proved more difficult than expected to open the padlock of my cuffs. And the water kept pouring down adding pressure to my poor nipples. I was now very eager to get free to ease their pain. My fingers were shaking, my legs too...

When I succeeded the pain pool was almost empty, then I managed to open the front padlock, the one that prevented me from squatting down. I bent my knees a little, just enough to reduce the tightness of the chest-arms cinch and to free my elbows. Now I was finally able to pull back on the nipple string. And now I felt how much weight was pulling at them! And I felt how much pain it was causing! I did not dare to let the container down again, but I had to! Ouch! How much more painful it was to take the full weight in one move! I removed the ball gag and was now able to take the nipple string between my teeth to get some slack to untie the knot.

Untying the other ropes was easy. Removing the nipple rings was a difficult task, as they were so sensitive and I had to insert the key between the jaws of the clamps... But with these clamps, there is no pain peak when you remove them as there is when you remove a clothespins or another clamp... A poor consolation...
I was very exhausted and horny like hell when I was finally able to lay on my bed to caress myself and get me to orgasm...


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